With everything that goes on in the plot, it can be difficult to keep everything strieght. This page is a combination plot-write-up and time line for the events that happen before, during, and after the game. Since years are not really given, they are just written as + or -, in relation to current events.

The first part of the timeline contains everything that happened before you start the game, and begin interacting with events. The second part is a plot write-up in chronological order of everything that happens in the game.

Part 2

-12,000 years: The Civilization of Ancients Falls

An ancient civilization harnesses A-photons, and builds a great society and war machines. The A-photons attract the SEED, who start wreaking havoc against the civilization. They develop the Gates of Denekaya and the confinement system to seal away the seed. This only works when the 3 planets are in equi-distant orbit from eachother. This would suck the seed into a pocket dimension created by the towers. It is similar to the mini-nano-transformers that people use for clothes, weapons and storage. For unknown reasons, they fail. Everyone either is destroyed by SEED, or leaves the galaxy. The civilization falls to ruins, leaving only a few of their machines (Stateria) and buildings (RELICS) behind. Once the A-photons are out of use (due to everyone from the civilization being gone, and the devices no longer running) the SEED leave, because A-photons are their energy source.

-???? years: The Human Mystery

Humans somehow arrive on Parum. It is not known if they evolved there, if they are descended from the original civilization, or if they moved to Parum from a distant planet. It can be HIGHLY ASSUMED that humans did NOT evolve on Parum. 12000 years is not enough time to evolve the species from the ground up. Any eariler then that, and humans would have existed alongside the "ancient race", and would have died along with it, or left as well. Also a history of the co-existance would have remained even if only a few had survived the seed.

-???? years: Colonize the Solar System

Humans discover that 2 other planets in the system are habitable: Neudiaz the water planet and Moatoob the mineral planet. Moatoob's environment is changing and becoming more dry. Humans develop the technology to fly space ships between the planets and explore.

???? years: Creation of Other Races

It does not ever directly state which other race was created FIRST. They were NOT created simultaneously, so one of them had to be first.

Humans create Newman to try and better the race through mental power. It works, but newman physical power is sub-par in general to regular humans. They give up on trying to make Newmen strong, or stronger than humans on average. Newmen are pushed around or possibly segregated by humans due to their lack of physical strengths. Why they didn't simply outsmart everyone is unknown.

Humans create CASTS to do boring phsyical labor, and possibly as warriors because they are not actually alive, it doesn't matter if they die. The CASTs become sentient, and demand independence. They fail at getting independence, and are segregated.

Humans create Beasts to tolerate the harshness of mining and to work well on Moatoob. Their ideal form, the nano-blasted state is too difficult and energy-consuming to maintain. Beasts end up being a race who can transform from one state to another to conserve energy. While the beasts are hartier then humans, they lack concentration and have a harder time with mental energy. Beasts demand equality and are denied.

-600 years: The Great War

War breaks out on Parum. The 3 races fight against eachother for dominance of the solar system. No one wins.

-100 years: Signing of the Tripartate Treaty

The war lasts for 500 years. The Tripartate Treaty is signed at Talcus City. This treaty allows the Newmen to govern Neudaiz, and the Beasts to govern Moatoob. It yeilds control of the home planet, Parum, to the CASTS. After the treaty is signed, the human government steps down, and casts take control of the planet's government and courts. Since CASTs do not have much emotion, they are immune to petty feuds, intrigue, webs of lies, personal glamour, campaign funding theft etc. that any other government would be, they make for efficient rulers. The CAST rule helps peace last for 100 years. It can also be assumed that most of the members of the races moved to their respective planets at that time.

-70?> years: The CAST Supremacy Movement

Cast supremacy movement. Each of the 3 races is better than humans at something, but not all things at once. Because the humans gave up their planet, and the cast rule proved so efficient, CASTs began believing they were superior to all humans. Humans began to be looked upon by all races as an inferior people.

-30 Years +: Endrum Is Created

The Endrum Collective is a division of the alliance military not known to the public. They carry out secret military operations and scientific missions. The leader of Endrum is called Harness. Renvolt Magashi joins Endrum as an unranked fighter. His skills allow him to carry out dangerous missions for Endrum, as well as act as a strong-arm for the organization.

-20 years: Mellvore Explosion

The A photon test facility built in the Relics under the city of Mellvore recieves an energy surge during a critical phase and suffers a meltdown. The explosion kills the entire city, and leaves a crater in its wake. The crater later fills with water, and becomes Lake Denes. The disaster is pushed under the rug in accordance with government commands, it is not taught about in any school, and reporters are discouraged from ever bringing it up. Endrum contributed to the disaster, and also used strong-arm tactics to help cover it up. Endrum also used this incident to facilitate the kidnapping of key scientists, to further its clandestine research of A-photons.

-18 Years Ethan Waber Born

-10 Years Lumia Waber Born/Ethans Mother Dies

-7 Years +/- Olson Waber killed in the line of duty for the Guardians

-1 Year SEED attacks

During the centennial celebration of the Tripartate Treaty, SEED makes its prescence known in the Gurhal solar system, via a massive attack. Many ships are destroyed, and it starts sending down SEED Zoma and spores to infect the planets and search out A Photons. The animals which come in contact with the SEED influence are under their control. The SEED can only control non-sentient life forms through its spores. SEED also retains the ability to 'warp in' anything of its own kind, (Delsaban, Vitace etc) or any animals afflicted by it into any area it chooses. How it teleports these things in is unknown.

This time line is split into 2 parts. The Second part contains the story write up for the game. It is event-intensive in a short time span, and can be found at: