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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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Meet Claris Claes 2nd at Skyscape in 228
When you arrive at the floating continent, Xiao will be able to send you back in time (through his static effect screen). He assesses the situation, finding no real big differences of note. He confirms you feel fine, but reminds that you can only stay back there a short while.
A pack of dagans decides to appear at the same moment, so he reminds that you can’t call for help here, you’re alone and no one knows. However, help’s not needed against those because a light technic is cast from above, killing all of them and almost hitting you too. Xiao is outraged at the reckless friendly fire.

A girl who looks a lot like Matoi jumps down from a high pillar, while asking someone that only darkers should have been in the area, (no one is with her) then, accuses you of being Dark Falz in a humanoid form. She right away begins to sprinkle sparkle dust (presumably darker-ridding glitter substance) about the area. However, a voice emanates from the rod (Looks similar to the Clarissa, but the core has a bright spark) and says “error, parameters don’t match observed values, individual is not a darker”.
She goes on to argue with it, an argument which the rod wins, as it has to remind her that ‘it was only a possibility, not a guarantee that only darkers could be here’.

Right away, she apologizes to you, so you can choose

That’s all right Claris Claes
Are you Claris Claes?

If you choose Are You Claris Claes? She’ll be shocked you know her name because she doesn’t speak to other arks, nor meet them.  She then asks if you can her ‘her voice’, meaning the rod, and you can. However…not always. It begins to flash (and you don’t hear it) but she gets upset because it’s an order she must follow despite being in a conversation.

She asks forgiveness, then runs away to follow the order. Once gone…
Xiao confirms that Claris Claes 2nd is actually Matoi. He has no data on how she could look exactly the same as she does in the present. The only thing he turns up is a report he feels is a cover up that states “Claris Claes 2 died when she halted the darker invasion”.  The only choice is to continue investigating.

228 7/16
Claris 2 is going after more dagans in the desert. She spots you though, and aims her rod, demanding to know if you’re really a member because ‘this kid’ says you’re not.

Are you?
Remain Silent

If you Nod
She’ll say that’s pretty suspicious…so you’ll have to prove it! If you tell her everything you know about arks right now, she might believe you. And she has all day, too! Because really…she doesn’t get to talk to anyone or interact. Unlike other arks, she’s not allowed to have conversations. She serves and protects the council, but doesn’t know any of them.  The rod begins to chime again, this time upsetting her because ‘she can’t catch a break’. Before running off, she demands that next time you meet her, you’ll have to pick up right where we left off now.

How is the rod a person?
Is it actually a communicator & there’s somebody at the other end of it?
Does the rod have an agenda to keep the 2 of you apart?

Apologies & Thanks
First, you can find Ohza, and he wants to apologize for what happened on the mothership. He knows it was AVIS, but can’t feel at peace until he says something.

It’s Not Your Fault
No Worries

If you tell him It’s Not Your Fault, he’ll say it’s kind words, but its inexcusable to turn a blade on a comrade, and it has shown him he can’t protect anyone now so he must devote himself to more training. He leaves.

No sooner is he gone, than Marlu reveals herself as she’d been hiding/lurking nearby. (As she is prone to do) She too wants to apologize about the Mothership incident:

It’s Not your Fault
Um, it’s ok

If you tell her It’s Not Your Fault, she still can’t forgive herself, unless she apologizes. She thought she was strong, but now knows she’s weak / inexperienced and needs training.

(What they need to devote themselves to doing instead of training is finding out what AVIS is, if they’re still ‘infected’ by it, if it can or can’t happen again, and if it can, how to fight it like Echo did. Why is no one concerned about this dangerous thing? How is it applied to people, and how does it control them?)

As Marlu leaves, Lisa takes the opportunity to sneak up right behind you and yell. She says “you guys” say the same things, and ought to be a perfect match but are instead a pain in the ass. She claims she wasn’t trying to scare you. (She likely means Marlu & Ohza, because they really DO often say quite similar things, but why does them not matching bother her at all?)
She asks if you think she’s there to apologize…well she’s not! They’ll do that for her, she’s just here to say thanks for the fun fight & everything else that happened. So thanks, but she’s off to find more fun.

