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The story of PSO2 NGS will likely be complex and long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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This page has the story for Kvaris Introduction & the introduction of the Kvaris family siblings. Also the Kvaris Town Intro.

The cutscene to introduce Kvaris triggers if you go into Central City.
Here, Crawford has called together you, Aina, Mannon and other ARKS members. He explains that we know Central Cannon is effective against Dark Falz, but it damages the barrel to shoot it even once.
He has an idea of how to fix it, but he needs an old friend named Ilma to help out. Crawford says an old researcher friend called him with ideas to help the central cannon. He hasn’t contacted back because his little sister is missing. Crawford wants you to go to Kvaris to find him. It’s been abandoned for a long time due to Dolls activity. It was the previous location for Central City. Manon says it’s in the north and maps a route, Aina wants to prep first and they agree to meet soon after.

NPCS Added:
After you leave the scene Dozer calls. He asks if you’re ready, and also asks you to talk to Guiden, a cast Instructor Guide who is also in central.  He is dark green with salmon-color highlights and no face. He wants to tell you about Creston at the Quest Counter. Creston is a human with dark hair and a blue suit. He’s located inside Central Tower.  He explains that at the Quest Counter you can relive past experiences using data from the mag as well as enter battle simulations based on fight records. It may feel a little different but experience is the best teacher, so head to the QC with classes you want to get better at. Guiden explains that the past experiences are recorded as “ARKS Chronicles”. New battle sims are added regularly, so do check back. Creston is pleasant and polite and he encourages you to try things.

Tim is the Alliance Support Quest guy.
He’s beige with a white suit and dark hair. He’s also rather salty and doesn’t like you. With him, you can get tickets for doing quests which can be exchanged for things like Gold/Silver Primm items, and weird stickers of Dolls that you can stick to yourself. (Do you really want a picture of Doltz stuck to your shirt? He’s your guy then…) When you leave, he says “try not to die”.

To start off the Kvaris story, you have to go find Aina at the entrance to Quill Mountain Road. This is through another of those long tunnel structures. Aina is indeed prepared, she’s changed out of her tropical outfit and into an orange and white long sleeve coat and cyber tall boots for snow. Aina has never seen snow before, but Mannon cautions her to not look too long because there could be enemies here.
The first thing you find are Marmoth Lore which is the Malmoth from PSO2, with all the same looks and moves. Aina will comment on icicles that are quite long, grown from the ceiling of a rocky cave ahead. Manon says after the cave, we’ll be in Kvaris proper, so brace yourself for anything. In the cave are Yedi Lore and Grulf Lore, just like PSO2 as well. (Maybe hairier)
On the other side of the cave, Aina is clearly chilly, breathing on her hands. Everyone looks around curiously. Aina sees a waterfall that’s lovely but a big square dolls jumps down. It is the Proctys Ael. This has 2 dinosaur-like legs, tiny arms, a short body and a large square ‘head’. This shoots out different red blasts and it stomps around. When it hits the square head with the hands, it blasts like the Roron/Rorox. You can break the square part off, revealing just the flat/blast generating area.  It is probably about 14 feet tall. If you can beat that, you enter another cave, this one with obvious metal beams along the ceiling that also feature icicles. Here, there is a new Dolls type, the Jangis. This looks like a short/wide hand with fingers on top and fingers for legs/arms. Later, there are Zams Gun/Sword/Launcher. These are your basic Pettas guys, but now their heads are shaped like mushroom caps/open umbrellas. They do the usual Pettas type attacks and activities. However, now, they can teleport by turning into a round glowing orb that zooms around. During this, they can't attack or be hit. It does not last very long. There are also Snow Fuwans, which are fuwans…but silver ish and white.

Emerging from the cave gives a beautiful view of the snowy and mountainous landscape. Some of the mountains are a bit too pointy, and as you'll see later there's some peaks at odd angles that wouldn't happen normally either.

