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The story of PSO2 NGS will likely be complex and long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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Aina in: Aina’s Winter Clothes
You can find Aina near the top of Mt. Ihana, and she remarks about Kvaris being so pretty. But, the view was a result of the Falz fight, so she’s not sure how to feel. This is insightful. She gets cold though, and credits the clothing with being able to come up here for the view. Manon talked about dealing with the cold her own way by ‘stimulating her internal photons’…but she’s not too sure about that being for real. *Her attitude and the way she says it is full of doubts.

Where Did You Get The Clothes?
I Haven’t Seen Those Clothes Before

If you ask Where Did You Get The Clothes? She says Crawford gave it to her, but really her dad had it set aside at HQ with him. He made arrangements with Crawford, in case anything ever happened to him. She feels like she understands more about him, and that he set aside the warm clothes means he predicted she’d come here at some point. He didn’t teach her much about fighting but wonder if he really was planning to get to it at some point. But you always where whatever you like, don’t you get cold?

I Will Tough It Out

Now here’s another 2 ‘bad answers’. This is probably in there because of all the goofy “waifu” tutus and lingerie that everyone jams their poor sap characters into before throwing them into the glaciers. In PSU and also PSO2 there was a Plot Excuse which was that the armor pieces you wore protected you from the elements all over, even though the visible armor bits were not everywhere on the body. (So, like a force field that was projected from the visible armor pieces) However, you CAN dress the character warmly in here (and always could—Kvaris released with fun snow outfits on purpose to lure people into buying—which is good) Where’s the 3rd answer to use when YOU DID put on fun winter gear to play around? Maybe this Manon’s excuse is now the current plot excuse for Halpha/Meteorn people instead of ‘the armor helps you’, like previous times.

Either way…if you choose
Nope! She asks if it’s a Meteorn thing? That’s very strange, but she wants to look around more at the top of the mountain, and the scene ends.

There is actual very good developer thought going into the clothing for Kvaris. It looks culturally related to Aelio’s stuff, but for winter. Many of the colors carry over (on other characters too, not just what her dad picked for her) and the style is clear that while it is diverging it does fit into the planet and does make sense and is NOT a knockoff of somewhere on earth.  Kudos to whoever is clearly thinking hard about this. You can see it in the names of the places as well, they have a sort of almost Hawaiian language tilt to them, and regardless of the region the names seem to fit/have been named by the same linguistic type of people.

You can find Meri near the lodge entrance with a tilting pompom bird. She says welcome back, what are you doing today?
Is Everything Going Well?
Are All Of Your Siblings Fine?

If you ask Is Everything Going Well? She’ll say yes it is, Ilma is devoted to his research, Taivas & Tuuli compete over who defeats the most enemies, and Kukka will help her too. None of that has changed…but some things have changed like Kukka going out with his brothers to fight enemies along with helping Ilma investigate. Taivas and Tuuli go out together more…before if one went east, the other went west..but now they’re even more helpful to her. She tries to help too, but Ilma is too complicated. She then mentions she chats with Aina and Manon as well, Aina tells her about the journey and Aelio Town. Meri sympathizes with the disaster, and will talk to her about it because they’re both survivors. She’s happy about being included. Manon tells her about the other environments and creatures, but sometimes like Ilma, she gets too complicated. BTW, do you have some time? Can you tell me some stories too?

I’d Be Happy To
Maybe Just a Few…

If you say I’d Be Happy To, she’s happy and wants to go into the lodge to talk. This ends the scene.

It's good that everyone has diverse interests, and that Meri is making friends with Manon & Aina, because the general feel seems to be that Manon needs more socialization of some kind. It's a bit 'whoops' that Meri ends up being "the stereotypical single feeeeemale" in the group "the token female" who does the cooking, keeps up the lodge, doesn't understand the complicated guy and doesn't do the fighting. Yes, some people love and prefer to do this role, and that's great, but plunking the only girl into it smells a little stale here.

Hadi in: Investigating Lower Maqead (This VANISHES if you do Dozer and Hadi first?????)

Dozer in: Dozer and Hadi
You can find him on top of Rwa Maqead, and he’s not seen you since the Renus Retem giant worm battle.
What Are You Doing Here?
Did Something Happen?

If you ask Did Something Happen? Hadi wanted some advice, but he’s done with that, so he’s up here taking a breather. He’s known Hadi for a long time, since a massive DOLLS attack where they first met. Dozer’s guys were hurt badly but Hadi’s squad was worse. He’d spread himself too thin, the dolls were going to attack again, but Dozer helped him out and that’s how they became friends. He feels they understand eachother, both being CASTS and so loyal to their leaders. When Retem was doing badly, no one could get away to help so they’d lost touch for a while, but now they can be close again like old times. But, it’s thanks to the trio. He’s grateful, and the scene ends.

Does Dozer seem to get stressed out about a lot of stuff? He's taking a break on the Aelio mountain top after training some new people, now advising Hadi on something and he gets up here. What was his advice?