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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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239 5/4
Sara & Claris argue near Matoi.
Sara tells Claris she’s supposed to be on Naberius. Matoi protests their argument. Claris says Sara’s the one who was supposed to report on Naberius. But…she’s done, so there’s no problem with her being here, right? Claris says she’s done too and she also has business with Predecessor so…too bad tho cause Sara does too. Plus, Sara wonders, why are you calling her Predecessor, you could call Matoi by her name. Claris says she’s an actual Predecessor so its fine, it’s Sara who’s rude because she doesn’t add an honorific to her name. (Notice that she always just says 'Matoi' not 'Matoi-san or Matoi-chan or whatever--a language unfortunate-ness because "leaving it out if you're unsure" isn't an option because not putting something after someone's name is rude for whatever reason--with "Chan" being more like "Pal" and "San" being more like Mr./Ms.--The actual solution being avoiding saying people's names at all-- but everyone here is OBSESSED with saying eachother's name and will shove it into dialogue like...way more than anyone normally would--maybe it's an ARKS thing...It doesn't come up in this story guide because it's not an actual transcript of the script AND neither is the actual translated text because if you LISTEN to the dialogue as it's being said there's tons of "say their name" instances that don't appear in the text boxes.) Sara claims Matoi doesn’t mind this. Claris says maybe it’s not so and she does mind, and asks her just that…which makes her a bit taken aback. So Sara says she probably minds the whole “Predecessor thing”.

Now, finally poor Matoi can get a word in edgewise, where she doesn’t mind either one. So they both shout at her ‘make yourself clear!’ She’s upset now, wondering why they’re so mad. At this point, you can walk up to their conversation and Matoi’s very glad you’re here.

What Are You Doing?
Both of Them Probably Have A Goal.

If you ask them What Are You Doing? She doesn’t know, both of them suddenly came up to her, but then started arguing with each other. Sara hears this, and claims she didn’t come here to argue with a moron. Claris also claims she didn’t come to argue, she got caught in Sara’s quarreling instead. Matoi asks them about ‘the business’ they said they had with her, did she do something wrong? They both tell her she’s done nothing wrong. So she asks what’s going on?

Simultaneously, they both dig around in their skirt pockets and pull out…slightly different bunches of yellow flowers at once. They say it’s the flowers from Naberius. Matoi asks why and Sara explains she was in her care back then, so wanted to show gratitude, and Claris didn’t know what to give, but when she thought of something she might like, she picked up the flowers. Sara tried to think of something better…they both hold out the bouquets.

She takes both bouquets, and thanks them, saying you know that she loves this kind. She tells them both thanks, and that she’s so happy. But what she really likes about it, were their feelings.
Sara’s pretty stable on her own, but Claris can make her kind of rotten, as illustrated here where they both shout at Matoi and fight with each other, which makes her uncomfortable and sad. Sara's supposed to be an adult but she easily reverts to being about 10 years old whenever Claris is around. It isn’t too surprising that they get her the same flowers.

239 5/4
Afin & Yucretia are in the desert.
Aurora greets you that she’s glad you came because Yu-chan and grumpy boy are continuously boring her. The planet is boring too, just sand sand everywhere it’s desolate. What a planet, did we really control this place? Yucretia tells her enough of complaining, please answer the question "A while ago Apprentice(meaning Aurora) said that PD appeared “again”. (Note that Again is in quotes) Aurora corrects her that “its Aurora” not Apprentice so don’t make that mistake again. (She is offended at being called Apprentice since she's free of that now)

She then explains that it’s exactly like she said, you all know that the PD was born while the Photoners were alive, right? Everyone nods. Well, PD was created by us, the Photoners and it was crazy when it was born. It was unexpected when it was born, but we came together with countermeasures and managed to seal it. Afin, paying attention (to the main goal) says Wow, such a seal is crazy, how did you manage it? She thinks, that it’s a story she’s heard. She tells him that PD sees all existences that use Photons as its enemy, so it will try to pursue and eliminate them.  (Existences likely here means living things / aliens etc who are capable of using photons) So, they (the photoners) combined all their photons into a single individual and used it as bait, then sealed PD alongside the individual.

