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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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Returning to Xion
This time Matoi is talking to her first. She can now see & speak to Xion. (either because she figured out how, or Xion willed it so) Matoi is worried because Xion seems to be in pain or confusion now. She says that it’s easy to just depend on others and go with things. Also that "you" (matoi or you?) be putting pressure on her simply by depending on her. Maybe never meeting and letting time take its course was the right thing to do. Looking on from the outside & not hard to think we might be doing the wrong thing/keeping everything from proceeding normally.

Matoi says that seems sad/wrong.
Because if 'she' didn't lead you (actual you, or Xion?) to her, she wouldn't have been saved and never been able to meet Xion...and 'her'. Sure Matoi suffered some, but she's still grateful. She doesn't want Xion to worry, and is confident that whatever road she chooses will lead to happiness, and holds her bubbling hand. Xion says thank you to Matoi and gives you the third matter board.

Isn’t Xion here because things WERENT ‘proceeding normally’?
Wasn’t Luther or somebody capable of time-shenanigans the first to start trouble?
Who is the mysterious ‘she’ in here? Why does nobody ask, it’s stupid that nobody’s direct.

Io in: Dewman Origins
Io will appear and tell you that 'many too convenient coincidences' happen, much like how she's always running into you, when there's many more people in Arks. Maybe you work almost as hard as she does?

Is it romantic you keep running into each other? She says the origin of Dewman is that "The remains of a life form came out of no where and that's how its recorded" but she can't imagine something so convenient happening. It was scaly like a dragon but similar to a darker, and based on that they did experiments, and the experiments were us, the Dewman. Then, a secret for you: it looked similar to the 'rampaging dragon' (AKA Hadred, of course) It's too much a coincidence for her but she can't complain otherwise she wouldn't exist. Are they spawning people from nothing?

6/1 Fourier finds a lilipan settlement.
You can find Fourier and some lilipans near an oasis. She says they're used to you, as they come to greet you. Water makes them more animated, so no wonder they want to live nearby. She then remembers that Rogio assigned her to look for some 'unusual parameters' in the area.

Patty & Tea: A Flood of new info
This one's title is completely misleading. They only small talk the discovery of Vopar, the 'end of the rampaging dragon' and 'how busy they are', but their literal only piece of news is that some members of VOID have left. They wish to interview one, but can't find anyone. Despite being tired, off they go to look for more.

Teacher is Worried
This one is completely opposite-named. Student is worried. You can startle Light, as he worries about Aki. He says though he may have been just a VOID spy, he saw all she strove for, disagrees with the 'director' that her research DOES have value (he thinks it does, director says no) and knows her next investigation is in a dangerous place. He wonders what to do...thinking she'd say that if he has extra time, he ought to do more research. He is lost in thought, so he leaves.

Unconvincing Message With Patty & Tea
Poor Patty & Tea are hot on Lilipa, so Patty's complaining. Tea's annoyed and insults her twice in the same sentence, so Patty just says 2 negatives make a positive. (That's not how that works though...) They say the whole area's under alert, so ARKS is sending out messages. You shake your head that no, you didn't get a message. Tea thinks that’s really strange. Patty wonders if they skipped it on purpose!

But Tea thinks its just an accident. It's a good thing everyone met up here though, because now you know. *And magically didn't ask why the alert is out! Or what it's for!

You can find Maria in the quarry.
She says she hasn't seen you in a while, but you seem to be doing well--though don't over extend yourself because losing you would create many problems. If you gesture at her, she explains she 'got tired of bullying Zenoboy' and so is out on patrol. She explains the darkers (and consequentially the mechs) are more active and there are reports of a new darker so do watch out. She then leaves.

A Stylish Change of Pace? With Sara
If you run into Sara, you can see that she changed her hair style. She notices you look at it and so says 'why are you looking at me', while getting nervous.

1. Is that a new hair style?
2. Did you change your outfit?

If you choose Hair Style (she now has a slightly shorter side-ponytail, rather than her very long back ponytail) she gets flustered, saying it’s just a change of pace, suspecting its weird, and saying she'll change it back before you find her again. However, you nod (to mean that the hair's ok) so she wonders if you're just saying so. But it doesn't matter. But thanks for noticing because nobody has commented at all so far. But no! She's not into weird fashion it's just a change of pace. Then, she runs away.
Why is she so concerned someone will or won’t notice her hairdo?

