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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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The Dunes

Fourier was saved once by ‘small shadows’ or ‘phantoms’ while on a quest. She is determined to thank these mysterious beings. (Spoiler: it’s the Lilipans)

238 at 3/12
She thanks you for helping out again, and wants to thank them for sure this time. She has no real plan, says she’s not that smart, and admits its not very cast-like. But , lets just get started. Not a few steps later, she suddenly remembers that she forgot to register the quest and hurries to do so. She asks what time it is (you must choose the hour, it’s either 11, OR it is 8am. Your “Choosing” here is “actually” telling her what time it is. You’re not lying/making up the time.

If you choose 11
She’s glad and wants to get started. At 1130, she finds footprints and evidence that lilipans drag something and ran away. At 12, she finds a broken gilnas, with a lilipan behind it that’s afraid of something. She says thank you, but it just runs away, having been frightened. She laments not getting to say thanks, wonders what scared it, and declares she won’t give up.

If you choose 8

A Tyrant in Dunes

She says it’s refreshing to have a quest so early with no one around. Someone WAS around though, because the area is quite trapped up. Also, there are many fences to unlock. After ‘an hour’ it will say its 9:00, and she sees something. It’s a broken gilnas, sort of twitching around. She marvels that it’s so ruined, and that someone on ARKS could be so brutal. (but, this is a darker possessed unthinking machine) She fears to look at such broken stuff.
She laments that the lilipans are the only life on the planet, other than darkers/mechs, so they’re surrounded by enemies. Even the Arks aren’t that great, they’re just fighting a lot. She hopes to be able to tell them ARKS aren’t enemies, so they can get along since she already met them.

Later still, at 10:00, after passing more broken gilnases, and fighting a few active ones, Fourier hears a battle going on, and you rush toward the sound. There, you find Gettemhart & Melphonsia (who he calls Sheena). Gettemhart is using a knuckle type weapon that’s fairly blunt to repeatedly & angrily punch a breaking gilnas. He accuses it of not being very tough, despite being made of metal. He does not take kindly to your interrupting his efforts, calling it ‘his playground’ saying he won’t hand it over.

He says nevermind the woman (Fourier) you look familiar. Melphonsia reminds him that you met on Naberius. He recalls, saying it won’t do to forget the names of his prey, but if you’re here is that ‘mask bastard’ around too? (No) Maybe you’ll be entertaining instead? (To fight, this implies) However, Fourier gets in his way, surprising him a bit that she’d do that. She wants to yell at him for causing all manner of destruction.

He explains its what the ARKS are FOR- going down to planets and eliminating all the enemies. To him though, this includes lilipans, because he believes they’re all already darker-infected, or if not, they will be, so the best thing to do is kill them all, or else they will ambush him as soon as he turns around. He asks if you agree:

Shake head no / Nod head yes
If you say ‘no’ he says oh look another bleeding heart, but you’ll be proven wrong later when they turn evil. Fourier says she believes the lilipans are good, and believes they really saved her, he does not, and goes to punch one that’s hanging around nearby. Fourier leaps into the way, and he hits her/her shield instead. (Orange glow about her) This shocks him, and knocks her down. He calls her even more worthless now, that she’d take hit for an enemy. But, he doesn’t press the attack as she stares him down from her position on the sand. The lilipans all run away.

Fourier is able to stand as Gettemhart is frustrated with the whole situation, and says he’s leaving, yelling after Melphonsia to hurry up as she says ‘excuse us.’ Not long after, the lilipans return, and she’s able to say ‘thank you’, finally, and that she was built to be quite sturdy, so she’ll be ok. She hopes for an understanding between the ARKS and lilipans, but also understands that Gettermhart may have a point with them able to be infected by the darkers. However, preemptively killing them all isn’t the answer.

She is correct & so is Gettemhart- Barbarillipans prove this
Killing the gilnases is much like pushing a red wagon off a cliff to break it, they were never ‘people’ they don’t think, and if she was paying attention, she’d see their penchant for grabbing innocent lilipans and endangering them as they malfunction/explode etc. It's hammered in that she won't stand for anything that endagers lilipans, and gilnases are clearly a big danger. She should be 100% against gilnas.
Speculation: she may dislike the destroyed robot ‘corpses’ because she identifies with them more, since she is a CAST. No one goes on earth “oh a destroyed old car, I hate looking at its carnage” because it wasn’t a person & never could have been one

Thank a lilipan: How many of these people are there? If you thank the wrong one it's just confusing. How does she think she's going to for sure find the exact lilipans who saved her?

