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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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At 1130
Luther’s voice calls out of no-where, and he’s not to be seen.
He asks Regius if it was an amazing broadcast, as "the girl was so obedient in her idol work"…but it was all for this moment. However, her working hard was amusing for him. Regius yells that he’s in the middle of a battle. Luther clams up and says he brought a gift of things he no longer needs so cutting or breaking them is fine. Huey is rightly on the defensive as many Claris Claes clones appear while shooting fireballs and explosions. The real Claris loses her pom-pom headband in the fray.  Luther says making them was easy, but adjusting was a hassle…but he was looking for the proper time to punish ‘you all’. He’s dressed them all in black, and they all have a blank look on their face.

Regius calls Luther a bastard (rightly so)
So he asks if Regius hates him…reminding him that he’s not a darker and that ARKS were created to eliminate darkers so how can he hate “non-darker-me”. Regius hasn’t anything to say, so Luther says just be sure to not disturb his date with her this evening. (Meaning the water design wall)

Casra says it’s gaudy to “mimic someone” by releasing clones.
WHO? No one we've seen thus far has anything to do with any clones.

Claris is super afraid of the clones. She doesn’t understand how they’re not her. She demands the clones tell her, but they don’t speak. Then, she demands answers from the Clarissa wand itself, and it won’t do anything either so she starts having a mental breakdown. (Why is Claris so mentally unstable? She’s either a bragging blowhard with no respect for others or life, or a sobbing 6 year old blubbering for answers out of a magic rod, too whiny and afraid to save her own life. How would someone like this even get CONSIDERED as a council member?)
 The clones take advantage of this and storm at her, so she calls for Huey to save her, (Remember, Huey has been ‘working with her’ to try to stabilize her personality to a degree—that’s why he taunted her earlier in this scene and raged so hard that she’d be on Regius’ side of the battle) so he fights them off. Huey tells her that it was painful (what exactly) and to rest and….chops her head? So she faints? Is that Huey power of some kind?

After laying her down, he asks Regius if he won’t say he’s protecting the ARKS still like this…because if he did…he’d kill him. It is a very serious moment for Huey.

Regius says that “A method to free ones self from absolute authority should be possible, so in order to search for the method he submitted himself to Luther because there was no other way to protect ARKS". However, the temporary balance is no longer worth protecting, so you & Matoi go ahead, they’ll face the clones. Casra reminds that the clones are just as powerful but have no will. Their weapon is Ashen Stave Clarissa II.
Casra believes Luther lost all interest in arks, and the lab isn’t responding either. He said this was ‘their fear’, so Luther was supposed to be on a short leash, but he was too arrogant in his wishes …so the council didn’t pay attention to his detached attitude and he stopped being human, which sickens Casra.
This sort of confusing bit summarized: Regius was 'pretending' to go along with Luther, hoping for his "absolute authority" work-around, the head ARKS were all also allowing Luther to scheme along, thinking they were controlling or at least mitigating him, but now they've all found out they weren't.

Maria finally speaks up, saying it’s been 10 years since she stood with Regius like this at the Elder War. He thanks her for biding time and training juniors. She says she’s just doing what she wants. She summons Lavilius (her partisan) and you can move on.

What is Absolute Authority?
Regius ‘submitted himself to Luther’ to…try to strike some kind of balance and keep Luther’s focus off ARKS? And it…totally didn’t work and made everything worse? It’s impossible to tell if Regius is stupid, or nutzo: the answer will depend upon finding out what “Absolute Authority” is…if it’s some made-up woo-woo magic thing he believes in, or if it’s something real like “time” from which “he feels he can’t escape”

Casra: Ok, Luther was NEVER HUMAN. He’s a newman and always was. So, does Casra mean that Luther is now “Something Else”? If so, what is he?
What the hell did Regius think he was going to accomplish by letting Luther run amok?
Claris is dumb, she’d do anything Regius said. Casra…is unclear here.

Moving on, you find that those weren’t the only Claris Clones.
Fighting past those, and bird darkers will get you to the next area. The clones are indeed powerful, but the Stave takes too long to charge a big spell, so if you can interrupt her again and again, she can’t do a whole lot. He is right in that they don’t have much will, they’ll sometimes stand around.

