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PSO2 Planet & Area Guide
Because of the Arks warping/worm-hole creating technology, you can visit many distant planets easily.
PSO1 had just a single planet, PSU had 3 in the same solar system & this has many more. Each planet is in a separate solar system unless otherwise specified. Each planet can have many or few areas you are able to explore. The planets are not homogenous either, they can have vastly different areas/environments as real planets do.
You are not limited to only planets in the game, either. There are also areas on ships & in mysterious darker-constructs. Each is a playable area you can explore.

The planet the plot starts out on. This place really resembles Ragol of PSO1. There are even "Rag Rappies" here that look pretty much identical to the Ragol one...but now they are called "Nab Rappy". They act the same as well. This planet has a forest which seems slightly subtropical. There are small caves, rivers, and shallow lakes you can explore.
A mystery begins when you can find (and even see from some areas) a frozen tundra. It is unnatural to travel maybe 200 meters from green forest to snowy winter land. (thus, the mystery) The tundra is mostly rocky with cliffs, snow drifts, ice pillars, arches & vision-limiting snow storms. From some parts of the tundra, you can find a further mystery in a very, very tall cylindrical pillar visible in the distance.
The pillar is a part of the "Ruins". These are an actual ruin of a city, and not a space ship like PSO1 had. This area is full of fallen structures, parts of giant ring-structures (you can walk/climb them) oddly colored likely-toxic blue water you can't go through & large fleshy flowers with circuit-like patterns on the petals. This place is also home to "infect monument#" a rainbow colored shape of some signifigance that can suddenly 'sprout' darker infection points. While it is in its infected state, it casts shifta/deband for any darker near its influence. You can attack the infection nodes & break them off. If you do, the 'influence' it casts will instead shifta/deband you instead.


This planet appears strange & dead, covered completely by desert sand. A desert planet with a now mostly defunct mining operation on it. Who was mining? Where did they go? The surface is desert with rocks, and underground is cavernous / carved out with metal walkways, mining machinery, pipes & quarries. From space, you can see massive “points” of sand/dust coming up from the planet and out into probably the stratosphere. They’re all over, Lilipa has no seas at all, but the 2 largest points look like they’re at the planet's poles. No animals live on the planet, but it does have a native? creature, the lilipan. A lilipan is a person that looks like an ewok with bunny ears. They re-purpose found-objects and scrap, and they sometimes wear bits of clothing like little hoods or belts. They’re short, shy, non-powerful, and some of them appear to be religious. What’s something they worship? Vardha. Their “wonder totem” has a rustic/simple found-objects representation of the abstract “face” of Vardha.
There are a few interesting plants (that the Lilipans probably eat parts of) like strange palm things, star-shaped cactuses of various sizes, & a few low scrub bushes. Arroyos show that water sometimes/once ran on the surface. There are odd holes under some shifting sand areas where the top of the 'mining area' has broken inward, allowing sand to flow down.
Inside the mine itself you can find large metal containers of mined earth, some with iridescent opal-like rock chunks in it. Were these shiny rocks what the miners were after?
The only enemies on the planet are machines left over from mining or protecting the mines & darkers. The machines USED to leave the Lilipans alone, but darker infected ones will now (of course) attack everything. Some of the machines make sense with guard duty, such as the dog-like Varger, Vinto Vargr & Spardans. Others, like Tranmizer (a transforming gun machine with fists) and Big Vardha (a massive missile & gun barge that levitates and it has a gantry on top with a torso, assumed to be the 'controller of the gunship) are more mysterious in their former purpose.

Morality Zone:
It is mentioned (in code escort) by the Arks assistance / $ that the Lilipans are supposedly not native to lilipa. Well then how did a whole race of people just get on a mining planet when they don’t mine, there are no other animals living there, and nobody knows what they’re good for? Gettemhart wants to kill lilipans (and likely already has by the time you find him) because he says “they will get infected by the darkers and come after the Arks so just kill them now while they’re harmless people”. Ironically, he’s right, Barbarillipans are giant/ugly/crazy/zombie infected lilipans which occur infrequently. However, defeating these somehow “removes the darker influence” returning the lilipan to its normal size and it runs off instead of just dying like the dragonkin do.