This chapter has TWO outcomes:
Fourier gets there later in the afternoon, and does not get to thank a lilipan
Fourier gets there early in the morning, is punched by Gettemhart, and does get to thank a lilipan

Outcome BET:
Option 2 is the one that occurs. Sure, this time, the first one could ALSO happen, multiple trips can be made to Lilipa at all times of the day. However, thanking the lilipans is vital, because without them, no one can get to the 2nd weapon piece.

Zeig has discovered the item you brought him really is a weapon, and he estimates there should be 2 more pieces. (How does he know how many pieces something broke into? He could have half, or the tip could have shattered into 100 and how would he know?) He says he could extrapolate maybe how it went with replacement parts, but that wouldn’t do it justice…so it would mean a lot to him if you could find the other pieces.

Theodore is in the volcano on this day too, but he’s doing better. He confesses he’s still doing the bare minimum, and getting better at pretending to fight, but that’s actually working out for him now. He says if he told someone more serious, he’d be fired, and that won’t do cause he doesn’t work well outside of Arks…nor in it. He says even if he has the talent, it’s not in his personality, but that ‘his friend’ (it’s Ulc) would just say be more serious.

Ulc however, is not having a good day. She found out that even to be in a non fighting/secretarial (or other clerical) role in Arks, those who have photon proficiency get hired first, because in an emergency, they could still be sent out. She feels defeated, until she says ‘not trying is the same as failing’, and admits it only makes it harder to get hired, not impossible. She vows to do her best.

The following day, Zeno appears in the lobby to ask what Zeig wants, saying he’s troublesome geezer when he gets worked up. If you tell him it’s the weapon piece from the Tundra, he has suspected it is so. (This is logical, the only thing that gets Zeig doing anything is weapon-related) Zeno tries to be helpful, telling you that there are clues about where another piece could be: because searching darkers & mask man are apparently after it, going to where they are/were would be the place to start. (Really? Because if they’re already there, or have come and gone, wouldn’t they have gotten the item? Plus, nobody even knows who/what these are, so they can’t be predicted) He’ll let you know though, if he hears anything.

3/15 Quna can’t find Hadred
Quna appears behind you, saying if she approaches from out of your field of vision you don’t notice her right away. She feels she’s ‘closer to understanding your abilities’ , and says if she needs to talk to you, she’ll come find you, and prefers it if you wouldn’t talk to her from your end. (Well how? It’s not like she gave out her phone number just now) She then asks if you’ve found the location of violent dragonkin Hadred (of course not? He portals from planet to planet at will the way the darkers do so he can literally appear anywhere.) She gets aggravated because you don’t sense anything about him, but appear to be good at finding people. She says she got ahead of herself and you can ask:
Why are you interested in that dragon? / You mean Hadred?
If you choose “why” she says that dragon is a traitor, and traitors can’t be forgiven since it’s the iron law of ‘our organization’, which she says forget she said that. (so, she talked too much just then) Then she contradicts herself saying if you find him, contact me. (again, with what? First don’t, now do?)
If you say “You mean Hadred?” She’ll explain it’s especially strong, violent & a traitor.

3/16  Theodore is gloomy in the mines.
Ulc has found him out for ‘slacking off’, but said only that he shouldn’t over do it, and she wasn’t mad, as he’d expected her to be. He feels cut by this, and is sad. He has felt like because she couldn’t join, he had to join Arks and do his best in her place (which he does the opposite of, so why would he even say this) and he feels that Ulc feels responsible for all of his shortcomings, which he recognizes are his own responsibility. (He assumes a lot, but states the truth that one’s own shortcomings are one’s own responsibilities)

Aki calls, saying she needs more data and wants you to go to the volcano Amduscia caves with her.

Rogio calls back, as promised since he’s learned more. He says the tundra is 100% unnatural, but has no idea of the cause, but it wasn’t a meteor. He feels something may be jamming his signal, which makes no sense because Naberius was supposed to be wild/undeveloped planet.

