This is a guide to the different planets and locations on them which you can and can't visit in the game. The info is COLOR CODED so you always know where it's coming from.

BLUE text is copied directly from Sega's site. Why? It's not guarenteed that Sega will leave it there. They didn't with various geological and other data from PSO, so it's best to keep it here as well.
GREEN text is paraphrased from NPCs you find throughout the game.
BLACK text is for opinions and assumptions as well as information from experiences the game *shows* but does not directly tell.

This guide is long. It also contains SPOILERS in ALL AREAS. Additionally, you can click any of the words below, and be taken to the section that contains it on this page. Links which will be underlined may also appear inside the text. Press them to go to other pages!
Clyez City
Mellvore City
Holtes City
Dagora City
Ohtoku City
Tarcus City
Moatoob Belt
Mizuraki CD
Shikkon Islands
Raffon Meadow

The GUARDIANS organization owns and controls the GUARDIANS Colony.

The GUARDIANS Colony had modest beginnings as a small colony purchased as the home base for the organization. As the GUARDIANS grew larger, the colony was further developed into the huge residential colony it is today, with over a million permanent residents.

The GUARDIANS travel all across the Gurhal System for missions, using a transportation system called "Vector Tracks" to reach each of the three planets. The Vector Tracks can be easily recognized due to their rows of ring-shaped control units.

Clyez City can be found at the center of the GUARDIANS Colony and is where the GUARDIANS Headquarters are located. There are multiple cities in the GUARDIANS Colony that are very similar in design to Clyez City.

(this is here to help explain the different “Universes” which replaced the shipservers of PSO.)

The Linear Line is an antigrav transportation system that traverses the inside of the GUARDIANS Colony. It is also used on other colonies and on extremely large ships.

This implies that there may be more places similar to the colony which you can explore, or may take part in some other story. As Ethan, you had to rescue people out of the Linear Line area when SEED first crashed it. Since the online mode takes place a full year after offline, there are still remnants of SEED appearing around.

The GUARDIANS are a security organization established to ensure the safety of their clients, dealing primarily with requests from individuals concerning dangerous native creatures and criminals.

In the Gurhal System there is an official police force, but they are unable to police the entire system by themselves. For that reason, this interplanetary company was created, and Guardians are granted limited police powers in the execution of assigned missions.

The guardians are quite similar to Hunters of PSO in this respect. Hunters were granted similar rights, and were also able to hire themselves out.


Once a planet rich in natural abundance, it was driven to desolation over time due to human settlement, CAST production, and a war that lasted 500 years. It is assumed that this war was Humans vs. Newmen vs. Casts vs. Beasts. There also could of been different factions or countries within the groups all having a fight. This 500 years war ended 100 years BEFORE story mode starts. Story mode begins around the Centennial Celebration for their 100th year of peace. Much of the nature found today has been artificially created.

Tarcus City:
The site where the Tripartite Treaty was signed, is the planet's capital. This was also where humans signed over superiority to CASTs. This treaty resulted in every race except humans to have a planet they could call their own. It seems to have been seen as 'the only way to peace in the system' was for humans to yeild political control to androids, and give each race equality, and their own planet to rule.

Holtes City
The economic center, however, is Holtes City, where the Alliance Council building is located. Alliance Military headquarters and the head offices of GRM, one of the largest manufacturers of GUARDIANS and Alliance Military equipment and CAST parts, are both found in Holtes City.

CASTs make up only 5% of Parum's population. However, most of the important positions in politics, administration, and management are filled by CASTs.

Holtes is Parum's economic center. Major facilities are concentrated in Holtes City, with the GUARDIANS branch located in the East District. The West District is home to GRM headquarters, Alliance Military H.Q., and a shopping mall. The PPT Shuttle port, as well as the Alliance Council building, are both found in the Central District.

One hundred years earlier, at the end of the final great war, the Alliance Military Force (AMF) was created via the Tripartite Treaty as a mutual deterrent to keep order in the system. The Alliance Military has a command system that is independent from any planetary government. They are a neutral power, suppressing military disturbances throughout the Gurhal System.

Their funding is provided by the governments of all three planets, but their ranks are comprised almost entirely of CASTs.

Raffon Meadow
A grassland area found on Parum. Planet Parum is home to much beautiful nature such as this. For the most part, all such nature has been artificially restored after being ravaged by war. Raffon meadow is used for grazing a primary food-animal, the Koltolva and the Distova. It is likely several companies raise them, but a popular one is Green Green Farm, which has a cute logo of the traditionally ugly Koltolva. There is also the Gol Dolva which is a giant, mutant Koltolva. You do many missions in the meadow, as different creatures that don't belong there are pushed into it, and creatures who are native to it fall prey to SEED.

Mellvore City
Mellvore is a ruined city on Parum. It had a population of #### before a mysterious disaster destroyed the whole thing and killed everyone in it. After the explosion, a lake formed in the center of the ruined city. This is called Lake Denes.

Lake Denes
This is a dead lake that formed in the basin of the Mellvore explosion site. It is filled with ruined buildings and wreckage. Below the lake is the Denes A-Photon research center. This is a vast facility made to harness the power of A-photons and do research in. It was this facility that caused the explosion in Mellvore, when an unexpected influx of energy hit the generators. The facility wasn't destroyed, just deactivated. Only the city was ruined. The facility survived because of sheilds which had been put up ahead of time. Below and around the facility, there is a relics site. This site contains a "Gates of Denikaya". These gates have the ability to make SEED monsters dissappear, and protect from anything SEED-influenced. They only work once opened, and require vast amounts of power.


Neudaiz holds the most water content of the three planets. People on Neudaiz coexist with nature. Huge plants grow densely, untouched by people, and floating islands dot the waters. The majority of the population is made up of newmans.

