This is the ultimate guide to the NPCs of the various versions of Phantasy Star Online. Click a button above to see specialized NPCs. The "General" button has everyone who wouldn't fit into a certain catagory--keep in mind General has two pages worth of people to see!

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This section will pretty much remain unchanged, because Phantasy Star has moved on to Universe. If more quests add content in Blue Burst, it will go into that section IF the site gets a BB reporter. Do you have Blue Burst? Want to report? By all means write me! AzureBlaze @

Phantasy Star Universe Offline Mode
This time Phantasy Star has a full-fledged offline story too! Find out about all the characters, plot, and locations with this guide. Be warned: this guide is MORE COMPLETE than all other guides on the web, because it has spoilers. The guide will also be updated with online plot-content as well.