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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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It’s understandable why he’s not telling anyone where Matoi is: he doesn’t have an endgame plan to fix her and is simply stalling. You’d be one of the last few people he’d want to tell where she is because you’d meddle right away, which could release PD. Remember: Matoi’s still got this thing on lockdown, even though she’s corrupt now. She’s probably on Naberius trying to go to her ‘calm down’ spot. Ulc spoiling Xiao’s plans here is neither good nor bad, but the whole ‘please trust me Xiao’ bit seems a little flimsy here because you too just revealed you’ve got no concrete plan & “happy-ing away” the universe destroyer seems a little flimsy.

It tells you “The Reason You Were Born” story quest has been ‘released’.

The Reason You Were Born: 2nd Time

This is the 2nd time you have to enter this story quest. (It gets only half a crown icon) This will show the result of Persona’s matterboard, when you complete the whole thing. If his board has worked, the quest will have a different result. Be sure to clear your schedule for this one, once it gets going there’s absolutely no stopping it & it takes quite a while. This is another one where it autosaves your progress at certain predetermined points.

239 3/31 at 1200
Back in the corrupted area of the forest, Xiao will cut in, telling you that Matoi is just ahead being still and waiting. PD is the essence of photons itself. Even if you defeat it, it being made of photons, the surrounding particles will resonate and rebuild it. That’s why we must trap her here. He’s got a plan and prep is set, meaning he needs everyone’s cooperation in an all out mobilization.

So, it looks like somebody actually planned something here.
For it to work, you can’t let Matoi escape, no matter what. *That’s going to be really hard because she can clearly vanish into a dark swirl at will. If she merely sees a person, she can simply vanish in 1 second. Just leave the rest to Xiao & us, and go on ahead. You can nod, and run onward. A cut-scene appears that you cannot have viewed otherwise (like, your character would never see this bit)
Xiao calls to Zeno, Casra, Huey & Claris Claes who are also in the corrupted forest. He asks if they know exactly what’s about to happen, but Casra asks for a refresher because ‘a certain 2 here need it’. "Oh who, raise your hand and don’t be shy!" Encourages Huey. Claris enthusiastically raises her hand, so Huey yells at her, then reveals with a dramatic twirl that he doesn’t either!
Casra looks to Zeno, but he says "why look, he’s got this". Maria walks up and says you kids cut the squabbling, as Regius follows her. She says we’re all nervous so why don’t you find a constructive way to let it out. Regius reminds everyone that it’s a battle in which we can’t afford mistakes, so Xiao run it down once more if you please?

Xiao says everyone please at ease, your mission is merely to maintain a barrier. It’s the same technique used by Sukuna Hime, to contain Matoi here. Casra questions him (odd, because he’s the one pretending he ‘has everything down’ before this all started and was shaking his head at the usual zany Huey / Claris shenannigans) asking how did Xiao acquire the Maiden of Harkotan’s method? Xiao asks if he thought he’d been twiddling his thumbs up till this point?
Her Braided Ash Formation was 6 sided, we’ll recreate it here with activating each of your genesis weapons & it may take full strength to contain it temporarily but that should suffice. Claris tries to clarify by asking "with in her position she finally gets to make the rod go ‘boom!’" Huey says it’s pretty close. Don’t sweat the details, Xiao reassures, he’ll be there as it unfolds, as everyone jumps away.
This Braided Ash Formation is what will stop Matoi from 'darker swirl' teleporting away if confronted. Xiao probably appeared before the Miko some random day and asked to be taught the Braided Ash, and of course, she agreed.

Is This Reason

Mission starts. This turns you loose in the corrupted area, with everything all off color. Corrupt natives will appear here. The grass is yellow, the trees are twisted, strange glowing fruits are hanging and the large flowers are now black. The sky is a poorly red color & nothing looks healthy here.