There’s not much time to look around at the animals, because a girl shows up with a rod, right after a little robot carrying items appears. The little floating robot has a ‘face’ that resembles a tiny region mag. There’s a bucket on the back containing objects. The girl is dressed in a big pink jacket with white furry accents, and has pink hair in pigtails that have dark pink tips. She’s a newman. She says “Halt who goes there” while aiming the rod, but does not seem confident. Aina runs up to her, calling her Ilma and declaring the mission already over and a success so quickly. This confuses the girl, so Manon explains that Aina mistakes Meri for Ilma, because they look alike. Manon figures she was who Crawford called her. They introduce themselves, and Meri wants to show you to the lodge.

More enemies appear so you fight them.
It’s another Proctys Ael, some Jangis and more Zams. The Zams launcher can turn into a round orb and basically sort of ‘teleport’ itself a fair distance. This is more annoying than it is threatening.

Inside the lodge, you surprise a  green hair guy in a green jacket. (These people coordinate their clothing and hair colors for whatever reason) He’s also a newman and she introduces that this is Kukka and he is her older brother. Aina is shocked, (because they don’t look that much alike, he’s a green hair, and she’s all pink) She explains that there are 5 siblings who live in the lodge. It’s Taivas Tuuli, Iilma Kuka and herself, Meri. She was setting up for dinner, and there’s a photo on the table of everybody.  He explains that that their parents died when they were young, so Grandpa raised them since then. However, he died not too long ago. This seems to trigger Aina somewhat, but she doesn’t say anything.

Manon asks where Ilma might go. Meri says nobody knows what’s going through his head ever. He stays shut up in the lodge room and disappears when he finds something interesting. It’s common behavior for him, however, this time he’s out longer than normal so they’re looking for him. Kukka confesses that they were having trouble there on their own so he’s glad you came. Meri claims it’s a family problem so they have to solve it on their own and they don’t need help. Taivas and Tuulia are already out looking and will be back before sunset. So, just wait here and she’ll cook something because you must be hungry. Anyway, if you went, you’d need a guide and those 2 know every part of the region so it’s better that they’re out looking because they already know what they're doing.

Aina suspects her of not trusting the Aelio Team, so Kukka says Meri doesn’t let her walls down because outsiders don’t come here much if ever. (She’s clearly trying to be overly cheery about it, but she is secretly worried & using cooking and the guests to distract herself. )

We’re worried too so we’re going to look
It’s our mission to find him

If you say It’s Our Mission To Find him, Aina agrees, and says let’s go even if Meri says not to. Manon asks where the brothers went. Tuuli was looking at the research facility, and Taivas was at Lost Central. He explains that’s the old capital area, when everyone gets curious.

Outside, asking about Ilma, Kukka explains that Grandpa was doing research and Ilma took it over.  However, all of it was over Kukka's head. They’re interrupted though when that robot again, (that was with Meri) shows up. A better look at it reveals you might be able to sit on it. (It is vaguely saddle shaped)It floats through the air a bit off the ground, so Manon wonders how it moves and what it is for.

Manon figures out that the materials  it has in the back square bucket part pertain to Lost Central
“It has data about the Dolls here”, but when you pick that option it just says “yes there is” and doesn’t actually tell you anything about anything. Why even put that option?  There are some ruined buildings around here, and Manon suspects he could be near some of those.
"Data About The Dolls Here" actually becomes a meme in the NGS community because it is so egregiously NOTHING when there so very clearly could have been something that it became representative of their lazyness with actually including story in the...story. An interesting phenomenon happening as the game progresses.

Now, the next area to go to is a small grave site near the lodge. Manon says it must be for the family members who have died. (So, recently Grandpa, and  less recently the parents) Aina says the flowers are so beautiful, they take such good care of the grave site. This causes Manon to have a flashback that shows the destroyed Aelio Town and the graves that Nadereh often sings at in Retem. They’ll  say that Belugana Ruins has some old buildings to search near so let’s go there. However, somehow, Guiden finds out about this? Was he listening somehow? And chimes in, saying it’s dangerous with lots of mysterious enemies so please go to see him first for advice. They agree.