3/19 at 1200
Aki and Light are waiting in the caves. She says no explanation is really needed, so neither is small talk, let’s go, and sets off. Light apologizes for lack of an explanation, saying he hopes the investigation doesn’t get out of hand like last time (when she just disappeared) and if it does, you & Light may have to just grab her and retreat. She returns to the conversation asking you to destroy as many darkers as possible, so she can gather data about how darker particles interact with what’s around them.

In this story mode quest, various trap areas with ‘defeat all enemies’ appear, and if you can pass them, Aki says you’re strong. Darkers come out too, which she’ll encourage you to go after. She soon finds ‘an abnormal reaction from the north’. (None of this is translated professionally) If you go north, you find a warp that takes you to the south exit.

The Scientists State

At 1220, Aki complains that taking out darkers is taking up time.
She states that there have been more darkers down here lately, but also that the dragonkin have become hostile toward Arks. The Arks had translated the dragonkin language, and had been interacting with them for some time, but now, none want anything to do with the Arks. A dragonkin Sil Dinian wanders up, but he has a clear darker infection point on his chest. (Radiating)
Aki wants to talk to him though, and introduces herself with a “hey you”, however, when he growls back, it’s heard in everyone’s head, rather than out loud. (They are psychic?) He attacks the party because he is infected.

At 1240 Aki finds a dead guy dinian
Light is disgusted by the prospect of a corpse and doesn’t want her to touch it. She of course, touches it anyway. (And presumably cuts it open to see the organs inside) Much to Light’s disgust, which she yells at him for, because he won’t stop saying eew to it. She finds that this person was accumulating darker infection inside. She explains that if darkers are killed with non photon weapons, they’re not completely destroyed. Her analogy is ‘if dust is left behind a mountain can form’.
She got the data she came for though, but recognizes that if Arks can’t talk to dragonkin, it’ll all be for nothing, so your objective is now to contact dragonkin. (So, presumably, this dead dinian killed darkers/darker, with his natural sword & spiky shield, then because they were non-photonic, he became infected by the ‘darker-dust’ leftovers)

At 1330 After passing a key trap…
You encounter Hi En getting ready to fight Hi Loga, a Vol dragon. Hi Loga has a round infection point on his face. Hi En is a healer-type dinian (so how was he going to murder him?) Light is surprised to see them getting ready to fight each other. Hi Loga will only roar, not speak.
 Aki offers to help out but Hi En just tells her to go away. Fortunately, she persists, saying what will you do, kill him? Hi En says yes, because he’s broken some sacred laws and must be sent to hell with Kashina, the hell-dragon. (even though he is the paragon of the Hi clan) 
Aki asks him to let her team give it a try, to destroy the infection with photonic weapons, and maybe he won’t die. She says he’s not himself. (Which is 100% true, it makes anything crazy and evil without thought once infected)

If you can beat this vol dragon by hitting the infection point, he falls down, but is ok. Hi En goes to him, and he is confused, but talks a little. Hi En says it’s the power of the Arks, but Aki reminds him this could be just the start, not everything’s so easy to cure (and he got some hits, but will heal quickly) so if the dragonkin don’t start communicating and changing some things, it could get worse. Hi En realizes this, and says he owes you all for saving Hi Loga, and is grateful.

CONCLUSION: # Outcomes
1. Aki's team battles Hi Loga, curing him of the infection & aiding the Hi clan
2. ???


Fourier finds a hooded lilipan while you are in the mines. She says she’s making progress with them, and they freely let her see them, but that’s about it. She feels the lilipan will run away if she gets closer. So instead, you can get closer and the lilipan doesn’t leave. She fears at first, but when it doesn’t run off, she goes up to it too. She concludes that she’d been keeping her distance due to fear of failure, not concrete evidence.