228 7/19 Claris 2nd in the ruins
She's eager to resume the conversation from before, as promised.
She heads to some stones to sit, and you 'explain' to her about patrols, defense, probably some life on the ship. It shows your character gesturing and 'talking', but not what's said--so this acts more as a summary of what went on. She says ARKS has its work cut out for it, but her role is diff from the rest. It's to destroy darkers and protect everyone, her sole purpose in life. She claims "It's what 'this kid' says, we must exterminate darkers to correct our entire history".

Who is "The Kid"? This is the second time she mentions it.

She gestures at the very tall, pink tower with tree-like branches at its top and large dust-radiating flowers along its geometrically designed length. It's ever-present in the background of all ruins areas, but unreachable, as it is across a lake. She says it's what remains when the previous Claris Claes (so, the first one, the one who that 'position' on the council is named for) struggled to seal Dark Falz 30 years ago. (So, by YOUR time, that's 40 years--as this speaking to her is 10 years previous to current time) She says 'seal', not defeat, and that it took everything to just seal it. She imagines she'd be crushed about it, as she would too, in her shoes. She hears this from 'him' (the kid, presumably) and says if it was her, she'd of mopped the floor with it, not do some crappy seal.

*Did the 1st Claris DIE in the attempt? Is she dumping on a self-sacrifice's effort?
She tells you to relax, it'll be her that takes him down, no worries.

Can I help?
Its too dangerous to go alone...

If you ask Can I help? She appreciates the thought but can handle it herself. She fights recklessly so you could get into the crossfire, after all it's for nothing to take out falz and arks too. But, really thanks because you said it out of real concern...but look what time it is, she's got to go, so see you later to talk next time.

Xiao Is Secretive
After returning from finding Claris 2nd again, Xiao will talk to you.
He explains that he was quiet during the 10 years ago visits because he can't let Xion find out he was there. He didn't want to anger her, because it was she who erased the logs and she wouldn't have done it if it didn't invlove something that would put her in danger. If she found us, she would have removed us from that time period. He guesses that initially she was tracking your every move via  the Clarissa but now only watches with relative caution, or she's no longer interested. But if HE (Xiao) had shown up, there's no telling what she'd do.

He explains that she's basically like his mom, he can't hide intentions from her...and the 2nd reason is difficult to express though its unnerving...its when you do something you're not supposed to, you get that uncomfortable look? That. But, we're not doing anything wrong now...but it feels too similar, and makes it difficult for him.

It’s not bad per-se, but if it endangers Xion some way.

Claris Claes 2nd in the mines/tunnels vs Apprentice (old) 7/24
If you can find her in the mines, she’ll tell you to stay back after she defeats some dagans. Claris knows someone’s on the way in, and they don’t disappoint. It’s the previous DF Apprentice. (The current one is Afins’ missing sister, remember.) This is a woman in a quilted-collar coat, thigh high boot things & a neck tie made of large metal and pink crystal pieces. She has middling tan skin, purple lipstick, the requisite red eyes and gray to pink fade longer hair. (It seems the Falz process or whatever shifts everyone’s skin to the same middling tan color, no-matter what it started as, and switches their hair to hot pink with a fade to their original color)

She complains that she couldn’t sense her precious children. (The dagans) And hates on you for killing them. You try to block Claris from approaching the woman, but she dodges and does so anyway. Claris says her friend was right (who?) that if you pick on her family (darkers) she’ll rear her ugly face. Apprentice tries to insult Claris by calling her little girl, acting haughty, and asking if she knows who she really is. Claris guesses correctly that she’s Apprentice, queen of the insect horde & calls her Mrs. Falz, to which she cackles and confirms it. She asks if she REALLY knows what Dark Falz is, to which Claris ruins the possible explanation by stating “my sworn enemy” and trying to blast her along with more dagans she’s summoned.

