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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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Casra in: The Case For the 3 Heroes
You can find Casra down in the Seabed area. He comes along behind you and mentions you have great skills...great enough even, that you could be a candidate for Regius in the next generation of heroes. (Remember, each of their 'names' are not their own name, but rather a title) However, he soon laments because he wonders the value of the C6 or the 3 Heroes really is. He asks you why they exist
1. To destroy all darkers
2. To protect ARKS

If you say To Destroy All Darkers, he says it's completely wrong. They don't dispatch the 3 heroes because darkers appear, it's only to protect the mother ship. He says 'so its not to protect everyone'  (but, if most of everyone LIVES on the Mother Ship, by default you'd be protecting most of everyone by "saving" the ship from all threats) The 3 Heroes sole responsibility is that gigantic ship. For perspective, he says even if all of ARKS is totally destroyed, as long as that particular ship is ok, it doesn't matter. The existence of ARKS and darkers doesn't matter either, only the ship does.

If it were decided that the ARKS was a threat to the ship, they'd be the 3H enemy as well. Surprisingly, he then states that as his position is in the 3H, don't put your trust in 'us'...but apologies for any misconceptions because that's an extreme hypothesis, a IRL situation like that won't occur. And to further prevent it, that's why the C6 has 6 members. He leaves with 1 more word of advice: Trust Maria & Huey more than him, if something happens.

If you say To Protect ARKS He says you're about 1/3 right, and will then still tell you all of the above.
This is an odd bit from him- "If something happens"- likely refers to if something terrible happens, don't count on him to come rescue anyone or fight whatever it is, because his loyalty is just to the mothership.  Council with 6 members: 3 of them go to protect the mothership alone, the other 3 go off to solve whatever it is? In all, he seems to paint himself in particular as 'the badguy' in some hypothetical situation, while doubting all the 'heroes' roles. But what's the point?

Patty & Tea in: Clarissa's Secret?
Patty & Tea have investigated 'that thing you wanted to know about'. However, after their usual silly intro, poor Patty's forgotten what it was. So Tea chimes in that they've learned more about the Genesis Rod White Tin Clarissa, Claris Claes' weapon. It was 'lost' 10 years ago (And you get 1 guess as to where and why = FALZ) so the one she's got now is a phony...however, it's still super powerful. The original was supposed to be super special, in that it chooses someone with a certain level of ability. Patty's surprised here, saying that if it picks, it's almost as if it is alive...and that explains why she talks to it. Tea knows there's reports of Claris Claes talking to her wep. Patty imitates her, demanding 'more power', and both agree that's just how she sounds. (The problem with any of that is...she's talking to the fake. Does it also 'pick' who uses it? Does Claris know her weapon is a fake--she'd have to, right?)

Patty & Tea in Yonohate Secret
Patty is very enthusiastic about this info, which Tea claims to have gathered all of. After they're through bickering about it a bit, they go on to explain Regius's weapon Yonohate World Ender. It's a large, boxy sword looking thing.'s secret is that it's actually a katana. Regius has sealed it inside the box and swings it as a sword, also carrying it around that way because it's too powerful to just leave out. He's registered it as a sword, and used it that way as he's the only one who can. No one knows what it really looks like because if it ever unseals, the world will end. Patty thinks it too extravagant an item, who would be crazy enough to make a weapon to destroy a whole planet in a single blow. Tea feels it's worth looking into.

Io in: She is a Girl, After all
When Io approaches you in the seabed, you turn to her so she says what's wrong, is something on her face? She says you're looking at her in a confused way so it makes her curious. She says that you don't have to hold back from her, ask whatever you like. Instead of being able to ask something super relevant or interesting you can ask
Why do you keep calling me 'sir'?
You're just cute?

If you ask Why Sir? She asks instead is there something unbecoming of her saying that? Its not very feminine? Your bias is outdated. (What does this even MEAN? What bias? Sir is a title like ma'm, Mr. Mrs. Miss...Senpai=upperclassman...Girls AND boys are supposed to use proper titles--there is no bias here, it is not 'unfeminine' to use titles on peoples names in any culture including this one. She makes no sense here) She asks if it matters what she calls you because it fits, and whatever she says doesn't change the respective rankings. (Remember: you're an ARKS longer than she's been, you are literally upper-classman to her freshman like status) She asks if it shows more respect than 'hey you there' or something, and it's not like she has many other options. When you don't say anything, she leaves. (Io is just really confusing 95% of the time. She does not like your character, but doesn't show it too often because everything she does is too polite. Ending every single thing with sir sir sir and being overly mannerly, this encounter is no less baffling. Are you meant to rip on her by saying she's cute?

