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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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You start off as a new recruit for the Arks, on a camp ship.
The fleet of ships is collectively called ORACLE.
The Arks organization welcomes anyone to it.

AP 238 2/20 at 10:00 am
You are being sent down to Naberius as a test. You will be tested against hostile animals alongside Afin, who calls you partner. Afin is a young-ish newman ranger. He’s friendly, curious, and afraid of the hostile natives that include oodans, za oodans, gulfs, fangulfs & aginis. As you progress forward, it serves as a tutorial for the different moves of your chosen class.

Afin says that the Arks say nice things, but he’s doubtful of the situation because of what happened 10 years ago.


If you choose ‘what’, trying to get him to explain, he just says he wishes /do you wish to forget about it, and feels down.
If you pick "Yeah..." He will say there are much fewer arks due to events 10 years ago, but he's got his own things he wants to do.

At 1030 he is excited to be on Naberius where everything's green. But an oodan attacks.
At 1130, he confesses that he joined the arks to look for someone so he doesn't care about fights or exam scores. (He's using it to be able to travel) He asks why you joined, but before you can answer
an emergency bulletin appears, because "Spatial Distortion" is at critical levels, so Code-D is activated. This means darkers can begin appearing, and they do just that, with dagans. Afin is afraid because that's not supposed to be able to happen on Naberius, and he explains how they destroy & consume all in their path. Because of rookie status, running away is the best bet, but more appear ahead, so Afin wants to find another team of people.

At 1130 you do find someone, but a dagan appears behind him and kills him. Speculation: he’s not really dead, because scape dolls exist here, and you can always pick to be rescued to the camp ship much like the nurse office/med bay in PSO—so they do have revival technology here, you just don’t know about it at this point and so everyone is very shocked. More appear, and Afin is (understandably) shook up, but Zeno shows up on the scene and shoots all of them with a gunblade, saying he's glad he left Echo behind. Afin thanks him for the rescue, but asks if that was what he was sent here to do. Notice how no one mentions the dead guy, and the body is also gone. Darkers dissolve when killed, but people do not. Why does Afin not tell Zeno a man just died? Zeno hems around a little with regards to if he was sent there for the rescue, but explains that he's called for backup, but the extraction point is ahead so we'll have to keep fighting. Afin doesn't want to, & Zeno thinks he's seen you before.

At 1200 you run into dagans and kaltagots too. Afin is afraid, but Zeno says shut up, challenges are interesting, but his backup is late. Echo calls, they bicker over her being late or 'the rookie' (you) being good. Zeno wasn't worried though, because his mag had a PB, which it uses, and wipes out all darkers allowing you all to be 'extracted' to the camp ship.

At 1230, you meet Echo on the camp ship & everyone introduces themselves. Afin finally tells Zeno he saw the guy die, to which Zeno says you have to be able to move on and risk of death is part of Arks and if you can come to terms with your feelings but go on for the sake of the fallen, you're off to a good start. Echo, however, calls him out for quoting "Their Teacher", to which he says it's true. They bicker for a while, as usual, and by 1300 you're back at the main Arks ship. Zeno & Echo head off to report on the quest, Afin wants to chill out after the intensity of the mission, leaving you to get started in the lobby/do what you want.

Chapter 1:

2/20 at 1400
If you go to the shop area, you will run into Xion for the first time. She introduces herself, saying you have no reason to trust her, but she trusts you. She is vague, and sometimes confused, such as if she’s been waiting for you, or she was making you wait. She explains she has “taken a woeful path” and “cannot interfere or guide you” but that she has “calculated the endless possibilities of chance events and somehow made them inevitable via a matter board” which she then gives to you. She hopes the board (represented as a glow) can guide you away from the bad events and says that “if nothing is done all will be lost”. She is also accompanied by a static effect, and vanishes.

