Blue Burst is a PC only PSO game. It features a few new areas, and some new NPCs. The NPC guide to Blue Burst follows the breif plot description. This contains the NPCs that are Exclusive to BB. For already existing NPCs, look for the special Blue Type now found on the other NPC guide pages. They will also have clickable references here, for convenience.

Blue Burst Info available here thanks to the help of: Schneider-X

Your first breifing comes from Irene, rather then Tyrell. She explains that a meteor hit Ragol under unusual circumstances. No one had paid much attention, or bothered to announce this meteor, because it was not on a path to hit the planet or the ship. (Hundreds of these occur each year, about the Earth)
However, a beam of 'light' (most likely energy) erupts from somewhere on Ragol, and strikes the meteor, causing it to alter course and strike the surface of the planet, well away from the Central dome, or any other settlements. This formed an unusual crater, which then emitted light.
Naturally, the Principal orders a team in to investigate and they havn't been heard from since. Of course, you are asked to step in! The Lab and the Military both send in teams, and Irene doesn't know why the Lab would do it. (Well, they're scientists, and it doesn't get much science-ey-er then a wacko meteor strike)
The plot of the Blue Burst Exclusive Areas varies with what you did at that Sue+Name plot point waaaay back in the day. The following is the account from if you DO tell Sue your name, (and subsequently Kireek lives on to appear again) Apparently, SonicTeam picked this as their cannon (That no matter what, everyone did tell Sue)
Irene briefs you on the history of the meteor strike, and how a team was sent in, but then dissappeared. You're then sent to try and find the missing team, and advised that other factions have sent their teams as well (lab and military). However, when you get there, you first encounter Sue instead. She just advises you to stay away. You also run into Kireek, because this is permenently stuck on the timeline where he failed to go crazy. He also tries to deter you, and then gives you another hint you probably already know. Next, are Karen Graheart RAmarl and her parnter Gilliam RAcast, who say the area is under military jurisdiction and you have to leave. Sue gets a bad feeling, and you have no choice to turn back and end the quest because the Military won't let you pass.
A research team was dispatched to the crater, and got lost. You are asked to find the research first, and the team is 2nd priority. (Showing disregard for human life here, on purpose) The military dispatched a team as well, and they are blocking the crater for whatever reason.
Other hunters were assigned to the mission, and the first you meet is Ash, who remembers you from the Zidd encounter. He's still trying to be an over-achiever, by deactivating laser fences. He gives you a moon, and suspects Kireek of something. You watch Sue delete parts of the research data you were there to gather, but she escapes before you reach the terminal. You then gather the altered data, and learn that the team made it back safely without you. Bernie is here to look for the data as well, but he is also here on behalf 'of a certain group'. Rupika is also about, but tired of being watched over.
You are set to clear the Southern Route for research teams to enter the crater. Upon arriving on Ragol, you find that Bernie has lost track of Rupika. She is now with Leo. Karen still doesn't understand what Leo is up to. She tries to shout at him, but he leaves anyway, under the watchful eye of Kireek, who says he won't get much further. The route is then cleared and the mission ends.
Irene is now looking for Rupika and Leo. They dissappeared together, and you're hired to find them. Leo has been living in the crater, so that's where you go. Kireek is in there too, and he is also looking for WORKS. You run into a bribe-able soldier at a gate and his doubting underling. Sue helps you out by opening a teleporter, which leads to Leo-Loving zealot type soldiers who think they're studying the monsters. Leo is then shown with Rupika, and one of the zealots may be bribed with PDs.

If you Bribe...

If you bribe the soldier, he says that a laser weapon crashed the meteor into Ragol. He mentions Rupikas' power and that the final stages of the MOTHER project are nearly complete. He also says there's nothing you can do. Karen is also hanging around with Gilliam, wondering what Leo's up to and telling you not to interfere. Leo and Rupika then escape through a teleporter to the interior of the crater.

