Medium: #2 Pencil with little of #6
Size: 8.5 by 11
Paper: The kind you put in the printer!
Retouch: Scanned, color adjusted, no CG used

It is really too bad pencil does not scan all that well. This is really MUCH smoother on the actual paper, than it appears here. There's just something about scanning pencil that makes it look grainy.

Pencil is so much fun to use. No one would suspect that your every-day #2 could be made to produce the range of shades seen above. The #6 was really only used for the dark in the armor plate cracks. This was lots of fun to do, a real action pose, some perspective, and large enough that you can see the 3D-ness of the armor. As with most pencils, it's pretty fast too!

Is the arm too long? Why, yes it is. All HUcasts of a certain width have longer arms than would be proportionate on a similarly sized human. Why? So they can reach across the wider torso and not be restricted by their own mass. It also makes sense to avoid clipping themselves polygon-wise. (someone tell this to the RAcasts who are always jamming the boxy-shoulder armor right through the space of their chest armor for clipping heck)