If you battle your way through a few corrupted natives, Ohza and marlu help you fight darkers in Code Unite. Moving on, you find that the path/area is all straight ahead, there are no real forks or dead ends, so it’s all rushing forward. However, Matoi knows you’re on the way and has set up some obstacles which include large spiked ‘darker barriers’, that create Code: Attacks with darkers. Defeating these lowers the barrier. The barrier is just like what is in the corrupt darker dimension.
More people who had promised to help you appear: Tea and Patty vs a wolgahda, to remove another barrier.

329 3/31 at 1230
If you can pass all that you get a call from Xiao in the next area. He says darker readings are off the scale, is it the influence of PD? Don’t let it stop you keep going right ahead. Ignore surroundings focus only on saving Matoi.

Meanwhile, it shows you another cut your character couldn’t possibly see, which is what the Heroes are doing now while you are rushing forward. Regius expected a counter attack since Matoi witnessed the clone of various ‘falzes’. PD/Matoi creates 3 clones of falzes and set them against the 3 heroes “Now that’s cheating”, Regius complains as they appear. It has set Gettemhart/Elder against Regius, Loser against Casra & Apprentice Woman against Claris.
 1. Regius reassures Gettemhart-Clone that they’re the 3 Heroes for a reason as he summons World Starter, to get rid of Gettemelder in a single stroke.
2. Casra said he can’t retreat or he’d shame the name (Of 3 Heroes), plus he owes it thanks for sending Loser his way. He’s always wanted to kill the bastard with his own hands. (Remember, Casra kind of knew what Loser was doing while he was still being ‘placated/sanctioned’ by the misguided Regius, so yes, he has a grudge)
3. Claris runs at AW who knocks her down. She’s not like those 2, and her staff’s not real, she explains she’s not experienced, but despite that her names the real deal, the previous Claris handed it down to her, she can’t afford to lose for her names’s sake!
She gets up to fight again, and AW charges her. But Sara blocks the blow! Suddenly she has arrived. This action lets Claris tumble around to shock AW with a foie. Sara says quit trying to handle everything herself, now’s the time we can’t afford to lose! Yes, that’s right, its both of our fight, she agrees. They get together and form the wavering ARKS symbol, to face off AW. (So, seemingly by pooling together the fake Genesis weapon & whatever strong thing Sara has is enough to make a ‘good enough’ side to the 6 sides & fight AW too.

Meanwhile, you charge forward through a room with many birds darkers, until
Azanami & Io vs a  Decol Malluda. They both have something to say, but it’s not translated, and likely relevant only to the fight, or how they’d promised they’d help with your mission.
After that more insect type darkers will appear, along another gate.
Lisa & Fourier vs Bayaribbles & other mutated natives. They’ve also got something to say, and it’s still untranslated.

At 1330
In the 3rd area
Is another cutscene, but this time of Matoi. She’s still levitating, but looks half asleep. She’s in the middle of a large field, just like the last time. “A voice drenched in regret” disrupts Regius vs Gettemelder by saying that sentance out loud. *This bit is subtitled, it’s hard to tell who or what this is supposed to be, or if anyone hears it, or it’s just a voice over.* “Reciting a world built on sacrifice for your loved ones you’ve tasted such suffering. I can hear it, a voice welling up in such anger” It shows Casra going vs Loser Clone “Enduring a life that’s been stolen, toyed with. warped and shackled. A voice trembling with uncertainty” It shows Claris and Sara go vs AW who summons repeated bugs. And then another of herself, to make it a 2 vs 2 battle. “Questioning who you are shutting out your surroundings you’ve tasted such distress.”

No matter how strong the person their heart overflows with pain and sadness. By shouldering these things and taking them with me everyone is supposed to find happiness. *Are you hearing her thoughts here? Is she somehow seeing these fights? It’s not real clear because you are not at all near Matoi at this point.

 You run onward toward another forest type exit.

Now, Matoi demands of you, why why?!
Is it because it’s too much for her to bear? She asks that "If this is the reason she was born, so why do I feel so empty?" She cries more of her black and red blood. The metal visor appears across her face again.