2/21 The following day
Reda tells you he was at the darker-attacked exam too, but he saw a girl amongst the darkers. Nobody believes him, but he knows she was there. He laments not being able to do anything about it. Gene mentions the darker-attacked exam, saying Naberius was picked due to lack of darkers and valuable items, so what’s going on? He also complains about hearing Reda (some idiot) wailing about leaving a girl behind, but he quickly shares Zeno’s “oh well people die all the time on Arks, just get over it/when will he get over it” sentiment. The pessimistic Theodore explains how he scraped by into the Arks, but hates fighting. Ulc is a fan of Arks. She wanted to join, but despite being a newman, has no photon ability & so cannot get in. She is jealous of her friend the coward, who is not suited to combat, but got in anyway. She worries about him. (Clearly, this is Theodore)

Zeno explains client orders while waiting for Echo. Patty & Tea show up and appoint themselves your “Information Broker”, telling you about how darkers infect animals on Naberius, and also about how Patty is very annoying (to Tea)

Xion appears at 1400 to tell you “a fluctuation has occurred” and that “new possibilities are coming into existence, which is likely ‘an affront to destiny”. She apologizes for being vague, but wants you to go down to Naberius. To go there, you must take the story mission which is only available from the Arks ship counter (not the camp ship) To complete any story mission fully, you must do it more than one time, picking a different "path" each time. Completing a story mission opens the next matter board.

2/20 at 1030
You’re back at the exam with Afin. This time though, you begin to hear voices. Xion says that destiny changes, a girl’s voice calls for help, and a scratchy voice asks ‘where is it’. Afin is confused, because he doesn’t hear anything unusual (and you do not mention it)
At 1100, the darkers dagans appear just like they did before, but this time, you can hear the girl calling for help off to one side. If you can beat the dagans with Afin, you can choose to go in that direction through the tall grass to look for her.
At 1130, Afin says if someone’s calling for help, we should investigate. The man’s voice from the opposite direction is still asking ‘where is it’ but Afin says he has a bad feeling about the opposite direction.
At 1200 you EITHER
Find the girl who was calling for help by going through the tall grass. Afin suggests bringing her up to the ship (she’s not conscious any more) while Brigitta says “code d” is lifted, so all Arks should report back to the ship anyway, thus giving you the opportunity to bring the mystery girl.
By going through the tall grass & rock pile in the opposite direction, you find the Mask Man. (The scratchy voice looking for something) In a dead-end clearing, he sees you, says “you!” and rushes to kill you. Gettemhart jumps in suddenly and blocks his blade, fighting Mask Man’s sword with his knuckle weapons. He commands Sheena to look up Mask Man’s data, but there isn’t any she can find.
The Mask Man decides to leave suddenly, jumping up very high and somehow…not coming down again. Mysteriously, no one questions this magic jumping ability, as if people somehow can just jump high enough that they literally never come down. Gettemhart is upset at this because he thought he could have fun fighting. Mad now, he gestures to you, demanding to know why Mask Man was after you.

I don’t know
Thank you for saving u

If you tell him you don’t know, he doesn’t believe you at first, but then says you look so dumb it must be true. (Gettemhart never misses an opportunity to insult people or be rude) He wants to fight you (and not Afin) but says you’re too weak now so he’s leaving because he is bored. Sheena says “excuse us”.
If you tell him thank you for saving us, he gets mad, saying you’re a terrible brat and to save all sentiments for the darkers, then demands mask man’s information. He’s in a rage thinking you know something, but you don’t. He gets bored, and decides to leave. Sheena says “excuse us”.

At 1500, the exam is done, Afin is tired, but thinking about the results. Philia calls you from the nurse station, saying the girl woke up, please go there. When you do, Matoi says your name though you did not tell her or say it. She says she heard it in her head. Philia can’t find her in the database, & she hides behind you when asked where she lives. Philia will take care of Matoi until things can be sorted out. Matoi says to be careful because she has a bad feeling about something.

