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All of the above games reside in the same plot continuity, so the info for them can all be found on this handy hub page. The systems for these games included the Dreamcast, Gamecube, PC & Nintendo DS. The plots do mingle with eachother/lead up to and away from eachother. The continuity is sometimes difficult, but if you read everything here, it's an adventure seeing it all fit in but you really have to concentrate.

Main Phantasy Star Online NPC Guide Part 1

Main Phantasy Star Online NPC Guide Part 2

Special Quests of PSO

Game Cube NPCs

PSO Blue Burst

PSO Time Line

Episode 3 CARD Battle


PSO Art Book Time Line

This is the NPC directory for Episodes 1 & 2 of PSO, so it covers Dreamcast & Gamecube editions.

This is the NPC directory for Episodes 1 & 2 of PSO, so it covers Dreamcast & Gamecube editions, it's just the second page because there were too many general people to fit all onto one.

Some of the Special Quests (issued later / downloadable content / etc) had loads of plot. That page is a hub, to access ALL the extra quests.

Scientists of PSO * Military of PSO * Black Paper Members of PSO

Game Cube Exclusive NPCs - With the next chapter emerging on Gal Da Val Island, some of the NPCs were exclusive to the Gamecube version.

Blue Burst was the PC only "part 3" to the plot. It added a few new chapters, with a few new NPCs. This plot takes place between GameCube Episode 2, and Episode 3 CARD Battle, even though it was released AFTER Ep3 was.

The time-line of the games.
If you want plot over-view, this is it. It serves as a summary of all the events that happened in the plot, laid out by year. It's 1 giant spoiler too.

Shortcut to the CARD area which was more about the plot than PSO1 was.

This game for the Nintendo DS only takes place within the PSO1 universe. Info coming soon including: plot summary, NPC guide.

"The Ragol Report" from Artbook Ep 1 & 2 with its translation (coming soon)