When you go and find Guiden he wants to tell you about augment capsules, and will give you the side quest to go exchange for them at the shop. He tells you that Battle Power is quantification of combat ability calculated by your mag according to a formula. Weapons, Armor & your own performance add to the score, so take that into account. So, you have to go affix something in the lab.

At this point Comms Room Ran will appear and either tell you that you can or can’t enter Belugana based on your battle power. Guiden’s thing is here to help you be ready/enough BP if you didn’t. She says there’s not even good topographic data so expect hazards. Guiden is a product of people entering the game well after its release, who maybe didn't get through the tutorials earlier or aren't a high enough level yet to progress the story at this point. His client orders give out tons of EXP so he is ideal to use to level, OR ideal to use him to quickly boost up a 2nd or 3rd class if you were already proficient at the time of his addition.

Once you fiddle around exchanging augment capsules and then using one of them you can find Manon down by the bridge, This starts Go with Tuuli to the Belugana ruins. Manon advises taking it slow headed across the big bridge and Aina will come with. Manon tells about the ‘floating boards’ that can be accessed via yellow terminals. Aina wants to try them, and the advance team says it’s ok.
Floating Boards: There are yellow 'hologram' looking terminals that when interacted with puts your character on a floating hover snow-board. This can be used to go both down or up hills (it's self-propelled) and it knocks into things for fairly large damage. This means it can hit monsters for decent damage, will have OHKO on any Tames animal you bump into, will always break mineral nodes or green boxes, and can break open frozen yellow boxes which will contain "Icicle Orbs" a trade-able item that only seems to come from within the frozen yellow box. The only other way to break such boxes are by throwing the yellow photon ice at them.

*Apparently no one on the developers ever heard anything about "Don't interact with the yellow snow!"
Because the mineral of the area "Snoal" is also yellow, as are the photon-influenced yellow crystal spikes that break and can be thrown. Couldn't we think of a better color for snow or ice items
?? (Obviously yellow snow is animal pee snow so not using yellow should be obvious)

Soon after the bridge there’s a trial with Sonoron, who is the Goron of the area. It acts mostly the same, but the head is a large, flatter circle. They both worry about Ilma. Going forward you can find some closed…polygonal..pods? On the ground.  They’re maybe the size of a washing-machine and pointed on both ends. Manon says it looks like a dolls nest but it was ‘destroyed’ so someone very skilled came through here. There’s also some ruin of a…pointy thing? Maybe a frozen over monster body? It’s not very recognizable. There’s a banehog (Chillhog) near this.

Next some Zamz, a Doltz and the proctys ael will come out. Aina spies a floating board kiosk. The terminal explains you can run over enemies with the board, it can boost twice per use, and it has brakes to make it easier to turn. Dash rings will extend how long the board lasts, and jump panels make it go high. Manon wants to use it to ride across the ice. It works well and Aina has lots of fun because it is like a surf board.

A pango-lan will come out.
This only slightly resembles the pangolin, it’s a dolls with a long tail with a point at the tip that shoots. It has a more insectiod front half. It likes to teleport, can spin/slash the tail and do various ice blasts. If it gets too worked up, or takes too much damage, it can be flipped onto its back for a while. It has a surprisingly long range, and the attacks do pack a punch. After fighting some Grulf Lore wolves, a traveling Braver who is collecting data and his partner (a woman) shows up. This also isn’t Ilma. They introduce themselves as data gatherers and will tell you that they did see Ilma. Your mag shows them a picture of Ilma. She says you just missed him, and he looks strong because he has a katana.

Aina is eager to catch up with him, but Manon wonders if it was either Tuuli or Taivas because they’re all supposed to look alike. You reach an icy hill (about the size of a 2 story building) with a huge, closed metal door that does let you into the cave beyond. However, you are watched by someone standing above it.

