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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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Darker Assault: ReVisited

3/31 at 1230
To Meet Again in Friendship
This time you arrive in a different spot in the city, as told by Regius earlier. Quite shockingly, your Partner-Machine will appear! It says it figures it was time you came to realize, it’s been waiting for you there, at the time when you would try to change history of your own accord. The fact that it’s there, means you already know it…
And, he reveals himself briefly as a ghostly image surrounding your small PM: It is Xiao. He says for the body he has to apologize, he took the liberty of borrowing your support partner, he imagines you wouldn’t agree but just let him use it for now. He says also that right now Maria & Sara are moving accordingly, so the only one left to help is him: but he can only show you the way. Only you can open a path. The PM Joins the party.

After battling past a hoard of bulfs, and lots of birds, you’ll come to an intersection. Entering this will trigger Code: Darchyme.
This one is particularly tricky. There are 3 Darchymes, each at the far end of a street. One has a dome over a switch that will only open once all enemies are dead. (You’ll lose if you can’t kill VERY fast) One has some blundarl who you can ignore to jump a fence given a booster pad. The last is the most difficult, in a wide area: It is behind a green gate that only opens via a button. The button is to the right of it but in a triangular area hidden behind a building. Its not visible AT ALL while facing toward the Darchyme. You have to be on street level, facing back the way you came and sniff around every corner to get the button. Unless you know where it is BEFORE-hand, you’re very likely to fail the code and be forced to quit the quest/try it again.

At 1300
Xiao repossesses your PM. He apologizes to it, saying he needs to borrow it more. He explains he’s hacking into it through Xion, so it’s dangerous. If Luther or anyone else would look at the logs they might notice something, but there’s no choice. Even through the risk, he needs to show you something meaningful. He says in “The last operations” it was said that anyone who went missing was finished off by the darkers. (He means killed) He says its too convenient that anything could be attributed to darkers. It’s a bit further ahead, so we have to keep going. He then exits the PM in a glitter of green. *The PM isn't supposed to be a person. It's ALWAYS a robot, even if it ha s fleshy appearance. They're ill-explained in the game.

In this area is another Code Darchyme.
The first one to see is behind a permafence. Ignore it, and go basically the only open path, turn off the circle-laser, ignore the infected turret & kill the nearby Darchyme. Move off ignoring the enemies to get the 2nd Darchyme. Kill it so it stops spawning birds, kill all the enemies in the area as fast as possible to open the dome that has a switch. The switch opens a jump pad to put you over the perma-fence allowing you to eliminate the last Darchyme.

In the next area there are many exploding barrels, crates & infect turrets to battle along with lots of solda and blundarl. Past this trap, you can see a burning drop ship & a girl trapped by fire who is crying. Several Solda approach her, and she’s afraid but backed up against the ship. This is Ulc. (Now, you can learn the fate of Ulc) One of them goes to stab her, but you can kill it, and the rest just in time. She had yelled for Theodore to save her (But, of course, he never made it in, he didn’t live on the Themis, and would never come…thus she died)

With the Soldas all dead,
At 1330
She thanks you, realizing you’re not Theodore, you’re the person she kept running into in the city. Thanks for helping, she was only supposed to be backup/support but the ship was attacked by darkers. She sent a distress signal, but no one came…battle is really very scary. She needs to get back to her mission…and goes to leave, but your PM will stop her as Xiao is in there again.

He says it’s too late for going back because she’s already been declared dead. Just check the database. She does…and it’s right. Distraught she wonders why…he has only an inkling as to why, and if you think of the one inconvenience brought by her being alive what would it be?

You can think of Theodore & Luther walking together.
Xiao investigates and says the distress beacon was sabotaged, & her data already altered. She’s been buried before she died and if we hadn’t come along, she’d be dead. Again, she wonders what can she do, just when she thought she’d finally been accepted…now this. Xiao just says it’s bad if anyone finds out she’s alive, so we’ve got to run. Ulc joins the party.