There are THREE outcomes in this time period.
1. Zeno saves you & Afin from the exam period darker attack when you went streight forward
2. You & Afin repel the first exam darker attack & save Matoi by going through grass
3. You encounter Mask Man & Gettemhart tries to fight him, but he escapes after going through rocks

Chapter 2

238 2/28 at 1400
Xion appears to you again, saying that the completed matter board you just did has changed things for the better. She apologizes for not being able to explain things well enough for you to trust her, and says her regret will continue, but hopefully you can remedy that. She says another matter board has formed, with more 'chance encounters' that could potentially 'save many people' although she feels those aren't exactly the correct terms. She gives it to you.

At 2/20
You can watch mask man = Persona ask 'where is it', to no one, as he is alone in the forest.

At 2/21
You encounter Patty & Tea in the lobby. Tea reassures you that they won't charge for the info, and she's the one who gathers most of it because Patty just loves to talk & to hear herself talk. Patty asks which rumor you'd like to hear, but ends up telling you that some Arks aren't good people. There are people among Arks who just want to fight, and they're not on the side of justice.
Tea elaborates that as the organization grows, parts of it become rotten due to the fact that it rewards stronger members more than anything else, and that includes good-intentions & upstanding members. This is mis incentiveization. They conclude that there are some people you're better off avoiding.

At 2/21 you can take a quest from Rogio
Rogio is a research student. He can't go to Naberius himself. Other Arks don't seem to care about his request. He can't find enough data on Naberius. Even though it's the first planet Arks send trainees to, there's not enough data for his hunch. He finds the lack of data odd. He wants you to do a simple geological survey.

At 2/22 You can turn Rogio's order in
He says the geological data doesn't match up to expectations, but needs to research further to make anything of it.

At 2/23 You meet Patty & Tea in the forest
Patty really wants to tell someone information, and chooses you, explaining how they're "The Number 1 Info Getters" (though Tea says that's only what Patty calls it) They are looking for the rumored "searching darkers". These supposedly stronger than normal monsters may have taken out 'something-something' team of people, which is scary. (It is literally something-something because either it's just a rumor, or she forgot) However, they are seldom seen, so Tea suspects these darkers have a goal other than fighting Arks.

2/24 Theodore
Finding poor Theodore in the forest, he'll ask if you know a way to get by without fighting any monsters. Quitting Arks isn't an option he says, because he's not really good at anything and also doesn't want to change jobs. He merely pretends to work for the Arks, apologizes for wasting your time, and leaves.

*The "MYSTERY GIRL" begins to appear at this point. She has blue to red fade tip twintail hair & fancy big knives. She always appears & dissappears in a cluster of shield shaped tiny blue symbols. Notice how her facial structure, eye color & dip dye fade hair are just like Idol Quna character.*

At 2/23 Fighter Quna is looking for Hadred in the forest
She can’t find him, says ‘hm’ at your presence & disappears in a cluster of symbols

At 2/24 Ulc
Ulc asks what controlling photons feels like, but you can't explain it. She's asked others too, in her quest to be able to do it. She's upset still that she can't, but realizes complaining won't do her much good in this case, and instead chooses to find out about what else she might contribute.

At 2/25 Fighter Quna sneaks up
In the forest Quna sneaks up on you, talking before appearing in her symbol cloud. She holds your back (ish?) at knife point, asking if you’ve heard of the violent dragonkin outbreaks & that there’s an especially powerful one around here. (really? Naberius? No dragonkin ever showed up there) When you say no, she asks forgiveness for her rudeness and says she’ll continue searching.

At 2/27 Fighter Quna chases off Reda
In the forest, Reda is intent on running away from something while saying nothing. Quna appears again, this time saying she knows her limits but won’t tolerate people who lie about having information. (neither item has anything to do with the other? Are you meant to suppose Reda lied so she chased him off?)

At 2/28 You can eavesdrop Xeno & Echo.
They're arguing, as usual. Xeno's lost, and Echo has messed up something earlier in their quest. They fight about it for a bit, blaming each other, but Xeno apologizes for picking on (probably something that wasn't her fault entirely-that is implied but they don't say it directly) She mentions they've been doing this same thing (bickering but being friends) since they were young kids. She just doesn't want to be a burden. When you approach, they try to hide the fact that they were arguing, but go back to it.

