Soul of Steel

This is the single most plot-informative quest to date. With the release of this quest, much information is revealed about both the game’s plot, and its character relationships. It is not an extremely difficult quest, and most of it is expository. It does feature new visual effects not yet seen in the game. Due to the release of Episode2 information, the quest also foreshadows the next game.

At the guild counter, you take a quest for Dr. Montague. He’s in a hurry, and having difficulty finding someone to take the quest. Ult, the sister android to Elenor, has been kidnapped by strangers. Both Elenor and the doctor attach themselves to you and it’s off to search for Ult. Right outside the guild, you are stopped by a large HUmar with a blue-green ponytail in a brown outfit. His name is SAKAI, and he works for the government. He warns you not to go down to the surface of Ragol, and recognizes Montague. Montague denies knowing him, but Sakai accuses him of trying to cause trouble. Sakai reveals that the Galactic Mobile Infantry 32nd Squadron WORKS is conducting research on the surface. This is the reason that most areas of Ragol are restricted. Sakai physically threatens the Dr., who then uses his brilliant mind to deduct that something fishy is going on! Both Elenor and the Dr. accuse him of having Ult, and warns everyone once again that trespass will mean death by WORKS. Montague reveals that it isn’t such a big deal to be threatened that way, because the new WORKS is much less powerful, as all their best people were lost on pioneer 1. Elenor then gives you her baby mag, an exact copy of Ult’s and presumably the Dr.’s as well, due to Magnitude of Metal. They are then ready to go.

Talking to the extra HG lady provides more info on how the hunters interact with the military. The Military Tribunal settles disputes over restricted areas and laws. The Hunter’s Guild struck an agreement with regards to the restricted areas of the military. In the tribunal, Hunters cannot speak in their own defense, and the guild cannot protect any hunter from the wishes of the military.

Transporting to Mine2, you find that Montague is curiously equipping the Cbringer’s rifle, although it is ranger only. (he made it, he can use it…) Elenor once again has her familiar blue rifle. After a fight with some enemies, you find a fat RAmar with a half-mask and a red flat top. He’s guarding a fence and threatens to take away your hunting registry if you try and pass him. The doctor distracts him by making a terminal malfunction and you slip past. Afterward, you can find a large terminal which Dr. will access.

This mining facility was accessed and controlled by 3 automatic computers. They were a series of checks and balances to keep everything running smoothly. They were artificial intelligences named


Vol Opt


As you know, the first two were already found here. Calus 'died' when he was taken over by whatever hacked the mines when Elly was with you. (you see later that he is restored, in Seat Of The Heart.) Vol Opt died when you killed it in the level in the rest of the game. Callus and Vol continued reporting even after Falz created the P1 destroying explosion. Olga stopped transmission at that time. It is implied that Olga had been moved to another facility, requiring complex transport. Where is the other lab? What is its purpose? This is revealed to be The SeaBed lab of Dr. Osto, so that she could be combined with the mutating body of Heathcliff Flowen.

Montague and Elenor detatch from you, and an earthquake occurs. From a glittering ring on the floor, a red RAcaseal appears. She says someone is calling to her, and glitters through a closed door. You learn that this is Ult, and that she has chased the soldiers here, as well as following the calling. You must try to sneak past Type:O and Type:W, the RAcasts from a previous quest. Finding Ult again, she says she does not want to go home, she wants to be free and to evolve. Ult leaves as Sakai catches up to you with O and W, and he wants to fight. His plans are disrupted when another earthquake happens, distracting him. O and W detect enemies approaching, and a three way free for all breaks out between gillchichs, the government people, and you. Once you and the enemies defeat the three WORKS people, and you defeat the enemies, Sakai can’t stand to loose, and sets up a self destruct mechanism, rather then return to his commander. This mechanism creates a 20 minute timer, and an irritating sound. To stop the sound and the timer, you have to shut down a computer in the ruins. Before reaching the ruins, the Doc notes the presence of high level photons in the air. He wonders how they could have activated an ‘evo-emotional’ chip inside her brain, making her want to do things. After a tricky set of rooms in the ruins, where a timed switch and enemies keep appearing, the Doc is able to deactivate the computer after a bit of boasting. There’s some other data present in the terminal which reveals that Leo Grahart did not give the order to start messing with Dr. Montague’s creations. He then reasons that everything up until now was just a distraction to keep the three of you from interfering with WORKS’s real plan: Releasing the secret power of Ult. The raised photon levels in the mines were there as a catalyst for a chip the Doc hid inside her. The doctor knows that the military’s primitive equipment will not be able to control the power.

Cut to Ult with Sakai, who is trying to lead Ult to something. She stops as her body starts to heat up out of control. She sets off a light explosion, which may or may not have killed O, W, and Sakai. What is Ult a prototype for? (The MOTHER project) After catching/finding her again, she explains how she wants to be free, and that her true self and mind were always contained in a capsule in the lab. She envied the mobility of Elenor, and wants to be just like her. Ult starts to sparkle again, and the Doc realizes something bad is going on, and commands Elenor to do a download of all of Ult’s files. She explains further as the download continues: The call from Ragol was by another entity that wanted to be free: Falz. She felt united with the telepathic call, but it was bloodthirsty and selfish at the same time. Ult realizes she is dieing and cannot control what’s been started by WORKS. She thanks everyone for risking themselves to save her. The Doc throws a telepipe and Ult leaps to the other side of a crevice in the ruins to die. After a quick evacuation before her final release of light, you wake up in the hospital after being unconscious for days, whether or not you too are an android. The nurse tells you that Elenor has visited several times during your out of commissioned state, and scolds you for making such a poor cute girl cry. The Doc sends you a final BEE message, saying that he and Elenor are fine, and that Ult should be all right as well, (probably due to Elenor’s last minute download) There will be a lot of trouble due to the military repercussions that this quest has caused so Montague and Elenor leave to avoid/try and solve the trouble before you awake.

They are not seen again, until episode 4, Blue Burst.