Fighting Other ARKS
Marlu appears, warning that there are now such things as Arks imposters, and everyone's talking about having had to fight them/run-ins with them.

She's glad you're really you. She says it could make people hesitate to attack the appearance of someone they always party with, even if they know it's fake. She hates the idea of fighting other Arks, and so doesn't want to think about this doubles situation and hopes she doesn't run into one.

This is, of course, the VERY RARE occurrence of if your camp ship is kidnapped to the Darker Nest area when attempting to do a quest. This takes your party to an un-quit-able/can't get to camp ship version of the nest, where Falz Hunar is waiting at the end. The darkers use this opportunity also to 'clone' your character, making a version of it that uses your voice/speech chats, but leaks red/black vapor constantly. You must fight this clone, with all your weapons at its disposal, plus MUCH higher HP as well as HUnar to pass the area. Later, it can appear before anyone as an E-Trial in almost any stage.

Azanami in Where Justice is Hiding
It's not in this scene, that's for sure. Azanami appears to talk to you about getting her mind off of everyone’s fears/doubts etc during battle. She goes on to say that everyone's been talking about good and bad like a self appointed arbitrator. But, what's justice and what's bad depends on the perspective of the individual, so if they have time to criticize others on the world view, then they ought to be spending the time instead, improving themselves. She adds this is something she's trying to do.

*What's she REALLY referring to here? Apocalypse=bad ...this is what everyone's trying to avoid. "Death of everything/everyone eaten by darkers" is not an opinion! Nor is it a world-view, it's an end of the worldview.

Lisa in Troubled Society
Society would likely have a lot less trouble without Lisa. Lisa is preparing to shoot something (maybe you) but refrains. She admits she's feeling quite 'off' lately, having trouble telling friend from foe, but this...isn't new news for her. She's worried about shooting the wrong person, and can't sit still around Dewmans at all. She frets and feels that fretting doesn't suit her at all. If she accidentally shoots someone it's ok, but if its on purpose she gets yelled at. She wishes she could just shoot everyone so the world could be more simple.

Echo in A Hunters Fears
You can find Echo out on Lilipa, fighting with her large sword as her new HU class. She's quite tired/out of breath. She acknowledges that up-close fighting is even scarier than fighting as a FO. She thought she had it all figured out from watching Zeno all the time. She marvels that Zeno could fight at such short distances and still smile, that it was amazing. Quickly, she catches herself thinking about him and hurries off instead in order to stop.

Huey in A Good Example
Huey appears, fired up as usual...though he quickly turns thoughtful after asking you if you've seen Claris Claes in the area. There's a 'standby' order that's been issued to the "3 active heroes", of which he and Claris are 2 (Maria is the other one, most likely). However, Claris has just run off by herself because she felt like it. He comments that she's inexplicably super-super strong, and even he wouldn't stand a chance against her (He's the wrong type, a wire lance specialist won't do very well vs someone who just relies on "tons of explosions everywhere" to fake/win their way through everything)
He mentions she's a young naive child though on the council of 6, so she hasn't learned right/wrong and thus is being 'used'. (by who?) Regius left her to Huey to see if Huey would be a good example for her, but he has no idea if he's fulfilling the role. (Likely not, as she always's literally her MO to just walk away from everything) He's caught himself 'acting seriously', and says that's out of character so he corrects it by yelling "If it's wrong fix it or something like that!" But pauses to whisper to keep the conversation a secret.

Jean in Afraid of Impostors
Jean will mention that there's a Fake ARKS member running around too, and he emphasizes acting first to defeat it, rather than hesitating. Don't reflect or hesitate to fight because even though it looks human, it isn't on the inside and if it brings pain to others, the only option is to destroy it because criminals must be judged. He tries to tell you what he was like when he was younger but you can sneak off.

Ohza in Fighting With Friends
Ohza has heard of the imposter ARKS phenomenon as well, adding that they can copy abilities too. But the worst part is that it looks like someone you know. He figures that the Darkers have turned to such tactics because it would cause people to hesitate, since it’s hard to fight someone you know. He admits he would avoid any fights between ARKS even if it's fake. Fortunately for him, the imposter ARKS creatures don't have the ability of patience, they always attack on sight, they're not smart enough to hold a conversation or join your party.

Investigation with Fourier 6/4
You find her beside another oasis with lilipans. She says that something's bothering them, but she doesn't know what. She wants you to accompany her on an investigation of the facility at the back of the quarry because she can't find anything suspicious here. She's afraid she can't go alone.