At 3/1 You can sneak up on Fighter Quna
In the tundra, you can find Quna before she sees you. This startles her, so she asks how you noticed her? Were you Hiding? / What are you searching for?
If you choose Were You Hiding? She says she must be going soft if you could see her so easily, asks what you are, and disappears.
If you choose What are you searching for? She says it has nothing to do with you, but can’t believe she was noticed so easily as that.  She asks just what are you, and disappears in her symbol cloud.

At 3/3 Xeno & Echo are in the volcano
Xeno says they keep running into you everywhere, because you're the rookie who listens to everyone and takes all quests. You remind him of his teacher (who Echo warns him not to get mono logging about) who was always doing everything in his power to help others...but ended up poor.

Chapter 3

3/1 at 1400
Xion returns with another matterboard. She says that not all events may come to pass (certainly) but it usually ends up between 2 alternatives. (This does not sit well with the 3 things that happened during the intro chapter) She is still sorry for her ambiguity, but hopes the future you grasp (via these matter boards) will be a bright one.

You talk to Zeno in the tundra area, and he asks about your ability to change classes at will, saying that’s enviable because you don’t have to stick with just one photon specialty. He asks which class he looks like he should be, saying it’s hunter, but really, he confesses, he’s most suited to ranger. He’s forcing himself to be hunter, which is difficult. He’s doing it because there’s someone he feels he needs to protect. (Why does he feel rangers cannot protect people? Is it a specific threat that guns cannot counter? Does he not believe in the power of rangers—even if your powerful character is one?) He then says he tends to go off topic when talking to you, as you seem very familiar somehow.

Zeig, the 75 year old cast man is looking for inspiration. He is a weapon-smith who feels he is washed up and hasn’t created anything in a long time. He can only be found in the ship lobby. He says his passion for creation was ablaze 40 and 20 years ago during “decisive battle” because conflict brings out his creativity…but now there isn’t much. He wants to create again, and asks you to bring him anything that may be inspiring.

Klotho in the tundra has also encountered Searching Darkers. He killed some, but others got away, as if being led by something. He finds this weird.

Reda thinks he’s found the key to becoming stronger: get a strong weapon. He sees that the high ranking Arks all have their own custom built strong weapons. So he has asked Zeig to make him one too, but, of course, Zeig is washed up having lost his passion. Reda encourages you to go to Zieg anyway, and maybe ask him to make one for Reda too.

Afin runs up to you, having seen the mask man in the tundra. (while you are also in the tundra at that time) He gives no indication that you two actually MET the mask man in the Gettemhart encounter earlier. Is this poor writing for his dialogue, or did that mask-man event ‘not supposed to happen’ at all? (Meaning the Zeno saves the trainees at darker-attacked-exam, OR the save Matoi path is the actual it-happened path)

Gene is in the tundra looking for a rare weapon. He wants to bring it to his friend, the cast weapon smith who has lost his inspiration. (Zieg, of course) Gene also wants a weapon from Zeig, so hopes to inspire him with something rare, or at least a piece of a weapon, or one that someone else started making. He hasn’t found anything yet, but asks you to bring anything you find. (Notice how he never says Zeig’s name, and neither does Reda. Why not?)

Rogio wants more data on Naberius. Your forest findings were good, but now he needs tundra too. He knows it’s odd to find frozen tundra next to lush forest, and looked it up, but there’s no info on why it’s like that, so he suspects the Arks are hiding something. As a scientist, he needs facts, not cover-ups and opinions so he gives you the quest to go gather the data.

Patty and Tea are in the tundra too, and Patty has met Zeig. Tea explains that 40 years ago, he created the Genesis Line of weapons, but they were so powerful nobody could actually use them. The weapons people use today are the downgraded versions. Patty wants a weapon from Zeig too (of course) but Tea has to remind her that ‘he’s let himself go’ (which means he’s washed up) So then why WAS he starting to be considered “so great” 40 years ago, if all he did was make a batch of stuff literally no one could use? That is not a great thing to dodid he also somehow figure out how to downgrade them into use-able items, that seems to be an important omission.