Matoi is obviously getting set to fight, because that Visor is an indicator of her mental state, as proved in the first fight against her. However, you’re still on the path and encounter Io & Azanami vs plosiorgles & some more corrupted natives. The Plosiorgles really does not like Azanami, and will go after her which is fortunate because as long as you can stay off the ground, it’s a good big target. (It fire-stomps often)

In another room you’ll find  Echo & Melrondia vs Diabo Igrithys, the giant bird monster. This has many attacks and will certainly use them all, from dropping feathers that create pillars of fire, to shooting a massive flame beam from its magic horn.
Dinar is also on your side dropping healing rings inside of boxes from his drop-ship. Every time he appears, beware, a boss will be on its way.

At 1400
You cross from the forest into the ruins to see the 6 pillars of light at the edges of the horizon. This means each member has activated their weapon. It is a marvelous site to see, white light beams going up into the red sky. A view from space shows it forms the symbol of ARKS in the middle of the continent. The beams flow up into the red sky, letting you know that it’s time to confront Matoi & end PD. You move onward, into the ruins.

This is a cut-scene that appears as you auto-run through the ruins.
As you start to run, Xiao cuts in that “The 6 have woven the barrier, PD should be contained.”
 Regius cuts in to remind you it’s full strength to just maintaining the barrier for each of them.
Casra says don’t forget they fought off copies of DFs to do this.
Claris says she’s got lots to discuss with the predecessor. If you don’t do it you’ll answer to her.
Ditto from Sara. All while you run, bring her back no matter what. If you mess up you’ll answer to her.
Huey says Sara's weary voice isn’t convincing. Remember he’s got little more to say, so just win.
Zeno says they’ve got your back, don’t hesitate we’re all in it together.
You run to reach her, there in a pillar of white light in the middle of the big empty space. She turns floating to face you, wearing the visor.

Matoi I’m here to save you
Matoi It’s Time To Go Home

If you say Matoi I’m Here To Save You she summons an Anga Fundarge, and touches its large central eyeball, before disappearing into it to create a strange new form with odd powers. Persona appears on a cliff top quietly asking you to show it the answer. The Anga Fundarge is a very abstract…thing…mostly in whites and reds. It’s made of pointy flaps, fins, and is roughly conical, arranged over an orb that’s in a twisted ‘shell’. It has ‘arms’ and several large red unhealthy ‘eye balls’ set into the ‘shoulder’ area as well as the ‘core’. There is no head structure, hand structure or anything else. The pieces are separate but it floats in a preferred formation. It’s the main ‘eye’ she touches. It’s rather defiant of description or explanation, and it is nothing but bad news.

This combined thing is: Viel Hunar
The ‘viel’ part is from ‘PD Matoi’ being “Matoi Viel”, but blending herself with the Anga Fundarge yields the Hunar name. This is quite a nasty boss, though it does not have all the powers of a real Anga Fundarge. (So, no orbit balls to strike, no 2nd life hp, and no learned wep-type resistances)  It’s got loads of attacks and a pretty active shield that’s invisible until you strike it. (So, you don’t know when it’s up) It can shoot a huge gun beam, spin a giant claw, toss out pink homing spears of light, create a gravity globe to suck you in (and then spear you), shoot out shockwaves of pink, do kicks, teleport, raise a visible shield, rise up and slam down, plus more.
It’s best to keep this one at a distance, if possible. She’s partially obsessed with summoning giant weapons, like the gun, and if you’re out of line with those, it’s a good way to strike at her. The invisi-sheild is usually in front of her, and it doesn’t always nullify damage, but it lowers it so much and there’s so much hp to get through, that it’s pretty effective. If you're close-up fighting she'll turn to face you at all times to keep that invisi-sheild working against you.
Eventually she’ll try to poison you with the Blu Ringahda’s “hp bar can’t refill” attack, depending how many hit you, you’ll not be able to refill that portion of your bar until the effect wears off. However, hers isn’t as good as the bosses’, it wears off fairly swiftly. If needed, just run around 'orbiting' her until it wears off while taking potshots.