At 1200

In the next area is a large pillar. Matoi says it looks like the end of the path, but where’s the real area further in? Xion appears, says she’s waited and that her remaining time is very little. The time she stalled for though has been given meaning so use all your power and continue as she guides you into herself, into her core. In this area, there are floating, swirling orange shapes like leaves or stems or small jellyfish like things that fade in and out of visibility at random.

This means that what could be suspected is true: Xion is the personification of the ORACLE mother ship’s AI.

Now, you have to fight past hoards of bird based darkers.
They’ll try to get you on numbers, but the thing to beware of is the solda types. They will appear with very deliberate arrangement such that when they all attack/initial attack it CAN kill you even if you’re very high level. This is done quite on purpose as a trap.

At 1220 Matoi feels she’s being watched
Xion appears to explain that it’s likely her consciousness, which is actually all around, that is watching. She explains that the ‘surrounding ocean’ is her consciousness. So,  the weird, yellowish water is actually alive/intelligent and all-together it makes up Xions’ thinking abilities. It explains all the water with paths through it you’ve seen so far. Matoi asks her about it, and she sort of explains…

Once, Photoners and her communicated about golden ages and ruins, and accepting the existence of humans or giving up on life. Those who decided to become one with her, were the photoners. (What does this mean? Why would humans evolving somewhere cause aliens to kill themselves? Melting into a giant ocean intelligence could have an appeal, but…?) Xion says life originally came from the ocean, the creation of all life was within an ocean, and that includes herself. She ‘changes the scene’ by making you appear to be floating in outer space, looking at stars and 1 all-blue planet.

She says a solitary existence as a planet with nothing but an ocean, knowledge was suddenly born and the ocean itself gained knowledge “from the past” until the present and calculated all of creation knowing absolutely everything. It was the all calculating observer of the universe. You know it’ll never tell you about how the ocean learned about the universe outside of itself. You have to take it for granted that it could even SEE things away from its own atmosphere.

She only THINKS she is all knowing. A few sentences later she’ll prove she’s not and never was!

A glowing orb crashes into the planet.
She says the Photoners met the ocean, named it Xion, and she stopped being an observer, choosing to interact with and try to understand them. She took the appearance of the first Photoner she met (hence her science lab name tag id card, lab coat, hair bun & glasses--this means the Photoners look human, but aren't.) which made them react in a ‘funny way’ that couldn’t be calculated. *You see- you DON’T know everything if you run into some silly reaction likely 1 stupid day into interacting with aliens DURR*
She asked them to cover her in armor, and became Mothership. It would assure everyone’s mutual welfare, and she was happy. Happy to meet other existences besides herself, but that led to making the mistake of forgetting to be an observer and calculator.

The Photoners weren’t evil, they were common ‘evolutionary occurrences’, but without them Darkers might not exist…but then ARKS wouldn’t either…and the Photoners were greedy, curious, arrogant, lazy and righteous. She shouldn’t have shared the knowledge of Photons but she was lonely. She doesn’t understand.

People who “Know Everything Absolutely” are INCAPABLE of NOT UNDERSTANDING SOMETHING. She knows a LOT LESS than “everything” if she can’t figure out a situation that a child could see though.

Matoi begins sympathizing with her, saying she was lonely, scared, in pain and wished only for rescue, that’s where you came and saved her. She forgot everything, but that one moment she had joy. She tells Xion she’s the same for feeling delighted at meeting Photoners. This confuses Xion prompting her to ask if Matoi is part of her, but she’s not…Matoi is simply psychic, she feels Xions emotions, lonely, she called out…but what went wrong happened later. It wasn’t wrong to feel lonely or to call out. That’s why Xion let you meet Matoi.

Xion remembers and agrees that in the beginning all she had was loneliness. But then she disappears. Matoi urges you to hurry onward to find her again.

Now, you’ll have to battle past even more bird darkers. If you explore everywhere, a Decol Malluda will appear, and at the end, you find Blu Ringhada. However, after battling it for a while, you CAN run past it to the door if the fight is too difficult.

This door will lead to area 8 at 1300
In this area is the ‘water design wall’, and…Theodore. He’s watching the wall but hears you approach. He beings boasting that “What Luther says is always true: he said you’d come-and you did…but he promised to keep you out of the area/not let you pass. That promise is the most important, so you absolutely can’t pass…because if he does his job Luther will fulfill his own most important promise which is to return to him Ulc.