Afin wonders all into a single Person? Could they really? Aurora wasn’t too interested in the details, but heard it from “An Admiral” who she was acquainted with so she has no doubt it’s true. Yucretia acuses her of being sick, with a glare. Aurora asks how it’s sick? Aurora admits it wasn’t the best solution, but it was all they had then, and if it saved the rest of literally everybody…and Yucreta is quite the honor student, former Apprentice…aren’t you?

Yucreta confirms ‘honor student’ but when she was Apprentice she wouldn’t have thought such a thing. But even now she feels the resentment. She closes her eyes, saying it wasn’t just the memories…but her heart that they’ve altered. Aurora just “…..” at this, while looking somewhat put off. She turns and says it’s sealed, but the Dark Falz ran amok afterwards. We couldn’t claim any victory about that. Yucreta agrees. No sooner than she’s finished though, Aurora says she’s bored of this area, lets go to another. And with that, she leads the way off for all 3 of them.

Confirmed: This is the 2nd time PD has ever appeared.
Confirmed: Someone had to kill themselves to do it,
as is ‘traditional’ with the Falzes as well.
Afin seems on the ball here, and he actually gets his result. You can “Bait & tempt” PD into a trap by piling up photons somewhere & a person is a good enough container…so long as it’s a Photoner. Remember, these guys are like ‘super powered people’, Luther had all kinds of nutty powers at his fingertips just being one of them. It likely wouldn’t work with anyone from ARKS.
Aside: How could you NOT be interested in ‘the details’ about how everyone, including you, very nearly died of this catastrophe?
Yucreta seems to think and act like Aurora was "in charge" of something back in the day, blaming her for decisions that she had (clearly) nothing to do with. She was a beauty-queen, not "the president of all photoners" or king of town or whatever who makes such decisions.

239 5/5
Matoi & Claris are talking & they open a worm-can.
Claris wants to know why Matoi is so strong. Matoi’s not sure, but thinks its thanks to Xion or her help with the weapon. Claris says this is fascinating, and is that a new weapon, who made it, why’s it so strong? She says yes it's new, Xiao asked Zieg to make it for her. Every time she uses normal weapons they break right away, so she doesn’t know the differences to their usage. Claris agrees with this, and asks how did she become a Predecessor, was she chosen? Matoi tells her that she was appointed to the vacant seat in the Council 6 by Xion, it was an absolute order at the time. (What are the chances she was some tinkered with lab specimine? What are the chances she didn't have parents at all? Probably pretty darn good. Of course, she's not going to remember having parents...but she has memory problems anyway) She supposes she was the same age as Claris is now when she joined. Claris is happy about that, and says it doesn’t seem so bad now. They continue to talk, but someone’s spying

And that angry spy is Sara, hiding behind a pillar. (They are in the ARKS lobby near the medical counter, as usual) You can observe her spying on them, but approach her anyway. Sara’s glad you’re here, but seems a bit surprised to be caught in the act. She says just look at Claris over there chattering away like a bird. She kept saying she had a lot to talk about and has been chattering helplessly since we got back and now she can’t even talk to her. Sara suspects the present we gave her before wasn’t to close the gap in the relationship. Matoi being her usual self will try to answer everything to the point that it annoys her. (Sara).

If she’d creep close enough to get an ear-full though, she’d realize that Claris has really, really good questions here. It’s things both of them ought to know, and Claris has fairly a right to know…being chosen against her will AND a clone made for a specific purpose ‘in her life’.

Are you jealous?
Are you lonely?

Well it’s obvious she’s jealous, but that’s an offensive thing to ask that will surely set her off. She’s unreasonably jealous of everything Claris does (and the other way round) for no real reason. If you ask ‘are you lonely’ she’ll get upset, stutter around and flail telling you there’s no way she’s lonely at all. Then, she denies being jealous, and not even lonely! “that girl” said she wanted to talk to Matoi earlier, so there’s nothing wrong with that, right?!

This outburst gathers the attention of Claris & Matoi. Claris waves and calls to both of you. Sara says ‘oh no we’ve been spotted!’ while Claris tells her to stop wandering around and come on over for a talk, you too! Sara seems gloomy about this but will go. Claris says she had things she wanted to ask too, right? Stop hesitating and ask because Predecessor can answer anything!