Matoi in What's Peace?
Matoi says thanks for fighting to keep the darkers at bay, she can't help but hopes you'll take her thanks. Then, she mentions she doesn't understand what 'true peace' is. She says the people on the ship can live normal lives because the Arks are out fighting for them. But how does fighting lead to peace?

Claris Claes in A strange thought
You can find Claris out in the quarry. Accidentally sneaking up on her, because she's out in the open and not even trying to conceal anything, you startle her. She is surprised 'someone could see her', which offers you the chance to say

1. But you're standing right here in front of me?
2. I didn't see anyone?

If you choose You're standing right here, she'll get upset (because she gets upset at everything) and says now that she's been seen she'll have to murder you to conceal the evidence. The only thing you can do here is shake your head 'no', which indicates that you won't tell anyone she was here. She believes you, but threatens anyway 1000 years of pain if you do tell because she doesn't want anyone knowing what she's doing out here. Note that right now you don't know. It could literally be anything. You would have no way of knowing . So, because it's SO important that no one know......she blathers on of course, telling you. She's on patrol here 'just like anyone else', even though as one of the 3 heroes she was told to stand by. She says that doesn't feel right, so here she is.

Afin in Ghost Town Search
He says you already know why he's there...looking for someone again. But, there's no one really much on it's his intuition that led him here. He thinks 'she' won't show herself in an area with lots of people anyway. After basically reiterating, he goes away. *Why does no one ever ask him who the hfil he's looking for? Duh?

Fourier in Afin's Worries
Fourier has seen Afin earlier, but he was gloomy/distracted/not himself. She asked if he wanted to go with her, but he turned her down. She feels he's way too preoccupied by something and asks you to keep an eye on him.

Gene in Importance of Vigilance
You can find Gene in the quarry, he says the area has been declared restricted. When you say you weren't notified (still, this is an ongoing thing) he says it 'cant be' because everyone is being notified and the 3 heroes are 'on standby'. (so, nothing new) Incongruous principals and miscommunications lead to grave mistakes so it's best to exchange info to make up for shortcomings. You creep away when he tells you he neglected to confirm info when he was younger leading to...

Aki in Cross Cultural Communication
You can find Aki in the Skyland with Ko Rela. She says how nice it is to be able to talk with Ko Rela, who shares the sentiment because she's 'new' (means likely that she is young, like a child dragon) Hearing the insights of others is like food to her.
What about Light? Well, he ran away when he saw Ko Rela, which she feels is a shame. Aki says he puts the male gender to shame for fleeing from the sight of a lady. Aki offers to discuss the differences between male and female thought processes next, to which Ko Rela says is enthusiastically interesting. *Ko Rela is about to get all wrong ideas about humans because if Aki will dump on 'men' for 1 man being afraid of a giant dragon (regardless of the dragon’s gender, you can’t tell them apart just looking at the face) then she will give the poor thing all kinds of wrong ideas.
Remember: Aki knows that Light is cowardly to a degree in all situations and he doesn't represent his whole gender, 'men' are not a hive-mind.  This is likely to satirize the old fashion view that “women are mysterious creatures” when one of them acts in a way a man can’t explain at the time, so he generalizes that ‘all women’ are like that. They’re throwing the stereotypical trope on its ear here, to get in a jab that “look haha women are just as bad as the misogynist man, they’re a misandrist and generalize ‘all men always’ so it’s a gag!”

Matoi in Idol Watching
Matoi is excited because she's just seen 'that idol' perform. Quna, of course. She realizes the power of music but asks you to promise not to laugh. If you promise, she says that she thought of something during the happy bubbly song, that there was a deep hidden sadness despite her smile. Matoi wonders how she really feels.
Matoi in Monitor Watching
Matoi has seen 'someone from council of 6' on the monitor making an announcement, and that he is high on the 'social ladder' without saying what that ladder is. She says he enjoyed talking down to everyone, but it all seemed in good fun. (This highly suggests Huey) She mentions an idol concert later, she'd like to go and have fun too but don't worry she wont...Philia got really angry due to her having a headache from 'over doing it' earlier. If you're going to attend, please have enough fun for both of us.
Matoi in A Strange Feeling
Matoi asks if anything strange has been happening lately. She gets the feeling you're being watched or maybe targeted. Though she takes it back a bit, not knowing why she thinks that way. She says lots of big events are happening, so she worries, but nobody will tell her what's going on. She says she's ok as long as you keep coming to see her, all she can do is wait for you so she can talk. She asks you to come see her as much as possible...she'll always be here waiting for you. (Matoi is always vague like this...what events? Why won't people tell her anything? She seems to be rather clingy but it's also natural/normal for her to fret as you are her only news source/friendly person she has)