That’s impossible
About Ulc…

If you pick About Ulc…
He’ll tell you to shut up, not wanting to hear ‘that word’ (Ulc’s name) He only wants to hear her speak again, and summons a dark weapon to his hand. Now, you have to battle Theodore. He’ll rush at you, mirage-step away, and try to poison you with megid and other dark attacks.
If you say 'thats impossible'
He rages, and says he doesnt want to hear such words, he only wants to hear her speak again.
If you can beat him…

At 1330
He starts crying about the promise, and that if he didn’t let anyone through, she’d come back. He asks you ‘not to make that face’, and laughs sadly that he knows what he’s doing. (This lets you know that he does NOT believe Luther’s promise to bring back Ulc, it’s false hope, but for his sanity’s sake he’s clinging to it) He asks what to do if she’s really gone while cracking up.

Just then…
Ulc calls out to Theodore from behind you. She’s now sort of poorly dressed in floppy over-alls and a bra. (Looks like she didn’t finish getting dressed at Xiao’s place before running down to the Mothership) He sees her, but doesn’t believe it that she’s here, and alive now. He knows best of all that Ulc can never return. He claims this thing just looks like her, and doesn’t want to be shown it. He gets so upset that he starts flinging foie at her non-stop till she falls.
You can try to help her, but Ulc says she’ll handle it, just stay back. Ulc insists she’s ok as she stumbles toward him. Theodore says he won’t be fooled & continues to try very hard to burn her to death. She’s got no shields, so it seems to be working. Ulc is shocked as she writhes around on the ground among his flames, at how badly the pain of battle really hurts. Now that she experiences actual danger, she says she ‘irresponsibly’ shoved (situations like this) onto Theodore. (Remember, she was always berating him about running away from battles and doing a bad job as ARKS, which she had pressured him into joining)

He insists he doesn’t want to see this appearance of Ulc, nor want to be seen as what he’s become. (A duman) He flails and flops as he recounts his promise to Ulc that he’d go fight instead, so she wouldn’t do something unreasonable (like going into danger) As he wails and shrieks about protecting Ulc, he flings a huge foie directly…at Ulc. Cackling insanely, he falls, thinking he’s killed her. But…she staggers forth from the smoke to re-assure him that it’s ok to give up on the promise, even though he can’t protect her, she won’t be mad.

She shakes him a bit, crying and begging him to ‘come back’. He realizes it really IS Ulc, and sees how injured she is. He apologizes for what he’s done. She says to ignore trivial things like her injuries. She finally understands his pain now, but it’s ok to lay down and rest for now, or else he won’t be able to fight. He cries a lot, then falls to the ground. She says that since forever he’s never opened up to anyone, always doing his own thing. She claims he’s hopeless unless she’s watching over him.

Sara appears to interrupt, dashing up and yelling at Ulc that if she goes off on her own she could die. Ulc knows she’s at her limit, and explains that when ‘we’ wake up she can yell however much she wants. Sara laments that she’s pushed herself too hard, and they both fall over. Sara says to leave them to her, you’ve got to try to get through the “genuinely last gate”. It’s impossible to open, unless you can find some kind of ‘sweet spot’. Sara believes Matoi is Xions’ relative and should have the answer. Of course, she doesn’t know.
Xion speaks again, that you & Matoi are the ones she’s chosen. Matoi asks her to open the gate. Xion says that it’s the center, inside of her, and calls ‘her kin’ to enter, as the key is in her hand and rightfully hers. It’s what everyone’s looked for, that Matoi grabbed, that’s been repaired, but should have been lost: it’s the name of what’s hers.  To call it back, all for this moment: “Clarissa the visiting white staff”. Matoi says its name and it materializes out of thin air before her.

Sara warns that it’s the final match ahead in there. The time we’ve all prepared for so…do your best!
Matoi goes first, summoning your character to the stairs before the wall. Holding up the staff makes it rise into the middle of the tall wall & begin to spin. It goes into the ‘water’ turning it to golden yellow and you can walk through this patterned wall.