If you can beat this new form she’ll emit black butterflies and fall, while still wearing the mask and weird costume. She acts like she’s ‘dizzy’. Somehow, the sword from the old first battle is on the ground, along with a rod & some other debris that wasn't there before. Is this time trickery? Some lingering after-effect item of all the times Persona has messed with Matoi in this feild trying to save or kill her? It seems really likely. You pick up the old sword from the first battle.

Spare Matoi
Kill Matioi

If you Spare Matoi you lower the sword, while shaking your head.

I Came To Save You

She raises her sword and you close your eyes. (This is implied you’d let her kill you right here) She tells you you’re too kind for your own good, and the mask vanishes. She was prepared to die but you stopped, your kindness hurts, you know. Even though she was lost in darkness your voice reached her. So she made it back! This is our one and only last chance she has to see this though. There’s no stopping it now PD has already manifested with in her she says, but if she dies right here and now, she can take it with her, no more danger, the end.

“That’s why, if you can’t find it in yourself to do that then, I…”
She summons whirling blades and a huge circle of light sends her main twisted type darker sword up into darkness swirls and summons an anga fundarge. It appears way above her, and it, combined with whatever giant spell she’s set in a circle around the entire area shoots her with a giant ball of white light. “Don’t die, you’ll be caught in the blast!” She begs as you go to block it getting in the way. (So, you jump up to get between Matoi on the ground & the Fundarge way up there that shot this ball out. It doesn’t explode or do anything when it hits you, it’s just got you trapped/being in front of you/pelting on you with whatever energy.  “We can’t understand don’t interfere with this!” She yells that she was given a purpose, & fought to protect everyone without understanding the reason why back then. Now it was different from 10 years ago because she thinks for herself. She wants to protect the world they live in. But she has a second thought on that, saying “no that’s not it…” She wants the world you live in, she wants you to live on. That’s why she’s not afraid of anything anymore. The Fundarge pushes the ball of light/blast closer consuming both you & Matoi, but here is Persona to ask why she’s crying if she’s really not afraid and has no regrets. (He has come down off his cliff top)

“Awaken Clarissa…no…Awaken Xion!” commands  Persona as he pulls out the real Clarissa Rod. "Let us end the perpetual cycle once and for all: lend me your power." He shines the Clarissa, (a big beam of light) at the whole mess in the middle of the blast containing you & Matoi. He says you’re a better vessel but you are ARKS and Persona is a Falz. Its only proper for a DF to contain darkness isn’t it?

You Cant!!
You planned this from the very start

If you say You Planned it From the Start you fall from the red stuff, away from the blast area and to the ground. He says it was you who made me realize about the strong will to save one, and the action to carry it out. "I am content as long as she lives, nothing more." He doesn’t have anything to say back to you/he’s quiet. *Why would you say “you can’t” right here? What is he supposed to do? What is he FOR? Stopping him or fretting over him is pointless, he’s not even a real person. He is your own corrupted intention somehow given form and a ‘not all there’ mind. Remember too that Matoi doesn't know who or what Persona is. She JUST tried to suicide up there not knowing that would also "create him again", and let darkness live on. Persona ISNT A PERSON, he's a corrupt intention.
He continues to absorb darker energy until all her fanciness is gone, leaving her in the lava bikini. (So, no weird points sticking out of her skin, no pointy petal flaps or fancy shoes/visor/gloves)
Now, it has your face on a fat guy again, dressed as persona. However, everyone is no longer in the corrupt Naberius field.  In an ocean/ON an ocean (they stand on the surface of the water but there is also water above, a very nebulous place…) with Xion, Matoi wipes her face and cries that she’s sorry, as everyone stands there. She lied, she wasn’t ready to die. Her weakness ended up costing you your lives. (She believes everyone here is dead) Persona says he doubts she remembers but the 2 of us made a promise, of "no tears only smiles". She continues to cry so Xions says “we have assimilated PD so by this both lives will be saved. But this means PD lives on and in time will regain its full form.” She has not seen a future where mankind succeeds against the Falz new form and its entourage. But, she smiles at Matoi, by the same token she’s never witnessed a future where Matoi survives, so YOU the future is your s to make, so” weave us a new one across the horizon, this is our final request”. You nod at this. Persona steps away to follow Xion into the distance. You block Matoi from following them.