Once inside Manon accesses a frozen computer with a browsing history. The chairs are frozen, there’s snow on surfaces but it looks like some of the electronics still do work. Manon pokes around a little bit (but of course because the game hates explaining anything she doesn’t find anything)

A very person looking Dolls levitates in, so everyone ducks and hides. This is the most human looking Dolls item yet. It has digitigrade legs, a faceless head that looks kind of like a spiked helmet with flat front, and a long gel tail. It is, of course, much taller than a regular person and fairly lanky. But it does have 5 fingered hands and the gel that forms it is human proportioned.  Aina is curious to see it, but it sees everyone despite them trying to hide from it behind the computer counters and consoles. They run outside but there are 2 more and the original follows. However, a guy jumps down from a cliff and is able to beat one of them right away. This new enemy is the is the Ams Krone. These have more HP than the usual Pettas type 'guys', but not by a whole lot. It might be considered a bit of a mini-boss.

The guy who has just appeared is a newman with red eyes (concentric circle pattern) blue coat, blue hair in a bit of a mullet like style with a braid in back that fades to light purple. This is the 'katana guy' that the others mentioned earlier.

Manon says he saved them, and then find out its Tuuli. Tuuli says that Kukka told him about “the trio of Arks” coming, and that you’re looking for Ilma. He’s been destroying nests but hasn’t seen a thing. He refuses the help and just goes off. However, he says you 3 aren’t bad, but the Mistra woods are ahead, Taivas is ahead so feel free to help him there. He’s going to continue in this area until he runs out of nests, then return to the lodge. He seems a bit of an aloof character.

Use the marker to find Aina again and take Searching Through The Woods
This moves you to the Mistra Woods area, where Aina wonders where’s Taivas because Tuuli said he would be somewhere here. Manon sees ice that’s yellow and pointed like a big crystal. This starts the explanation that you can throw it. It’s called crystalline ice, and can be destroyed with an attack that turns it into Crystalline shards, throwing it will cause it to explode and damage enemies. Manon says it has a photon reading to it.

Throwing these at the Grulfer Lores will let you progress to where yede lore are throwing down snow chunks and ice from the canyon walls. Passing this trial, you can spy on a fight between a person and a Zams Dolls. However chillhogs and chillhedge get in the way so you have to fight those first. But by the time this trial ends, the person is gone/they never saw you. Progressing further through regular enemies, you encounter a strange dolls with spiky ice balls floating around above it.  Aina wonders about it, Manon guesses it could be a crystallized cold photon. She suspects it might explode if attacked.

This opens the explainer that they are ‘cold crystallized photon’ and can only be destroyed by hitting them with the crystalline ice shard. It will make a massive explosion that damages all enemies. If a big one appears and is destroyed, it causes cold-down for all enemies.

You can use this method to defeat the Freezetts which is the sort of airplane-headed looking doltz of the region. After that trial, Aina thinks she hears something in a direction so off you go. They spot the person again, going against more Zamz, but a Malachroid which is a flightless large bird like monster gets in the way. (Somewhat postured like a really large chicken with a fancy tail) The Malachride (There are 2 spellings for this, and the Doltz was changed mysteriously to Dotts around the time of the Kvaris update also, that's why it's a Freezetts and not a Freezoltz. Unknown why any of it was changed.)
The Malachride is a type of min-boss (like the crag bear) and it can blast light attacks out of the wings by spreading them, charge around and throw feathers. It's not the most dangerous thing in the area, and the wing parts are easy enough to break---and breaking them does actually disable its attacks so it does become weaker as it is fought more.

After fighting it, you do catch up with Taivas. Taivas has a red coat and red hair with orangeish hairs in front. He admits he got himself surrounded despite knowing the region very well. Manon mentions finding Ilma, and Taivas confesses he can’t find him either. Lost-Central is the only place left that he could have gotten to. Manon knows that a DF battle took place there and ever since it’s been encased in ice so no one can go. The dolls are too strong there so you can’t get close. Manon suggests going back to the lodge first because it seems too dangerous to go after him at Lost Central right away.

Back at the lodge Taivas is glad you’re back, Meri is impressed and glad for the help. Aina is chipper about it and offers to help with the cooking of dinner. Tuuli destroyed all nests, Taivas wishes Ilma was here to have a great idea to save the day on this. Taivas wants to go on another sweep of the places. Tuuli upsets Taivas by suggesting Lost Central…but it’s the only place left. Taivas the eldest tells him as the eldest he can’t let him go. So, it's typical 'family' stuff with everyone acting normal and in character.