Episode 2: Chapter 3 – An Unexpected Meeting

Arriving on Lilipa in the ‘digging area’, you can see Afin run by in the distance. He runs into a dead end area with only a short-distance teleporter available. You CAN ignore the short distance one and go down the branch that doesn’t dead end & actually leave the area/move onto the next. By using the short-distance teleporter, it takes you to an isolated area on the map that ALSO has an exit to another area.

06/10 at 10:10
Never Wanted To Believe

Following Afin leads to this branch of the story quest. He sees you as you arrive in his area, and asks what’s going on. Your answer is clearly “followed you”. He’s there looking for ‘a shadow’ again. You ask who it is (Finally! No one ever asks enough questions or the whole thing would be solved) but are interrupted by Fourier who said you were supposed to meet her on Lilipa, where she is now. Afin gets in on the call too, and asks if he can ‘borrow your help’ today, because you caught up with him. She asks if it has to do with why he’s been depressed, but he only says ‘we’ll see’.

Fourier says don’t worry about her, the planet is like her yard, and hangs up.
Afin feels there’s no time to call her here anyway because “That Falz” could have come here before. He explains it’s the one we met after the Arks Battle Tournament. *But you see, NOBODY met the woman after the tournament. When the tournament end clip plays she shows up alone, nobody observes her and Afin arrives only later. He then becomes confused, saying ‘we didn’t attend that together’, but still feels like you were there when he saw her. He says to focus on what’s here now instead of this confusion, he’s counting on you.

It’s no wonder his memory of it is muddled.
Doing the tournament quest properly, as you remember, took you through the same sequence of events very many times, allowing lots of different things to happen in different ways. You had to play it with multiple characters to get the whole story out, which means many people had the "Tournament Expierence" with you.

You have to get points by killing only darkers (mechs don’t count) as you progress.
At 10:40 Afin reminds about what happened 10 years ago.
He wonders if you’ve asked anyone else about it?
No, because your character never asks anything even when its very obvious they should. He doubts you’d of heard anything other than “They battled a Dark Falz 10 years ago”. He says it seems no one quite remembers what happened then/exactly how, and also somehow the ARKS have classified all the info. He’s sad about the facts being hidden, but it doesn’t explain why no one remembers his sister. He doesn’t even know more than what he mentioned before, but has vowed to never forget his sister.

*Afin’s not that old. He wouldn’t have been fighting age 10 years ago when that particular DF showed up in either it’s own manifestation, or someone else’s’ body. (Remember, it took over Gettemhart to ‘have a body’ this time. What was it originally the 10 years ago?
Theory: Everyone’s got a hazy memory? Are time shenanigans going on? Why would Arks classify everything to do with Falz battle from 10 years ago? Is it because they wanted everyone to believe it was defeated/but instead they failed at that and just sealed they're trying to sweep the incident under the rug via classification?

You then move through a rather convoluted area (its separated by walls where it doesn’t look like there are any on the map) defeating mechs and darkers as you go, passing an exploding barrel riddled area designed to lure you in while enemies spawn.

After this area is a large room with someone standing on a ledge at the back.
It’s the same woman from after the tournament, and she’s looking for something again, and still not finding it. Some ‘traces’ of whatever should have been left, maybe someone took it away? You coming upon her here bothers her (of course) so she says ‘the robot’ (what robot? The Varda Soma that you fight on the other part of the chapter. This takes place *For Apprentice* AFTER you encounter her with Fourier) wasn’t enough fun for you? And what about this brat you brought for the 2nd time? (Afin)
Afin says it’s not the 2nd time. He asks her, recognizing her as a Falz, that she got the body 10 years ago, right? She says “How do you know” (A fumble, she’s showing her hand that he’s right) She is now labeled as “Apprentice”. He says that’s what he thought, he recognized her face. She threatens to kill him if he doesn’t say something understandable. This riles him up, saying he’s been searching for her the whole time, which bothers her. She brushes her hair away from an ear (Remember, they are Newmen, and have big long ears) which he yells that she’s always doing that gesture when things aren’t going well, and that she goes off and gets lost or loses things and makes him find it. He says this Apprentice is disgustingly similar. She demands an explanation.