At 1500
Matoi gets up off the ground as you crouch nearby. *What just happened here? It was like Xions’ ocean/brain dream-dimension thing? Was everyone physically there or was it a mental state shared by all? It’ll NEVER be clarified.
The strange Fundarge/Dio Hunar combo-thing vanishes into the sky in a darker swirl. *PD still exists so that thing still can too, who knows where it goes. She says it’s so unfair. No chance to say thank you or goodbye, it’s so unfair. But since she promised to smile, she’s gonna smile!” I’m gonna smile so much people will say its ok to cry dear”. You do know what she means right, Xion said PD is coming. It’s our fault it still lives so we got to put a stop to it. She’s sure it means DF is not far behind and all the darkers too. My-my there’s so much to do, there’s not time to be crying, wouldn’t you say so? Oh its strange the sky is clear so why is it raining? She asks as she cries glittering tears.

No Need To Push Yourself
It’s Ok To Cry

If you say It’s OK To Cry , she’ll say it’s so mean after all this…Sorry so sorry she couldn’t keep her promise, she collapses to her knees and continues to weep. So you crouch by her and say

Welcome Back Matoi

At this, she says she’s home.
In a sea of gold, the credits. Slowly, through it, the Clarissa rod falls. Eventually the water is blue, and dark. It reaches the bottom, settling onto dust. Slowly it emits trails of light, then begins to dissolve. Only it’s glowing core remains, emitting small dots of light. Finally it collapses in a starburst of little dots.

It’s possible that part of Xions mind was within the Clarissa rod, as that’s how she talked to Matoi & also later to Claris Claes. The rod dissolving in the ocean may symbolize the ‘final death’ of Xion, and also lets you know that somewhere, that ocean thing was real & Persona has dropped the rod.

Back in the lobby you talk to Xiao. He confesses he didn’t think you’d succeed. His calculations included the possibility of sacrificing you or Matoi. Then he ran simulations on how he’d support the rest of ARKS after that…But now it’s all up in smoke. His sims and models, time to start over from scratch. Don’t get him wrong though, he didn’t want those to come true. He’s excited and glad to know that his calculations were wrong and his predictions aren’t absolute. He’s sure Xion thought the same thing.

Matoi comes strolling up saying it leaves us with a problem.
Xiao welcomes her back. She’s got a new outfit, which Xiao says suits her, so she is happy. It’s still red and white themed. It has red & black thigh high boots, a short white skirt with red edges, that’s connected to a white top piece that’s split with a zipper down to the navel level. You can see her black bra under there. The sleeves are red and long. Her hair is in loops, but it has red and white diamond shaped clips now. She asks what happens next. He knows PD will return, you saw Persona’s form when it turned into PD. It retreated in the moment, but there’s no doubt we’ll face it in the future. We must be prepared to meet it full force so the Council of 6 is spearheading the prep effort for all of ARKS.

So you & Matoi, your strengths will be the key to the battle ahead. We’re counting on you 2 so be prepared please. You look at each other and agree.


This releases you in the lobby. However, it sets you right in front of Xiao, so another dialogue starts immediately.

239 at 5/1
Here is a time skip of pretty much an entire month. Xiao & Ulc seem to be arguing when you approach. Xiao says you came at the right time. Ulc has a headache. He tells her she doesn’t need to work on it right now & he’ll get her set up with everything she needs. She doubts she’d be able to focus with all the info, but lets continue because she doesn’t want to let anyone down. He says no, it’s no good if she tries to process the info without a break first. He wanted to talk to you anyway. She wants to know what. He says it’s the same thing he’s been telling her, and he wanted to explain the current situation to you.