Matoi says if there’s something she can answer, well then you can ask her anything. She loves talking and wanted to talk to Sara too. Sara thinks about this issue with her eyes closed for a bit, then says she always wanted to ask…well, you like wearing those types of clothes, right? This makes Matoi break out in the giggles. Claris continues that she’s curious too, is it her hobby? Are they her type? Matoi steps about a bit over this, saying no! Xiao prepared them for her, it’s not like she asked him for it. Claris wants to know if she gets stronger the more skin she shows? (Here goes the can of worms) Matoi says no…but maybe one can absorb more photons from the atmosphere? Claris looks all around at her outfit, thinking if she reveals more of herself, then she’ll surely get stronger, right? Matoi, regretful now, says no, girls shouldn’t be exposing so much, it’s an absolute NO! Sara counters her with “look who’s talking now”. Matoi whines that she didn’t want to be told off by Sara.

Claris then goes after Sara by telling her she’s weak although her outfit reveals more, so why is that then? Sara proceeds to argue back that she wants a fight, and just as that they’re shouting and flailing at each other again. Matoi ignores them, ask you if times like this are fairly fun, aren’t they?

Bikini Armor Battle Damage!
Why aren’t all the men naked except for shoes?
Are naked CASTS best of all because they wear 0 clothes and absorb most?
Gettemhart was pretty darn powerful but the only skin he ever had out was his face. Huey’s pretty over the top too, and only his face is exposed as well. Same with Quna. Her ‘photon absorbing’ theory doesn’t really hold water, maybe she’s making it up to cover up the REAL reason for wearing the outfit which is most likely “Xiao made it for me and I didn’t want to offend him and say no”

Is Xiao a pervert?
Or is he oblivious?
Clearly everyone here doesn’t have “earth standards” of what’s ok to wear, (and that’s fine = different culture, more progressive, you-do-you and don’t worry about anyone else’s personal fashion choices etc)  they’re a lot looser and nobody seems to ‘care’ that much. (Ex. No ‘shaming’ or saying "sluts are all over"/getting offended, blaming men, blaming women, etc.) 
Like Ulc as the vice-admin of all of ARKS or whatever & can’t remember to pull her zipper up so you see her panties all day & she made her overalls into “boob socks” to better go with her bra. However, there seems to be a little discord here getting brought up, which is a tad odd.
 Matoi’s clearly not comfortable in what she’s got on, but doesn’t have the guts to stand up to Xiao and say ‘no I want a different outfit where my bra isn’t seen by all’. She’s a shy gal who likes pretty stuff (
she even says this) and she’s not flirty or exhibitionistic at all, so the thigh-highs and bra-peep top aren’t really “her” at all. The question is if Xiao is perverted (this is very frightening to consider if he’s literally in people’s thoughts telepathy-ing them, (Sara, remember) and able to look upon others at any time/place) and wants to see her trotting about in what he desires, or is he just oblivious of her tastes? 
It’s more likely he’s oblivious & not paying attention to her personal wants/style.

239 5/6
Afin, Yucreta and Aurora are in the tunnels.
He says they're still being dragged around but its not too bad. Yuc-nee is shy to talk about herself to others with what she went through. But, Afin feels its therapeutic to talk with people that aren't him. If they stop fighting long enough to talk...But, he's not had a chance to go back to the ship, how are things up there? (where are they sleeping and what are they eating?) He's heard from Io and Fourier that there will be management changes on the ship, do they need you to assist with that? Having overheard this (they were standing aside) Aurora comes up and says she remembers something similar in 'management changing' so speaking from previous experience so don't bother it's better to quit now that eventually something happening in the future.

Then, she starts sniffing you.
This causes you to flail a bit and be surprised. She says 'by the way she smells the scent of Xion here, on you'. Is she doing well? How is she?

Xion No Longer Exists
Xiao Has Taken Her Place

If you're honest and say Xion No Longer Exists, she'll not look super surprised but ask she's no longer there & gone? There's a copy-like child? But no it really so...She acknowledges that she passed away. (No, she was right up murdered) Even if there's a copy, it's still not her, she's really gone...This makes her remember something, we also tried to copy her and failed each time. It was the story of the end of the Photoners Photoners were spread across the universe, so in order to manage the universe of civilization we tried to make a copy of her. The first was a success, but we failed in that it couldn't be controlled at all so we threw it away in subspace. (Oh AS IF THIS COULDNT GO WRONG) Yucreta angrily chimes in saying she doesn't know if it was subspace or another dimension entirely, but to treat it as if it were can't just treat others as you so please.