Theodore is in the tundra, wondering why you joined Arks. But before you can answer, he confesses he’s not sure why he joined, or was able to when his friend who really wants to, couldn’t. (Why won’t he say the word Ulc?) He recognizes that it’s not fair, but that there’s nothing he can do about it, even if he wishes they could trade places somehow.

Ulc is glad to see you’re doing well, but is brainstorming ways she could be helpful. She says the Arks fight, while ‘normal people’ do the support and upkeep. She concludes she’s not suited to food management or  product development, but maybe an Arks related desk job / office job would be a good idea. At least that way she’d be supporting the organization she really wanted to join.

3/2 at 900
Rogio sends you on the quest to gather tundra data. You start in the forest, where he asks you to proceed toward the tundra (further commenting the weird sudden climate shift) while he gathers data.

At 1000
You finally encounter ‘searching darkers’, in the form of a pair of breedah that don’t attack, and simply fly off to the left for no apparent reason. Rogio sees this in his data (that darkers appeared) and says he’s heard the ‘searching darker’ rumors too. He wonders what they’re looking for.

At 1030
Rogio asks for samples of the tundra (drill areas)
After getting the samples, you can spot the Mask Man. He’s faced away from you, giving the opportunity to hide behind an ice pillar so he won’t notice you. Rogio calls, saying your coordinates stopped moving, so is everything ok. (obviously, you can’t say anything or else Mask Man will hear you) Mask Man continues on his way without ever turning around (he is good at that) and a high pitched sound can be heard. Rogio didn’t hear it though, he suspects someone was there just now, wondering if it was the ‘rumored mystery person’.

At 1100
If you follow the searching darkers, you’ll have to defeat them in the tundra. Rogio says he would need more data to determine why they’re searching, but he’s glad you came through the fight just fine. He also thinks it’s too dangerous to continue, though this isn’t really a good stopping point.
It is revealed that Mask Man has been observing the whole conversation from atop a cliff, while holding a part of a white rod with a twisted handle.

At 1100
If you follow the Mask Man, you find a big glowing crystal floating up off the ground. Rogio sees it too, and thinks its man-made. Touching it causes it to disappear, and reveal a twisted handle long white rod. Rogio wonders if it’s a weapon, but the shape is wrong so it either isn’t, or is broken. Before anyone can discover more, Mask Man appears with his Coat Edge D sword and tries to chop you without a word. Avoiding his first strike, he goes in for a second, but is blocked by Zeno’s sword, after commanding you to let go of the item. He jumps backward, and Zeno demands to know who he is, while Echo runs up asking if he’s an Arks member. Just like Gettemhart and Melphonsia, Zeno says it’s Echo’s job to look him up…and…just like Melphonsia before her, she can’t find any data.
Zeno’s demand goes unanswered, and Mask Man’s ‘stupid mask’ makes him mad, so they’ll fight. Mask Man says ‘interfere and I’ll kill you’.

At 1130
It’s a 3 vs 1 brawl to defeat Mask Man. If you can beat him, Zeno will deflect his final attack, pushing him back. The rod piece begins to glow blue while you hold it, which distracts Mask Man. In his distraction, Zeno attacks him, getting a hit in that chips his own blade, and sends MM flipping backward. He curses everyone, and jumps right up into the sky, not coming down again.
Zeno & Echo agree that he’s tough, but was he after you, or the item? (no one figures it out) You can ask them about the sound, but no one else has heard it. Zeno asks Rogio if he got the data he needs…and yes he did…but really Zeno shouldn’t have known that because he’s not the one assigned to the quest. Zeno explains ‘an upperclassmen always looks after a pupil’, to which Echo spoils that he just made her look it up. (So, they were there because they were looking out for you)

Rogio tells you that he’s looked into the data and found that the forest is normal, it’s the tundra that’s completely unnatural. He suspects that Naberius isn’t the quiet normal place everyone pretends it is. However, he’ll look into it more and call you if he discovers anything.

