Here is a picture of the HUcast Carpe Diem.
This is not one of my chars, it was done on a request and posted here so you can see it, as well as letting the char's owner pick it up. This guy never appears in the comic, because we never actually met him, (although it would have been interesting)

This was a fun one to do, had to crack out the anatomy books on this one to get him right. He's even larger than Jet with all sliders at max.
All the black was a bit rough (black on black=difficult sometimes), but the crimson/black combo works pretty well. I'm kind of sad the pose didn't show these little 'indented' tabs on the chest-plate because that texture was quite interesting.

This guy is described as quite aggressive with a quick temper, so I went with a "Come On!" pose. It was also specified to be 'readying the demo-comet', which was a tall order for fitting the whole thing into the frame! If you take the tallest guy holding a long wep sideways it's difficult to zoom in far enough to catch his detail. There was also an issue with his width hiding the tips of the wep and making it look like a club or just a boring stick if you cut off the other end...

Also I did not realize that the center is photonic somehow, and wider in the middle (after it is extended) For some reason the 'glow' does not quite come through quite as much...but it was never a very bright glow in the game either.

Doing this made me appriciate this head more. As you may know, it changes along with the 'wide slider' of your guy. So being quite wide, his head is wider and blunted as well. But, I must give this head more credit because it really is cool once you get inspecting it and doing the turn-arounds.

This head has more detail when not it stands, all you can really see are the slots in the top. I have always favored eyeless heads, as they add a great inhuman quality, and I think in this case it may even enhance the 'aggressiveness' because it is foreign and blank.