Moving forward past more Soldas, circle lasers & infect turrets, you can see under a parking garage type structure. A Decol Malluda is there, the problem though, is that a Code: Destroy Gel Bulfs will occur at the same time. The only cannon to destroy them appears at the area where you enter from. But, Bulfs may not spawn near enough to it, or the Malluda can harass the cannon and damage it before the code can be cleared. Also, the Malluda can kill Ulc or your PM. Ulc doesn’t help at all, she has no weapon. This part can be difficult due to all above factors.

If you can beat it, Xiao proceeds onward looking for Sara. Ulc is glooming along behind everyone very sadly. (Which is quite understandable) Xiao says its such a shock, he can’t blame her feelings. Ulc however, in her typical way, tries turning it around, to get rid of the ‘minus way of thinking’.  She should be happy she was just saved, and bends down to tell the PM so, cheerfully. This surprises Xiao.
Ulc then confides that she thought the ARKS was up to no good (so then why want to join it?) but she never thought it’d kill her. Xiao asks if she’s surprised, which, yes…but throwing a fuss won’t help, only actions will change anything.  She finally got into ARKS, but it’s not the one she hoped for so…well…she’ll just make a new one from the ground up!

Xiao thinks this is a laugh riot.
Sara arrives, (clearly wondering what’s so funny) and says he really did show up as a PM. Xiao says she figured it out on her on (he’s surprised here, and thinks its funny too) She asks what’s going on, but Xiao calls to Ulc, saying to come with him & Sara, the place she belongs isn’t here…since as she’d of hoped, they’re making a new ARKS, though he can’t explain what form it’d take.

Something shifts/see static.
Xiao confirms that an alteration has taken place, you should head back. Sara & he will take care of Ulc, she says thanks, and leaves the party.

End notes:
This one is nicely straightforward. Xiao doesn’t seem to have the communication problem Sara is always accusing him of. He explains well-known things nicely, like how he took over the PM with Xions help, where to meet Sara, and how to change things. Ulc is tidily saved, you learn how she originally died, and learn that it was, in-fact, a murder.
How can Ulc be ‘used’ or ‘exposed’ to Theodore in the RIGHT way to sabotage his evil?
Planning a new organization is logical. If anyone can do it, it’d likely be Xiao & Xion together.
Theodore: He was never really mentally stable, but her death was the turning point that weakened him enough that Luther could turn him evil & then train him to do explosions.
WHY is Theodore SO needed by Luther? Can Luther not explode onto critical things? Does he somehow NEED minions?
It’s clear Ulc was murdered by someone. You’d jump in expecting Luther.
Is it really though? Because, HOW would he KNOW that Ulc was Theodore’s Achilles heel? He does not have ‘omnipotent time powers’, as revealed when he “Got to the Biol Meduna and glass globes too late” among other things. *You literally CAN NOT be “too late” if you have omnipotent time powers*—so how could he know that Theodore would go off the rails without Ulc? There are literally thousands and thousands of ARKS, he’s a needle in a haystack spread over 20 or more gigantic ships—AND each person has their own possible time-lines over every event in their entire life (maybe 100 each?), that’s literally millions MULTIPLIED by millions of possibilities for him to have to explore to find his "Theodore needle in the haystack".
So, if Luther didn’t know Ulc was Theo’s Achilles heel, who set up her death & why?
If he DID know, HOW did he know?
Was Ulc the reason Regius classified the Themis data? (There’s loads of other people too & the Zeig issue. But, YES she was becaust Luther told him to do it.)
Is Regius in cahoots with Luther or possessed/blackmailed by him to sabotage Ulc & classify it to cover his own tracks? *If so, why would he hint at you?
Remember: This whole thing is a good while ago. All the "Theodore explosions & heel-turn he did" still happened because Xiao secrets away Ulc letting him think she's dead STILL. The most important thing remains Luther not knowing his plans are being undone.

