A sculpture of Kooler from DBZ. He appeared only in 2 movies, and this 'final form' only appeared in one. Kooler is the same species as Freeza--infact, it is his brother. He has a really interesting design, with the spiked exoskeletal armor and his interestingly colored skin. The beetle-shell-like accents on the armor are a great compliment to the color. This is quite an interesting villain!
Polymer clay over wire armature

Hand beveled & laquered wood

Acrylic and enamel, 5 coats for realistic skin tones & shell color

About 14 inches long/high

When taking pictures of your sculpture, the camera matters! Some photos are a bit light, and others are a bit dark.

But with these shots, you can see how it looked before AND after the paint for an interesting perspective!

You can see that the foot was applied right to the base, after it was laquered. He has purple-black toenails as well, but they're somewhat hard to find in this photo.
Where is his other foot? It had to be one of the last things applied, as it was too likely to shift on the base and crack the ankle if it was applied before the end.
Another pair of similar angles. The dark reddish-purple of his skin tends to disguise some of the details, so the unpainted version can help you to really see what's going on.
Just a little difference in photo-angle makes a large visual difference with his tail. When I started this piece, I knew I wanted someone with a spectacular tail. It presented a real challenge, but as you can see, he balances quite well, despite looking rather percariuos in his pose.
You can really see the curve of the tail in the left shot...but his face washes out without the paint. I did the face with the mask in the 'up' position, as he's supposed to be fighting. (He has the ability to retract it into his skin, in the movie) There is also a toy of him, where the mask can be removed. You can't see it in the photos, but his eyes are red, and the accents to his armor are a very dark car-enamel purple.

Hexagon is from camera, not photoshop effect.

More shots from the front He looks like he is charging a Ki attack on the raised hand while running or floating over the terrain. The whole species tends to have really graceful hands and hand-like feet. This was especially fun to sculpt.
He has little etched and painted fingernails, although they're hard to see here.
How long did it take?
I'm not sure. It didn't really have a deadline, but it might have been around 20 hours. Nothing went wrong along the way, it was smooth and fun!
If you enjoyed looking at Kooler as much as I enjoyed sculpting him, then you had a blast!
Dynamic speedy looking sculptures are a real challenge, but they're so exciting to build! These pictures will be improved once I get a good digital camera. There's also the possibility of a 'turnaround' movie!
Interesting Note:
This whole thing was done without EVER having watched the Kooler Movie of DBZ. (I couldn't find it for sale when I knew I wanted to make the sculpture) This was done using screenshots captured by various fans around the internet, and looking at some photos of the Kooler action figure toy. (the toy was not that accurate, it had wrinkly skin, and hollow shoulder-guards that were raised so he could move his arms about) The only detail he nearly missed were the 2 spikes on his back-armor, as no one really caps him from behind.

Thank you to: All the fans of DBZ around the internet!