Need even more PSO and PSU? Try these links, or use the handy Google search tool.

The creators of this great game. Their Japanese site is far better then the English one, although you'll need a translator.

The official USA site for Blue Burst. A lot of content for an English page by Sonic Team...too bad parts are inacurate--but I hear they're working on it.

Use this to search the web, or look up something spacific on this site. * Button only works if Google has indexed whatever it is that you want to see.

Regularly updated news site with active forum community, weapon and mag guides. Also makes a nice first source of PSU news, translation and posted videos.

Very active PSO messageboards which you cannot link directly to. Also provides mag guide, quest help/faqs and general game info. Can be spammy, and ocasionally noobish. Has no banner. But they're active :P

Read ALL the dialogue from the various quests and missions on all of PSO! If you want the words streight from the characters' talk bubbles to clarify what's in the NPC guide, this is the site for you. Very useful!

Fanfiction site of Schneider-X
Featuring his PSO fanfic (at this point continuing) "Book of Hunters"

Has currently reformated itself into a single PSU screen shot. It now has an explanation that it has closed. Will it re-open? Seems doubtful at this point.

Non-PSO Related Links

Sonic Gear
My other site. This has photos of every sonic the Hedgehog item available, and hopefully info on how you can get it. Indespensible for the Sonic fan!

General art site, specializing in fantasy and humor.