7/7 at 1400
On a transparent ‘floor’ of a disk floating in…well an odd swirling space with what looks like patterned stone rings orbiting it, you can see Luther inspecting a strange glowing giant jar. The area seems to be some 'inner dimension' created somehow by the planet itself. It's cloudy, swirly, and appears as if there's an 'ocean' all around the spherical buble you're all in. There’s someone inside…a beige woman with long black hair who is partially encircled by glowing blue-ish crystals swirls & bits. He notices you, demanding to know how you got in to this sacred space. (It is Xion in this jar, she has sort of crackly blue stuff swirling over her skin, and it’s the crystal swirl outside of it that binds her. This must be her physical manifestation, and trapping it, must somehow bind the “HER” that is all the ‘thinking water’ that is in this space & throughout the armored planet mothership that is also ‘her’.)

He recognizes the Clarissa as the real thing, not the sham he made. He says he recognizes who wields it, now he understands. Xion has her own methods of operating, they were futile, but well done. Matoi demands he lets go of Xion. He argues that he has no intention of doing so, now that he finally understands her. She and he will become perfection, one all-knowing thing. He asks if you understand what she is, Xion. The meaning of a calculation ocean, retaining all the memories of the universe, she’s the “Akashic Record.*”  He says it’s the end goal of the photoners & his pursuit of the Universes’ Logic.  The arks, darkers, in every study and experiment, everything led up to the moment he can finally become one with her. He will become an existence that understands all creation in the universe.

*The Akashic record is a religious item believed to be a compendium of all thoughts, events and emotions of everything everywhere since forever. It is believed to be encoded on a nonphysical plane of existence called an “Etheric Plane”.

*He would be in for a shock if he actually did, because he would be forced to understand how rare and precious life is, and how fascinating all sentient beings are…the very ones he’s been murdering with gleeful abandon this whole time.

Matoi doesn’t want to allow it.
He commands her to kneel, and with his blue glow hand power, and increases the gravity where you & Matoi are until she falls. He asks if Regius told you that he holds all controls to the ship, so tampering with gravity is easy. He says your fates were always in the palm of his hand. Your survival till now was a fancy of his. He says he’s finished with the ARKS, time to become one with Xion.

*He has banged on about this now for quite some time. He falls to the typical Villain chatter, instead of actually going and doing a thing (anything!) He is also very very guilty of villain trope #2, "allowing the good guys to do whatever they want, thinking nobody could ever stop him no-matter what". For someone so old, did he never read a single book or consume a single piece of plotted media? Seems unlikely with "boredom as his #1 enemy.

An emergency alert is issued on all ships. Errors are in the life support systems and environmental settings are being rewritten. Everyone starts running around. The reactors are going wrong, there’s nothing the coms  operators (Hilda, etc) can do.

Luther gloats that the ARKS Regius sacrificed into trying to protect this from happening are all in a sorry state. (Remember, there’s no way for you to know that he’s sabotaging all ships) He says something sort of puzzling, which is that “if you had distanced your defiant faces you may have lived a little longer”. (I guess if you hadn’t come to fight him, you’d of lived till he knocked out life support on your ship?)

Matoi questions why he’s doing all this, who does he think ARKS are? As she is crushed.
He asks if ARKS were the original toys of the Photoners. (Implying that they are indeed) He claims it’s not just you, but everything in the universe is his test ground, his play ground. And when he’s done playing with the toys, he’ll toss them aside, it’s obvious. So now, Planet Xion, become one with him. He reaches into the jar with blue lightening hand, breaking it. When he touches her, she vanishes. He’s now got the blue glow of her swirling around him.

He claims it’s so wonderful, knowledge rushing into his head, the torrents of information.  He flails around a little, raising his hands and marveling.

1.       I Don’t accept defeat
2.       It won’t end here
3.       Is this it…?

If you choose “It won’t end here”, he questions if the ARKS still feel like struggling, because the habit of endeavoring futilely is troubling.

*It is very likely he will say the same thing for option 1. NO other option is available to be logged here because the translation file died and won’t be restored. The single choice made in the recorded incident is the only available translated one.

In the end the evil when you neared death infected even her…it’s such a bother. *What does this mean? As you stumble forward, he doesn’t understand what drives you forward, as Xion is already gone. What motivates you so?

1.       I promised
2.       I won’t let it end this way
3.       I don’t know

If you choose “I Promised” He asks if it was a promise with Xion, the one who just died? Either one is meaningless now. Those things in front of existence are worthless. He’s omniscient  now. But, as he goes to fling some kind of glowing energy blast at you, he wonders what’s happening to his body. He accuses Xion of doing something, and she manifests before him, breaking his concentration on keeping you down with gravity. He is shocked that the thoughts flooding in are now Xions. He staggers and flails as Xion makes a final request to you, that she couldn’t say ‘at that time’.

