Medium: Photoshop Color over Scanned Artwork

Subject: Zarbon, an alien of un-named species while on Namek

This has an Art Nouveau theme and style. Art Nouveau was an old movement that originated in France. It uses flowing shapes and distinctive organic line structures to lend it style. It took place back in the 1900s ish time or around there, mostly in europe. A famous guy from this time was Mucha. (if you wanted to look him up)

This piece uses the typical complicated "Frame" which appeared on many works of Art Nouveau. It is also labeled, as they often did. The font used is one inspired by hand-drawn lettering of the period. The subject is shown with a minimalist background. It is also outlined & inlined almost coloring-book style, as was the rage in those times. The figure has a flowing posture enhanced by the hair. While it looks like he might be moving, he also might be still. A paradox which was also frequently found.

Interesting Notes:
I have always liked contrasts and colorful people. This alien is a great example of a really cool applied pallet to something that's nearly human in appearance.

This species may have copper-based blood. He bleeds blue (like the Horse-Shoe Crab of Earth) instead of red. Things with red blood are iron based. Things with blue blood are copper based.

He has yellow eyes
People with yellow eyes often get 'shorted' in drawings as yellow is such a pale color it becomes hard to notice. Even at a high resolution, or if you zoom in, you're hard-put to see the color.
If your monitor is set dark, the border may appear black. It is actually a dark navy blue.
Why is the background green?
Because the sky on planet Namek is green. The simplistic trees add a fitting touch to the background, while being accurate to Namekian trees. (one trunk with a poof of leaves at the top)