He says the name of her host is Yucrita.
10 years ago his sister was taken away before his eyes by a black figure. This really gets to Apprentice, giving her a headache, making her say the name, and double over. He demands the Falz give Yucrita back, so she shouts for silence and to don’t call her that. But, before they can argue further, a Blu Ringada descends during a small earthquake. This (naturally) frightens Afin. Apprentice questions that ‘he’ is worried about her, he should mind his own business instead.

If you can defeat the Blu Ringada, Afin is very sad. Apprentice has (of course) vanished during the fight. He says there’s no mistaking it, that’s definitely his older sister. She was kidnapped by the dark figure in the darker attack 10 years ago, and he’s outraged because she was a normal girl. Not a fighter nor ARKS.  She looks a bit older, but otherwise the same.

She didn’t attack
She seemed to remember something

If you say She seemed to remember something, he agrees but wonders why she’s a Falz now. No matter what he won’t give up, but he does need some time alone, so he leaves and the chapter ends.

This one answers more than it raises.
Obviously there was something special or weak about Yucrita. Gettemhart was a physically strong man but weakened by rage so he was easy to take over. So either Yucrita started out with a hidden even-to-herself mental power, or she was mentally faulty somehow to make her a Falz target takeover since she got kidnapped.
Was the Blu Ringada worried about Apprentice? Or was it ‘sent’ by someone?
Can a Falz Influence/takeover be stopped/ended/kicked out?
What was special about Yucrita?
Also, her ‘takeover’ isn’t complete because she can clearly be flustered by memories/hates hearing the name of the host so maybe Yucrita is still really ‘in there’, just pushed down by the Falz influence.
Why didn't you get the notice about the area that Gene/everyone complains about? Who is singleing you out at Arks HQ?
We finally know who Afin was after & exactly what happened to her.
The 3-Heroes Standby order is likely due to Apprentice lurking in the area

What One Should Believe: Chapter 3

If you go through the area that Afin DIDNT go into, you can get into the next area where Fourier is waiting for you. She was expecting you (how? Remember when she said she wanted to investigate things but was afraid to go alone.) and says our objective is at the back of  the area, and that the alert level has been raised so we have to be careful.

After you pass some enemies & defend a lilipan settlement from quite a few mechs (mechs dont usually attack the settlements, usually this code involves only darkers) Fourier talks about how the heroes are on alert and worries. She then frets even more because there hasn't been an alert situation for 'all Arks' like this since Falz decided to appear on Naberius. She is frightened because of what may happen to her if Falz decides to appear here next. She says the whole council of 6 was dispatched but...

Maria appears to interrupt her saying only she and Huey are active. Fourier is very surprised to see her, so she asks why wouldn't she be here? Fourier apologizes, saying its unexpected to run into her idol here so she's nervous. She explains to you that her reaction shouldn't be surprising, as finding a female cast, 2nd in Council of 6, she's got to look up to her. Maria counters saying that the C6 and 3 heroes aren't anything to look up to because 'hero is nothing more than a nice way of saying sacrificial lamb'. (So, Maria doesn't believe in heroes) but that aside, let's go together.

Maria joins the party.
As everyone moves ahead defeating mechs, you reach an area with that triggers 2 code-quicks at the same time. You have to use a short range TP to volley back and forth between lilipan settlements to defend both from the mechs. There are several approaches like War-Cry'ing to attract the hate away from the settlement and onto yourself, attacking the enemies just enough to make them stop hitting the settlement, and focusing on the settlement with the shorter code time limit first. (one is about 30 to 45 sec to 1 min, the other is 1min 30 sec) As soon as the short term settlement timer is low/it is guaranteed to be safe enough you can focus on the other.

