A powerful influence of the government, hunter, and civilian population, the military is an ever present and not always moral organization.

The military seems to be involved in much more then it should, and the reasons are sometimes more than suspicious. Most of the officers you will find throughout the game have an intense dislike for hunters, possibly seeing them as rivals for their power. While not as powerful or influential as its sections once were, the force and influence of the Pioneers' armed forces is not to be underestimated. Black Paper is working against the Military.

Most of the military people you meet are just random soliders who provide vague commentary, or are simply an obstacle. Thus, they don't have enough personality or plot to warrant any section in a guide.

Deputy Commander HeathCliff Flowen

See Game Cube Episode 2

Leo Grahart
Former Captain of WORKS
Relations: He has a family, Karen a RAmarl daughter
Occupation: High ranking Alliance Officer
Special Powers:
Affiliations: Pioneer 2 military/WORKS/Alliance

See Also Blue Burst Page. The military officer who hires you online to exterminate a "problem room" of monsters works for Leo Grahart. You never see him (until Blue Burst), but he may be connected somehow to the "endless monsters" that appear in certain areas. After each "Endless Nightmare" quest, you can find debris, rocks or something strange blocking a door, and the message "it looks like someone changed this".

He used to be Captain of the "Space Mechanized Mobile Infantry 32 nd WORKS Division". He comes from a long line of military people, and has a family of his own, including a daughter Karen who appears as the 'stock RAmarl' in episode 2 for gamecube. He gained power and influence, which scared the Alliance, so they promoted him. He was not as useful in his higher position. His best people were sent on P1...and all died. WORKS is heavily weakened, as seen in "Soul of Steel". He is working against the MOTHER project, but is not currently very powerful.
He has a deceased father, who was the leader of "Team 00" (you can find their weapons in the game). Leo lost his arm in the attack that killed his father. It was supposed to be a government hit, likely carried out by Black Paper. The assassin is likely to be Kireek. Supposedly, Montague supported Leo at some point in the past.

'Extremely Cranky Man'
AKA: That guy who swears you off
Occupation: Soldier
Special Powers: Bypass of swear filter
Enemies: Anyone he talks to

This soldier can be found on Pioneer 2 in the online quest "Garon's Treachery". Like most military personnel, he dislikes hunters, especially those who are getting close to something the military wants kept private. He becomes angry that you are working on a movie and swears at you with the following statement "Get on back down to Ragol and eat Sh*t and die!" **This does not work on Game Cube PSO.

Karen Graheart
RAmarl Military Yellow hair, light beige, wears a hat
Relations: Leo Graheart- Father
Occupation: Military Soldier
Special Powers:
Affiliations: P2 Military

See Game Cube Ep 2 for further details, as well as Blue Burst.