He commands her to stop thinking ‘like that’, as Xion asks you to kill her with your own hands. There’s no other time where Luther will be one with her. The controlling him, the calculating me, now is the only time they’re fused completely, so cut the ARKS loose from us. (Remember, she’s still sort of part of him, he’ll know what she’s up to, knows about her suicide plan to stop him, naturally he’s freaking out)

She tells you that even if Luthers body remains, the Me inside of him will be erased. He’ll be defeat-able, his objective will be gone forever. You, the last of the arks ever to understand her, please fulfill her request. He commands her to stop the stupidity, the Oracle will die too, everything will collapse without her.

She counters that if this situation continues, ARKS will all die, so it’s not a balanced statement. He reminds her that if she dies, what will happen? She claims that the thing called the future is only fun if you don’t know it, don’t understand it. She then fades back into him. Remember, he's out to kill ALL ARKS and was shutting down all life support on all the ships, so him threatening that 'if she dies, all life support will shut down', is stupid, it's what he was already doing)

Now you have to fight him.

Matoi will talk to you during the fight. It is untranslated.
She will say “His barrier will make attacks not arrive. If you are inside it, attacks will arrive.”
What she means is, you can’t attack him AT ALL with ANY thing at range. You have to run right up to the guy, stand within his personal space or upon his toes, and whack him with something. This will make him teleport to another area of the ring, just do it again & he’ll fumble his teleport. Now, you can wail on him for a bit, whilst he gets his teleporting back in order. Once he does, his shield will return & you can repeat the process until he falls.

238 at 7/7 at 1500
He glows brightly, lamenting that the knowledge that should be his, is leaving, they’re slipping away from him, his omniscience. He falls to his knees. Its all over, the core is lost, Oracle has lost its mother ship. Do you understand, you bastards, what you’ve done? She was irreplaceable to the universe, she was in his hands, and now she’s lost. Coms Operator Cut-in: Hilda & crew has regained all ship mechanisms, all systems nominal. Everyone on the ships will be fine.

He shouts that when Xion disappeared instead of calculations…

It shows the infested mother ship in space.
A crack opens in space, (literally, like a mirror to nowhere) and out comes another mother ship. It’s pretty identical/similar to the first. It pulls up alongside. Standing on its colossal tip is Xiao, who captures a glowing blue orb in his hand.  He can stand and speak in space without atmosphere because he’s not human. He is another 'manifestation' like Xion was. He states that he’s seized all controls, all calculation mechanisms, transferring all to normalcy. All ownership transferred to Xaio, it’s complete. This is it, we did it, Xion. Please rest well, and leave the rest to him. There is no way for you to have known/have seen this happen.

Luther laughs as he sways madly where he stands. How dare you, outwitting him? He’s mentally melting down over her slipping from his hand. He can’t forgive it, he curses you more and more, screaming. He causes a reaction on the mothership. Xiao contacts you saying there’s a big darker problem on the mother ship. He hurls a ball of dark energy screaming kill you, die die die, and summons more and more dark energy. But, Quna has caught up!

She blocks it with a teleport. Zeno’s here too, asking just what’s up with this dark guy, and drawing down on him with his special weapon. This really raises his ire over defying him, vanquishing him, still calling himself Luther…then…in his madness changing it to Loser. He screams more, gathering dark energy and becomes “A Falz”. Now with the traditional white fade to pink hair, red eye (his other eye gets a black sclera too), and new ‘dark falz’ black and pink outfit.

He claims that solutions are unnecessary, the answer is what he wants, and all who won’t follow die. A power takes him over, and he turns into Angel Falz, the 6 winged bird-like-demon darker manifestation. Quna, Zeno and Matoi will now help you fight Falz Angel, the form of him. He can steal your PP, teleport, summon Solda enemies & do major attacks with his fetherd fans that he dispenses. His spinning red sigils will discharge dark energy explosions, as well as gather for a mega blasting beam.