Patty & Tea are excited (well Patty is) in the desert. They explain that ‘small shadows’ have been sighted here on Lilipa. Some say it’s just a rumor, or eyes playing tricks, but with so many reports, they’ve got to be real. Tea fills in that they saved a near-death Arks member, a cast woman, and now she is looking all over to thank them. They suggest if you meet someone like this, to ask her about it. (This is, of course, Fourier)

Patty and Tea greet you in the volcano, and are quite useful this time, explaining  that the planet was hit by a meteorite long ago, and that’s why it has 2 surfaces to live on. (They do not explain that there’s people and differently evolved things on the skyland, or that the planet kept its outer crust floating up there like that due to strange magnetic forces) Patty wishes anyone good luck vs trying to get her to be quiet. They also tell you about how the dragonkin are really smart (they are people) and used to communicate with Arks, but now violent ones appear and its kill or be killed. (Basically they are zombies, not undead, but un-save-ably corrupted and turned evil by darker influence) Patty worries about you in this situation because otherwise there’d be no one around to listen to her endless chatter.

So there are TWO outcomes for this chapter:
1. You follow the searching darkers, & Mask Man gets the weapon piece while listening to you talk to Rogio about climate
2. You follow Mask Man and you get the weapon piece, MM loses the 3 vs 1 Echo Zeno You brawl and goes away

Option 1 could not happen because everything is reliant on the weapon piece getting to Zeig. The whole plot going forward relies on him getting the piece/darkers not getting it.

Chapter 4

3/3 at 1400
Xion appears again, reassuring you that another matterboard has appeared because your actions are having a positive influence. She does the whole “I and we are grateful” speaking again to highlight this unknown “we” that she is associating with. She doesn’t know & can’t know about the piece you are holding (it is a weapon part) but says that she does know that you’ll eventually find out what it’s for/what it is. She gives you another matter board.

If you bring the weapon piece to Zieg, he’s shocked to see it. He knows right away that it’s a broken weapon part, and he knows it has brought his passion for making things back. After asking where you got it (the tundra) he says it’s no time for questions because he’s got to figure out how it works and what it was intended to do. He’ll fix it on up, and make something for you in return, because he feels you also have potential.

Zeno is confronting Gettemhart in the lobby of the ship. (Sometimes Gettemhart appears there at certain hours of the day, without any quest/rhyme/reason. If you talk to him when you see him, he will always say that you are in the way) Gettemhart has complained about Zeno before. Zeno’s yelling at him, so Gettemhart responds that a fight right here and now could be fun, and is something he wants. Echo is worried and yells to Melphonsia to stop ‘the violent maniac’, and Melphonsia, not afraid of insults herself, says she has no idea who Echo is talking about. (Heavily implying she feels Zeno started whatever’s between them)

However, when you appear, it ruins their argument. Gettemhart is not willing to fight in front of you for some reason. He says you spoil the mood, and he’s leaving, and hopes Zeno doesn’t “wuss out” the next time. (But it is HE who called off the fight because you appeared? Zeno has nothing to do with your schedule, does Gettemhart mean an earlier incident where they did start fighting and Zeno ran/escaped, etc?) Melphonsia says excuse us, and he pushes past you to leave, Zeno is sorry you had to see him worked up like that, won’t tell the details of why, and runs away to ‘cool off’ with Echo on his heels.

3/4 – Fourier gives you a quest
She’s the cast girl Patty & Tea were referring to. Upon meeting her, she asks you right away about ‘little shadows on Lilipa’ and then confesses that she was heavily damaged, couldn’t move, and they saved her. Ever since she has wanted to A. prove they really exist and B. thank them. Because she is still being repaired/in no condition to go to Lilipa (though she does not appear damaged) she asks you to go there as her client order, whether you find anything, or if you believe in them or not, she’ll pay.