Claris is frustrated when she misses (All apprentices can just up and vanish at will) so Apprentice re-appears and asks her if all ARKS are so violent, attacking everyone without warning. Of course, darkers always attack everyone without warning, so a pot is calling a kettle black here. Claris tells her to stop complaining, and that if she’s going to attack, just go on now and get it over with.

Apprentice decides to skip the fight, threatening to “find a more appropriate way for her to die”, then, she vanishes for good.
Claris says she’s chatty for a darker.

Are you ok?
You can’t expect to fight her alone!

If you ask Are You Ok? She says she’s fine, no need to worry, and that she provoked her on purpose, which clearly worked, because her focus is now solely on her. Thinking a bit harder though, she regrets it because it’ll be dangerous for anyone near her until she’s defeated…so no more conversations…but the way out of it is to rush off and defeat her as fast as possible! So, that’s just what she goes to do.

Why did Apprentice choose not to fight her here?

Regular Claris Realizes in the Ruins
In the ruins, at the present time, you can find regular Claris by accidentally creeping up on her. At first, she’s quite frightened, because she thinks it’s Huey, for a second. Though she’s still into calling you ‘peon’, you can tell she sort of doesn’t mean it any more and there’s something wrong. You clearly ask her “is he looking for you?” so she corrects it to “I’m here to kill you” as that’s more convincing. She explains that you saw those…things that look like her. (Luther’s released Dark Claris Clones)

She explains that she’s no different from them, it’s just she was lucky enough to be chosen. Her power is a fake replica & now she knows there are plenty of others ready to replace her. With the way everything was prepared, it was a role that would have been filled with or without her…but she took a seat on the Council and acted like she was one of the 3 great heroes, while never suspecting anything. She’s upset that the Clarissa (its fake too, it’s gray instead of white, like the original Clarissa That Claris1=Matoi uses) won’t speak to her any more. All along, she was manipulated by Luther “they were his words” (What does that mean? Was HE pretending to be the Clarissa wand, talking to her?) She says it’s such a joke, its so funny she can’t even laugh…and what’s worse she doesn’t know how she can laugh anymore. So she begins to cry.

You can reach out to her, but she senses Huey is coming.
Now, she takes the time to nervously yell at you that you never saw her, and to don’t dare say a word! With that she runs off.
No sooner is she around the corner, than Huey comes leaping in from…somewhere. (His method of transportation seems to be gigantic jumps that only he can do) In typical form, he announces that “When crying photons are near, the great Huey will be here!”
He’s surprised that Claris isn’t standing right there, and asks you: was she?

No, but maybe she went that way?
Between you and me…she went that way.

If you choose No but maybe she went that way, he thanks you and goes leaping away.

There is no real way to tell if you mislead Huey with EITHER answer.

This Claris being a clone of someone else explains some things here.
Part of why she’s stupid is because she wasn’t really “raised” by anyone. It also shows why she’s so immature. If she doesn’t get her way she screams and sets things on fire like a raging tantrum baby…because she honestly never did grow out of it. It also explains why she’s so afraid of the clones Luther sets upon everyone, they ACTUALLY reveal to her what she really is. She thought she was a normal person. Now, she knows she’s just one of many of “that same person” that got picked out of a pile & set on a council pedestal

What it doesn’t explain:
Why is she so mean? So obsessed with putting everyone else down all the time? Where did this come from that she just sets fire to everything she pleases? Why would "someone" not bother to "raise her" as one would any ordinary child? You can take a guess at who she's likely to be a clone of: Claris 1, the one that died sealing Falz. She's sure not a Claris 2 = Matoi clone.

Would Huey kill her?
It seems unlikely. Did he kill the clones? Yes. BUT they weren’t real people like this Claris is. They were like shambling zombie versions with no will. Even Luther says they don’t really have a will…and the real Claris does

228 7/25 Claris Vs Vibrace & Woman Apprentice
Something’s exploding in the desert & It’s a Vibrace that Woman Apprentice has summoned.  Of course, Apprentice is super mad that this insect darker boss has been defeated. (She seems to care, or give the appearance of caring about the darkers she spawns/summons & this is no exception)  Claris asks Apprentice Woman if that is all she brought, a taunt, to make her rage more. As she’s raging more, Claris 2nd casts a very elaborate spell by throwing the Clarissa up in the air above Apprentice Woman. It rains light down upon her, and traps her in a circle, just as she had been drawing darker energy to herself. This light rays circle draws the energy out of her. She gets so weak she can’t stand, and flops around in the center of the circle, wailing what did she do?