Kireek confronts Leo underground. They accuse eachother of not understanding, and are about to fight, when Sue arrives. Leo accuses Sue of being a traitor, and she takes Rupika with her. Leo just runs off with his military guys. Sue expects Rupika to remember her, but she does not.

When you continue, you find Montague and Elenor, who are once again standing around. Montague explains why Leo keeps bringing Rupika underground. He explains the meteor that hit Coral had the D-Factor in it, which are like photon. Mags were made from this, which is why they evolve into different shapes. The 'photon mirage' (what happens when you PB) is a side effect. They also used the D-Factor on androids and newman. (Elenor and Ult are a product of this)

Because the military tends to drive science ahead, Montague approved the MOTHER project. This was to combine mags, androids and other weapons systems. MOTHER failed under the guidance of WORKS, but Leo's not giving up. Rupika has the Dfactor in her DNA (hence the chip also implanted in her that you were tracking during the Gran Squall mission--they need to keep an eye on their precious resource, she's not an ordinary girl) Rupika may have escaped, but is hiding (naturally) so you've still got to find her. In this mission, you don't but Irene is still satisfied with the info you bring back.

After getting Rupika back for the first time, things calm down around P2. However, the monsters keep appearing and they want 'em stopped. Irene thinks that getting a sample of the meteor is the only way to do it, and sends you in. However, you meet up with Bernie along the way who tells you Rupika has once again escaped authority and dissappeared. Only this time, it looks like it's of her own free will.

Montague and Elenor are also in the crater trying to stop Leo's plan and save Rupika. Montague figures out that Sue deleted/altered the research data (from a previous quest). For some reason Black Paper tried to hide the fact that Leo was making a super weapon in the crater. The blueprints were from Leos father. You also run into Karen who now does not care what you're up to.

It is revealed that Gilliam used to be a mercenary, but now he's allied with WORKS. Gilliam then accuses Kireek of being the "hound" that killed Leo Graheart's father.

Sue and Kireek are tracking Rupika, who has run away from Tyrell, and come back to the crater. (she is under the influence of the meteor) They're not sure why, but they feel that they are the only competent ones.
It is revealed that Sue let her go, so she's eager to make things right and stop Leo. After obtaining the meteor fragment it is revealed that Rupika has amnesia of some kind, and can't remember even her name, let alone why she's in the strange crater. She channels a memory from Rico, while trying to remember her own past. Leo then shows up and hints that the memories are planted, and offers to show her 'real father'.

Irene explains that everyone's lives are in your hands regarding saving Rupika once again. She is a Neo-Newman that is required for Leo's big project. It then cuts to Ash argueing with Bernie. Bernie wants to leave everything up to Dr. Montague, but Ash wants to go ahead. He eventually convinces him. It cuts to Karen and Gilliam.

Karen is conflicted because she is interfereing with her fathers' plans. Giliam tries to re-assure her, hoping that Leo is the 'good-guy' he thinks he is, just that he's gone off track and become obsessed. No matter what happens, they decide to go for it, and save him from whatever he's trying to do.

Sue and Kireek are looking for Rupika as well, and Sue is becoming frantic. She is worried about the Heaven Striker, but also concerned with Rupika's life. (after all, the place is loaded with monsters) Kireek tries to calm her down with thoughts of Black Paper...and you find out who is really in charge as she calls him "Master" and says she'll obey.

Rupika, meanwhile, has reached the impact core hole, and thinks that her father is somehow inside. Leo shows up to inform her that nothing is here except his plan. She gets amnesia and lights appear all around her. Leo becomes confused as her powers manifest...

and a light shines from the impact core hole. Rupika hears poetry and dissolves into some kind of colored light blobs. She speaks of becoming one with everything, and being the one that everything will become. Her light-form then promptly flies into the hole in the ground. It cuts back to Elenor and Montague, who confirm that photon readings are off the charts. Elenor needs you to save her, as she is unsure of herself. Montague figures out that the treatment he gave her did not work as it should've, but it may still save her--if you can reach her in time. Apparently she can't be allowed to fuse with something.

