Disclaimer- PSO is copyright of Sonic Team, I don't own any of their official PSO stuff, this is just a fan-site not influenced by Sega or Sonic Team. Whatever else that is not copyright of them on this site is copyright of this site. Do not steal the stuff, if you want to use something, E-mail me first for permission.

The Site-
Was created in Adobe GoLive 7.0. I designed all the graphics elements to the site preferring not to use any pre-packaged items. The design is based on the graphic and menu style of PSO, using its common hexagon theme. All the graphics for the site (that aren't screen caps) were created by me. Same with the menus, buttons and all layouts.

The NPC Guide-
This guide is entirely the product of my own writing. Research was carried out by several people including Niu Balkrye, Navi and Schneider X, who are all credited near their contributions. It is based on info from official Sonic Team books, (Book of Hunters etc.), of course ALL available versions of PSO, and any official website materials.

The Comics-
The comics, and their color covers were all drawn and scripted by me. The Comics 1.0 section DOES however feature real dialog said by other people. The comic frame layout (angle corners) is based on the menu system-look of PSO. The comic 1.0 avoids using official PSO NPC characters, or getting into official plots.