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Sometimes there are "Extras" that don't add directly to the main plot.
This can be side stories 'ex' missions or other special circumstances where something's revealed or there's characterization or other goings on that should be recorded, but don't fit directly into the main timeline of the game. This page details out what happens away from the main plot.

Chapter EX = 11 Arks Battle Festa
238 4/9 at 1055

This is a tacked on chapter (sort of) to episode 1. It takes place all through dates 4/9 to 4/9 later in the afternoon, and doesn’t interact with anything else. That’s why it’s on a separate page, and it’s events don’t appear amongst the timeline of the rest of the items. It's also very long in that there are many paths to choose with a bunch of different characters.

Huey appears over the intercom as soon as you reach the camp ship. He’s obnoxious as usual, taunting that “since everyone didn’t do well against Falz Elder the Arks are doing poorly and need to be culled so anyone who does bad here gets fired”. Which is quite big talk from a man who never raised 1 hand against Falz Elder himself.  He’s very derogatory the whole time sneering that it’ll be fun for him to see ‘you little bastards try to keep your jobs’ against all the tests he’s set up. He says hurry up and pick a partner. You can choose:

Patty & Tea
Try to go alone anyway

So, to get the full details from the quest, you have to run it 1 time with each choice to see what those characters have to say. It shows you the other participants like Revelle & Barbara, Hans & Jozef, and a RAmar & FO looking men. Before long, Claris Claes appears (in his ship, they are both in a small drop ship) to fight with him over who’s announcing. She says she had fun helping with the planning of the event, and goes on while he scowls her down. She says there’s a prize at the end (Which he didn’t want revealed) but they eventually fly off letting you get to it.

Marlu: If you choose her, she was hoping you would & thinks you 2 will do well
At the break point, she says she’s glad to be paired with you, but didn’t know if you’d add up to anything back when you were new. If Huey says you’re in 2nd place, she’ll say the only place she wants to be in is top. At the end, she says she’s been uneasy since Elder revived, but now fighting alongside you, she feels somehow things can work out.

Patty & Tea
They’re glad you chose them, and patty goes on about how you must be happy they both agreed to work with you. Mid-way, they stop to chat that you’ve gotten stronger (While each tries to claim that observation) At the half way point, Huey chimes in with Claris to say the stats of what’s going on. Marlu/Ohza team is in the lead but ‘rumored information sisters’ team is also doing their best. Patty & Tea are excited about this. Claris wants to deviate from the ‘script’ of what they should say, but Huey keeps reeling her in. Patty is delighted about being refered to as a ‘rumor’ but Tea explains that’s what she registered the team name as. Patty is happy anyway.
At the end before the Banther & Zeshryda fight, Patty feels the photons are ‘acting up’ so thinks an enemy is ahead. They both ask if everyone’s ok, and it’s agreed. Tea feels its been a bit of fun. Patty says when it’s just the 2 of them, all she does is complain. Tea feels Patty gives her plenty to complain about, so Patty counters with ‘lets just go so I can continue emotionally abusing you=Tea’. (She does not. Patty is a silly, over-reacting, impulsive, over-enthusiastic goof, but she never abuses Tea. Sure she can be wacky and annoying but she’s not mean and she's not bad on purpose)

Try to go alone:
If you try to go alone, Sara will appear before the quest starts in the forest. (remember, she talked about this quest earlier, asking who you were going with, it makes sense that she would turn up) She’ll say you’ll be disqualified if you go without being in a pair, so she’ll step in…but if things get rough she can just disappear so it’s no problem. (So, a fair-weather friend)

At the mid point, Sara will say that “The old hag isn’t here so there shouldn’t be any problems”. Who is the old hag? No matter what ending you get, you do not see any other character and it’s never revealed who she’s talking about.T

he Story Quest:
This is the actual ‘test’ part everything has been pointing to. It takes place only on Naberius, and is actually sort of tricky & difficult on purpose, even if you’re over leveled for the area. Of course, that is due to shenanigans & not actual difficulty. The goal is to collect as many points as possible while going through the areas in a ‘race’ against other teams. It does NOT appear to be actually timed.

The list of shenanigans follows:

1.       Enemies in boxes where you open it with a switch will mostly just LEAVE. This makes it very difficult for hunters to hit them, because they don’t attack, they simply walk off. Once they get far enough away, they de-spawn themselves and you don’t get points. You MUST be prepared to high powered shoot or have distance knockdown. This is the MOST IMPORTANT and irritating item in the list! If you miss even 1 Kradah you won't get 1000 points.
*How to beat it:
Use a guaranteed area-stun photon art such as Fudou-Kuchinashi (Katana art) to send enemies into their stun animation, then pick them off 1 by 1. If one un-stuns, stun it again while working on the others. If there is a minigun chair present, USE IT. No fighter/melee class can run between deliberatly super far apart spawns without de-spawning something.

2.       Enemies who have the tendency to klutz out / wander will be set to do so to a big degree, such as whirlin’ away micdas, meandering dagacha, and leaping wolves. If they go too far away, they despawn.

3.       Darkers & natives still hate each other, so if they fight & kill each other you don’t get the point. Huey knows this and the level will deliberately spawn both together out of reach so if you don't kill enemies to open the next area fast enough they'll just up and kill eachother & you lose the point.