This planet has split into two very different areas. A 2-part planet. Something blew the crust off of it and left it hanging in the air as a series of floating islands and carved cubes with the power of levitation. The cubes are a cobalt blue rock. They probably had the power of levitation before they were carved. The Dragonkin likely carved the cubes & pillars seen on the surface and in the sky land.
The interior of the planet does have a surface, but it’s all cracked igneous rock, crystals, caves and exposed lava. This planet has people living on it, which the Arks call “The Dragonkin”. These are likely the equivalent of cave-men on earth. They are not a very technologically advanced society. They can use magic/technics, are immune to fire & lava, and they can talk. These bipeds have hands, fingers, weapons and ‘jobs’. (Ranger, hunter, force) Interestingly the giant quadruped dragon boss is also intelligent enough to talk. The Dragonkin people sort of worship / talk with the larger more dragon-like 'boss' dragon monsters. Depending on where they live, they are colored somewhat differently.

Morality zone:
Yes, when you kill any variety of dinian / sadinian you are killing a person / a sentient being. However, it is likely that all of the generic enemy ones of these are counted by the plot as “zombies” totally taken over by the darkers. It’s like if aliens came to Earth during a zombie outbreak and started shooting all the zombies…no one would mind. The “good ones” you don’t see because they’re obviously not out in droves just attacking everyone willy nilly like the darkers would love to see happen.


This planet is mostly water / ocean. The surface has sandy 'beach' like island strips & some rocky areas. There are gray stones with veins of slightly luminous opal-like mineral in them. The trees here are palm-like, there is low, grassy green stuff on some of the sand & the occaisional scrubby bush. A civilization once lived on the planet. It has large stone ‘fountains’ which have columns of water that lead up to the sky. But instead of spraying upward, it looks like the column of water is flowing down FROM the sky not up to it. Streams of water come out of the dome-like giant (like the size of big buildings) fountains. There are also ruins of pillars, steps and buildings, all cut from the gray rock.
Under water are large temple-like areas with vaulted ceilings, caves, steps & sandy floors. The surface has ruins of similar areas, but they're so ruined it's hard to tell. There is more glowing opal under water, in patterns and designs. Somehow, these 'underwater ruins' have the ability to keep water out, but also let you see out the tops of them. Of course, there's water on the floor here too, mostly. It becomes a mechanic as well, with special rods that you can press (like a button) that lower the water level in certain areas for a while. High water is bad for you, as it powers up native enemies in the area, or gives them special attacks they can't do in low-water areas.

Darkers Nest

This isn't a planet. It's some kind of free-floating structure made out of who-knows-what in the middle of outer space. The darkers used a mysterious power to...stick enough stuff together that it has gravity. The 'water' here is the color of blood, and is of course, poisonous. The arcitecture seems based on things the darkers have seen elsewhere. Fences, gates, paths, domes & even a strange dark-mirror-illusion type "reflection" of one of the cities from one of the Arks ships (complete with sports dome arena) appear here. (The 'reflection' is in the sky, and is upside-down)

As anyone might guess, this is a horrible place filled only with darker monsters & difficult bosses. The area also has an ability to take over a drop ship & turn it against those it was trying to rescue. The "Evil Control Tower" takes over the ship and has the ability to launch its missiles, fire its guns & cause it to self-repair if you break the ship but not the tower.

Fighting the darkers in their own domain gives them the edge, but if they kidnap a camp ship into this Nest, there's even more at risk. Being kidnapped in this way causes the darkers to make an evil double of your character. This evil twin uses your weapons, spells, and even phrases. However, it has MUCH MUCH higher HP, ATK & DEF than any regular character. It can appear later to attack you, or anyone you know. Not only must you fight this evil clone as a boss at the end of the Nest area as you search for the rescue site, but you will likely encounter it again in regular game areas as the darkers send it out to try and defeat you.