In the ruins Echo retraces steps
You can find Echo in the ruins, and at first she thinks the footsteps are Zeno…but no its just you. To feel better, she is retracing his steps and ended up here. She thinks he’s taking his sweet time in coming back so she’s trying to go to him to meet him but has no idea where he’d be. (Which, if Falz Elder really was as big as it was in the cutscene clip, he’d be buried under several million tons of a literal continent of rubble and likely in some magma layer somewhere beneath the crust)
She asks…he’s def. coming back right?
For Sure!
Nod without a word

If you Nod without a word, she asks you to lie a little to cheer her up. If you don’t put any feeling into it she won’t fall for the dull act. She thinks back on when she changed to hunter, when Zeno disappeared, saying it gave her freedom to see the bigger picture or read people’s thoughts…that’s how she knows you lied when you said he would return. But, thanks for trying, she’s got Zeno’s shoes to fill so got to keep going and try to keep cheerful.

Why do both Echo AND Zeno think that they must change their class to somehow “replace” whoever is missing or dead? This makes zero sense. If a doctor died, would they go study medicine? No. They need to be doing what they are good at to help the most, not keep shifting around to supposedly ‘replace’ whoever it is with themselves. She can easily see how it isn’t working out for him too well.

238 7/6 Matoi thinks something will happen
Going to Matoi on the ship, she asks if she can say something strange. She believes something will happen. She doesn’t know what, but since she has intuition and also stands around all day observing people, she sees them rushing around now, when they weren’t before. She doesn’t know what the feeling is, but no-matter what happens, we’ll be together anyway.

Zeno in the ruins is training hard
You can find Zeno in the ruins and he’s complaining about Maria’s training. It’s super difficult, especially sparring because she’s energetic and fast while going all out, but when he finally gets an opening to counter-attack her she only gets mad and makes everything worse. He wonders if he will last through it, because today’s assignment is to kill darkers without being seen. But you have seen him. He says that’s likely ok because it’s you (You are in on his stupid secret, remember) but then has visions of being cut up by Maria. So he leaves, saying if you don’t see him again, he was murdered.

Xion at 7/7
She won’t appear, but you can hear her voice calling to you. She says the time has come to correct the past, and you must go to Matoi’s side. We’ll be waiting for your results.

Matoi at 7/7 at 830
When you go to Matoi, the gray static will happen that signals that someone’s shifting something. Xion will appear, Matoi wants to know why. Xion sais that I and we were waiting for this moment, but first must thank you, because without you, the moment wouldn’t have come. Because you were there, now she is here (Matoi) and you and I and we are here. (She’s still on the I & We kick) Now for the finishing touches and it will be the end when you: Go to the core of the Oracle, she wants you & matoi to go to the heart of the mothership. She then vanishes, and Matoi remarks that you & Xion are acting different today and also what’s in store?

Story Quest: The Day of Ressurection
Chapter 5: The Only Way

You begin right away with Matoi already in the party as your camp ship heads toward the mothership. The ARKS mother ship is a large sphere (apparently hollow, glows with white light inside) with a large twisting and ‘petaled’ spire toward the front, and many complex rings orbiting it/behind it.

It may have save points but you don’t want to have to use them.
It is VERY long and it DOES NOT MATTER how OP you are or not because dialogue.
It takes place on the mother ship, and nobody stores anything on a ship like this so there are NO BOXES. Be sure to bring useless items/trash to feed your mag because it’s going to wind down as everyone talks A LOT.
Bring RANGE AND CLOSE weapons, you’re going to fight all kinds of super unusual stuff that’s unique to only here.
LOAD UP on mates, don’t sit and rely on resta if you have it. Enemy drops are few/if any.
Bring a mag with an aggressor blast, it distracts foes & kills well.
Bring a SCAPE DOLL. Just DO IT. (Lag happens)