3/21 Zeno regrets the past
Echo isn’t around because she started a fight with Zeno by dredging up things from his past, and he snapped. (It is implied and also shown that she does this often) This prompts him to think about the past, 10 years ago when he was a ranger supporting from the back lines, when his teacher left, and said Zeno couldn’t come too. Zeno says it’s all his fault and blames himself for not going anyway, after being told don’t. (Speculation: the teacher never came back from a dangerous mission, Zeno feels at fault, because he wasn’t there to save him)

3/21 Fourier is in the mines
She’s trying to talk to a hooded lilipan now, and having only minor progress. She is trying to determine if it’s the tone or the sounds that changes the words. (Their only word is Li) She tries to get the lilipan to understand you are her friend, and thinks she’s catching on a bit. It explains something, then runs off, so she’ll follow.

3/21 at 1400
Xion’s back with another matter board, saying that events are heading toward what may be a balance. She’s still regretful she can’t tell you more, but here’s the first time that “I and We” don’t agree. Xion hopes you get what you’re looking for, but apparently the WE doesn’t. She asks for more time to await an explanation.

For some reason this comes in 2 parts
When you trigger the second part, (So she comes back twice?) she says what you seek is formless, yet that is its desired form. Also, she hopes you’ll find the path to all the answers, even though your answer isn’t the one for everyone else.

3/22 Mask Man = Persona is in the mines
He’s roaming around again, asking ‘where is it’.

3/22 Fourier talks to a lilipan
She’s still with hood guy lilipan, but now can understand them better. It’s the tone that changes the words (and probably the gesture too, they’re always flailing while they talk) She again ‘feels’ what they’re saying, knows its un-cast-like, but doesn’t care because it’s real progress. The lilipan now can say hello and bye to you, and they go on their way.

3/22 Melphonsia is injured in the mines
If you come upon Melphonsia in the mines, she guesses it’s you, but she’s standing there holding her arm (not facing you and wont turn around), because she’s injured. She asks you not to help her or be kind, saying she lost all rights to it 10 years ago, and can’t be happy until Gettemhart can smile, or until she can trust another person. What that means isn’t real clear here, but she goes on to say that until Gettemhart can smile she can’t trust anyone or really be herself. *this sounds like she’s blaming herself for some bad event in Gettemhart’s past. Before you can ask what happened, Gettemhart yells, because he’s gone on without her, saying she’d better hurry up and work, because clearly she can, if she can ‘run her mouth so much’. He accuses you of nosing in on his/their business, saying he doesn’t want to kill you ‘until you are ready’ (to what? Be dead?) Melphonsia apologizes for the encounter, and moves on with him.

Chapter 5 Labrynth Beneath The Sands

When you enter the mines, you run into Afin who is already down there. Whoever he's been looking for this whole time, he still hasn't found. He offers to help you search for the broken weapon pieces. After fighting some normal machines, you get to some black writing on a wall. Afin thinks it's symbols or 'maybe writing' but can't figure it out. Suddenly, a lilipan shows up, looks at it, and runs off.

Afin believes it read the writing. (It could just be using the mark as a sign, not getting meaning from the 'words' and he'd never know) Do note that its above the lilipan's head, if a lilipan wrote it, they'd of had to be on a little ladder or a stool. Afin laments not understanding lilipan language so they couldn't be asked to translate it for you. This area is riddled with moving 'laser beam' rods that set off the twirling spike traps if you trip them.

After failing to learn anything about the writing you move on to the next area where you're tasked with "find the final area". This includes your usual cast of robo-baddies and a button puzzle. Afin tells you what the buttons do but only once you push them. Don't push the first one you see.

If you can pass the button puzzle, the next area is the large room for the mines, it has 2 Gu Wondas and 2 Dahgashes, and, as expected they are looking around as if searching for something. They're odd to see too, because those darker types never turn up in the mines. Afin says you can't just let them roam around like that, so it's time to battle. Defeating them isn't hard, but Afin is disappointed. No clues on what they're looking for, no weapon pieces, no Afin-search person, and no idea on the writing. He suggests doing more research before returning.Over all this chapter is pretty dull.

Things hidden in the sands 2

This time, after finding Afin, and having him offer to help you find the broken weapon pieces, you still get to the lilipan writing, after avoiding laser traps that set off twirling spikes and the usual cast of guard mechs. They are generally set up with a few mechs vs a few darkers. They fight eachother, as usual, if you don't interfere.