3/4Gettemhart  Appears in the Volcano
He and Melphonsia (who he continues to call Sheena) are leaving the area, but he stops to offend you. He doesn’t want to fight you, but still wants that mask man. He’s disappointed you don’t know anything about his whereabouts, so he says you’re pathetic because you can’t find the guy, or the reason that guy is out to kill you.
This time, Melphonsia threatens you, warning you that if you hide anything Gettemhart will kill you where you stand. He, however, says that would be no fun. Melphonsia draws her own conclusion though, she knows you’ve got to have something to do with him after the previous incidents. Gettemhart sees this as a challenge, threateningly asking her if she’s telling him what to do, and she backs down. Gettemhart says just do whatever for now, he’ll return later & they leave.

3/5 Melphonsia in the desert
Gettemhart is ahead on the path through the desert causing various explosions. She appears and tells you to wait here with her because Gettemhart is treating everything like an enemy and going wild with violence. She doesn’t want you to get caught up in it (why?) and mentions that she’s staying back because he’d include her too. She goes on to explain that if that sounds mean, it’s only your own perspective, and that being near to Gettemhart is enough for her, no more could be expected. (Feels very Stockholm syndrome here, she clearly feels bad for him, and feels guilty about something enough to justify putting up with mistreatment and threats of death at all times from him) After defeating whatever it is ahead, he rudely yells for her to come along, so she excuses herself.

3/6  Afin in the Desert
While looking for Fourier’s proof, you meet Afin in the desert. He’s looking for something too, but when asked about ‘little shadows’, says he’s seen something off one way, but he is more the person who finds things for others, rather than himself. If you investigate with him, there’s no one there, but there is a scrap of cloth. No mech would have it, so it has to be proof of these shadows. He gets back to his own quest, but now you have proof for Fourier.

3/6 Turning in the Cloth
On the same day, you can turn in the scrap of cloth to Fourier. She’s excited, because it’s real proof. She is happy to know someone kind really did save her, and now she’s got someone to thank. She wants to hurry up and get better, so you two can go and try to find the shadows.

3/6 Theodore’s Been Yelled At
You can find Theodore out in the desert too, and he’s glum because someone has yelled at him for not fighting seriously enough. He doesn’t see the point of being sent out all the time to fight, and has no real will to fight, either. His solution, he tells you, is to fight just enough to not get yelled at. Though, he is still mopey.

3/7 Ulc is Rerun
Ulc is very energetic this day, but warns that sometimes too much energy leads to running in circles. She re states how her “arks friend” has no motivation, that’s terrible, she wishes she could trade places with him but can’t…so oh well,  she still can’t get into regular Arks, so she’s still going after that office job (she’s said all this pretty much exactly before) this time though she elaborates a bit, saying the exam to get the job is tough, but she’ll do all she can to pass it, to prove that hard work can still get you to good places even if you have no natural ability. (So, likely, she is trying to be a living example for Theodore to try harder)

At 3/7 Quna is in the desert
This time, she’s surprised you found her again, she’s never been seen by anyone else in Arks except you. She says you stroll up like it’s nothing…so what are you really? You’re so sensitive to finding people, maybe she could use it to her advantage in some way (she muses) then says ‘later’ and disappears.

3/8 Light frets where’s Aki?
Professor Aki’s assistant Light, a worry-wort newman can’t find the professor. He frets, and hires you, an Arks to go look for her. Since she became overly-enthusiastic about Amduscia and the dragonkin, she used her status as an Arks member to go down alone and do research, but she hasn’t come back. He’ll pay you (out of her research fund) to bring her back safely.