If you say She's Cute
She's quite surprised and says are your eyes ok & do you need a vacation? If you think she's cute, what's to stop you from making out with darkers? Then, she accuses you of patronizing her, so don't surprise her by saying stupid things like that out of nowhere. After that, she runs off. (Poor Io must have low self esteem. She's actually pretty normal looking, and likely also was before becoming a Duman. Remember: she has the little patterns on her skin--but mostly in areas that it's normal to cover so nobody sees them anyway, the 2 different colored eyes, and 2 short black horns that all female duman have. This must make her self-concious & think that no others would say she was pretty. However...if she'd be nicer to people she'd likely find those tiny details of her appearance easy to overlook.)

Patty & Tea on the Seabed
Why is there no water here? Why does Patty continue to be annoying if she knows she is? These questions remain unanswered. Patty wonders why it's just a cavern down there, and there's only about waist high water. It's being held back by something, but no one knows what. There are also 'facilities' that are being discovered, but despite investigations no one knows what they do. They're also being enemies or something else, but nobody knows what yet. There are natives that 'we' (meaning arks) can communicate with but no bulletins have come out regarding any of it. For information brokers they just seem to raise questions here.

Light in: The Teacher's Goal
Light appears in the seabed to talk to you about Void. He researched some, and found out that they are on the surface, to improve ARKS. But, he finds that it means that they experiment on people, which means not just Duman, but every other race too, and that they're behind 'the rampaging dragon incident'. (Seems everyone knows they're behind Hadred now, hard to keep quiet a 2 story tall menace) This unethical stuff is why the professor was always on about 'the importance of living things', but what she really meant was people. He explains that she knew he was a spy, and kept saying things like that in front of him so that he would find out/investigate for himself. He says Aki was odd, never saying things outright trying to speak through her actions. He says if she asked him to go along with her, he'd of done it in a heartbeat. He says all this is top secret, if anyone finds out he & Aki would be made to disappear...but thanks for listening.

Klotho in: I ask of thee, what is evil?
Klotho has been wondering what exactly IS 'evil'? Is it harming another, killing someone or disrupting peace? He says it depends on the situation. (Good to know he has a 10 year olds' grasp on reality and concepts here...oy) He's trying to connect some lines, not get too deep with concepts and comes to the conclusion that evil is a fake term used to promote illusions like justice and duty. But...Darkers are still evil even by his standards. He feels its likely to say that Arks can 'conveniently' exist as it is because of the darker threat. Then he leaves.
Justice and Duty aren't illusions, they're concepts and sets of rules. Harm isn't inherently evil, neither is disturbing the peace. OF COURSE they're situational, a child would know this. His Arks bit likely refers to how Arks is structured, the amount of secrecy that goes on, the 'fake peace' it promotes while programs like VOID actively harm people or even possibly Luther's influence over it whatever that may actually be because nobody's said anything about it yet & he just crows that Arks is under his thumb but won't say why or how.

Io in: I can only master one
You can find Io with her bulletbow in the seabed area. She says they're becoming more common now that braver's catching on as a class. It was either that or the katana...but this one feels more natural to her, so it's the only one she'll use. She wishes there was 1 weapon to use in all situations but realizes it can't be so. She says that some weapons just feel more natural, don't you agree? She wants to focus on improving this one for now, then keep going. She admits to having less exp than you, and gets carried away thinking to herself. She says that's embarrassing (what is? Weapon philosophy isn't) and to forget about it, but when she gets better with the bulletbow, can you train her with the next weapon? She's heard a rumor that you can use all weps to their full potential.

Matoi in: Is This Classified? 238 at 6/20
Matoi welcomes you back as she still likes hearing of your experiences. A new place on Vopar, the facility has been discovered. She wonders if it was for mining resources like Lilipa. She gets to thinking, but says she was carried away talking. (looked more like meditating) She wonders if it causes you trouble to tell someone ont in ARKS the info that you tell to her. You shake your head no (really, what DO you know that's a literal secret? Not much. Any time anyone tells you a 'big secret' like why Claris Claes was hanging out on Lilipa, it's temporary/not a permenent situation nor secret) She says if you say so, then it's no problem but could you get targeted by the rumored death squad?

Don't worry about that
Would you like to be targeted?