If you can defeat him…
At 1530
He’ll spin and the form disappears. He says battles are nice occasionally. But he sess a new solution. If he can become omniscient, everything in the universe will become him. That’s right, he doesn’t need proof, that’s the necessary and perfect answer, he claims as he gathers photons like Gettemnhart. (Dark photons, that is) Zeno suggests its time to get away, but Luther wants to devour the “bluffing” party.

He casts a dark energy ball, knocking down Matoi. Then, he looks up, seeming to either hear or see something far above. He’s then suddenly trapped in a blue ball of energy. This lifts him off the ground, he accuses the ball of being Xion’s ocean, there to hinder him. But it’s not her? He feels it as an unpleasant aggregation of photons…from Photoners?
He calls them rabble who disturbs him at the last hour, accusing them of being the same as him. (Yes, he doesn't make a lot of sense?) Xion appears, asking if you can hear her. Matoi is glad she’s alive, but she says she’s no longer a part of this world. She’s a mass of residual thoughts spun by “us”. There’s no time, so she’ll be quick. We’ll pin him down, you defeat him.

Matoi argues with this, saying if so, Xion will be gone for good. She tells her that his will and delusions will be scattered, that’s her final calculation. But, that’s not totally right, it’s "repaying our debts". "I, us and Luther have been continuing on as ghosts, but you are alive. So keep advancing looking forward, that’s my and our wish". Matoi is sad, but agrees. Everyone runs off and Xion says you are her kind kin, to walk toward the future…in the end…she wasn’t lonely.

Luther appears behind her, gathering still more darkness and Angel Falz becomes Dark Falz Loser, the giant boss, of a now completely infected mother ship, spreading vile red wings over hundreds of thousands of kilometers of space.

7/7 at 1545
You return to the ship and Philia greets you, glad you’re ok. For the data she collected to be used like that, she’s sorry. Matoi though starts stumbling and collapses. Philia tests her, and says she’s just too tired of over exertion. Leave Matoi to her, there’s something to still do. Upon the screens for general announcements, you can see “State of Raid” has appeared, with a picture of the infected Loser ship.

Its unclear why they show the ship NOW & State of Raid NOW because what happens next continues to have nothing to do with it. You would believe the very next event in the matter board would be tackling this doom ship, but it's not.

Her Birth And Then...

On 7/11
You need to select an untranslated option with Xiao to get him talking.

When you do, he says thanks, but there's lots of work yet to do, so we need to get the past. The date that was erased collectivly from everything is the perfect place to start. You've made lots of 'jumps' (that is, Xion moving you through time) before, so this should be similar. You recieve the matter board named "Her Birth And Then..."

Lisa Tells a Story
During this matter board, you can find Lisa (anywhere). She says big changes are going on at ARKS, so be careful not to get 'your body damaged'. (well, ok) Then, she says lots of facts from the past are coming to light. Would you like to know about an incident?
She'll tell you. A long time ago, far away a very sickly baby was born. It was great at photons but was very weak, so her body couldn't handle the strain. Let's name the baby Lisa. She says everyone felt it such a waste that a little lady with a lot of talent was so useless. So the very next day the girl decided to become a cast. It was a split second decision that led to her transformation but now with a powerful body she wanted to show off the abilities. But, was it Lisa's own decision? No, no one knows that. Because anybody who becomes a cast can't ever remember what they were like before. But, past or no past the fact that everyone joins forces and stand strong, is what makes our world what it is, so everyone has to decide for themselves, if that makes them happy or not. And thats' why Lisa always says 'if you can't have fun you may as well be dead haha'. Then, she leaves.

Well, isn't this an interesting bit, if she's not being crazy.
Which, she may well be because previously she was always raving on about how she "hates people" and wants to shoot them just to see what it would be like. So this "Standing together" stuff is like nonsense coming from her. It's totally OOC.
Does she wish this is her origin, a special snowflake-photon princess girl?

Next, CAN a human/newman BECOME a cast?
So like what, they take the brain out and mount it in a robot head? But you lose your memories?
How is the "big magic baby" now suddenly a 'super gun person'?
 It doesn't make sense that the magic sick girl would go to guns instead of forcing/techering/something where photon manip is huge rather than just focused like guns are. *
This point has been explained via Echo & Zeno in the past, it is cannon and further serves to debunk her story here.
Plus, if you "Stop being yourself and forget everything you knew" by becoming a cast then that is THE SAME AS DEATH. If YOU cease to BE then that is exactly what death is. No remnant of the prior person. The whole 'castification' thing, if it is even a thing, is worthless.