However, this time, instead of 1 lilipan looking at the writing and not being able to help you, Fourier shows up with two of them. There’s a pile of debris in the way apparently to the left. Fourier asks if she can help out, recognizing you and Afin. The lilipans have a look at the writing too, and she thinks they know what it says. It (or something else) prompts them to run off through the debris pile, because they fit through a small crack beneath it.

While Afin debates if he’d fit (and you) suddenly, there’s an explosion. Afin, now somewhat bent out of shape over it, demands to know what’s going on. Fourier just says “I blasted it” with the logic of that she wouldn’t fit…and now she does. (Why Afin is so riled by this is unknown, it’s junk, and it’s harmless to blast it unless he's thinking shrapnel would hit him, which he never mentions) You can now choose to use this path, following her. Afin just complains he’s tired. However it is time for:

Chapter 5 The Truth Beneath the Sands
3/24 at 11

You catch up with Fourier and the lilipans, and she explains to Afin that she’s slowly learning the language. Not that she ‘feels’ what they say…but sort of. Then, both Fourier and 1 of the lilipans is assigned to your party. You then have to fight through various guard mechs, without the gilnas grabbing the lilipan, or the various other things that can go wrong. The lilipan isn’t very fast, especially on the conveyor areas, so you have to be careful not to leave it behind. There are also plentiful lasers that set off the twirling spikes, so it’s time to be careful.

If you can pass all the traps, you reach the area the lilipans were indicating, in a large open room. It is apparently behind or in another debris pile. However, what they didn’t know was that there was a Tranmizer on the ceiling. (how did it get up there? It weighs a ton and has no fingers?) It drops down and threatens everyone. The lilipans tell Fourier that it’s a guardian of the area. She says it won’t attack unless we go forward toward it, but, since the objective is on the other side, it must be fought. She tells the lilipans to go hide, and the one is removed from the party. (Or else it would be the new Mome, from pso1, where the boss would kill it and fail you a lot)

If you can beat the tranmizer, the lilipans come back out and indicate the debris again. Fourier goes over to it, to Afin’s protest (he didn’t ask her to, he knows she’ll set off another explosion) but she digs in the sand in front of it, and indeed, sets off another explosion. Afin’s unhappy because he got sand in his mouth, but it reveals…another large floating crystal. If you touch it, it reveals another piece of the twisted handle white weapon, this time the tip. Afin says if you got what you came for, that everyone should go up.

If you bring the piece to Zieg, he’s excited, and says he’ll fix it up, but there’s one more piece left until it should be complete.

Rogio says that he’s gotten clearance to explore more of Naberius, but since it’s a special request, only Rogio or you could do the exploration. He figures it ought to be ok, because the planet has been cleared for exploration.

CONCLUSION: 2 Outcomes
1. You go through the mines with Afin, the lilipan just goes away and you defeat searching darkers
2. Because you helped Fourier earlier to save lilipans & thank them, they help you (and Fourier uses her explosives expertise-because you met her and she is now friendly toward you) to find the crystal containing the 2nd weapon piece. Notice VERY WELL that the searching darkers wiere in the SAME large debris filled room where the item actually was. They didn't get it because it required an explosives expert (Fourier) and lilipan instruction.

Second one again. Of course, the first could also have happened. It had no specific encounters or consequences, searching darkers are likely always attacked/defeated. It's interesting to see how close they got, though.

Things Entrusted to Dragons
The Continent in the Clouds
You must bring a gun to shoot out of reach wall switches.

3.25 at about 11 am
You go to the floating continent in search of more of those weapon pieces since there weren't any in the mines (This takes place after going to the mines with Afin, the lilipan sees the writing and just leaves & you fight searching darkers). As soon as you show up, Xeno & Echo do too, they're after the Mask Man again. Echo is agitated because she is frightened of the floating rocks (will they fall?) and wants to leave quickly. When questioned by Xeno she of course says "oh because its dangerous to leave you 2 up here alone" not wanting to admit it. Zeno wants to start searching for the man or the wep. pcs. right away, Echo wants to take 'the safest most non frightening route'.

It's important to note that Zeno says "you can tell infect & non infect dragonkin apart easily so we'll be fine". Which implies that not EVERY one of those you see is 'a monster'.

There is a walled off jump pad in the west.