An untranslated message may appear at the start:
It cautions you that there could be save spot/s “if you destroy the quest”  where you can select to continue from in the telepool. However, the message to choose where to start from will be untranslated, so...that's a problem. This chapter is literally 'a doozy' it takes over an hour. (And so is this write-up)

7/7 at 900
No one wasted any time after talking to Xion on the last matter, as you arrive at the mothership called ORACLE. It is (for some reason) full of pale blue water, and crisscrossed with metal ‘paths’ inside to walk on. There are towers, glowing lines on the walls, and it’s fairly well lit. Xion appears to you right away, startling Matoi, she says the end is in sight, this will be the final request from me to you. Go to the core of the mothership, the ‘me’ in there…and then disappears.

Somehow, it cuts to Luther. He is in front of a wall with intricate patterns that looks like its covered in water, and he talks to it. He calls it Xion, it’s been so long, but now he can finally understand everything about her. Researcher A, a man among about 5 researchers, 1 of whom is a Duman, says that the preparations are complete. Luther says it’s good work, so B says his wish is their command, now they can finally become Photoners.

Luther says he’s right, then…presumably…murders everyone standing there by doing a gesture with sparkling light. He tells the wall that the “tree” doesn’t need it’s branches pruned alone, there are pests and everything else is no longer needed, so long as he has her. She thinks so too right? (How does he do this? If he could kill people all along by sparkling at them, why does he have any trouble at all? Just sparkle every foe. This ability is NEVER explained)

Matoi calls out for Xion, but Xiao answers. He calls himself Xion’s brother, but there’s no time to explain “they’ve already begun: following ‘the plan’ was bad, they’re faster than expected. Be careful, as no one can tell what the enemy is up to at this point.

Brigitta (the coms operator) interrupts him with a general announcement that hostiles have invaded the Mothership. But she is then disrupted by Regius in a giant window of his own. He does his intro, saying the situation is so dire he must contact everyone. He explains that “one person” has contacted an outside organization on numerous occasions. This is Sara (shown in photos) He also says there’s evidence of Partner Machine hacking. (Implying Sara did it, but not saying so. This is him detecting what Xiao did to help save Ulc)

Next, he shows DF Apprentice photo, and accuses her of talking with darkers who are capable of speech. (This is true) and also not attacking darkers. (Also true)
Then, he shows a photo of Matoi, saying she spies on ARKS from within, by being unregistered/unconfirmed. (This is also true, nobody knows who she is)
Last, he says a person of great contributions to the ARKS in the past has gone wrong, and has been judged a new enemy of all ARKS everywhere. Due to this decision he calls for an AVIS against…

He calls for the obliteration of the traitor to all arks, and a red symbol appears on the screen, signifying the Absolute Order

The issuing of the “Absolute Order” turns every ARKS who hears it into a red-eyed zombie. Earlier, when Regius & Casra mentioned it, it was to make you believe that it was an order that would “over ride” any previous order. Like, if you were supposed to put out a fire to save civilians, you would have to stop & go kill wolgadahs, if that was the absolute order & if you stayed…you’d be fired. The key question here is HOW is everyone zobiefied? What is the TECHNIQUE used to control minds?

Hilda clarifies that the enemy of everyone is you, and that all must scramble to the mothership to kill and intercept. Xiao frets out loud, saying Luther feigned ignorance of you/Matoi/Xiao up until now, but it’s clear Regius’ move is actually Luthers’ hand. Matoi re-assures that you’ve done nothing wrong.

The next area of the mothership you have to fight through Code: Kill YOU. Where everyone who appears, tries to kill you as if you were a common enemy. These are called Abyssal ARKS This order can make many of the same person appear at once, or over and over again. You’ll fight rangers, forces & hunters. They are all quite susceptible to status effects, however. Matoi is excellent at poisoning them, and any weapon SEs you have are well advised. At first they only appear in small batches of 3 and 4, but later, more will come running as you clear each area. The ‘ship’ warps them back up as blue crystals when they fall. (So, it is assumed they don’t die) They actually have tactics in larger groups as well, hunters will try and flank, RA and FO will stay back, and one guy will go right at you. This is interesting.