Aurora agrees, and also feels it was wrong. It was punishment, surely. Failure after failure, they finally created another success, something they were able to control. The selfish desires the Photoners had at the time, their desires and thoughts influenced it...And Afin finishes the sentence: it was PD. And so, because of that the malicious desires of others, she supposes it's part of human nature.  Suddenly suspicious (as usual) Yucreta asks how does she know this much? Was she a part of it? A part, she asks? Ha no, she can't say that, she wasn't interested. She vanishes and reappears, saying the only thing on her mind was to polish her beauty, at that time. She captured all the hearts in the universe for herself. She was the most beautiful woman out of all Photoners, said to be the real Goddess Of Beauty. Even military personnel and politicians would fall for her.

All the men had to watch what they said near her. Even with her complaining they still boasted their secrets to her at night. Really she heard all sorts of things, things she wanted to hear, and others she didn't. Some she wishes she could forget. She wanted to close her ears, hearing stories of power struggles and evil intent of others. She wanted to defeat that type of people, she really disliked the ugliness, it's true. Yet she was desperate enough on defeating all of the girls who would become her rivals. Then, she disappears.

What does Xion smell like? (We ARE asking the important questions!)
Does Xiao smell the same?
What did the thinking water on her planet smell like?
So she was 'a goddess' of good looks, not magic.

From what she sounds like...she also was..........sleeping around a whole lot? "Telling her the secrets at night" seems to kind of be these guys confessing stuff to her "in bed".  However, maybe Photoners don’t have a double-standard going where “man many girlfriends = good man” and “girl many boyfriends = bad girl” so becoming a super-beauty and then having sex with all men she can find is actually a really cool and positive thing to do. But…That's kind of odd? She's an okay enough looking child-creature here but maybe she grew up prettier somehow? Cause she's not exactly amazing she just has giant hair.
*Unless the 1 beauty standard Photoners had was hair-based-only, so maximum hair = maximum beauty. Culturally who knows--it's possible.

Why did she get chosen as an Apprentice?
It's super unclear how these are 'chosen', Gettemhart was powerful so he's obvious. But the Double Twins? What did they have going for them? Yucreta was just a matter of right place right time, it could just as easily been literally anybody else while AW was dying in the street so she doesn't count. Luther was really powerful too. But so far Aurora just seems to be a pretty girl who people liked.

239 5/8
Telling Xiao what Aurora said.
In the lobby, you're clearly explaining to Ulc and Xiao. Ulc comments people's desires and malevolence...there's no bounds & we can't object to that. After all, she has desires. Xiao says that as time passes, events that happened in the past will eventually be forgotten.(yeah if only there wasn't some...recording technology make sure that didn't happen) The way Photoners headed we can't deny ARKS could go that way too. Ulc asks if this makes him want to stop the transition of management? He shakes his head no, saying that what Aurora suggested is only a possibility, not a  definite outcome. (yes because these guys don't seem set on creating a giant evil planet)

When she was a Photoner (and she probably still is? One doesn't change species--HOWEVER she's also not a 'material person' exactly because she can teleport, and exist "as energy" inside Yucreta. Loser/Luther COULD teleport himself at will, but being able to merge his energy and exist as energy within someone else...probably not) she was exposed to an ugly world for a long time. She can't see the possibilities in people. (Plus she's a bit of a snoot and likely wasn't looking for possibilities in others ever anyway) When he contacted everyone, Ulc and Sara, he's been alongside everyone together, he does see the possibilities in others. Ulc says yeah, we did see rescuing matoi as PD. He wanders as he said the future is unpredictable. Xion said so and he agrees, so what can we do but proceed as we are? Whether it's right or wrong only the future will tell. It'll be the future Xion couldn't predict. Ulc nods and says she'd better work harder then. To avoid the Photoner mistakes, she'll have to study hard as well as you & Xiao. She waves and jogs off to do just that.

Once she's gone Xiao says by the way...have you noticed anything strange regarding Aurora while on Lilipa? You shake your head no (And really, aside from vanishing/teleporting around the general area of Yucretia, to who she's 'tied', and acting snooty it really isn't much odd) He says since PD appeared the photon readings have been skyrocketing there on Lilipa. But, there's no real way to know what's happening there now. It might be a sign of something to come, so could you please keep an eye on them?

Is this photon reading he sees the "leftovers" of Yucreta's denied power?
Remember, she was always like a cheated ghost, haunting around on Lilipa lamenting 'the rest of her power' that she needed to summon PD while she was still mentally all Apprentice-ified. It's also where Matoi decimated Apprentice Woman, possibly cutting off some of her power in the big Vibrace fight. There really could be something here, even if Yucreta isn't sniffing around for it any more.

Ulc has desires.
Well of course, but they're probably not malevolent. She may want a cake slice for dessert. Who cares. Her leading sentence makes no real sense here. Xiao rightly debunks Aurora's prediction because first off, the Photoners were apparently loony and also had powers ARKS don't/can't have. No one's going to try to clone up another 'magic planet'.
WHY were the Photoners 'so bad', how'd they get that way? Only Aurora might guess. Xion's whole "shtick" was supposedly "knowing the future and past and tangling with time" but apparently she debunked herself somewhere along the way.
Xiao is super wise to keep an eye on Aurora because WHY was she chosen as apprentice #1?

Story Chapter 6 EX Why I Am Here

This one takes place in the tunnels/mines of Lilipa.
Set aside some time for this. There’s several bosses and lots of dialogue. If you are thinking you’ll have to solo a round of Emergency Quest: Apprentice Base Defense you’re wrong. That never shows up here
239 5/10 at 1000
When you go down to Lilipa you arrive at a mining base that’s already under attack alongside Aurora, Afin & Yucreta. In the open area between the high walls you can see the exterior turrets firing tracer rounds at El Ahda that are flying in. Aurora says that she mentioned it earlier, but it seems this planet is acting as a seal on Apprentice’s power. Yucreta asks rudely “how does someone like you know that”? (Well, clearly, she WAS an apprentice so…she would actually be the most likely one TO know) She says she’s a DF of course, formerly…and by that fact Yu-chan should also know. Yucreta takes offense and says don’t group her together with herself. Aurora, unaffected says “that’s so cold!” but to each their own even if its no fun.  Pointing to the mining machine there in the distance, she says it’s what’s sealing apprentices power, but she doesn’t know how it works. All that effort, just to keep it sealed here. So, it looks like the guessing was right, Apprentice Woman DID lose a bundle of power on Lilipa during the Matoi vs Vibrace big blast fight. But how does digging keep it sealed away? Lilipa is absolutely loaded with tons of huge mining operations.

She goes on to get a bit stressed saying the whole place and time are unfamiliar. The photoners…they were really wiped out? We’ve really done ourselves in and there’s no more, we’re really gone, aren’t we?

Afin asks are you…
But before he can finish she asks does everyone think the mining machine is working properly? Afin says it should be, because it’s smoking like that and all…Aurora though feels its power is diminishing like it is reacting to something like a catalyst would. She begins to wander toward it, Afin says where’s she going and to wait up, and Yucreta just ‘…..’ at her. Afin asks Yucreta what to do. She says we can’t leave her like that, she’s still linked to it, and so everyone follows after her.

Chatper EX Don’t Turn Eyes Away: The Meaning of This Place

In the pale steel gray mines Aurora continues to walk along. This area is different from the ones previous, it looks new, and the green photon glow is still bright in the walls. It’s well lit, and nothing’s broken. However, it doesn't really seem to be a mine, but more of a factory. You can see big hooks and clips going by on rails in the ceiling bringing Gilnas bodies to and fro. Afin says to wait up, since we’re going ahead, should we go into the corrupted area?

Aurora says in this unstable place…yes we could go there. This is the PD feeding grounds, PD bait grows here but… But this isn’t the place where PD is resurrected? Then there’s no use for the corrupted zone, it was left completely suspended but she wonders why…closing her eyes she thinks. This place there’s no getting used to it, time flows differently here. Just like me now. Yucreta walks ahead to her. Yucreta says that if she can feel something up ahead, then she’s investigating…so be quick about it. They both go on, but Aurora disappears again, making you and Afin to shrug about it.

So, they're all confused about how there's this much 'darker problem' on Lilipa if Lilipa ISNT where PD is going to decide to show up. Also, the corrupted area of the mines is somehow in maybe a temporal distortion?