In the 2nd area you meet Hi En, a Sadinian (dragonkin with the magic rod) He's not infected so he'll talk like a regular person. Zeno says it looks like he's waiting for you. (but why?) He says the FC is beautiful, it is called "Terioto", welcome & how it's the pride of the dragonkin. Zeno asks him about weapon pieces, but he doesn't know. (Pretty much expected) Echo though, asks a better question:

If he's fine, and other dragonkin are fine, why do some keep attacking the Arks? He explains that only the Hi clan acknowledges Arks as people. The Hi & Ti are headstrong, Ki & Fu are sick, Ra is hiding, and Ko is skeptical because when darkers show up, arks do too, so that makes both bad, or one the cause of the other. He warns you that some of them are sick too, and they love to battle.(He does not mention the RO clan)

As usual, the dragonkin have 2 names, clan name first, their own name second, so this guy is "En." Echo laments it'd be much easier if everyone could just talk normally with the dragonkin like this. Zeno says he's eloquent, but like stopping Gettemhart from fighting, it'll never happen. People who need to fight "need to be put in their place", he claims is the only solution.

Moving on, if you can pass the high wall switches, you run into Ko Liu. Remember, the Ko clan was who you were supposed to beware of. Echo tries to talk to him, but he brandishes the spiky shield and tells her "Arks go home". Also, he's missing an eye, there's a glowing blue X over one of his eyes. He doesn't know anything about any relics, which he knows you're looking for, doesn't want to be friends, and won't warn you again. However, he sees (behind you) something he really doesn't like: "Meddlesome Woman", and runs away.

It's none other than Aki, with Light in tow, here to chase him down and probably pester him with questions. Aki stops to chat with you, are you researching dragonkin? No? Well then you're clearly looking for relics (how does everyone magically know you are looking for relics?) She doesn't care about relics, but she knows someone who might, the leader of the Ro clan, a girl dragonkin. However, not even Aki has been able to meet this mysterious leader. She hurries off after Ko Liu. Zeno & Echo are bewildered by her, & Echo is quite afraid of the mean guy.

There are pillar jumping puzzles that require you to climb up high to push buttons. It's pretty unique and an interesting bit to add. Zeno & Echo bicker over button placement, which is pretty funny.

The final area has an infected caterdransa, which tires out Echo & Zeno to beat. Zeno says to go back because there are no leads & more dragonkin can show up at any time. Echo just wants to go back because the dragonkin here are scary.

Skyland – Things Entrusted To Dragons 2 3/25 at 1000

Upon arriving to the skyland, you run into Zeno and Echo right away. They’re there because they heard rumors of the mask man, and say that the weapon must be nearby. (They sure are nosy) Zeno suggests you team up because everyone’s there anyway. Echo is afraid of heights/the floating rocks and wants to get down as soon as possible. When called out upon her fear, she makes up the excuse that it’s too dangerous to leave you and Zeno alone on a quest. Zeno asks where to start looking, but before anyone can make a suggestion…

Hi Loga appears out of nowhere, landing upon the floating rock island you are on. (Remarkably sneaky for someone larger than most small aircraft) Remember, this is the Vol Dragon you saved (by destructing the darker infection point upon it earlier) He says he’s looking for you because he was told to deliver a message, that someone is waiting for you in the west. They have something entrusted to dragonkin. Whether or not you go is up to you, and with his message delivered, he’ll fly back down into the volcano area.

Zeno marvels at their communication (Somewhat like telepathy) while Echo clings to him, as she was frightened by Hi Loga and his sudden appearance. Zeno wonders if it’s a trap, while leaving it up to you to go or not. (of course, nobody would pick to not go) He pesters her about clinging to which she makes up that ‘she’s just holding him back’, which he also sees through.

Now, you can go forth through the level, defeating mostly darkers and using jump pads. However, you DO get the choice of 2 exits. One to the east, the other to the west. Nothing is blocked off, so you actually have to use the western one to get

Chapter 6 The Trust Above The Sky at 1030

No sooner than arriving at area 2, you run into Hi En. Zeno thinks this is who was waiting in the west, but no, he just has a message that whoever it is, is further on ahead. However, he does stop to tell you he’s quite impressed that ‘the researcher’ (Aki, of course) has made contact with the Ko clan, and that Arks communication can continue. He thanks you for what you’ve done so far, saying all of Terioto thanks you too, but you have to go on to the real destination. He then leaves.