At 930

If you can battle your way past all of these, you sadly encounter Lisa, who, of course has been zombie-fied. She says it’s been so long since she pointed a gun at you. Marlu, and Ohza soon join. Marlu says she believed in you, how could you betray ARKS? Matoi says no way, but Ohza just has the kill order in mind. Marlu reminds everyone that “all legal evidence is against you so you must die” Matoi finds everyone’s presence very strange, along with their words. Lisa starts…getting a little more crazy than usual chanting “useless-impossible-useless this won’t work me and Lisa nothing you say will get to us. Don’t you understand Avis? You know Lisa and us we can’t disobey”. (What does this even mean? Is AVIS like…a psychic presence/person in their minds that “got there” during the Absolute Order?) The 3 Heroes gave the order, but Lisa doesn’t care, killing someone will be interesting.

Fourier interrupts her though, saying to don’t be alarmed, she’s not an enemy. She’s just here to kill you to protect ‘those little ones’ (The Lilipans)

Now, you must fight everyone at once!
Run right away before the code starts to the side to use a barrier wall against them. They all have SE capable weapons including long-lasting confusion bullets that can really make things hard. Select an aggressor mag blast and use it on them.

At 940

If you can beat them, all are injured and tired but still vow to kill you.
Matoi is angry now, yelling how she doesn’t get it, why we have to fight the people we laughed with earlier. If that’s an order than it’s really strange! She gets so worked up that she generates a ball of power which explodes outward, washing over everyone. (This proves Matoi is psychic in some way) This creates doubt in everyone. Fourier says she doesn’t realize how weird the order was, Ohza didn’t think he was in the battle, Marlu f eels there was another ‘me’ inside of her, and Lisa says it feels like a lucid dream. The dream of Lisa was fun, but since everyone’s stopping fighting, she will too…but if they were to continue, the approaching darkers might like to join.

Everyone turns around to see approaching Luda Sorcerers, stradha, and soldas.
Hilda (a coms op) comes on to give an emergency transmission that Darkers have taken advantage of the chaos to attack, and breached the defensive line of the mothership. Everyone is to kill those, and the traitor.

Lisa (for the first time ever) explains something correctly in that ‘everyone was so obsessed with the traitor that we became careless’ She says they keep making more and more stupider charming mistakes that she could fall in love. (aaaaaaand right back to not making sense)

Everyone can’t figure out just what to think. If the order is so odd, you can’t be a traitor. But there are darkers here. So, they do the sensible thing and decide to kill the darkers. (Killing darkers is ALWAYS the best option) Thus letting you & Matoi go on ahead while they defend.

Unfortunately…Luther has appeared atop a high pillar at some point (you’ll never know when he came in) and begins lamenting that “The thing called Avis only goes this far? Or another power at work? He decides it doesn’t matter, because it shows him eccentric activity that is interesting…so ARKS kill darkers as you please, he’ll allow that freedom.

As you move on, there are more Abyssal arks & some bird darkers to fight. At the end of a hall, you can spot Maria, though. No need to worry she’s a Council 6, she won’t be afflicted. Maria acknowledges Matoi, who wonders if we’ll have to fight her too. Maria says don’t be hasty, council doesn’t have to obey Avis. (What the hell is Avis!) Her purpose here is close to yours, but Huey interrupts by jumping down off the top of an arch.
He has been scouting and says it’s what they thought “those 3 guys are there” and all is prepared and waiting. Darkers won’t let anyone through. Now, after all this explaining with you standing there…he finally notices you…and says the next opponent is him! Buuuuut this isn’t the time for that…but great job in getting here, they couldn’t help you on the way. (Likely because they can’t be seen fighting Abyssal Arks) The other council 6 members are ‘running rampant’. Maria says she & Huey are there to stop them. (So, Regius, Casra & Claris Claes)

