Not-Very-Useful random facts about PSO! This is just a collection of curious things people have discovered while playing. In other words...Things you might not know...that will waste your time anyway.
1. In the Hunter's Guild, there are glowing blue dots on the floor. If you put your shadow on one dot, it will sparkle for a bit, then become still. Step off and repeat.

*This no longer works in Episode 1 and 2

2. Bernie is a pun. Bernie is a Ranger, he usues the Flame Visit, and casts a type of Foie as a spell. Burning Rangers is another Sonic Team game. Hah. :P

3. Kireek sounds the same way said foreward as it does backward

4. The letters carved into the hilts of the Red Weapons spell "HeathCliff". But why? Rico carved the name of her mentor, Heathcliff Flowen into the hilts of all her weapons.

5. Pan arms' separate creatures are called Hidoom and Migium. The Japanese words for left and right are Hidari and Migi. So they just added some nonsense suffix to the ordinary word to name these two monsters.

6. The Delsaber has high-heel feet.

7. A ranger from Black Paper is named Gekigasky. Gekiga is the Japanese word for "Dramatic Pictures"

8. Berill means 'Mirror' in German, which is somewhat appropriate for this Sinow, except that it functions as the opposite of a normal mirror. It reflects what is behind it to the front in order to seem invisible.

9. Sinows and rappies are the most diverse enemies, they come in eight different varieties each:
Sinow- Beat, Gold, Blue, Red, Berill, Spiegel, Zele and Zoa.
Rappy- Rag, El, Pal, Al, Egg, Saint, Hallo, and Love

10. You know that you leave footprints in the sand. But you also leave them if you wet your feet, then step onto dry ground. Eventually, the prints get lighter until you stop leaving them, as the water dries up off your feet. Just like the real thing! (Try it in Cave 2, sometimes 3, and in parts of the Sea Bed)

11. There is a centipede in the Sea Side level. Can you find it? It crawls around in the underbrush. (It is red/orange)

Episode 3

1. Castor and Pollux are two famous stars seen in the sky above Earth. They were named after ancient Roman mythological brothers who went on a type of quest. However, in the famous John Travolta/Nicolas Cage movie Face/OFF, the killer was named "Castor Troy" he had a brother, "Pollux Troy", who played a much smaller part.