He wanted to hand back control of ARKS admin.
He will still do his calculations and foresight, but general ARKS activities he wants Ulc & the 6 to deal with that. We don’t want to repeat history and he wants ARKS to be able to function without his assistance. And…it would allow him to calculate a way to defeat PD forever. To be honest, he’s not sure if it’s possible but he’s got to try, he doesn’t want anyone sacrificing themselves again. He closes his eyes & says PD is currently sealed thanks to you & specifically Persona. When you interfere with the resurrection of the PD, you slowly drain its power. When PD is weakened Persona awakens and is able to initiate a temporal reversal.

However, that in itself has limits. When PD is pulled back in time, it’s returned to the point before it is resurrected. This has allowed us to keep PD sealed momentarily. Ulc says but that means Persona…so Xiao says she’s right, Persona is in a loop too, and he doesn’t know for how long it would last. That’s why Xiao wants a way to figure out how to prevent it from happening in the future. Though…he skeptically laments, he’s got a funny feeling it’ll be a rough process.

Afin cuts in with ‘this is serious!’
Ulc answers him as well as you.

What’s Going On?
Calm Down Afin

If you ask What’s Going On? He says oh you’re there too partner…how to explain…He fumbles it but says it came from Yuki…no from somewhere? It was born? He can’t explain it. Just get over here you’ll understand when you see it? All right? The transmission cuts out so Ulc remarks that was really something. Xiao says Afins vitals are fine but the way he was talking was odd.

Suddenly Xiao holds out his hand and says a new future is born in front of our eyes, no one could have seen it coming and a glow forms on his hand. He gives it to you and says it’s the last matter board that you’ll ever receive from him. He’s got ideas on helping you see possibilities but that can wait. You take it…but there’s a small temporal distortion of only a split second. He says we’re always counting on you.

The matter board may be called ‘Sparkling’.

So, what inspired Xiao to suddenly form this matter board?
What is Afin’s problem?
Why/how is he so sure this is the final Matter Board?
There hasn’t been a temporal distortion in quite some time.
They’re very serious.
Is Xion really dead? (She keeps showing up)

Persona’s will power alone is holding back PD at this point. He’s likely been time-looping the Matoi kill for months if not years, failing it every time. Now, it’s more of the same, but with the difficulty cranked up (though the emotion of it is gone since Matoi’s fine & he knows it) It’s a very good thing that he’s a creation of willpower made solid.

Xiao never wanted to be ARKS admin, from the start he’s always been against it. It’s no surprise that he still wants out. He frames it that by NOT being admin, it’ll give him the ‘free time’ to ‘calculate’ a plan for beating DF

239 5/1
A new character in the quarry.
Afin is in the quarry, trying to explain his earlier message with Xiao.
He wants to try to explain but you have to see it with your own eyes. Yucretia walks up saying 'way to keep this private ugh', but he says he couldn't help it. (As in, he had to tell someone, and has chosen you but she's not happy about it. Because she's probably not happy about anything ever.) Suddenly, a voice asks if there's a guest who wants to see it?

It's a little short girl with very big mauve hair. She has a 'space' theme going on with her galaxy-pattern gloves, bows, neck ribbon, dress accents and stockings. She's in a white floral dress with gold trim. She has roses on her twintail cuffs. (So, she's pretty out of place looking like a dolled-up fancy party dress child with tons of well groomed fancy hair) She says her name is Aurora, but that name doesn't mean squat to you...does it? But how to explain? She was the first host of Apprentice, the original apprentice.

Yucretia's having none of this though, and chops her in the back of the head with her hand.
This makes her yell and flail. Yucretia yells back that 'she can’t say such things as original' because she doesn't even remember what she was. This all has (of course) made Aurora mad, so she argues back that Yucretia can't talk either, because she's incomplete. Afin, who seems a bit used to these antics, says he was so confused that you had to see it for yourself, that's why he called. He then (confesses for her) that not even Yucretia knew what happened. Out of thin air around Yucretia the girl popped, and introduced herself as 'apprentice'.