Claris 2nd reasonably asks her "why ask your enemy anything?" Like hell she’d ever tell…now to devour her!

At this point, Claris 2nd notices you, and says she’ll be done here soon. This offends Apprentice Woman, who charges her with darker knives, but when Claris 2nd summons the Clarissa to do a big attack to get her…she just disappears instead. Apprentice Woman is now disheveled and somewhat shriveled looking. She’s dirty and aged due to the power drain she just had happen. Claris laments that she got away, but says that was half her power, so next time she finds her, she’s a goner for sure. She then pauses to ask

Do you find me frightening?
Not at all
Honestly yes

If you choose Not At All, she doubts it and says ‘really’?.
She explains that in the past, when another ARKS member saw her in combat, it was her coming to save him. But, she’ll never forget the face he made at her, it was a look as if she wasn’t human. That was when she knew she was different from everyone else. He fled without a word…not letting her explain herself, her anger or her sadness. From that point on she was determined to work alone unseen by anyone, to avoid being hated by those she swore to protect. But somehow…she met you anyway. You’ve seen it all that she’s all powerful, and frightening …it’s her body that absorbs and erases darkers so it’s her purpose to do the same to Falz. With this though, it’s best to not meet again, and she’s used to her role to protect everyone’s smiles alone till the end.

Do you need to go that far?
What do you really mean?

If you ask What do you really mean? She says it’s as it sounds, slaughtering the darkers is why she exists. So, farewell.

The scene then somehow, mysteriously cuts to the mines area.
Apprentice Woman has appeared there, cursing Claris all the way, for ruining her power and beautiful face into a disgrace and swearing to make her pay.

Luther walks in on her stumbling rant, saying he sees her true nature now.
Not wanting to put up with him, she says ‘out with it you failure’. (What has he failed at? WHY is he called Loser in this instance?) He calls her snappy, reminding her he saved her from certain death, so don’t greet a savior that way, you maggot. Does she want him to kill her here and now?

She tells him to try it, she’ll kill him instead…but he reminds her that the dialogue is killing off enough brain cells as it is. She demands once more of the “traitorous black sheep” what he wants from her. So…he claims to not be a traitor because darkers & arks alike are all pawns. With more goading, he confesses that all he wants is her cooperation. His control of ARKS (at this point) is expanding, but “that child” (Claris) is a mystery. Xion keeps getting in his way, so he wants LIVE information, so Apprentice Woman & his goals are compatible, doesn’t she think so?
She asks if she’s just a pawn to him, so he won’t deny it and reminds her again that everything in the world is his pawn.

They’re a repetitive lot.
They both say the same thing to each other in different ways at least twice in the span of 2 minutes. It’s very likely he wants her to help him capture Claris
Viewing the world/people as pawns doesn’t make you incapable of being a traitor. It’s like saying loving the color blue won’t allow you to also enjoy knitting. They’re unrelated one can’t preclude the other.
How is this scene supposed to be SEEN?

Matoi & the Special Exemption
You can find Xiao in the lobby, and he says that tracking Claris 2nd through time is rough. The coordinates to get you to meet her are difficult because Xion was always sending her around to so many different planets. However, he’s soon disrupted by Matoi, asking if you 2 are up to no good.
He’s super shocked
(Clearly, he has time powers over the past, but not the future, and if he’s concentrating on something, like a conversation, he can be surprised just like anyone else)
And says no way, it’s strictly business…but why is she even here? She should be getting her physical.
She wants to ask something important which is: What should she do to become a member of ARKS? He starts to tell her that she’s already a member…stops himself short, and thinks a minute. (He has caught himself thinking she’s Claris 2nd, because that’s the topic you were upon) He says that normally you enter the academy and make the performance cut.
She gets upset, saying that’ll take two whole years and she wants it now.
He goes on to mention the only other way is by special exemption, and that no one would doubt her aptitude. Someone at the highest level of management, or someone with the rights to Avis could grant permission to skip the ranks/school, and get right into ARKS. Claris & Huey are 2 people who are examples of this. She thinks on it & right off asks permission from Xiao.