Echo now comes running up, glad she caught up.
Maria notices she’s not targeting you, and asks if you know her, but tells Echo to hurry up and ask whatever she’s going to. She says its not to ask anything, she has her own objective because she and Zeno…no…just her has always been watching you & she understands theres a reason for your actions that you must do. That’s why she’s here to help! That’s what the “meddlesome fool” would do in this situation. (So, Zeno—her obsession with literally replacing him continues)

Maria remarks to Huey that she’s repelling Avis, it shouldn’t be possible but ah…that’s why she’s…
And Huey FRUSTERATINGLY nods her into silence. If someone would take 1 breath for 1 damnable sentence in all this, every trouble would be solved. WHAT is AVIS such that literally ONLY Echo out of everybody can magically not even be slightly affected by it.  Maria & Huey have formed their own party and come with you, who now has Echo on the party.

In the next area it seems colder. Matoi is scared. Huey says to get back quick from an explosion. The strongest guards are here to destroy invaders of the mothership.

Of course, the source of the explosion is Claris Claes. As expected, Casra, Claris and Regius step forward to face you. Huey is upset Claris has sided with Regius. Casra is surprised that Echo hasn’t tried to kill you, but she says you’re her student, and teachers always watch out for their pupils. Maria blames the situation on Regius’ inflexibility, he accuses her of siding with the enemy. She says the 6 aren’t meant to agree, so it’s time to fight.

You now have to fight all three of them at once, alongside Matoi, Echo & Maria with Huey. As Casra stated, Regius is the most dangerous. His big blocky sword is hybrid katana and greatsword, so he can use seemingly both types of arts for it. Regius here is absolutely meant to be able to kill you & to do it often. Clarissa causes infrequent explosions & Casra will use his FO-evade step to get away from you but, as Casra predicts, Regius is the worst and usually his agro will be upon you.

At 1100
Huey asks if Claris can still hear the Clarissa’s voice. She says nothing.
Casra says nobody’s going all out, because if Regius & Maria did, they’d destroy the place.
Echo is injured in the fight, naturally.
Casra says she’s inadequate, using the wrong class for her affinity and being a burden. He reminds her Zeno stretched his talents too thin, and failed against Elder. She yells at him, and charges, so he knocks her back with his gunslash. He chastises her for being baited easily, so she argues onward that Zeno was the one who protected others first, against class, at the fore with his sword not in the back with a gun. She has to fight for what she believes in…and Casra does understand this, he just wants to shoot her anyway. (It doesn’t matter how moral you are against someone amoral like this, they don’t care if you’re good or bad, just if you’re defeatable. Echo doesn't understand this about Casra.) He goes to draw down upon her, but gets the gunblade shot out of his hand.

As it goes sailing, Zeno is revealed!
He has a larger gunblade with starry purple surface. Casra admits Zeno’s good, succeeding the 4th seat not just in name. (Claris says that seat should have been empty) Zeno claims his training paid off, but he’s not on time because his weapon doesn’t agree with him. Echo’s said nothing all this time and lets him approach. She’s too beat/shocked to say much so he kind of taunts at her, asking if she forgot his face.

She stands as quickly as she can and slaps him in the face.
She screams at his idiocy, tormenting her by being gone/without contact or coming back. He tells her to shut up, saying he had several situations of his own, like nearly getting killed by Maria. Echo gets further upset, saying that’s not the point. (And it isn’t) He has no idea how frightened she was, how lonely she was. She plows into him still sobbing at what he’s done. He finally apologizes, saying to forgive him for now, before getting mad as there’s actions yet to be done.