Meri says to simmer down everyone, from their arguing, and that grandpa would say the same thing right now. She slams down her big soup pot for emphasis. Kuuka goes to leave, but no one can stop him from looking at Grandpa’s room. (Seems maybe they never sorted his stuff after he died and just closed it off out of grief? Nobody says this but it seems likely) Ilma went in anyway…Taivas agrees that they should go in. It is full of boxes on shelves and looks like a library. He has a photo of all the kids on a screen. Meri says them ‘owning’ the land is a formality because nobody much lives there any more. Kukka says a data pad has been used recently, so Manon will look at it. Grandpa was gathering lots of info on Lost Central, there’s a side entrance…Manon suspects where he went in the secret entrance. Taivas hasn’t seen any secret entrances near Mistra woods. Tuuli agrees, and Taivas will protect everyone if they do go.

However, Guiden chimes in again. He says no one has any idea what’s going on there. How is Guiden listening to everything?

Next, you have to meet Manon half way up Mt. Ihana.
She wants to go with you to look for the hidden entrance. They…somehow find something right away which is a huge flat wall with moving symbols on it. Kukka says the pad has an image of the wall but the symbol isn’t quite the same. He knocks on it and it sounds metal or hollow. Aina says she doesn’t see anything like an entrance around here. Tuuli chops it with the katana but nothing happens. Everyone is startled he did this, but oh well. Kuuka notices a difference but Manon doesn’t know what it means. (The symbols are turned the wrong way) Your character has a look too, while everyone stares at the walls and thinks about things.

You can direct your mag to show the shape on its projected screen.
Now you can:
Rotate shape 60 degrees left
Rotate shape 90 degrees left
Rotate shape 120 degrees left
Of course, this option box appears right on top of the picture of the shape, thus making it more difficult to figure out how much to rotate the shape. If you put it at 120 degrees it will make the pattern on the tablet screen and the door will…I guess disappear because there is no cut scene that shows it going away. You’re just…suddenly on the other side. The "get there right away" and the "skip over this" feels a little lazy. It's not the worst but it's strange.

This begins The Old Capital: Entombed

The Old Capital Entombed

Going down the ice tunel past some Zams will reveal a side room that Ilma is sort of sleeping in on the console counter. He’s got glasses, yellow hair with red tips and a yellow jacket. Everyone runs up and hugs him, telling him they were worried. He got stuck in there when powerful Dolls blocked the entrance and they jammed the signal. The family chew him out a bit, but in a friendly way. They all thank the team and everyone is happy.

Manon wants to talk to him, so Aina explains that Crawford sent them, and he says that Cannon could damage DF. But there are challenges, explains Ilma: they are power and durability.

1. It needs more durable materials to be made out of and
2. highly compressed photons.
But the stuff is here, and further inside here that we can use. Aina says he’s lost us…but to put it simply there WAS something here that could damage DF. He then takes with him a weird back pack looking device, and says he’ll demonstrate once we get to a certain area within the Lost Central. How is "make thing more durable and turn up the power" something anyone can get confused over???

Now, you are further into the underground ice caves. There are weird reflective crystal spikes, rocky ground and, of course dolls. Zamz and Rinshan (Rinshan is the tall headless guy with a club who rolls on 1 wheel) show up, but the brothers & sister are also here to help. After that, once you get to a lower area the Crocodylus will appear. This is a boss with 4 legs and quite a large head. Of course, the head will be doing most of the action so it will try to bite you, head slam, shoot blasts, shoot beams, and summon prickly crystals. It also has a back cannon that takes a while to extend. It can use missiles (drop down) and can teleport. It also can dispense round bombs on a timer. These don't go off right away, and will scatter around it. Like the crystals of the yellow ice, you can pick these up and throw them at the boss to do big damage. This is a fun mechanic to add. If you can defeat it…

A task marker will lead you to a tower that’s half buried in ice and it looks like the top part of central’s tower…just like everyone thought it might. Ilma says that it’s the core unit for this, so you can all take a break while he works on something. Everyone then proceedes to stand around and talk until he calls the trio over. He’s hit a snag, but Manon may help him. She opens a panel in the side and says there’s not enough power and no back up. He tosses something to you, who gives it to Manon. Manon gets along with him well as they fix it together.Meri is impressed Manon understands Ilma. They fix something and the lights come on inside. It’s now brighter in the room.