He sees Philia behind her though…and hedges that there are more important matters to take care of first. Philia reminds her that to be ARKS you must be a woman of your word, and keep appointments. She reminds her that she said she’d go right there for a physical, and she agreed…so Matoi feels very guilty, apologizes, gets yelled at, and meekly follows her away.

Xiao goes on that it’s so incredibly ironic that she’d want to become ARKS.
But, considering, he’ll put in the application for the exemption because as an ARKS she’ll be easier to monitor.
Is it exactly 'ironic'? She's just a person with partial memory loss. She didn't forget how to talk or eat, she just doesn't know her past at this point. However, her instincts like 'help others' and 'use techs' are all clearly still working just fine. It actually shouldn't be that surprising that she'd ask to join--especially in light of everything she's seen happen, like Loser killing Xion, the efforts of Ulc to save Theodore as an ARKS & more.

Ulc & Xiao Have a Hectic Time
Xiao & Ulk care waiting for you in the lobby. He explains they’ve been having a hectic time because Luther did a number on the ARKS, so rebuilding has kept them super busy. Ulc’s been a great assistant, knowing all the circumstances but remaining calm and levelheaded. Ulc explains she went through shocking things, so she’s used to it. She asks him if he’s sure he wants to go public with the truth of ARKS, Photoners & the hidden past.
He wants to bring on the chaos by making it public so everyone can think of where to go from here. The ARKS were engineered by the Photoners as tools to resist the darkers. Though they deny it, it’s the truth just as he’s not much different being a creation of Xion. The important thing is not the past, but where we’re headed now. The corruption is cut, so time to look at the original ARKS purpose.

Ulc says that’s to destroy Dark Falz.
He says its half right, what we really need to do is get rid of the Profound Darkness. Eradicating this thing is the responsibility of ARKS and all who can wield photons. Is it more dangerous than Falz? It created Falz. As long as it exists, there will be no end to darkers spawning. But, if it’s defeated, all darkers and Falz will end too. Ulc gets fired up to take it out, and wants to know where it is. Xiao doesn’t know. The only record in existence says that the Photoners only barely succeeded in sealing it. Where it is now, what it looks like, and how to beat it are all being investigated.

It is the negative photons bent on annihilation that was given birth by the Photoners in the height of their depravity. They sealed it eons ago, and DF with the darkers are all that remain. However, the conflicts vs them let the ARKS get an estimate of Profound Darkness’ strength. It’s hard for her to believe there’s something worse than falz, but it just means its time to apply more elbow grease, more work to support you guys in the fight! And with that, she’s off and running.

Xiao wasn’t done talking, but remarks that her hopeless enthusiasm & optimism lets him think everything will work out in the end nomatter how illogical. But now that she’s gone…it’s a good place to stop for the day.

What is "Depravity" in this instance?
Why would the Photoners make hell-bent-annihilating evil photons given the semblance of will? Was it a suicide cult or something? End the universe with it? An accident?

Casra vs Quna in the Seabed
Quna looks like she wants to slice Casra, but sees you.
She says maybe she'll get him later, and does her usual dissappearing act. He takes the opportunity to say you granted her the perfect opportunity to escape, but he speaks too soon. She was invisible, not really gone. She appears behind him (as she is so fond of) and says she'll help shut him up permanently. He tells her it was a joke because with Luther gone, he's no longer in a hurry to die. She commands him to explain.

He tells her that the Photoners are an ancient race. Even with all their advanced tech, it would be impossible for them to maintain their original bodies from their original era. So, this makes the logical question: Where did Luther get his body from? The answer, he says is right here. He slipped in and out of bodies of people in ARKS. When a body started to fail, he'd move on to the next, much like Dark Falz. (And any Apprentice too, remember, they're also a bad personality overlaying another) And, the irony, that he turned out to BE a falz, in the end. So, "Falzification" can happen to not only the ARKS people, (humans/newmen) but also to the alien Photoner race as well.