They have a small dialogue about going ahead but keeping together. Here will be corrupted enemies that are stronger than normal because not only are they corrupt, they’re new/unbroken and polished still. You can come to an area with rubble, which they say ‘would lead right to the area’, but we’ll have to go around.

Oddly, the 'in quest text' here is all translated. Usually their little dialogue bubbles never are but for this one, someone bothered. That stuff usually doesn't appear in the summary here because it tends to be really incidental or something super obvious like "the floor button will open the gate" or "oh no el ahdas are near by" where it doesn't affect anything. The only big one where it did was meeting Loser in the 'stomach dimension', so that got ran thru the translator.

If you can fight off Jagd Spardan & Kaiser Varger, Aurora says let’s proceede, but Afin is exhausted already and has a bad feeling since the start. Is this really normal? The next area is harder with Gunkaiser, rapid Gilnas and more. If you can beat them, you come to a terminal to open a green fence. But everyone’s got a bad feeling about it. Of course, pressing it triggers a code:attack with new and improved Dingell.

Passing this, as you head for the door there will be a Dingell, gunkaiser and spardan ambush that’s no joke. Bringing a stunning weapon (katana spin stun, gravity spell, stunning shell, etc) or a ranged item is a very good idea. EVERYthing here is big on range and real intent on shooting a lot. They don’t have a ton of hp but they have a ton of close AND long range firepower so use corners, boxes and halls against them.

239 5/10 at 1030
Passing this great trouble area, Afin says that just as rumors said, a Corrupted Area is here and it’s been settled ‘like outrageously’. Yucreta says its terrible to see a corrupted area on such a familiar planet…don’t you think? This makes Aurora appear, and say she doesn’t know cause she’s not  a DF. She then asks how did Yucreta become an Apprentice?

Oddly, she says “well how would I know”. Afin defends her (oddly? That wasn’t an attack?) Saying Yucreta just got caught up in it, unlike YOU who became a Dark Falz so don’t mention her.  (Really Afin? It is you who doesn’t know how Aurora got Apprentice-ized. It could have been the same thing!) However, unlike ‘innocent until proven guilty, she confesses it was ‘from herself’, saying “that’s right she wished to become Dark Falz herself.” So, Afin, without knowing it before lashing out is actually right here instead of being really rude like you’d assume.

Aurora walks ahead a bit, thinking. She decides to tell a story.
It’s quite an old tale. The tale of the most beautiful woman. That’s all it took her to get there…her story…Her cuteness, beauty, personality and experience-- she had it all...not willing to lose to anyone. When everything fell rapidly she remained at the top but more hands tried to reach her from below, dragging her down and filled with greed.
She vanishes and appears on a box as she talks. It’s not just inevitable…hands of greed but her own rebellion on the sense of the words “Old” and “Tired. .  Vicissitude such the way the world flows she doesn’t understand that  but she didn’t want to fall from the world stage. Instead of cloning and flesh, should you keep the youth? (Is there supposed to be a “how” in here? How do you keep the youth? Because as is the sentence doesn’t work well) She says ‘no!’ because then she wouldn’t really be herself, she did her best to be herself because if she’s not, then there’s no meaning to her life, but even so I didn’t want to fall from the stage…cloning flesh, would she not be herself.

It became a major project for everyone else: Xions copy generation and failure that led to the end occurrence of PD a tumulus time but even so, to her, it was a great thing. The world she fought in was different: the swirling lies, deception, cytosine and the beautiful and terrible world. More beauty than anyone, more charm than anyone and younger than anyone! She wished that…it should’ve been like that. Sad now she laments this last bit. Cytosine is a DNA component. Is she misusing a word?

That Was Your Desire?
And The Result Was This Generation.

If you ask That Was Your Desire? She…doesn’t really remember. But, it’s not only her fault, other than her, more Dark Falzes were born, and they also went on a rampage! Yucreta says that we, as Apprentice, what’s done can’t be undone. The erosion of many stars, the resurrection of pd, both you and me we have to take responsibility, she says to Aurora as she walks over to her. Aurora looks…maybe mad…maybe thoughtful or grim for a bit, then says I’m worried about this, let’s go. She then vanishes, leaving Yucreta to walk on ahead of you & Afin. So, Yucreta is basically telling her to take up responsibility and try to do something now that she realizes being an apprentice is wrong.
But keep in mind!
NONE of this has said HOW or WHY she became an Apprentice! She did confess she wanted to be it, but what was the benefit? Did the evil Xion-Clone-PD-Planet promise her eternal beauty/youth if only she'd first help it kill LITERALLY EVERYONE? She's going around acting like she confessed to why she did it, but nobody has any idea at all of why or how she did it.
And you also don't know why she was picked in the first place! She was famous. So what? Remember: this thing seems to have criteria.