He wants to look inside but an earthquake signals Dolls may be approaching. Taivas says we’ll take care of them, so then the trio is roped in as well. Arms Krone appears, and they continue to appear after you defeat 3 of them. The gang has to keep battling, and even though some are defeated more keep showing up. There’s a big cut scene of everyone fighting them for a while. Tuuli will go to chop a certain thing while others hold their attention. The robot Ilma helped fix then helps Meri when a Krone will almost get her. Tuuli chiops the giant ice …glacier? off the ceiling and it falls on the Krone. After a narrow robot assisted escape, the family is back together, but the trio is then harassed by what looks like Elder…but isn’t. It’s Arms Kvaris. It has a tail like elder, and a very similar build. It is white and more 'dolls like' than the purple/black kind of rocky texture but it's pretty similar, though it isn't as tough and does not have the magic sword.

If you can beat it, they congradualte you, Ilma wants to grab the info and go, so everyone runs off. He finds a ton of info about DF stored there. Aina is amazed. He then sees (you cant read the screen), something that shocks him, and pulls up a screen above (A large broadcast-type screen that would be over the 'town square' or so) that suddenly works. They see Grandpa on the screen--Ilma has found a recording that Grandpa Lysas has left behind in Lost Centrals' cannon base.

He plays the video and Lysas assumes its his grandkids that have found/played the video, as that's who he addresses. There’s something he wants everyone to see, he’s found that DF was still in the midst of growing. It was unstable and couldn’t unleash full power. Soon it will try to appear again and grow into the complete form. He leaves behind his data on DF attack on lost central. He hopes this will defeat it once and for all. He names the kids and says he was only in place of their parents for a short while, apologizes and asks for forgivness. If 5 of you work together no one will rival your leadership. Treasure each other always, and he turns off the recording.

Taivas reaches for him. Ilma cries and says thanks. Meri says they’re all doing all right for themselves, and tells Grampa it will be ok. The scene ends.

So, it seems Lysas predicted that DF would come back and be stronger than whatever it did to Lost Central--but because nobody found his message it appeared and destroyed Aelio Town & is provably stronger now. The recording, of course, doesn't explain why or how Lysas died.

Outside the lodge, Meri makes everyone a boxed lunch, Crawford calls and says the mission is complete, so get some rest once you get back. Ilma will collaborate with Crawford, he'll get the data, and it’ll work out. They all wish for the trio to visit in the future and waves bye.

This is the end of The Old Capital, Entombed

Another all right, if sparse chapter...though it does raise questions that it could have answered, which is as usual, frusterating byt also typical.

1. What killed Lysas?
2. "Lots of information about dolls suuuuure is in here!" (And wouldn't anyone like to know what it ACTUALLY IS??? MIGHT BE NICE?? If you're not going to explain anything stop mentioning it! It makes the game look stupid.)
3. What froze over all of Lost Central? Was it 'dark falz' OR was it the cannon failing?
4. WHY was Lysas so secretive? He had no reason to hide a message to his kids in a known danger-zone, and "4 of us are really stupid" is not a good enough excuse to not share the research because clearly Ilma 'the smart one' didn't get let in on enough of it either. Why?
It's perfectly reasonable (If they can get their timeline correct) that Lysas did his research, hid his message (why'd he hide it?), died and then the Dollz did a great job of keeping everyone out of Lost Central by just existing. Thus, nobody found his message and couldn't forsee the Aelio Town attack.