Now, for some reason, Quna decides to ask him if he too is 'one of us' an artificial creation?
He is. He's one of the first of the Casra type clones, modeled after the dead original Casra Hero, from early experiments. Why he wasn't mass produced like the Claris clones is because he's not cooperative. The original Casra was always rebellious, so Luther had to take direct control of him. (So he hears) But...she shouldn't misunderstand him, he's not trying to appeal to her sympathy by the shared past. (Of being a clone) He's the one who devised the Biosynthetic Dragons Project (so, Hadred) and that makes him the rightful target of her revenge. That, and he failed to foresee Luthers' actions which  by inaction, permitted his inhuman experiments indirectly.

This confession has her skeptical and thinking. Why did he not conceal the intel on the dragon?
His MO is to secretly dispose of incriminating things, yet, when he got control he leaked it all, including classified experiments. It was intentional to expose all the dark secrets.

He's got no good answer and just wonders what could have come over him.
She scowels at him as much as possible, and this time disappears for real.

He says he'll get to live another day and you get the opportunity to ask
Is all that really true?
Did you need to go that far?

If you choose "Is All That Really True?"
He'll say who can say? He leaves it to your imagination to tell truth from fiction...but he supposes he's said a bit much because for some reason he seems to loosen up around you. It's a real problem, so he'll be off before he blurts out something else. And he leaves. This last bit about loosening up and blurting things out confirms that he's telling the truth. He likely wouldn't lament like thatif everything was fake. Plus, why lie? It's pointless.

Answers: So Quna is also a clone.
Luther gets explained a bit, he's some poor sap that had his mind suppressed by an evil ghost. (A Photoner without a body must be like an evil ghost that can possess people to have a living form) And also that 'the random man' is now dead because Luther got his body well and murdered
So, Claris 3, Quna AND Casra are all clones. Regius & Maria are originals, Zeno took an empty seat, and Huey is very unlikely to be a clone. Nobody would clone him, the shouting level would be too high.

Who is Quna a clone of?
HOW does Luther move bodies when somebody gets old?
What was the Artificial Dragon project FOR? What were these dragons supposed to do?
Why would Casra be 'in a hurry to die' while Luther was still alive? Was he in danger of being possessed next? WAS he possessed for a while?

228 8/1 Claris Claes 2nd under the big tree
Back in time, Claris is under a big tree in the forest, getting quite upset. She regrets saying to not meet her again after the Apprentice Woman fight. She looked for conversations, then rejected them by doing that. She feels hypocritical, and begins to cry, saying "we'll never meet again". The rod clearly tells her something (Glows when speaking) and she doesn't like what it has to say. She says it's not natural (the wand said something was natural) and to shut up, because it's not encouraging her, and then she blames everything on the rod.

You step in to find her now, which really surprises her. She's so shocked she asks how you got here
Just Passing By
I was looking for you

If you pick Just Passing By, she'll claim it's quite deep in the woods but never-mind all that, she's got to say it: She's sorry for saying terrible things...thought it would be easier to say goodbye while we still had some good memories. She doesn't want you to come to hate or fear her, but she wasn't thinking strait at the time. She IS genuinely super happy to see you, and here of all places as it's her favorite spot, beautiful & serene to put her mind at ease. Let's make this our meeting place from now on!

But, before anything else can happen, the Clarissa rod begins to nag. She tells it to quit badgering her, she'll move on now. But...she's never asked your name.
You can choose: Your Name
She says it sounds neat, and she has a real name too. Not Claris Claes, something else...which she hopes to use when the time comes. But, bye for now.

