Medium: Photoshop Color over Scanned Artwork with linework in Illustrator

Subject: Kooler, an alien of un-named species

This has an Art Nouveau theme and style. Art Nouveau was an old movement that originated in France. It uses flowing shapes and distinctive organic line structures to lend it style. It took place back in the 1900s ish time or around there, mostly in europe. A famous guy from this time was Mucha. (if you wanted to look him up)

This piece uses the typical complicated "Frame" which appeared on many works of Art Nouveau. It is also labeled, as they often did. The font used is one inspired by hand-drawn lettering of the period. The subject is shown with a minimalist/abstract background. It is also outlined & inlined almost coloring-book style, as was the rage in those times. The figure has a flowing posture enhanced by the tail. While it looks like he might be moving, he also might be still. A paradox which was also frequently found.

The most famous pieces from this time were ads for products. In these, the subject is usually found "looking at" the viewer of the piece, and often they are happy.

The form of the background (circle thing) is almost direct from an ad. The rectangles swirling in the background are a part of "The Big Ghetti Star" a type of alien machine that absorbs and then dismantles entire planets, regardless of who it kills. After being hurled into the sun of Earth, Kooler somehow fell into the Ghetti Star and was absorbed.

Interesting Notes:

In his final form, his face is usually covered by an insect-like faceplate. He does have the ability to retract it, although he's only shown that way for a couple of seconds in the movie. (but, with it up, you couldn't tell if he was happy or not, since his eyes are a solid red)