Meet The Kvaris Town
The shopkeeps are all that little robot with the mini-mag looking thing mounted in it. This is because nobody wants to live in Kvaris, it's too cold. Most of the NPCs here complain about it being too cold or are on an advance team. However, their tasks do contribute plot tidbits, which are gathered here. There are a few important things to know

The Rayjord Gorge Advance Team:
Rayjord is so cold that it will repeatedly damage your character (badly!) and can afflict freeze status (no controller wiggle can cure it) randomly. To stay in this area of the map you have to boost resistance via feeding region mags and using the food stand special foods, cracking 'cold resist tickets', and wearing armors with a 'cold resist' attribute.
DO note that one of the Advance Team NPCs will function as a shop to trade in Kvaris exclusive items once you complete all of her quests.

Lysas was famous:
Several of the NPCs here know and admire Lysas. At least 2 of them aren't sure he's dead, because despite being old he was still really powerful and a great hero. One guy at least is still looking for him. (Did the kids find a body? Or is that grave that they explicitly said is 'so well kept and nice' actually empty?)

Ingstad is a gray/white green camo pattern cast man who is in charge of logistics for the Kvaris camp, and restoration. He has a plastic face with spiky red hair, one visible blue eye (the other with a panel over it) a black lower face mask and arms where the hands are absolutely gigantic. They’re way out of proportion with the rest of the body and especially with the head. He’s friendly. He wants help with Restoring Underground Plant. It’s a facility beneath the camp and the residents who used to be here were using it for something. There’s another one under Central City too. He thinks everyone is too busy fighting to notice it. However, it is agricultural and industrial facilities that sustain everyone, even if it runs in the background. Because it’s similar to Central’s, with these repairs it should work again soon. A reliable source of food is invaluable in this harsh environment. He’s too busy repairing things to find materials to cultivate. He needs Rich Kvaris Snail first.
When you give him the snails, he’s happy. Next, he will want Crayfish. He'll keep wanting various foods of the region for a while, and giving out EXP in return. Once he's finished he'll confess he's a bit of a chef-wannabe, and say that the facility is in good shape now. This explains how they get the food in this area. (Aelio, as you recall, farmed it normally)

Cristobal  is the Kvaris advance team leader. He is light beige in a white fur trim and black suit for the cold. He has black sort of bristly hair and small eyes. Feel free to use the facilities but, can he also ask a favor? He wants help with defeating Dolls in the West and ALTERS in the west. We can’t leave the filthy enemies alone out there. Apparently there's been an effort to get ARKS from various areas (Retem, Aelio) to join an advance team and bust back into Kvaris, and this is it.

Alvaro is a researcher near one of the semi wrecked buildings. He is a light beige newman with no hair (shaved head), super slim mustache, and a mono-goggle over his syes. He wears the usual ‘snow suit’ which is white with fur accents and black sleeves/pants. He asks you do defeat Dolls in the Belugana Ruins so that more research can be done. When you do, he’ll tell you that lots of people used to live in Kvaris, but most of them died in a big battle. (No doubt their central cannon vs DF) He also explains that the ‘city they built on Mt. Latva is now covered in ice. Everyone who survived immigrated to central and Retem. Bleugana must have been a backup area, as it has lots of buildings buried there too—you can still see the tops of the tallest structures. He’s only scratched the surface, but with more people here, he’s confident he can make progress.

Dozer’s Story:
This appears AFTER you go to Kvaris, and it's normal because everyone travels between all 3 regions whenevery they feel / are assigned so it does make sense to place this here in the story write up. At the beach you can find Dozer who will say it’s a coincidence to find you here.

What Are You Up To?
I’m Looking For Ingredients

If you ask What Are You Up To? He says he was just passing by on patrol and reminiscing. He’s also a Meteorn, he reveals. He landed on this patch of coast. He was disoriented and a sitting duck when he got out of the pod, so he got surrounded by enemies. He knew how to use the weapon he somehow had in his hand, but was outnumbered so he thought he would die without knowing who he was. He’d never seen anyone cut down enemies like that and it was Crawford. He wasn’t the head of Central yet, but an ordinary Arks Defender who saw the pod fall and came to help. He carried him back to Central and patched him up, and welcomed him as a citizen. He taught him how to fight (Really? If Dozer came down with a wep in his hand AND was already battling Dollz when Crawford showed up, what was he lacking?) He says that Crawford was a stickler for the basics…

Wow He Really Saved Your Life
Crawford Taught You How To Fight?