The next area is worthy of bad feelings because it has a LOAD of sinows & Vargers. Again, stunning as many are in range, then picking them off one by one while the rest are stunned is great. Beating that, you can find an area with sparking/smoking half wrecked gilnases. Afin has a bad feeling.

After the fence you can find Predicada fighting the RapidGilnas. Aurora asks if they’re Yuchans, she should send her minions away. Yucreta says if she wants to go so bad, why doesn’t she go and do it. You can actually let these guys fight to reduce baddie HP if you want, they’re quite ferocious toward each other.

If you see and approach Kaltagots, Sorza Braha will appear behind them as you go to attack. Going through a warp will lead to another darker vs mech fight, so let them brawl a bit. This will open a domed terminal, (enemy proof terminal, always shut when enemies present) about which Afin does not like. He is, of course, right because there is a PILE of gunkaiser that spawn.  You can use the small area where the warp was to confound them a bit, but they’re quite quick on the uptake once you shoot them from up there and will follow you up the hill.

However, the moment the last one falls, a Falke Leone will appear. This thing is an absolute maniac. When it turns red it will shoot Ariel blades. It can also jump out of the ‘map’ to get up the ramp and down it from an angle to take away ‘boxing it in’. Keep your mag fed, and use a blast if you have to, just get rid of it. There are more boxes with mates after.

Both Vilma Leopard & Falke Leone are really odd choices for machines.
What could their use have possibly been?
What person said "I shall spend millions building a bus sized robotic lion-like creature with missiles in its ankles and a bitey face." and then got it approved?
What were these guys even for?
The gilnas were obviously mover/lifters, the spardans were guards, so are the guardine/guardinane (pull power, laser vision for intruders) & Vardha itself was a big gunship...which...what was HE for? The whole point of Lilipa seemed to be nothing big ever showed up there. Vardah wasn't for Vibrace because AW invented it & she wasn't around when this stuff was built. Who built all this stuff on Lilipa? It's so massive it'd of taken years and years to put up.

At 1100
A lilipan is in danger! The Mechs will harm it so it cries. (Remember: for whatever reason mechs don't usually harm lilipans, and they even worship Big Vardha with their magic totem poles and flower garlands. It's specifically stated that "a malfunctioning and broken Gilnas has grabbed a lilipan for those E-codes) Are these corrupted AND fresh (ex. not broken but upgraded-like) mechs not programmed with lilipan safety? If so, how? Also, how did Lilipans get into the area if it's temporally wrong? They're real keen to disturbances/bad places so they shouldn't dare enter. How'd this guy get in?
Yucreta goes to it and defeats all of them in one go. (A shame she's not so useful outside the cutscenes eeeeeeh vidyagame logic?) The lilipan though, yells because it’s afraid of her too. It cries to Afin, who says it’ll be all right now that those mechs are gone. Yucreta watches, but Aurora appears to laugh at her a bit, saying ‘no wonder they dislike you’. It’s obvious isn’t it? When we were apprentice, we attacked at this planet many times, she fills in.
Arks, and lilipans alike, how much they suffered-- seeing their reactions she knows. Aurora says it’s not just that fact alone, because even the ‘events’ on this planet are our fault. Yucreta says she’d of known, because when we were monitoring it…Aurora asks if Yu-chan is convinced now. Just because she got involved, she’s hating herself like this, blaming herself. (This is Aurora telling Yucreta that she can't be blaming herself) Yucreta closes her eyes saying it was unreasonable. But, it wasn’t anyone’s fault whether she desired it or not, the fact was that she was a DF. She then then asks Aurora why she’s afraid, which she denies. Yu says it’s the link, some emotions are linked too, is she that scared that people will hate her? This makes her appear up on a box to talk.