If you say Don't worry about that
She says it could be a possibility, how can you deny it so lightly? It could be that you know someone inside? If not, it might really be a possibility. Now there's a wild guess! That's actually uncannily right! Remember Quna is the secret zero-th member of the Council of 6, the one they send out to murder randoms who do...whatever...that they didn't want. How is Matoi's guess so spot on?

If you say Would You Like To be Targeted?
Why is this even an option to ask? It's stupid to say that to her. She is surprised and says of course not. (duh???) But she admits to wondering what someone from a death squad is like. She wants to meet them and ask them why they would join such a squad and see what they're like...but she wouldn't want to be targeted or anything ok?
Does nobody know what a death squad DOES? They send a sniper to headshot you from 3 blocks away and call it a day. You don't get to meet your murderer and have a little chat first. You would never know who did it, and nobody would see it. Being curious about why someone would join a murder-club is natural but do you really want to get to know Hannibal the Cannibal personally to understand his motives? It doesn't seem wise because whoever it would be would have to be so free of morals they'd be a danger to you too.

Lisa in: An interesting language
Lisa is excited that you've arrived just now, as she has just gotten done talking with some Vopar natives. She is chipper and quite curious because she realizes that Arks language is complicated, and suddenly these aliens can speak it. But how, because they're so small and they have small brains too. But, she confesses that she's interested in them being able to talk for an entirely different reason, which is to wonder what noise they might make if they happened to be shot. (Most things just wail, and even if they are capable of speech, don't use it when in such pain) She then asks you to praise her for her restraint? Otherwise all the natives might suddenly be riddled with bullets next time you see them. She then leaves.

Another interaction proving Lisa is crazy still (and dumb), as a 'killer of things' she hasn't really learned much that "things yell when you harm them" instead of getting them to talk or say anything of interest. She also doesn't ask the most important question HOW do the Vopar natives understand the language? WHO told them? Are they psychic? This never crosses her mind (of course). The big question after every interaction is becoming "who keeps letting Lisa out on missions?" Is she really good at hiding her ill will toward everything/everyone when around authorities? She’s such a literal loose cannon that it seems preposterous that she’s free to roam and murder and threaten.

238 6/15 Cabracan in: It Comes to Fighting
He says thanks for the other day. He’s learned there are all sorts in Arks, but not everyone has learned they can ‘count on arks’. He hasn’t had trouble lately, but he’s heard ‘unsettling things’, and so told that girl from before (Echo) but doesn’t expect anything to come of it. He then says it’s no concern and runs off. Ok yeah this is to illustrate that he's hiding something, but who cares because everybody always runs away and nothing becomes of it.

238 6/26 Casra in The motive & the official stance
He’s standing with his eyes shut, but says ‘oh its you’ & that you’re diligent when you find him in the sea bed area. He says he’s down there “Containing people in a certain area” and that “the statement gives you an idea of which side he’s on”. Which it does not—as you will see. He says generally no one’s allowed to proceed into the depths, so if you’re going, be quick about it. (as his advice has no affect on you) He says the ocean is vast and wide, yet a disease is dispersing through it. He refrains from offering an explanation there as it’s a privilege of being one of the three heroes. (He likely doesn’t have an explanation, or it’s obvious that “it’s the darkers”)
He tells you there’s no need to investigate the area or the back of the area, and as a 3Heroes he’ll leave it at that..but it’s surprising that so many Arks come down there on a whim…though that’s nothing to do with him. He warns you to be careful, it’s not his place to save you if something happens.

This means he knows there’s a boss hiding somewhere in the ‘back’ of the area. And, as to the “side he’s on” warning low level arks / keeping people away from killer bosses is a hero side thing to do. It does not indicate conspiring with Luther or rooting for darkers or any of that. He’s still confusing.

Klotho in Seabed Justice
He’s doing more philosophy in the seabed. He wonders at the connection between Arks and the rampaging dragon. He wants to catch a break to collect his thoughts on the matter. Still, he can’t get out of his head if Arks is justice or not. (likely, justified he means) Is defeating darkers jusice? It seems like a narrow or suspicious point of view. However, he thinks that what you’re doing is justice and others agree…but not everyone…so watch out because gathering information attracts unwanted attention.

Quna in A Warning from Quna
Quna conveniently sneaks up on you after you defeat the Decol Malluda in the seabed, saying she could have ‘finished you off right then’ because you let your guard down. She brings with her a warning, calling it to your attention that “you’re standing out too much” because “if there’s someone to appoint you, there’s also someone to bring you down: it’s how the world works”.
She hasn’t been given any such orders…so she’s just passing it on to you. However, if that were not the case (meaning whoever sent her to kill you) as long as you don’t let your guard down, she doubts there’s anyone you’d lose to, hence the warning.