He leaves you to a short area with button and jump pad minor puzzle. If you can pass that, proceeding westward, you reach the ever cranky Ko Liu. (Remember, he is the skylander with the X scar over his eye and a shield) Ko Liu wants you to know he still doesn’t acknowledge you, but, he’s got a message for you as a part of repaying his debt. He’s not doing it to help out mind you…it’s about his honor. Echo scoffs a bit, saying he’s not that honest (Really? He’s overly honest and that’s why he comes across as rude, there isn’t anything in his speech that’s a lie she could call him on) so he asks if she’s saying something, and nervously right away she denies. He cautions you that darkers are ahead, and in rising numbers.

He goes on to say there’s someone waiting in the west, but before he can get further, Mask Man appears behind everyone. Ko Liu asks him who he is and of course he won’t say. He threatens you right away, while Zeno brings up his ability to appear at only the worst times. Ko Liu won’t have any of it though, and walks forward calmly. He wants a chance at this rude intruder, and will test his own blade. He tells you all to move ahead, keep going westward, he will fend off Mask Man.

This area is full of more jump pad puzzles, that actually lead you back to the previous area, in which, somehow, a new pad has appeared, allowing you onto a previously unreachable landmass to proceed toward the boss warp.

 At 1100

Upon the flat, tiled/cubed platform of the Quartz Dragon area, no one is waiting. Zeno wonders who was supposed to be there, because it’s totally empty. A voice speaks, introducing (herself-it sounds like a female) it’s Ro Kamits. She won’t reveal herself for personal reasons, but says something’s been entrusted to her. Also, she wants to thank everyone, especially you for driving a stake into the old ways of the dragonkin, thus improving things. (likely the efforts against the darkers and infection, probably adjusting the whole overly-honor-obsessed ways)
 However, she needs to ascertain if you’re strong enough for the item. Zeno says if it’s a test of strength, the item better be worth while. Suddenly, a Quartz Dragon zooms in, stabbing itself into the ground. (like they do) This dragon is outraged because Ro Kamits honored everyone with an audience, but Zeno is doubting. This is Ko Rela, and you have to fight her.

*Are any of these dragons actually males or females? Are they all guys? All girls? You can't tell by looking at them, and they barely (if ever?) pronoun themselves. They know what females are, Aki is one, and they say 'she' to this Arks. Their speech tendancy is to put names in where pronouns would go. "Hi Loga is great, Hi Loga went here...blah" Their speech is telepathy-like, meaning they could sound like just anything. Also giant creatures tend to have low voices (associated with human males) regardless of if the creature is a boy or a girl. It doesn't actually matter, but it's a curious point with this particular Quartz sounding female while everybody before it sounded male.

 At 1130

If you can defeat her, she falls down, and is honored when Ro Kamits says she did well, and should rest now. (note that when this type of dragon is defeated while infected, it dies. The body parts that weren’t already crystal, turns to solid crystal, and the body shatters)  Ko Rela thanks you for a good fight, saying it’s been a while since she had one, and flies off. Zeno marvels that the dragonkin are headstrong, wanting to fight first before anything. Ro Kamits rather confirms this, saying she’s impressed that despite your small stature, you were able to defeat Ko Rela. Ro Kamits (still a voice in the sky) says that because a pact and a debt, she’s been watching over an item. She feels it ‘recently woke up’ and doesn’t know why, but now you appeared, so this must be the time.

She makes another large crystal float down, and if you touch it, inside is a rough white globe, with floating hexagonal pieces and a bright light at its core. Ro Kamits mentions that Ko Liu has driven off the Mask Man, but that you also should be heading back, though she hopes to see you again. (Ko Liu must be quite formidable for a sadinian. Why does no one think to ask her who the debt and the pact is WITH? That’s literally the most important thing here, aside from keeping the piece out of Mask Mans hands. The lilipan's weapon piece is also something they felt they should hold onto, this is a recurring theme for a reason.)

You can now give Zieg the weapon piece. He’s very excited to see it, saying that now he can restore it for sure. He’s also got loads of ideas for new and exciting weapons, and his heart is pounding with excitement. (Is it really? He’s a cast, he has no heart) He has a delightful dilemma, what to make or what to fix first, and he promptly runs off for his workshop on Ship 128, saying he’ll contact you when it’s ready.