Claris & Huey in the Ruins
Huey catches up to Claris when she literally runs into you, distracting her enough for him to catch up.
Huey tells you to not let her pass. Claris aims her staff at him, threatening to do an explosion on him if he comes any closer. He asks why she continues to run away, and she says it's because he keeps chasing her, after she told him to leave her alone. She gets upset and starts crying, what does he want with her, she's just a...
An interruption away from Huey, apparently as he shouts SILENCE FOOL what does she take him for? Would the great Huey abandon a damsel in distress?
She argues however, (truthfully) that she's a replica phony fake...the staff, her power, everything's fake. She feels like an imposter who doesn't deserve any of it, and you think so too don't you, Peon? (She still can't remember your name--whether it is because she is mentally defective, or because she can't be bothered is unknown at this point still)

No Way
...Perhaps it's true?

If you say No Way, she continues to be sad, and Huey tells her its unlike her to obsess over trivial matters. (He's playing it down, this is far from trivial) He says he understands how she feels (no, most likely he doesn't) but allow him to explain how she's mistaken. So listen up and listen well...those things...are nothing more than (and he strikes a pose) your body doubles! (He seems to mean it like movie stunt doubles) At this absurd interpretation /comment, everyone about nearly falls over. She asks him if he's nuts. He saw them, no matter how he says it those were her clones. And she is too, nothing more than a clone. She's been reading in the archives that her life has no value or meaning as a clone. (Casra seems fine with it though, she should talk to him)

Huey says why didn't she say so earlier, and not avert her eyes from the truth, they're just doubles, and in no way her equal. She's shocked. He explains that if they were, he'd of killed her countless times, and he refuses to believe it so there fore...they're not you. They're just Luther's creation, the common enemy. So answer him now she an enemy or an ally? Claris herself can't decide (This is actually pretty thoughty/mature of her to go through this process)

She confesses to attacking him, doing terrible things, saying terrible words...and after that he'd still forgive her?
He says its a foolish she drops her staff, says he's a dummy and runs to give him a hug.

Huey never addresses the fact that SHE IS a clone.
She's not merely upset someone cloned her, but upset to find out she's not 'an original person'.
The fact that clones are frowned upon is never discussed as to WHY. A clone is nothing more than an identical twin born later. It will trend in the same direction of preferences as the original, and may share some basic personality traits, but there's nothing inherently BAD about cloning a person. What is the stigma here? Who causes it? If she had been "Properly Raised" by a family, she would be no different than any other person.
The Luther clones of her WERE IN FACT clearly inferior non-thinking beings. Those were not people, Huey is right about that, the fight vs them, and Luther's dialog makes it clear.

It would be immoral to blame or harm this Claris Claes.
She is dumb, illustrates that often, and was doing what Regius said at the time because that is clearly how she is conditioned. She was following orders, it is not her fault & Huey knows this.

Xiao & Ulc Seek Advice
Ulc and Xiao are chatting in the lobby. He's looking for more opinions, and Ulc thinks its a good point. What's your thoughts on the future of ARKS management? What should be done about the 3 heroes and council of 6? Should it be kept or destroyed? If it's destroyed now, everyone would go along with it, but control may be lost. But leaving it as-is could be ok too...he's at a loss for a clear decision.

It should be abolished
Leave things as they are

If you pick Leave as are Ulc agrees because things are confusing enough. Getting rid of the 3 heroes could create some chaos, and ARKS moving together as one would be nice. It was only the top that was rotten. (True) But Regius was under threat of Luther, and now everybody knows it, we should be able to rebuild. But the chain of command should be restructured. It can keep going now with Xiao at the top, but he doesn't want to do it. He mentions he'd be relieved if you did it...which shocks you...but then you couldn't go out into the field. He laments there's no civilian he can trust to admin office that really understands the situation. Ulc says he's too ambitious, there can't be a perfect person for what’s needed. But, that's ok too because failing many times, then getting back up to go forward is what we do. You & Xiao look at Ulc, so she asks if there's something wrong with her.
Xiao has decided to add Ulc to the lead.
So, Ulc could become the "President" of ARKS or something. Is she above Regius? This seems like a sound decision, no-matter where he places her near the top. She's quite moral, a bit of a bossy streak, endlessly optimistic, and clearly won't be controlled by anyone. The only thing "wrong" with her is her saggy PJs she slumps around in.