She says of course she is, if you’re hated, it’s all over, you only fall down. It was thanks to the people she liked, the people she had, that she was able to stand there. She doesn’t want to be hated, she wanted to be loved. “That’s right even PD! She doesn’t know anything!” (What is this sentence) Even so, having everyone say its our fault they hate us…they hate me, that’s why she responded…she didn’t think it’d become like this.
Everyone other than her, where’d they go? They were called up by God right? They’re not the type to disappear so easily!  7 gods 13 goddesses! Where?  To be up there in order to go there she sacrificed everything. Mai, Labyu, Floren, Roto, Nanaki, Tamu… are they all really dead? She cries tears over the edge of the box. I didn’t plan for this to happen, why, why did it become like this. Yucreta closes her eyes, appearing saddened by Aurora's honest lament of losing all her friends.

She appears right in front, asking Yu chan is she bad, she’s not bad? Please tell us both of use we’re not bad right? She pulls at her leggings. Yucreta says she has to decide that for herself. She shakes her head and disappears. Afin says bye to the lilipan, and everyone walks on.

Presumably she is calling out the names of her friends.
So the Photoners were religious, with 7 gods and 13 goddesses.
She has still not gotten around to mentioning HOW she thought that becoming an apprentice would somehow HELP her to achieve any goal or to help with literally anything. Everybody at the time knew that PD was horrible and something no one wanted so the fastest way to get hate would be by offering to help it by becoming its Apprentice. So, it doesn't make sense.

In Tunnels 3 Yuga enemies will begin appearing.
Kaltagots will also spawn behind as well as ahead, so stay on the move when you see them.

A Code Rescue the lilipan will appear with 2 Goldradayuga. The lilipan is trapped by a flashing red disk half sunk in the floor that also has arms or something grabby. Irritate one Goldradahyuga as quickly as possible, then use something like Showtime or Warcry to pull the other off the glowing red object that has snatched up the lilipan. The code isn’t that long of a timer, and when it ends you’ll win the code. You mainly need to badger both goldies until the timer runs out. This will allow you to access a terminal switch.

And it is OF COURSE up to no good. You can tell, because there are green boxes in there with 2 laser turret cannons. These are the type that take time to charge their power though…A Ragne will spawn at quite a distance so you’ll be tempted to get in the chair and try to charge the gun to go vs it, but in just 1 leap it’ll be over there and squash you off the gun.
Ragne is a busy jumper so it’s nigh impossible to get it distracted/far enough away to be able to get enough time in the chair to charge the guns up. However, it IS short on HP, so just break the leg armor with normal weaponry and kill it that way, then take all the loot.

After that, Afin will ask if she’s still worried about the lilipan. She says it can’t be helped now, so let’s keep going. Aurora will "…" at this. Continuing freely now, there are more mate boxes, but Yucreta now agrees with Aurora that something’s ahead. This saves the progress.

At 1130
You reach an Anga Fundarge alone in a room, concentrating up some darkness and pink lightening on the floor. Aurora says it’s a PD catalyst…no wait it’s bait. (warning everyone to go no further)
What’s it doing? Afin wonders, sending something into the ground.?
Yu says it’s being absorbed, replenishing something, right Aurora? …but Aurora doesn’t say anything for a while, staring fixedly at what’s going on across the big room…so Yucreta hits her in the head with another hand-chop.  This startles her, making her mad/upset at being hit. Yu says she’ll keep teasing her because she’s younger than her. This makes Aurora quite surprised, so Yu says she’ll keep on doing it, like when she was talking earlier and letting her emotions run amok. But Aurora should think why she came back here herself? Think of that reason? When photons form a shape, either good or evil there’s a meaning to it. Then PD, after disconnecting from DF, what’s the reason for your return?

She is addressing Aurora now as if Aurora herself was PD. Photons at this time, in this place why did they raise you why are you here? The reason she’s here…her reason…she hems and haws a bit..Yu says it can’t be helped that it had happened, even if she still regrets it, nothing will change. So, to stop regretting, she has to work hard…no…both of us have to work hard. Aurora asks her why she’s so strong. She says it’s because she’s always been alone, she’s sure her mind had collapsed but…There’s a guy who trusted her and that was enough. (She means Afin) Aurora wants to know if Yu chan trusts her and believes her? Third time. (she reminds)  Weren’t you the one who lead us into this place? "So stop worrying, Aurora" commands Yucreta.