Shino & Zoke
These characters did not have their own special downloadable online quest, or any out of the way treatment, but they are quite important to the plot throughout episode 1. There is so much info for these PSO characters, that they require their own page.



RAcaseal: Black/fake skin/white hair


Occupation: Slave, aid

Special Powers: Vague premonition, ability to find Zoke's swords

Affiliations: Same as Zoke


Shino the android only appears once in the game to hire you and then aid you in the quest she hired you for: ‘Seek my Master’. Shino is a very old android despite her appearance. She has served the family of Great Sword Zoke for three generations. At the time she was created and presumably bought for the family, androids functioned as slaves for humans. She may have looked different at one time, but was re-modeled on the outside to look just like the independent android people found in the game. To the extent of her ability, she seems worried about her master, who left her behind when he took a dangerous mission so that she would be safe.
She has a sensor which she can use to detect chips implanted in the swords that Zoke always carries with him. She knows she can use this talent to find and help Zoke if he is in trouble. Acting on her own accord, she goes to save him. Shino always equips a variety of machine gun, making her hits fairly weak. Zoke was wise to leave her behind, as she can’t hold her own in many battles and can be difficult to protect. When she finds the dieing Zoke, he berates her for risking herself and tells her the cryptic message that ‘this planet is critical to you’. With his last breaths he frees her from his service to do as she wishes. It seems like although they were owner and slave, they cared for each other to the extent that either was capable of. In the end Shino does the only thing she knows to do, she stands over her dieing master, to be with him until the end.

GameCube Update

In the Game Cube, Shino equips a rare mech-gun style weapon, and is more useful because of it. Her quest also features a new flashback scene of Zoke and Bernie. As you watch Shino's interesting black and white flashback it doesn't reveal anything new, just illustrating how Zoke did not want Shino to come with him. He tells her that she is an old type model, and that they are just not very good at fighting enemies, and she will only be a burden to them. Bernie does not seem to agree or disagree, but says "...." at his slightly rude treatment of Shino. Also in the end of the quest, if you talk to Shino again, she sparks some purple electricity, and Falz Fog begins to creep around her. (This MAY be there to imply that she dies here / Falz "Takes The Body" like it does with so many other characters) Shino's AI also seems to have improved somewhat, although she is still slightly aggressive. Shino is actually the oldest character found in any of the games! (Aside from falz) She is even older then Rel'Mitos, the oldest peson on Episode 3. She was bought by HIS father.

Zoke Miyama

AKA: Great Sword Zoke

RAmar: Black, dark hair

Relations: Nef Miyama-His father

Occupation: Superior hunter

Special Powers: The use of three special swords



Great Sword Zoke is a legendary hunter who always uses three special swords when he hunts. He is so powerful that the government keeps watch on him. Zoke owns and uses three of four special swords. Each sword contains a sensor which his android slave, Shino can detect if she is close enough. These swords were created after three black smiths and one black smith-apprentice had their families killed by an evil king a long time ago. To get revenge, they each created the finest sword they could. Presumably the smiths themselves, or warriors used the swords to bring the kingdom to ruin. If all four swords are used together, they are supposed to have the power to destroy a planet. No one may ever know if they could, because in the course of the mission ‘Seek My Master’, Shino discovers two broken swords. The only sword left intact is Kamui, in Zoke’s hand. You can see that it is a non-photon blade, and appears very thin and dull in color. The fourth sword “Agito” may be found and used in the game. Although he is called ‘Great Sword Zoke’ Zoke is dressed as a RAmar. The three swords Zoke owns are:

Yasha-left handed sword

AUW2018 made by Kikoku


AUW1977 made by Tengai

Sange-Right Handed Sword

AUW1963 made by Jou’un

There are many different findable Agitos in the game, each a different model, created by a different maker (who also created the above listed swords), but they are all called Agito. Only one is the True Agito, the Fourth Sword from the legend. It must be specially tekked from the rusty looking 'fake'. The swords with model years closer to the original year of creation are more powerful. As more knockoffs were made (later dates) they were of inferior quality.