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Phantasy Star Dynasty covers ALL of the "online era" Phantasy Star Series games. This includes: Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2), New Genesis NGS, Phantasy Star Universe, Phantasy Star Portable, Infinity, and Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1, 2 and 3 as well as Blue Burst & Phantasy Star 0, with the best NPC Guides, story write-ups and an on-going comic book doujinshi style series. There is also an art gallery with traditional media and CG fan art of PSO, PSU and some DBZ.

The information here is gathered directly from the video games (Dreamcast, Game Cube, and Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, PSP, & PC), official books, and sometimes Sega / Sonic Team Sites, as well as observant fans who write in with help!

Current News:
PSO2 plot updates are ongoing: This game is big, complex & involves time shenannigans.
Oracle Anime Updates are ongoing
NEW GAME IS HERE - New Genesis NGS has released in June 2021. Of course, the plot will appear here too.

Hello, and Welcome to Phantasy Star Dynasty

This is the Site's fourth version. Updates will appear here as they are made

A sprinkle more of plot extras continue on, but these are able to fit into the page timelines normally. (No more skimming previous things needed for now) So see a bit more on NGS Plot 3 and the new page NGS Plot 4.

NGS Plot 1 and NGS Plot 2 had to be re-arranged for the addition of the "everyone complained so we actually added more NPC interactions with plot pieces" bits. This basically bumped Kvaris plot to Page 3. Just skim the 2 pages to easily find the minor additions. Crawford's extra plot & a bit of Limted Quest fact nuggets are the real gems to be had here. (Note that this stuff showed up about a year after the original plot was released--nothing to be done but to edit the page to accomodate it all. Good to see it, though.)

NGS may be plotted a bit better but it sure isn't fast. Kvaris region is on this update at NGS Plot 2 and the new NGS Plot 3. There should be more soon, because everyone complained so they're deliberately adding more plot. (Odd that...they would confess to actively neglecting the plot of a....RPG...)

Retem time update is here, and hopefully updates can be a little more regular now. The plot is still going to be released slowly so the site will catch up again but until then NGS Plot 1 and NGS Plot 2 are here with a boss battle & more.

NGS updates very slowly, it seems. After gathering up the plot for all of Chapter 1, only one small side story appeared until December so that's why the lack of updates here too. However, now Retem Region is open so it is at last time for MoreNGS Plot. Hooray!

As you can see, something did go very, very wrong after the last update. It turns out the new engine wouldn't work AT ALL with the PC (PC too old), so a new one had to be aquired to even play the game. So now, PSO2 itself has to be played all over again from the beginning* on the NA server before its plot can even be updated all.
In the meantime! NGS has started so you can see the NGS About PageNGS Plot Page 1. It's off to a good start. What's likely to happen: NGS updates will continue AS the game is updated. (Unlike PSO2, it doesn't need to wait for translation or leveling or whatever rubbish, it can stay current to the game) This update IS CURRENT with the game plot.
Work will continue on trying to go through all of PSO2 in the meantime, to get to the end and finish the plot of it--it'll likely take a while. The opporunity will be used to re-comb-over the plot pages here for any corrections/misses/ alterations or anything like that to get caught. If it's anything signifigant it'll appear here as an update. If there's too much nothing going on, Anime episode updates will appear until that's cleaned out too.
*Yes, that does mean that all my characters lvl 100 on multiple classes and all my amassed riches & items are all abandoned forever now. They're gone, entombed on the JP server never to be seen again. PSO2 became excruciatingly boring when people never spoke/you never met anyone and being in a team meant being a slave to watering someone's magic tree and nothing more.

Some wrapping up occurs for the chapter along with some confirmation of good news for the plot on Episode 5 Story 6 . However, future updates may be delayed because the game's "Graphic Engine PreNGS update" has made the game refuse to launch and thus-far troubleshooting has failed. Update will appear here if it can get going again. (If not, it'll continue with the Anime write up & then just be delayed until NGS shows up on NA/Servers )

Episode 5 keeps going with lots of new fighting & plot progression on Episode 5 Story 5 . It keeps going onto the new page Episode 5 Story 6.

Better update schedule: engage! Now, more plot appears on Episode 5 Story 5 . There's also work on the new side-quest area for Phantom Embodiment related things.

The Sword Art Online Crossover event gets its own page with this update. It's the largest crossover the game ever got (and, it being over now--will ever get) spanning several quests & with lots of dialogue. The regular plot will continue, hopefully sooner.

Updates were, in fact, not faster after that one. But maybe now? There is a short chapter up on the new page Episode 5 Story 5.

Verun joins the fight with some familiar faces & interesting developments. Episode 5 Story 4. Hopefully updates can be a bit faster after this one...

Cuent content continues with castles and decent plot onto a new page
Episode 5 Story 4.

The story plot updates again, this time with more Sword Maiden Alisa, and the plot progresses normally with characters acting sensibly on Episode 5 Story 3.

A big character surprise (it's a spoiler) is in store for this story plot update. Things continue to make sense (wow, its true) & the plot progresses normally. See the reveal at Episode 5 Story 3.

More game-play elements get introduced, as does another ARKS character in this update with Episode 5 Story 2, continuing.

Game plot time with new characters in Omega. A chapter that has action, AND makes sense? It's amazing after the drek of Episode Earth so it's time for actual interesting reading on the bottom of Ep 5 Page 1 & more on Episode 5 Chapter 1 Plot.

More indoors brings Episode 12 of the Anime for the update. Next update should have some more game plot, plus more anime plot.

Still stuck inside. So, now there's an anime update with Anime Plot 4 the new page. They're doing quite the decent job of it too, so far. May it keep up.

Virus quarentine double update. Stuck inside? Read more about PSO2 with a Anime Chapter Added & Also Episode 5 Plot Added too. As a good change of pace away from Episode stupid 4, it's all decent stuff.

Episode 5 write up begins! With a new page and the chapter 0. It is certainly off to a faster and better start than 4.

1 small bit of Episode 4 probably finishes it off for good-riddance. The opener-page for Episode 4 is also changed/noted at the top to mention the whole thing is SO IRRELEVENT that (it seems like) so far you could just skip it in its entirity and not miss anything from PSO2.
It's so minor though that another Oracle Anime Episode write up has to accompany it to make it a whole update.
BETA for NA PSO2 Begins at this time.

Oracle Anime episode time, now on Oracle Anime Page 3.

New year new update! But stupid is still on the menu with Episode 4 Plot 16. (Even the epilogue is stupid--when will this crud finally end?) However, an Oracle Anime Episode update makes things better.


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