It’s not the way the world works, it’s clearly just the way the rotten organizations on the Arks ships work. She’s a product of that environment and continues to be a good illustration of that. Standing out too much could come from anything: learning, passing Casra earlier to get to this boss, or just generally fighting a bunch of darkers without dying. The main point of the warning is that whoever’s bossing her around IS in FACT threatening toward you/does not like you/what you are doing and COULD send her. Her roundabout way of talking doesn’t help her point.

6/23 Echo in Thinking of Him
Echo is gloomy in the seabed. She says she’s used to waiting for people but it’s really too long. She is trying to convince herself that Zeno is coming back ‘because he said he would’. She wonders what he’ll say, maybe get mad she’s a class that doesn’t fit her (though he can’t talk about that *Remember, he’s against his class too, he’s supposed to be RA but he’s HU) She placates with since they’re always together its good to have time for themselves, but where/what’s he doing/why won’t he return…she misses him.
You have crept up on her during all of this, but she finally hears you and has a bit of a fit. She frets and asks if you heard her talking, to which you lie and say ‘no’. So she says of course you didn’t hear anything! It’s time to get back to doing Arks stuff! And could you investigate with her next time? Of course that’s a good plan! Then she runs off as fast as she can. You can reach out after her, but all that appears is a memory of Zeno saying “Don’t tell Echo he is ok”…so you can’t.

Matoi in Techs on the Ship
In her usual area, you come across Matoi getting yelled at by nurse Philia. Philia is scolding her because she’s done something bad on the ship. Philia says you got there at the right time to help tell her off. Matoi swears she’s sorry & won’t do it again. What did she do? Said basically ‘hey look’ , then casted a technic on the ship in the city. Matoi says she didn’t mean anything bad by it, to which Philia responds that of course…if she had, she’d of reported her for it. Matoi apologizes again, saying she had heard of them, thought she might be able to do it, and gave it a try.
*This shows Philia’s real alignment, she’ll help, but that’s as far as her loyalty goes.
Turning to you, Philia reminds that techniques are normally cancelled within the city (they’re also illegal to do, obviously) and even so, people generally need at least a rod to do anything. She’s never heard of anything like it. It’s good she did it when no one was around, or there’d be an incident. Matoi wants to know what you 2 are whispering about, so Philia tells her ‘your punishment’. Matoi asks if it’s really something that bad, so Philia tells her to stop pouting.

However, Philia does have a good head on her shoulders, unlike many other characters.
She says that it’s time to find a way to prepare for Matoi to practice…but never do it again in the ship or city. It’s better to understand abilities rather than hide them. No one, of course, would stay quiet about her if they found out…so she should hold a tool while she casts…and everything’s got to stay between just us 3.
All this is very wise. Philia knows Matoi is both headstrong-ish AND curious AND has a weird talent. You don’t suppress these people without disaster. Also, she recognizes likely some of the danger of ARKS itself, in that they’d be quick to exploit her unique wep-less technic ability. She’s likely more worried about keeping it a secret than over any errant ice balls that she claims are such the danger.

238 6/24 Sara In Can’t understand this place
You come upon Sara investigating with little screens on her wrist device in the seabed. She says she’s had no luck so far. She can’t find any clues, so may have to go further into the seabed area…which conflicts with being conspicuous because the ARKS are on ‘alert’. But, she reminds that it really means that Luther is on alert…and may even be active in the area. But why?
She wants you to investigate in the area with her because Maria is away and other ARKS are difficult to deal with. Just call her when ready.

Ohza & Azanami in….Ohza and Azanami
You can bump into Azanami in the forest. She would like to stay and chat but she has plans for this day. She also thought she sensed someone else here besides you…but she says it could be her imagination. Though, before she can elaborate, Ohza shows up, telling her not to run ahead by herself. Azanami is correct, however, no one ever finds out because Marlu is hiding behind a root. She watches the whole interaction because she was actually there before anybody. He sees you & says ‘what a coincidence’ (why?) and that he was asked ‘out’ by ‘this girl’ (Azanami) and that they formed a party here on Naberius.
She says it’s normally called a date.
Ew no way! Ohza says, to which Azanami tells him that a disgust reaction hurts her feelings. Ohza brushes it off, just wanting to get going…and don’t get any wrong ideas. Cheerfully, Azanami says bye bye.
Azanami seems her usual self here, chipper, teasing, and in her hurry. She likely likes Ohza, but he doesn't feel the same. He is likely too old to feel she has cooties or that girls are gross in general, so it's just this particular girl he doesn't want to date and that's perfectly normal. Marlu scampers off before anyone can see her. She watched on fairly expressionlessly. Why is she spying? Does she like Ohza?