If you ask Crawford Taught You How To Fight? He explains that the curriculum was meticulous, and he’s a demanding teacher. He feels Crawford made him who he is today so he does this now to pay him back. He asks you to be in Crawford’s corner too. He says he’s charismatic (Sorta? He comes across as a bit shy or awkward?) but not many people understand him. He will appreciate this.

The scene ends.

Super Strength of High Level People Confirmed:
Dozer the cast is a fairly wide and solid person. He isn’t the tallest, probably a bit over 6 feet, but being made of metal, powered by some type of either photon chunk or batteries or a reactor core, covered in armor plate, & etc. he would weigh more than a refrigerator, and is about the size of one. Realistically he’d probably weigh at THE VERY LEAST 300-400 pounds if not more (depending what he’s made of--we're giving 'space age materials' being super light-weight the benefit of the doubt here) So if Crawford had to walk back while lugging this guy (Remember he's not just a cube, he's got floppy limbs making it extra difficult) it’s a feat that would be considered superhuman quite easily. Interesting.

Aina in: Aina’s Journal
If you meet Aina at the fountain plaza seating area, she’ll tell you about her journal. She’ll write in it today. She wants to write about things like enemies she sees, minerals she finds and etc. She started doing a journal because Manon did too—but hers is much more detailed.

Almost Like A Professor
I Never Knew You Were So Diligent

If you say Almost Like a Professor she says Manon’s like her professor. No one ever taught her to be ARKS in Aelio town. She brings up her dad again, but Manon has told her so much. She feels she just follows her around…but she learned more on fighting, fruits, vegetables and more Everything she knows she feels is from her. She feels like she’s like a big sister too. She wants to do the best she can to pull her own weight. But thank you too! She then leaves to go write the entry for the day. The scene ends.

Aina in Memories of Aelio Town
You can now find Aina at the father’s sorta-grave site. She wonders what you are doing there.

I Saw You Were Here
To Pay Respects To Garoa Today

If you say I Saw You Were Here,  she says she comes once in a while to give him updates about what’s going on. Talking to him while cleaning the monument calms her down. This gives you a good look at his weapon too, it is opalescent material with a 'galaxy/outer space' themed inner side.
She recounts a memory of practicing gliding and how she got stuck up a tree one time, and tried to hunt a TAMES to help out and got lost instead. Garoa would come flying in to bail her out while looking very angry about it, and then tell her not to do whatever it was. The town would stick up for her, and comfort her, but then go get in her dad’s face about it. (Good for them) She hated that because she didn’t want special treatment…but looking back at the incident she understands they did it because they cared a lot about her. But now they’re all gone…so it hurts

Are You Ok?

If you ask Are You Ok? She says she’s fine, because there’s so much to accomplish, she can’t give up now. But it’s time to give him an update. Want to do it too? The scene ends.

Well well. This exposes Garoa as more than “over-protective hen-peck”. It’s one thing to worry about kids getting into trouble, and she is a klutz (to be fair) but it’s another to be such a rotter about it that the whole town has to step in to defend a poor child from the wrath of the parent. Up until now, from what he said “he worries about her” and what she/Manon said “he is always fretting that the dollz will get her, so he always says she’s not ready to do any tasks ever”, it just made him look very afraid of losing her and being the typical over protective daddy who foists his fears onto daughter.
But with this, like even her trying things that are culturally ok (people can glide here, everyone can do it) and he has a hissy-fit... that’s not right. There’s only the hint of ‘abuse’ when the townspeople stepped in, but it doesn’t seem like anything too extreme.
This is also the first look we’ve gotten of her being like…genuinely sad?? She was so poorly acted somehow earlier, but the whole
“I resented the town because I didn’t want to be princess (Remember he was ‘king of town’ so she would indeed be ‘princess’) special treatment” but then she’s genuinely pained by losing the whole town before she could stop resenting them or possibly apologizing. This is really heart-felt in here. This particular add-on is one of the actual best in terms of relation to characters.