Neudaiz's planetary religion is the Gurhal Faith, and the planet is a theocracy governed by the Communion of Gurhal. Most of Neudaiz's residents are followers. It is the Gurhal System's largest religion, supported by both newman and non-newman followers.

Neudaiz's capital is Ohtoku City, home of the headquarters of the Communion of Gurhal. One of the largest companies in the city is the Yohmei Corporation, famous for its powerful TECHNIC-based weapons. Ohtoku City's residents are mostly newman, with other races making up approximately 20% of the city's population.

Ohtoku City
Neudaiz's capital city. In the center of the city is the majestic Ohtoku Mountain, home to the headquarters of the Communion of Gurhal and a popular tourist spot. Ohtoku City is home to corporate and university research facilities as well as educational organizations, and is well-known as an academic city. Ohtoku mountain is unusual, in that water will flow up its sides for reasons they didn’t figure out yet.

Mizuraki Preserve
A heavily forested area on Neudaiz. The mizuraki is a beautiful but endangered tree, protected by conservation laws. The tree has orange and red leaves. It is deciduous. It may have a color-change effect in the fall, or it may always bear red leaves.

The Communion of Gurhal carries out the propagation of the Gurhal Faith and religious ceremonies as a religious organization. They also act as a political body, carrying out governmental duties on Neudaiz.

Four high-ranking members of the Communion, known as Light Masters, rule over "Festas," "Governmental Affairs," "Culture," and "Guard." These four are presided over by the Photon Master.

Shikon Archipelago
80% of the surface of Neudaiz is covered with water. As a result, almost all of the land on the planet is in the form of small islands (such as the Shikon Archipelago) and marshlands. Making a pilgrimage to various sites to worship is a popular activity within the Gurhal faith. Your missions that take place here tend to revolve around protecting pilgrims, or their paths through the strange trees with gel in their roots.

Hakura Temple
The vast majority of the people who live on Neudaiz are followers of the Gurhal religion. As a result, the land is dotted with numerous places of worship. Though they were originally not enemies, events in the story mode lead to Ethan and company fighting against members of the Communion of Gurhal in Hakura Temple. There are also abandoned temples of huge sizes that are used for nefarious reasons. The religion is also plagued by the occaisional fanatic group, which can also take over temples and use their robotic guards as offensive weapons. The fanatics usually wear helmets or ceremonial masks. Hakura temple was built on the site that the first ship of Newmans landed on, to colonize Neudaiz. Despite it's historical location, it was abandoned for unknown reasons. People still do pilgrimages to it. Doghi Mikuna has his study there, and took over the temple along with some of his fanatic followers.

Kokura Temple
Another sacred grounds type place. This one had the misfortune of being built on top of yet another RELICS site. The grounds and interior were taken over by SEED. They managed to purify the grounds, but the interior suffered from an ice-seed infestation. (you can't firebomb the inside of buildings). The temple was built there due to a high photon-concentration, which is good for divination.


Of the three planets, Moatoob has the harshest environment. Inhabitants must constantly battle the elements to survive. The oceans are dry and the land is becoming a harsh desert, but Moatoob is rich in natural resources. Thus, there is no end to the influx of immigrants with grandiose dreams of getting rich quick. Beasts make up the majority of the inhabitants.

Medium-sized cities dot Moatoob's surface. Representatives from each city have formed a trade alliance, but it's a loose organization and agreements are carried out between individual merchants for the most part. Rather, it can be said that the rogues' underground society controls much of Moatoob's politics.

Dagora City
Dagora City is one of the larger cities on Moatoob. The majority of Dagora City's inhabitants are beasts, but with a large number of people coming and going from the city, at any given time 30 to 40% of the population are of other races. Many of them are involved in dealings ranging from shady to outright criminal.

A city where outlaws and shady characters gather. Dagora City is home to a bar frequented by rogues, as well as Tenora Works, maker of nonstandard underground-style weapons. The bar is called Gawik's Pub.

Galenigare Canyon
An area with many abandoned mines. Many were once rich in rare ores, but after being mined extensively, most of the mining sites have been abandoned. This canyon also appears to be a route to get to other mines which are still active. You go on various missions here to clear out creatures and allow passage of civilians.

Satellite Belt
In Moatoob's satellite belt there are many areas that are too dangerous for warships and other large vessels, leading to relaxed enforcement of laws. As a result, there are many asteroids serving as rogue bases for pirating activities, casinos, and illegal businesses.
Within the rogues there are numerous groups, called "families," exerting their power and fighting for control.


The Hive used to be an A-photon reactor sattelite. This sattleite was made to house A-photon reactors and to be a facility for science experiments by the Endrum collective. During the SEED invasion, Endrum collected many top A-photon researchers (no doubt their captives) and shipped them up to the orbiting body. Because the sattleite was primarily Endrum's responsibilty, and the attack on the system was so sudden, it was largely ignored during the SEED invasion. Because of this, the infection level of the ship is so great that it now resembles an organic mass with multiple 'eyes' and 'fins'.
The facility survived the Purification due to its position in the solar system. The 3 planets with the Gates of Denikaya are only able to purify the planets' surfaces and any area that falls in the INTERIOR of the 'ring' created by the planets. Anything outside the furthest planets' orbit (Moatoob) is not affected. Endrum had been orbiting the sattelite near the edge of the Gurhal system.
When the Guardians found out the scientists were trapped on the sattleite, they sent Maya and Hyuga to rescue them. Unfortunatly, everyone became trapped there, and were at risk of death when the AMF made the decision to nuke the thing from a distance with an armada. Ethan, Karen, Leo, Tonnio, Lou and Tylor agree to a rescue mission. The rescue is completed, and the hive is destroyed by the AMF.