Marlu in Marlu Saw It
Marlu is gloomy in the seabed. She says she’s thinking about things, but wants to ask you something if it’s ok. It’s not unusual for a girl & a guy to go on a mission, right? (It isn’t unusual) But if they happen to join arms or something? But, that way it’s like a mission, but more like you’re together. She’s not referring to anyone in particular of course, this is just general. Then she goes on to reminisce “It was so warm and she got so mad” She apologizes, saying you can’t understand what she’s talking about, it’s all nothing, and she shouldn’t think about it. After which, she goes away. It's a VERY common thing that people ramble at you for no apparent or understandable reason, then leave...leaving you with worthless interactions that are just a waste of time.

Your character doesn’t know that Marlu spied on Ohza & Azanami while you were there.
Remember, it’s only the camera angle that showed Marlu hiding behind a root. Marlu at the first part is clearly referring to the Ohza Azanami team up, to re-assure herself that it doesn’t mean they’re going out. But what of the second part? Did Azanami take his arm? Did Marlu later ask Ohza to go on a mission and take his arm, then Azanami saw it and got mad? Is Marlu gay and took a girls’ arm on a mission and ‘she got mad’?

Seabed Shivers

Upon starting this quest you get 2 options

Contact Echo
Contact Sara

If you Contact Echo  at 6/28 at 1130
She contacts you saying if you have time to investigate something? She’s already at Vopar, can you just meet her on the surface? Once there, she’s glad you came, marveling at a big space like this under the water, and thinking that Zeno would say it’s worthy of investigation. 
Who comes swimming up but Cabracan, of course, with more antagonizing things to say. This time, he’s mean on purpose, saying she’s weak but tries so hard, doesn’t she get tired? Echo’s response is appropriate which is that if she’s so weak then he shouldn’t mind if she smacks him. Of course, now, he’s ‘joking’, because someone’s called him out on going out of his way to be rotten. *Remember, these guys don’t really have a filter & will say anything regardless of situation or feelings, as is their alien culture to not be offended/offensive when doing so. That is different than being purposefully antagonistic by saying unwarranted rude things.

She says that if the ARKS can’t manage normally in an area, it’s ‘our job’ (meaning you & her) to manage anyway, to which he retorts if she’s getting paid to say such things. Attempting to rise above it, she says swim on home because enemies here will eat him. She’s here to investigate the facility. Cabracan refers to it as ‘the huge thingy’, as she tries to run off…by saying she’s going completely wrong. He agrees to lead you all there & joins the party too. Thus starts:

Episode 2 Chapter 4: The Darkness beyond the Haze

In this area, you fight your way past various bird darkers like Tyraluda, Luda Sorcerer, and other hazards like Gum Anemone & the Charge Star and Bomag. The Bomag is a colorful pink sea slug that will explode if you hit it or if anyone steps on it. The place is littered with these on purpose. Take note that Cabracan is really slow & you can easily leave him behind for enemies to pick on, so you have to be careful.

In the next area, Echo wonders what a large, fountain shaped object that seems to radiate color changing light in a rough column form is. Cbracan says he has no idea, never having set foot around this area. Echo questions this because this is his native planet and he seems to know very little about it. Cabracan wonders back if he was born on the planet at all. No one remembers what happened or where they were when they were born. Do you remember?

Of course she can’t remember where she was when she was born.  He says it’s the same for everyone, and that there’s probably things that happened that Echo doesn’t remember. She says the whole conversation gives her the creeps but she can’t deny the possibility. He goes on to wonder if the fact that they can understand eachother means they were born in the same place. Echo says “oh god no!” which offends him, so he says that’s a joke.

Their argument is dumb here. Again.
Of course you don’t remember what the room was like that you were born in but *You can sure as hell expect to remember where you spent your entire life! Whether its 1 town, 1 house, 1 state or 1 island* “Living Here” doesn’t mean day of birth to toddler-hood where nobody remembers anything, it means hanging out in general for all the years you’ve lived. Like living next to a playground you can see from the window but then magically not knowing what “The Slide” is because in all 10 years of your existence you never thought to investigate it.

At 1200
You move on through Seabed Area 2, fighting blundarl, some soldas and “Code Vanish” an uncommon code with “mad jellies” which are just basically colorful domes that don’t do…anything? That you have to hit until they disappear, while under a time limit.