Yucretia says 'never say popped out' it makes her ill, again. Aurora is upset too at this, saying how does she think she feels, meanie? If you weren't incomplete, she'd not be standing here looking like a child. Buuuut, it does realize her desire of preserving her youth, odd as it is. Turning to you, she says to let's be clear on it, she has no idea how or why she was brought back to life. All she knows is that her and Yuchan are linked due to their time as a host. Yucretia wishes she wasn't. At her glare, Aurora says to 'not be like this' telling her that she likes the sudden turn of event & twirls around some.

This provokes Yucretia to go to either slap her in the face or hit her head, (She reels back as if to do so) and Aurora raises her arms to protect herself and ducks away. Aurora says that digging into her memories doesn't solve why she's alive now. So she you have any idea what could have done this? She was part of Apprentice on one day, and now here...looking like this? Why, why?

Perhaps the revival of PD?
Maybe the Corrupted Zone on Lilipa?

What's the "Corrupted Zone"??? Nobody has mentioned anything at all about this, to this point. How would your character know to say this? Why would this even be an option in this text box? Major plot hole? Missing info tablet?

If you say Perhaps PD Revival She questions it with Corrupted Zone? From PD?? Yucretia asks 'what do you mean, corrupted again'? So Aurora gets contrary, she could say more but it depends on if you can help satisfy her curiosity. Give and take...or is that a foreign concept to you people? Yucretia asks what she means. Aurora says people used to refer to her as a Goddess, but now since she's back, she'd like to explore the planet. Who knows, maybe we could find a way to break the bond...Yucretia will hold her to that. They wave 'bye', and as Yucretia walks off, this makes Aurora disappear in a cloud of blue sparkle squares. Afin calls for her to wait up, we need to tell Xiao what happened. You (apparently) Volunteer to do so, and he says sorry to burden you, then runs off after her.

Nobody asks what she DID or WHEN she did her time as apprentice, to place her activity anywhere on a timeline that people today would recognize. This would be seriously helpful in figuring her out so of course, nobody's smart enough to do it. They also don't ask why "A Goddess", which would also be helpful. By being mean to her, Yucretia causes her to clam up and try to strike an info bargain with "Corrupted Again Lilipa" vs. Afin & Yucretia palling around with her to explore the planet & telling her stuff. 1 thing for another.

The "Capture Youth" line makes her hint that she could be the child version of Apprentice Woman--however, anyone who could wither into an awful hag at the loss of their power would naturally be concerned with keeping it. So, it could be a red-herring hint.

239 5/1
Telling Xiao about Aurora
You obviously 'say something' as Xiao stands with Ulc. He confirms by saying 'original apprentice, a girl Aurora appeared from within Yucreta'. (So Xiao believes Aurora's story, or he KNOWS its true but doesn't say how he knows) Ulc says it's hard to believe but you did see it happen. When impossible things seem to happen lately, nothing's too farfetched. Xiao says her link with the girl isn't anything we can do something about. "this person sure knows what they're doing". Skeptical, Ulc says he's unusually at ease with the sudden turn of events, doesn't it just dump another issue at the doorstep? Xiao though, doesn't think it's a serious problem because we could get info out of her.

He surmises that if she did say she was the original apprentice, then she should have knowledge of the Photoners & PD too. Ulc puts it together, saying if she gives the info, we could use it to find a way to defeat PD forever. Xiao tells her not to get her hopes up because the Photoners could only seal it away...they never had the real solution, however, she could still have useful info.

But...having Afin do the job of info-gathering doesn't give him hope. Ulc agrees that he's too easily spooked and nervous at critical periods. After tilting about together a little, they both look to you at the same time. You close your eyes and shake your head. (Probably an expression of 'typical-typical') Xiao wishes you good luck. Ulc says you've got it, easy-peasy, so you can shrug at this.

