Tinkerbells’ Lost Dog

This is a fairly straightforward maze type quest. There are no monsters here, and only a few boxes. You can get a prize from it however, The Sonic Knuckle. This is an old V1 banned weapon, and this quest was the only legit way to obtain one. Most notable about the quest is that Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails and Knuckles all appear in it, and even interact with you!

At first, this would sound extremely cool, and is also the reason why this write up is here, as the quest doesn’t introduce any sweeping plot point, or fascinating new NPC. But, it must also be noted that the quest is called “Tinkerbells’ Lost Dog” and is also technically a crossover. Both of which are not very good signs for the content of the quest. Like most crossover fan fictions or ideas, this one is riddled with plot holes, barely entertaining at all, and also makes very little sense.

The basics are that a boy, whose last name is Tinkerbell, has lost his dog Rocky. He apparently smuggled it onto P2, but it escaped and took one of the warps down to the planets' surface. Being a civilian, the boy doesn't have authorization to go to Ragol for his dog, so he hires a hunter (you) to go and find it for him. When asked for details about how the dog looks “He always has a hair up his big butt, and oh yeah…he’s fat. He loves sweet stuff, that’s why he’s so huge.” That is not a typo, he actually tells you his dog has a hair UP his butt. It is likely best to not ponder the mechanics of such things.

For some reason, Sonic is also standing there, and has agreed to help him out by accompanying you. Naturally, he doesn’t know anything about Ragol, or how he got there. Once you warp down, you see that Rocky is the standard “Floor Sparkle” (a shining yellowish star shape) used for random objects (that they did not bother to code for-it's a generic stand-in for 'anything' you have to play pretend that it's a dog. Sometimes, it is a mineral.) The goal is to unlock all the laser fences in the correct order to get to the dog, small rings, and a cake. The cake is also a sparkle, that's identical to the dog. Each person you meet on the way can unlock 3 fences, but you can never use their last try, or the quest will end, and dump you back to the lobby. So technically they can only open 2, and the directions need a little help...Each character can also only unlock certain colors of fence.

All the Sonic characters act ‘in character’, if a bit confused. Tails pesters Sonic, and Knuckles generally acts tough while Sonic is impatient. Sonic also likes to adjust his position in relation to you, even if you’re standing still, which is a nice touch. They are all also surprisingly small, but well rendered. As you progress through the quest, little cut scenes happen and the characters talk among themselves about various Sonic Adventure 1/2 topics, and discuss how vague it is that they’re all here in a bit of satire that seems directed at the plot/quest itself. Tails worries about Amy and hurrying back to the pyramid to “Stop that guy’s plans”, and Knuckles suspects the presence of emeralds on Ragol. They’re also worried about Shadow.

By using the warps and strategically unlocking all the fences, you get to Rocky, but he vanishes. There is a cake after a timer-lock in Cave 2, which you can use to lure and catch the dog.

ENDING 1: At the end of the quest, if you don’t get all the small rings, the characters will comment on ‘a strange power source’ and Knuckles will tell you that you might have the makings of a treasure hunter. Then you give the dog to Tinkerbell and it’s over.

ENDING 2: However…if you do manage to get all the small rings, Sonic will ask for them to use in one of “Tails’ machines”. Say ‘give’ and they’ll just take them back, but if you say ‘keep’ they will challenge you to a game of Rock Paper Scissors to try and win them from you. If you loose the game to any character, they will take the rings back, but if you win it, Sonic trades you the Sonic Glove in return for the rings to power their way home. The glove isn’t immediately useful though, as you must take it to an NPC in the quest "Central Dome Fire Swirl" to have it become the Sonic Knuckle weapon.

The Sonic Knuckle Weapon- A pair of gloves which resemble Knuckles mitten-fists which you can wear. They operate in the same way as all knuckle style weapons in the game. You can still look up this item to see it in old item databases at PSOWorld.