At 1230
You can reach a large room that has some colored globes on the ceiling. They’re all broken though, except for one. Cabracan sees it, & Echo says “it looks like Arks Tech” (It does not? The globes look like colorful glass or minerals, it does not look technological at all) He goes to investigate, Echo tries to call him back because the area isn’t cleared, he argues, and a Biol Meduna comes out. This frightens him right out of the party.

If you can defeat the Biol Meduna (it also will summon some Soldas of various types) It will fall, but not die. Echo says she thought you beat it, when suddenly an explosion occurs to finish it off. The source of which is…Theodore!

He’s arrived on the scene with Luther, who asks him ‘how’s the new body’? He says it’s a bit lacking, to which Luther says ‘splendid’. Theodore is now a male duman. He has a single black horn on his forehead and one red eye with a black shape in it. Luther mentions he’s disenchanted with his own past self, while Theodore says ‘long time no see’, to you. Echo says he’s in ARKS, right? But what was the power just now? Theodore says it’s beautiful because no matter who it is that he’s up against, they don’t stand a chance, he can kill and destroy them to offer up to her. (He likely means Ulc)
Luther, however, brings up that hee keeps running into you, saying normally he’d chalk it up to fate but he infers that it’s on purpose, and blames Xion. He says everything’s already been decided but she still makes futile attempts, which such actions are like her, nor do they suit her. (This sentence is contradictory, the actions being ‘like her’ but ‘not suiting her’, he's also contradictory in response to Theodores' earlier 'lacking' comment & his so-called dissatisfaction with this past-self)

He targets Echo next, asking if the weak pathetic girl is also ARKS? He says there’s no potential, but some merit for modification. If she so desires he can give her powers like Theodore. It’ll give her the potential to protect what she desires without losing anything.

Interestingly Echo seriously considers this, closing her eyes and contemplating. Luther encourages her, saying sudden violent feelings of depravity cause photons to reach a new level. This, however, sets her off. She says if he knows what happened to her, and to make such an offer, he’s the worst kind of person. (How would she expect Luther to know what happened between her and Zeno, or to even know anything about her at all? He clearly announced he had no idea who she was when he waltzed on into the battle area) Zeno would hold a grudge if she took the offer. Thus put off, Luther explains Theodore is on Claris Claes level (in that he can cause great explosions, or that he’s a raving looney?) and says ‘until next time’. (Which the irony here isn’t lost because Luther is into the whole ‘time manipulating’ thing)

This whole while Cabracan has been in his shell head.
Remember: these guys can stuff their whole body into their head. Echo says that Luther was ‘rude’ (he was & wasn’t, he tossed out insults at the start to provoke her into his offer, but was polite when he failed) And why is Cabracan so afraid? He doesn’t know, he can’t stop shaking. Is it Theodore? No, he feels he knows Luther, but can’t remember how or why. Something about him is just… (he trails off) Echo says there’s no use in going further if he’s too scared to help, but the investigation is enough of a success because a powerful boss spawn location has been discovered.

Chapter End Notes:

Everyone said Luther was lurking here and no shock, he is.
Everyone suspected there could be a boss here, and no shock, there is one
1. It’s a surprise that Echo gives Luther her actual consideration. Looking at Theodore saying things like “killing people to offer up to her”, you can tell something’s likely quite wrong with him, even if you never met/saw/knew him before, like Echo. No sane person says that. At least she is smarter than Theodore, knowing Zeno well enough that presenting corpses to him will not somehow win him over to her new ways of explosions nor 'save' him..
2. “Not losing anything” in Luthers’ deal is clearly a lie if he’d like you to be like the ‘crazy acting’ person he keeps with him.
3. The investigation is basically a flop because Cabracan is useless, nobody finds a facility, the little remaining tech is broken/nobody can investigate it & Luther actually finds you which is ALWAYS BAD because you don’t want him ever knowing what’s up. Finding out there’s an angry dress that can appear in the area isn’t particularly a great victory for plot nor ARKS. *Biol Meduna looks like a big, frilly dress.
4. Why is Luther running Theodore around to bust darkers? (Rumors of him lurking+actually running into him)
5. The 'net gain' on this mission seems to be negative because Luther's been tipped off and nothing of signifigance has been learned, obtained, or done.
6. Cabracan vs Luther: Either he HAS met him on another time shennanigans, or he has a "6th sense" like the Dragonkin that can tip him off that this isn't an ordinary person.