Sara & Xiao
You can also find Sara, and she asks if you're supposed to be (Wherever it is you've turned up her panel at) because Xiao isn't telling her anything any more. However, it gives her free time so she won't complain. Xiao then (mentally, you can't hear him) accuses her of being jealous. She then flails at her own outburst in front of you, saying its nothing. Xiao appears out of nowhere (as is his m.o.) saying that shouting 'nothing' over and over is not convincing. Sara says hes a pain in the ass, following her everywhere...and his comeback is odd. He says she puts herself down too because they're "practically the same" She accuses him of freeloading off of her. This makes a choice

What's going on here?
You two seem to get along well...

If you ask what's going on, she tells you that when she was young she nearly died (Xiao emphasizes how close she got) , so he gave her part of himself to save her life. She calls it a "hero act" because while he did it he was cackling out "I've always wanted a minion!" He won't deny it but reminds you that since a piece of him is in there, so when she's mumbling away to herself, she's only half crazy. Sara is frustrated, says it's like having a comm link permanently open. Xiao vanishes though, so she goes on to mention that she truly is grateful he saved her, but he hears it and clearly smarts off again, prompting her to yell 'shut up' and run away.

What part of her did he give?
He hasn't got any organs, remember. He's a manifestation of a planetary intelligence in a fizzy sweater. Does he really not understand human privacy? (being an alien thing)
They're a bit brother/sister "fighty siblings" instead of actual hostility, so it seems he has some grasp of what she needs, as not to drive her to insanity. *Which he could EASILY DO*
This also gives a little time line to Xiao. Remember, he didn't exist for thousands of years like Xion did. She probably splintered herself somehow, and got him. Sara is however old (not a granny) so "When Sara is little" maybe 20 years ago or so (putting her at 25, being 'fixed' at age 5 is a random guess) So, Xiao has to be at least "X" old.

Zeno & Echo Try to be Alone
You can run across Zeno & Echo. Echo's a tad dissapointed though because she got Zeno alone. He says it seems like fate to keep running into you & so asks you to join the mission. Echo doesn't want that and says 'its wrong to impose on people like that', so Zeno puts the question to you while Echo stares intently at you. (She makes noise while she does this, too!)

Politely Decline
Notice hostility & decline
Ignore her and accept anyway

If you politely decline, Zeno says aw well what a shame, but there's always next time, and they head out.

Regius Seeks Forgiveness
Regius is contemplating when you find him, and says it's good that you showed up because he wanted to talk in person. He wants to thank you for correcting his grave error (he starts with 'our error' then changes it to 'my', because he knows who did the majority of the bad) And, at the same time, he wants to apologize, you didn't do anything wrong but were hunted like a criminal, during the time that we needed to be more united than ever. He then does a little bow (Which is surprising!) and asks forgiveness. He accepts all responsibility for the recent events, and once matters settle down more he'll answer for his actions in a way that will satisfy all.

Maria, has snuck up on him though, and accuses him of thinking that sacrificing himself will make up for all he's done...but he won't get off that easy. He counters that if the leader doesn't take responsibility ARKS will crumble. She says that way of thinking is outdated, and likely you agree (no option, she just says that you do) She explains that Regius set up the e-broadcast, and AVIS to appear he made the decision alone...and that there's nothing she can't stand more than people who try to take a fall alone. WASNT he acting alone? WHO else on the council would go for that? Nobody except Casra knew that Regius was THAT corrupt by Luther--and it was Luther's hand that made Regius give the order/start's nobody else to be in league with him...Claris is too stupid, Huey hated Regius and would never agree with him, Maria...clearly no...sure not Quna. The last seat was empty.
He asks what does she propose he do? He's a vet that knows not much more than combat. Maria, making sense as usual states the important: Accepting responsibility for your actions isn't just about the punishment, it's to reflect on how to atone for what's been done, then work so hard to fix it that you wish you'd died. This gets him thinking about atonement, and how to not disappear to cause more they leave.

Maria has a really good point, if he did indeed intend to kill himself over what he'd done.
Being useful / putting his skills to work to rebuild is better than just quitting everything. Plus, he ended up not having done much that couldn't be / wasn't UNdone, too, so there's no lingering 'oh thousands of deaths on his hands' permenently tormenting all.