CONCLUSION: 2 Outcomes
1. Zeno, Echo & you went to skyland, got explained about the clans, fought a caterdransa, and left
2. Zeno, Echo & you went to skyland, talked with Ro Kamits and Ko Rela and got the final weapon piece after Ko Liu drives off the Mask Man who tried to interfere

Both of these could have happened. Number 2 had to have happened, however, because it has the 3rd weapon piece for Zeig and makes sure that Mask Man never gets it.

3/25 Rogio Investigates
Rogio is still dissatisfied with Naberius. He’s cheerful because he’s (we’ve so you and him) been cleared to investigate more of Naberius. He believes all will be well because the planet was cleared for safety, thinks it will be interesting, and urges you to wait for him there so the investigation can begin.

3/26 Fighter Quna is wounded
On skyland, you can find Quna who is wounded just as Hadred is portaling away. She holds her shoulder but insists she needs no medical attention & says not to get in her way. She wants to go after the dragon right away, but can’t sense him at all. She apologizes for yelling and says she’ll return because she can’t finish him off.

3/26 Hadred sees you
On skyland, you can find Hadred. He sees you right away though, so he roars & portals away.

3/27 Reda hears a rumor
Reda eagerly shares what he’s heard with you: some non-Arks member student finally got permission to go to Naberius to investigate something but he disappeared. (It’s Rogio, of course)

3/28 Ulc is happy to be hired
Ulc is in a good mood because she’s been hired for Arks office work due to ‘special circumstances’. A higher-up has seen how hard she was working at her other previous job and because ‘special circumstances’ are on now, has hired her on the spot. She feels she can ‘keep her chest up’ when talking to him (=Theodore) now. *How does one keep a chest pointed upward? Is this a phrase?

3/28 at 1400
Xion presents the next matter board. She says your role in the universe is extensive because there are always not just 1 reality or one truth. Hidden realities can become poison that obscures the truth. You must acknowledge that your role in the universe has consequences on the past and future, and that what you seek isn’t just 1 thing, it must be pieced together.

3/28 You can find a sparkle
You find a sparkling glowing glob on the ground in the tundra so of course pick it up.

3/29 Theodore is happy
If you find Theodore in skyland, he’s happy that day, having gotten Ulc’s news. This makes him contemplate his own choices, saying it was dumb for him to go into Arks trying to go in her place. He says it’s ok if he’s dumb, so long as she’s happy. *This appears to be a case of someone who likes someone else so well, that the other person’s happiness is literally their own. Where 1 can’t be happy without the other.

3/30 Fighter Quna in the ruins
Quna finds you in the ruins, saying to be careful because the area was recently declared restricted due to heavy darker activity…which means Hadred might show up. He is intent on destroying darkers (remember, he eats them) she says she’s been wondering…but then stops herself saying details of reasons aren’t important when it’s a traitor. She then leaves to continue her search, so you should kill him on sight and report it.

Darker Assault – Chapter 7 Darker Storm

3/31 at 12:00 - Ship 128 Themis

An alert goes out ship wide to all Arks. Ship 128 Themis has been attacked directly by darkers and everyone must scramble to assist it. As your campship leaves, the portal  shows other ships gathered around the Themis, which has a red hurricane of darker influence above the ‘city dome’ area. Reminder: This is Zeig's home ship. His workshop is there. This is NOT a coincidence.

Upon arrival in the city, the bulletin is still going out that darkers have infiltrated several areas of the ship, and all must be exterminated. However, after going only a few steps you find that Melphonsia is there too. She explains Gettemhart isn’t there now, but since she’s an Arks still, she has to respond to such a call, and can hold her own in battle. But, she wants to come with you ‘if only for a while’, and joins the party.

If you can battle your way past infect circle lasers, some wall traps, dagans and krada, you can reach the next area. Melphonsia is as she says, she’s aggressive in battle, preferring to hit everything with her wind techs. In the next area, there’s a huge mob of darkers, including breeda which seem to be peering into the building windows. She wonders who really has the advantage (with such large numbers of them) but figures "we can’t win if we don’t try".