*This anger is justified: The conflict of feelings when someone you care about a lot has purposefully frightened you into believing they’re dead and you are alone in the world, only to return just fine and unscathed…cheerily taunting you no less would be really painful. Glad he’s back but super upset that he didn’t consider the horrible way you’d feel thinking he was dead.

Zeno recognizes her difficulties, and hands her off to Matoi to rest.
*Why did everyone just STAND AROUND for all this huge conversation? Regius? Casra? There is no explanation…yet. Casra is actually behind initiating the “stand around”.

Zeno HAD to hide his existence from EVERYone so that Luther wouldn’t know he lived. He can tell Echo this LATER but not now, in front of Luthers’ pawn Regius. He has to take the blame in silence. This whole situation where he could disrupt Casra & everyone was only possible because he was Maria’s Ace in the Hole. She trained him & encouraged his silence/hidden plan and likely also upheld his 'need' to keep it a secret from Echo too

Zeno says he didn’t think he’d have to greet Casra with a gun shot. Casra retorts that he didn’t think Zeno lived through that situation. He means the Falz Elder fight. Zeno says it’s thanks to you that he did. He’s just here to repay the favor. Casra marvels that the 4th and final Council Seat is filled, but that Commandment Sword Nanaki…he didn’t think anyone would be found who could use it. Zeno explains that being a hunter for a while didn’t go to waste. (It is a gunblade, but special so he must be RA/HU or HU/RA to use it, like how Regius’ sword is technically a katana, but acts like a greatsword, so too must this weapon be strange) Casra takes back his original statement that ‘nobodys going all out’ and summons his special weapon Expressive Wisp Florenbeic. It looks like a fossil spiral shell with a handle. This works like a card weapon, but allows him to hold a glow in his off hand, and dispense spells that way. (instead of plucking and tossing cards away from the “Deck” of the weapon)

Zeno calls upon Sword of Resounding Commandment Nanaki and the starry purple coating disappears, leaving a white blade instead.
Now that it appears they will face off, Huey takes the time to turn to Claris, and asks if she’s having fun. This whole time she’s been VERY un-like herself. Quiet, never screaming, boasting, or exploding. She’s subdued, nervous and unsure. He says she loves ‘fun stuff’ and always wants to do more, so is it fun now? She won’t answer right away so he comes at her, demanding.

This frazzles her into shouting ‘shutup’ a lot, resisting being questioned and saying all is well so long as she has the rod Clarissa. Because the rod teaches her everything, being wrong can’t happen. Huey says if that’s the way it is, he’s 6 of 6, and she’s 5 of 6, and now they’ve got to fight. To do this, he summons from his symbol to wake up and smash Walfran, a pair of fiery (like, on fire now) wire-lances. He tells her to steel her heart, as this is what’s true hostility, and charges her in a rush of fire. She shouts for Clarissa to help her, but it does nothing.

Now, you have to fight everyone again.
This time, they’re harder to beat. Casra’s attacks won’t come from him, they’re from the glow he’ll cast off in various directions around the field.

At 1130
Zeno says it feels Casra was waiting for something. Just like earlier, with Echo.
He sort of was, remember, Quna talking with Casra atop the shop area lobby arches, she argued with him, but the two of them DID communicate about Luther matters behind the backs of the other council members. Quna appears on the big screen, announcing herself as the idol of all ARKS. She broadcasts a message to everyone, which is then seen on all the Abyssal Arks screens. It’s data of falsification of evidence against you, human experiments and cloning. She asks everyone how they feel after having seen it, which results in them being able to break free of the ‘zombie spell’ or whatever that stupid Absolute Order AVIS is. She releases about VOID and more suspicious things, and asks everyone to verify. She commands everyone angrily to open their eyes, to think, to get past the system that prioritizes enemies and kills friends. Who’s the real enemy? She doesn’t know, tells everyone to shut up and think for themselves. She can’t forgive people who won’t think for themselves. Everyone isn’t a tool of ARKS, you have to believe it.