Running Desert Goliath for the first time, at the max grade our levels would allow, we didn't know what was in the dry lake bed at the end. That is some fight. The Maggas Magahna. You can SEE the heat coming off the desert stone. See it off the engines, the guns. Watch the humans drip onto the sand, and chase that thing through the burning air. So many deaths from that megid blade--then why do I feel so alive...when I never was. looks like these plastic faces aren't as durable as the metal ones. An interesting surpise to find the yellow jewel in the sand.
This one gave me HECK to scan. The colors are way subtler than the last pencil I posted and the scanner was just butchering it up to heck and turning out scum. It's still not really as good a representation of the original paper but it will be satisfactory. Some of the detail has gone, and the tones aren't as subtle as they should be. It always looks 'scratchy liney' when scanned.

I want to CG this but still havn't found a reliable method. It would have more impact in color, because he's corpse-pale-blue with navy/purple hair and yellow solid color eyes. There are only so many tone-varients you can get with 2, 4 and a touch of 6.


You've seen that arm-type. What the heck are the 'tubes' in the forearm. Are they long cubes turned on edge? Supposed to be circular-hydrolics style but they couldn't spare the polygons? Triangle tubes like a 'toblerone' box? Come on ST! I've since changed arms.

The final kicker: MonaLisa Smile.
It just wouldn't be the same if if he wasn't slightly satisfied. Not happy, and certainly not distraught. It's just a thing. The inhumanity of it.