When Sonic Team had their first PSO art contest, this was my submitted art.
It required the piece to be fairly high-res, which is why it appears so large here. But, you can really see all the detail, right down to the jewel in the shield and drops of water in front of the leg. This is not the most famous water fall in the game (the caves 2 takes that credit) but in Battle Rule 2, the temple has a few small waterfalls. (hence the brick background and pooling on the floor)

The pose is meant to be a 'come here and fight' gesture.

The sword is a Challenge-Mode custom named The Violator. I always thought the photon glow of a Cmode prize should have been more distinguishable from the yellow of the max-strength-photon instead of just 'beige'.

The mag is a Yaksa "custom made" to be 200 to def with the ideal PBs as well. Yes it was a hack for fashion, but those chrome crests on it just look so great!

The colors and details are all game-accurate. A lot of time was spent on the piece, but it was great fun to make! I especially wanted to show off a water effect with the pouring and splash of the shoulder armor. It didn't win, but technically, being American in origen, it wasn't even supposed to enter. I don't know how the judging worked, or if it was barred from winning because it wasn't Japanese. It doesn't really matter though, because it was a fun project to work on--America: Represent!