The incident with Rupika has caused Leo to become disoriented and confused. He then explains what he is doing. Rupika is a Neo-Newman, the basis for "The Emotional AI's Weapon". The weapon was designed to strike at orbital targets, hence the name "Heaven Striker". (Also, logically 'heaven' was a vocal passcode for a door, earlier) Leo re-explains how "Hound" (kireek) killed his father. But not WHY. When Leo aquired his government post, he recieved all his father's old data, and finished the project.

The Heaven Striker needed a whole lot of energy to operate. Normally, this couldn't be produced, but D-Factor could be a key. Mags could not handle the amount of energy necessary. To get a new source of DFactor, Leo caused the meteor strike on Ragol. He reveals that Rupika can control the necissary high amounts of D-Factor, and why he's caused all this trouble. He wanted to complete the project to get revenge upon the government, and for the death of his father.

Rupika's light glows fall into a big green ball, which then produces or awakens a giant dragon-like monster boss Saint-Milion. Killing the boss somehow re-materializes the FOnewearl, and Sue steps onto the scene. Naturally, Rupika has issues. As long as she has the power, she's nothing but a tool. No one cares about her safety, outside of the fact that she is of use, or danger. Like Falz and Rico, she was drawn in by the power in the meteor.

Sue proves that she's not all badness and trickery, by explaining that no one on Ragol is alone. Everyone, no matter who they are, are in it together. Sue came to save Rupika because (it was what black paper wanted) but also apparently because she liked her. Everyone agrees to just go home, and get something to eat. The problem is solved.

Why would building a giant orbital-reaching gun somehow get revenge on the government, Kireek, Black Paper, or anyone else? Was it to prove he "could do it anyway" despite the death of his dad? Was it to shoot down Pioneer 2? Shoot down Coralian ships (the plot DID lead to the succession of Ragol away from Coral, into independence) Shoot down further immagrant ships?

If the meteor had DFactor on it, where did THAT come from?
As you recall, the initial reason that the Coralians went to Ragol was because a chunk of IT got to Coral's space somehow, intrigued all the right scientists, who then RIGGED the "desperate bail out of failing planet plan" to go to the DANGEROUS world of Ragol instead of a safe one after sending out probes to expressly find the meteor origin. Why did that chunk come off and go flying? Falz of course.
So this new meteor that Leo attracted...well Ragol didn't just shoot off a part of itself that then magically U-turned somewhere out in space and fell back down. They opened a can of worms with that one "Falz somewhere else?" or "More dark forces on other planets?" or "Ragol 2?" You could go on and on.

FOnewearl: Beige/blue hair wears 2 pointed hat
Occupation: Experimental Newman
Special Powers: The ability to control D-Factor
Enemies: Leo Graheart
Affiliations: P2 Lab

Rupika is technically not a Blue Burst exclusive character, but her role in Episode 1 was so small that she never even spoke. She failed to appear at all in episode 2. She basically drives the whole plot of Blue Burst. Rupika is a specially engineered newman. Rupika can control the necissary high amounts of D-Factor to power Leo's weapon. Because she has a use that is not really a 'talent' or something to be earned or respected for, she has issues. People are using her as a tool, rather than respecting her as a person, and asking for aid. She seems to have had a complicated and difficult life.

RAcast: Green/Tan Camo
Occupation: Pioneer Military, Assistant to Karen Graheart
Special Powers:
Affiliations: Military

Gilliam also appeared, only once in episode 1. Even then, you couldn't tell his name, as he was only on P2 during the "Cake Quest" for the sisters. You eventually saw him later, during Seat of the Heart, as he was running thru the simulater with Karen Graheart. He plays a larger role in Blue Burst, but he's still a supporting char. It is revealed that he used to be a mercenary of some kind, before joining up with Karen. He also knows that Kireek killed Karen's grandfather, but is unable to do anything about it. There may have been/be a rivalry enemy-relationship with Gilliam & Kireek, but it's never made clear.