4.       It’s quite trapped up. Exploding traps, ring traps and poison turrets are in every nook waiting to interrupt your fight and let enemies despawn to sabotage you

5.       Everything seems set to use its irritating “leap/distance/zooming” moves such as wolgada leap far, banther jump away, predicada teleport & so on to waste tons of time and rough it up for hunters.

6.       Huey is wise to breedas ability to spawn el dagans. They don’t count for points so you can’t farm them to make up for ones who walked away

7.       If you take too long to kill something it can de spawn

8.       Go EVERYwhere open every snow, rock, grass and path if you don’t ferret out every enemy you miss points. This includes grass! Break all breakable scenery.

9.       Case every area for guns traps & rings FIRST before you open anything. Every enemy wants to despawn, if there are any distractions, they will. This includes spawning other enemies first.

10.   HP may be elevated for some enemies so they take longer to kill / more chance to despawn

11.   For ‘button press’ activated enemies the buttons are on timers. Once the timer runs out the enemy or boss will de-spawn.

After the first area you should have 169 points
Second area 504 points
If at the mid point ANYone else is stated as “in first” by Huey you will NOT get the special ending. You cannot make up points anywhere, you must quit the quest and try again if you want that other ending. This means every single thing must be found/hit & nothing may despawn. If you can defeat the combination of a Banther & Zeshryda...

There are now 2 paths that the story can take:
First: If you miss anything & don’t get all the points
Second: If you get all the points the whole way through

If you have gotten all the points:
Claris will say that something exciting is going on and she has to go, then she’ll just leave Huey in the ship. It never tells you why she left, & Huey yells but it’s futile. The Banther & Zeshryda will appear as they usually do, but afterword Huey will get out of his ship (while it’s still in the air) and talk to you. He swings down on his wired lances in typical acrobatic/flashy fashion and reveals the “prize” of the contest which is that you have to fight him.

Why did Claris mention ‘a prize’ when it’s totally Huey’s bag to ‘be the prize’?
Claris doesn’t care about anything Huey does here, this is out of character now that you know what the prize actually i

Fight Opener Sara:
Does not care about the fight, does not want to fight Huey and threatens to walk. Huey claims to not know her, (Is she even in Arks?) saying that he “annoys every single person in Arks personally so that they’ll remember his beautiful face”. She disputes this claim, but finally consents to fighting him.

Fighting Huey:
In close quarters, Huey’s actually pretty dangerous no matter what your level is. He uses wired lances that have a lot of grapples & throws. Some of them may be unblockable (?) and fling or trap or pull your character various ways while he depletes your HP and you can’t combo-break him. However, if you are ranged you can just run away and shoot him, go in while your mag is doing invincibility (because his grapples don’t stick during it) or, if you’re really laid back, make your pet nettle him (his agro starts on your NPC but it doesn’t matter if he kills it, his agro will switch to whatever does the most damage so easily---a pet or you.

Of course, this fight is timed too, you have about 4 minutes to knock him down or you will lose. If you’ve used up a majority of mates fighting the 2 bosses & all else before here, he can be a sticky fight where you really have to be careful if you don’t have resta.

If you can knock him down:
He will spring back energetically, and say you did well.
Sara: She’s amazed that he’s seemingly fine after ‘both of you gave your all’ with fighting him. 
Patty Tea: They
Marlu: She
Afin: He
Ohza: He
Lisa: She

After everyone’s gone from the field & Huey has said his piece, you can see a mysterious girl appear on the boss arena. It is a newman woman with up-pointed ears, pink tipped yellow hair & the black trench coat/w/Falz symbol on the back. She takes a look around, says that it’s “more interesting” to see who fought here than it is to view the area where Dark Falz Elder was sealed. (Seeing the sealing site was her original intent) She then goes away.

*What you apparently DO NOT see (no matter what)
Is that somewhere lurking in a bush during her appearance was Afin. IF you get the good ending/all points, you will later encounter a random story panel with him in it. He says that he’s looking for the “Dark Falz Girl” that he saw after the Arks Battle Festa, because he just can’t forget her face. However, he’s bad at finding people, she’d never be near where Arks are & would never contact an Arks like him. He swears ‘you were there’ when he saw her. (no, no one was) acts confused and then goes away.

Huey appears via the intercom chat.

At the end, if you don’t get all 1000 points – Huey congratulates you on getting to the end, and says you did well, however he’s cutting down your vacation time and you don’t get the prize but you do get to keep your job. It then lets you collect the crystals from the enemy & go up to the ship & the lobby. In the lobby, Huey will appear to you again, jumping down from the high door-frame. He confesses he lied about it being mandatory (thanks a lot there /sarcasm) and is grateful you even showed up. He wants to ask a personal question though: Why do you continue to train/become stronger?

For Someone.
For Arks
For Great Justice!


If you say “For Great Justice!” He launches into an ‘inspiring’ speech which is slightly confusing instead…saying that even though the circle of karma, dreams can open new doors & everyone uses their blazing justice to grab hold of the future. He then leaves. (Does Huey know about CATS & "All Your Base"? That's what the phrase is from)

If you say For Someone

If you say For Arks