6/10 at 1040
Upon reaching the next area Maria is frustrated because Huey isn't there.
Your character will nod at her, which apparently means "it’ll be ok as long as Maria is here" which, she says she's old, don't try and put that responsibility on her. The Lavious is still being repaired by Zeig and she's not recovered from using it either. She says you're the one to be able to depend upon now so take the lead because something around here gives her a bad feeling. Fourier says to don't say things to scare her...but it's no scare tactic, there's something more toward the back the darkers want/hence all the reported activity. (Note, thus far no darker has yet appeared)

At the back of the area, Fourier says that it's usually where some lilipans live. However, the only thing living here now is...Apprentice. She's on some pipes causing explosions while muttering to herself. She says it's like a sick joke that someone can't even find their own body. She doesn't get a chance to go on, because she sees your party there.
She recognizes Maria as the Arks who defeated Elder, and comments that she's not dead yet. (Why would she be?) Fourier wants to know what Apprentice is doing there, because her rash explosions could endanger lilipans. Apprentice asks Fourier if it looks like she cares. Maria warns that she's not an Arks despite her appearance. Maria says Elder first, now Apprentice she has bad luck. Then, she comments to Apprentice that it's been 10 years since she saw her last, and she's gotten cuter. (Just to be insulting) Apprentice explains she's done nothing to give Arks a reason to attack her...but then Arks don't need reasons to attack, do they? She kills things she doesn't like, and Arks kill darkers so the ways of both thinking aren't too different.

Fourier argues against her that Arks only fight darkers to protect the universe. (Which is true, darkers tend to corrupt every animal, kill every person and wreck everything they get near) Maria tells Fourier not to waste her time arguing because they're darkers, we're Arks and that's all there is to it.

Apprentice doesn't want to stand here arguing, and, handily enough for her, a Varda Soma appears because she's been causing too much damage. She explains it can't tell darkers or Arks apart, and so will attack. Then, she disappears. (She was going to disappear anyway.)

If you can defeat the Soma...
Fourier asks you if "We're really different from them"

Completely different
The same

If you pick completely different OR The Same she'll '.....' (Both answers yield the same scenario, her emitting the dots) and Maria accuses you both of being too sincere, considering the enemy's circumstances. That's an admirable thing to do though, she admits though she thinks that such considerations are only for the young.
Fourier asks Maria's opinion of what she thinks and...she doesn't think anything. She has one policy "Destroy everything in her way" It doesn't matter what other people think, she just does what she needs to do. Don’t be swayed by opinions of others, as the only one who should decide what you should do...should be yourself. Fourier says she understands, and Maria says it does no good to stand around talking so she returns to council HQ.

End Chapter 3

Where is Huey? Nobody ever found him this chapter.
What body is Apprentice looking for? Why is it invincible to explosions? (You don’t go exploding around valuable breakable items)
How did Maria get on the Council of 6?
She has some really dangerous and stupid attitudes unbefitting of her ‘advanced age’. Of course, ‘following your heart’ and not letting others dissuade you of your goals is fine, however ignoring other people’s opinions, never considering any “Side” but your own, and never giving any thought to the motivations of others (Friend or foe) is a fast way to ruin and defeat. Not thinking at all, and just being someone else’s’ “Gun” they can point and say ‘destroy’ is certainly not the way to the top of anything.
Doesn’t believe in heroes:
A hero is generally one person that can/does go above/beyond their duty to save others, sometimes at personal risk.

This is actually an interesting literal-example of "act one way, people treat you that way".
Maria acts like an unthinking tool to be commanded and is then treated like an unthinking, disposable tool to be commanded. Her "Sacrificial lamb is the true nature of the hero" cements this. Despite her age she can't put it together that her actions & attitudes make other people treat her that way.

6 / 12
Xion is still standing in the lobby area, but as you approach you can see Luther behind her. He's talking up into the air a bit, and a few feet behind her as if she might be standing in the fountain.

He tells her to stay out of it, because it's not like her to participate in futile endeavors. He says she should know that all of Oracle & Arks are within his grasp. She counters that he was the one who told her once that nothing is meaningless. He says he doesn't mind because a few irregularities make things more interesting & that enjoying himself is a rare privilege granted for living this long.

He turns around, and he can see you this time. He says 'you're doing quite a bit' and that you can do as you like but he won't let you interfere because that would be boring. He says that after living for nearly an eternity you need some excitement. He asks if you agree, then vanishes into thin air. Xion explains that he's no longer human (no, he is a newman) but don't forget that he was once one.

He gets carried away because the fear of uneventful-ness was his greatest fear as a person. She can't decide if that's his greatest strength or his weakness & hopefully that's not in error. But, you should do as you believe you need to...its what everyone wishes. She then hands you the next matter board.

Human: She likely means he was a normal person once, not that he was a human that changed into a newman and then became weird and immortal…ish or whatever he is.
If one guy’s fear of boredom leads him to try to destruct the known universe it’ll be rage-inducing. He needs a hobby

Continue the story on Chapter 4