Again: more questions than it answers.
How many apprentices were there?
Known: Woman, Incomplete Yucretia, Double, Gettemhart, Persona's Claim.
Is this supposed to be ‘woman’ as a child?
Seems unlikely because the Photoners were ages and ages ago such that nobody remembers them much, Loser is a Photoner and has been living “so long” as he claims, so many generations.
And where was Woman all that time, if it was her? If she was a 20-something as she appears vs. Matoi when she was corrupted into Apprentice, she used her powers to keep her looks for several generations of people while essentially doing nothing until she encountered Matoi.
Remember: any time you see Apprentices in the plot they're ALWAYS ACTING OUT in big ways stirring up trouble. They're never ever shown as domrant-non-actors, so there's a BUNCH of years that make no sense at all for both Double & Woman IF Aurora is Woman. It also brings back up "Well where did Yucretia go?" after she was half-corrupted as a child. She sure took her time in re-appearing...and that's isolated to within the timeline of JUST AFIN's life---which is super short compared to everything else so far. (The span of them being like 5 or 6 years old to 'now' when he's 18 or so)
Why did people “Say she was a goddess”?
Was she like the first non-photoner super magical person created as ARKS?
Why does she want to explore Lilipa?

239 5/3
Claris is in the quarry.
She's glad you're doing well, but don't let your guard down because PD is somewhere out there. We're coming up with a plan to push it back but it needs you and Predecessor (That means Matoi) to do the labor. Like Huey says take care of your body: eat well, rest well. (She’ll tell you this even if you’re an android) You & Predecessor are too hard on your bodies I hope that both of you rest. Looking around suspiciously she asks if it's just you here now, right?

Excellent...because she's wanted to ask, you 2 are close right? Therefore, what kind of gift would please her if she was handed one? There's things she'd like to know about her but feels she can't just talk to her like you can. So...when she was talking to her, the idea of giving her a present came to mind. And she wanted to celebrate her safe return too.

It's the Thought That Counts
What Would You Like to be Gifted?

If you say What Would You Like To Be Gifted? She becomes thoughtful and wonders. She comes to a conclusion, saying she understands, and knows asking you was a good idea. She leaves with a 'thanks she'll see you again', at which you nod.

WELL. This is a HUGE change for her!
What brought this on? Her just 'coming up with' the idea to get a gift? No one making her do it, or telling her how to act like a normal person? This is giant progress for Claris. She's seemed super stupid/incapable of learning even simple things like 'how to say hello' or observing others social interactions so far. So, considering another person enough to want to bring a gift, then having enough thought process to ask a known friend-of-the-person about it is a big mental leap.

239 5/3
Sara is in the quarry.
She hoped to run into you. What's she doing out here? Well, PD has made more darker activity. While she's still got time, she's info collecting so don't ask, she's taking it easy too. But you're not...both you & Matoi don't know when to stop. But, it's due to this that you managed to save Matoi. PD may have resurrected but we're doing all we can to keep it within Naberius. It's in a bind because though it's really powerful we can predict its movement and stop it.

Once we've got the defenses set up to handle it, Xiao is planning to put both you & Matoi into cold-sleep. She agrees that you both need a break. Even if Persona absorbed the majority of darker photons, what you went through was far from normal. They want to examine you and ensure you get a good rest, while hoping they can return you to perfect condition. Because you go to the extreme, she wants to personally ask you & Matoi to take a break.
But...thinking of Matoi, she wants to ask.

What Do You Need?
Is This About Giving Her a Present?

If you ask What Do You Need? She was thinking about giving her a gift. You look skeptical, so she asks what's with the strange face, did she say something funny? She explains it's just something to welcome her back, not just a gift in general you know. Plus she wants to thank her from long ago. Knowing her (Matoi) though, she'll say something like 'the thought that counts'. She shakes her head, apologizes for asking, and doesn't need an answer. She wants to give her a gift of her own, so sorry to bother you. Then, she leaves.

What is cold sleep?
Can casts do it?
Interesting that the first to hear it from is Sara, and that Xiao didn’t bring it up if it’s some kind of therapy or whatever.
Bringing something nice to Matoi to make her feel welcome/appriciated is a good gesture
Why have the 2nd "get a present" option at all? It's a creepy conclusion to come to, asking something like that of Sara right away. It shows that you're extrapolating from the Claris Claes encounter and leveraging that "theyre kind of both the same", then exposing to one of them that that's "how you think of them"....which is probably kind of rude.