3/8 Find Aki
Taking Light’s quest sends you to the volcanic caves. At the end, if you can beat a caterdran, you can find Aki, who, at first wants nothing to do with you because you’re not a dragonkin. However, she soon confesses that yes, she’s Professor Aki (thinking it bold you just asked her name) claims she has a perfect memory (and doesn’t know you), then deduces Light sent you. She mistakes his worrying about her safety for whining, but will grudgingly go up with you because you found her. (She also claims you may end up more interesting than the Dragonkin, but says she’s just talking to herself)

At 3/8 Chrome dragon Hadred appears
When darkers appear to attack you in the desert of Lilipa, a chrome dragon appears (just how the darkers do, out of a red/black sphere portal) and attacks the darkers. It eats them fairly quickly, sees you are there, looks at you for a bit, then leaps back into its portal.

3/9 Aki’s request
Meeting Aki & Light the next day, she says sorry for troubling you yesterday (to which Light says he was worried since she never came back, to which she just tells him to shut up) but because her assistant is a whiny baby, she’s (somehow) forced to scale back her investigations of Amduscia and wants to send you in her place to observe a fight between dragonkin and darkers. Light sadly informs you that the quest pay will come out of his paycheck because he complained it wasn’t safe for her. Note that you don't get the chance to do the request until 3/18.

3/8 Fourier’s Client Order
By this point, she is fully healed and ready to go look to thank the shadows. She wants you with her, because she doesn’t trust her own eyes. (Speculation: she does trust her own eyes, but she wants proof in the form of another person there as well to witness it, so others will believe her/someone to corroborate the story.) 

On this date, Fourier finally gets to see a lilipan, once you take her quest. Seen at a distance, she’s glad you’ve seen it too, thinking it looks like a small person. And since you saw it, this means it was really there. Though she didn’t get to talk or say thanks, it’s enough for her today, and all that’s left is patience (which she has) to achieve her real goal of thanking the small person.

3/9 Aki’s request
Meeting Aki & Light the next day, she says sorry for troubling you yesterday (to which Light says he was worried since she never came back, to which she just tells him to shut up) but because her assistant is a whiny baby, she’s (somehow) forced to scale back her investigations of Amduscia and wants to send you in her place to observe a fight between dragonkin and darkers. Light sadly informs you that the quest pay will come out of his paycheck because he complained it wasn’t safe for her.

If you find Fourier in the desert, she asks for help defending lilipans from darkers. Communication can wait, as right now she needs a hand saving them. After saving some lilipans from darkers, she creeps up on 3 others that are having a conversation. (Their language is partially gesture based) She asks you to keep quiet too, so you can observe them. However, they’re soon also observed by a Spardan A, which she explains won’t attack them since they’re native to the planet. However, this robot’s gone wrong and gets into the attack position. Fourier calls out to the lilipans, warning them just in time, so they run away. One of them cries because it is scary, but turns to see that she warned them first. Then, you can battle the robots.

If you find Klotho in the afternoon, he laments that it’s sweltering out, and there’s nothing in the desert. He feels that ‘someone went crazy and destroyed everything in the area’. However, he also thinks that the (destroyed) situation makes it easier for him, this afternoon. He suggests that if you come early in the morning, you’ll run into whoever is doing the damage, so be careful. (Isn’t that interesting, he has somehow figured out someone=Gettemhart is very active in the morning on lilipa. Is it always this way? How does he know it’s not a 1-off instance? Why would he assume it always happens? This also actively foreshadows your choices on the story quest—depending on what time you tell Fourier it is alters the course of the quest)

3/11 Hi Loga fights darkers
On this date, you can observe a Vol Dragon named Hi Loga breathing fire onto dagans to kill them, before flying away. He sees you, and says ‘hmm’, then leaves anyway.

When you report back with what you’ve seen, only Light is there. Aki has shut her self up in her office, and won’t come out no-matter what till she’s done. They’re happy with the info, it is interesting, and will contact you again when she comes out from her office.

Fourier is very excited, determined to thank lilipans this time. If you ask her about having a plan for it, she hasn’t got one. She says she’s not very smart, so thinking wouldn’t accomplish much and you should just wing it. She acknowledges that’s not very cast-like, but it’s just how she is.

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