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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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239 2/22
Back on the ship Xiao is talking with Matoi. He’s finished with the data so he wants to go over the events. Apprentice matches all the data. Matoi asks didn’t she just disappear 10 years ago though? After haggling her memory/lack thereof for a bit he moves on saying it’s nothing, but theoretically it could have been a copy made by Double. Regius and ARKS data shows that Double can produce copies of anything at will. (Remember, copycat ‘evil versions’ of planets to hit another planet) But, that is supposed to be limited to things Double has consumed. (Remember, they ate the corpse of Luther) But, Xiao notes, Apprentice wasn’t consumed, we’ve been seeing her on lilipa so something doesn’t add up.

He assumes that the former Apprentice Woman on Harkotan was a fake but…Matoi doesn’t agree. She was powerful and felt real. Xiao believes her and that it should be looked into. He respects her feelings. Everyone agrees and you get the Matter Board

Hazy Records Faint Memories

*Why doesn’t anyone bring up that Lilipa-Residing-Apprentice is Afin’s Sister????
This is WELL KNOWN by your character at this point. It’s also OBVIOUSLY not Woman and CLEARLY an Apprentice. How does Xiao think these 2 are the same? How do you not speak up? It was the plot of an entire chapter?

After the failed Matoi vs AW fight 10 years ago she got blasted and ‘old-ified’, transferring her “Apprenticeship” to Afin’s sister as she (probably) lay dying. (They show this, but not the aftermath) At this point it is HIGHLY LIKELY that Double ate her with their coat sleeves. So Double was “spawned” (or however these things are created, there’s a variety of ways) much earlier than anyone thought and then was what…dormant? For over 10 years until they ate Luther, ate 2 whole planets & smashed a random planet then attacked on Harkotan for unknown reasons.

Afin appears:
He asks after Matoi. You’re always with her so its weird when you’re not. This reminds him that he was with you when you 2 found her. And the Apprentice who seems to be his older sister. He’s searching alone now, but maybe he has better luck when he’s with you? She wouldn’t listen to him if he did find her. But saying things like that now will only make him nervous. You didn’t give up when all of ARKS was turned against you, so he can’t let himself feel beaten. He’s feeling better now so thanks, bye!

Patty & Tea are back on Lilipa
Tea apologizes for ‘bothering you earlier’. Patty, seeming very remorseful was worried they were getting stale so tried to spice things up but that turned out to be a dumb idea. And, with 3, that’s not ‘patty n tea’, so she wants to get back to ‘how they started’. Tea asks what she means by it, skeptically. Patty says it’s ‘looking for darkers’, so Tea is surprised. But also, a starting over quiz! Tea is still surprised.

As you know, we’re twins, but who is older and who is younger?

Patty is older, Tea is younger
Tea is older, Patty is younger

If you guess Tea is Older Patty is Younger, it’s wrong! So Patty will buzz at you & correct it. Tea can’t blame anyone for thinking that though. They agree they’re a long way from when they started. Patty wants you to ‘stay tuned and look forward to next time’, but Tea says she’ll have forgotten all about the starting over bit by then.

Katori is tired on Lilipa.
This isn't translated.
 Katori is staggering along saying if Saga gets 'full course' she'll die of exhausted.
Saga says that she held back and added extra rules to the game so that is bad.
She wanted an opportunity to look back at her past self & her shallowness then. But please look at Saga. Won't you take a moment and talk about it?

2 options
Saga says it is an illusion.

She says to not lie confusingly if you pick option 2. Until she met you, she was inspired by Saga. He tells her because 'he was cheered for' she'd better try harder than ever.
She says something as he drags her away for more practice, presumably.

Did she or didn’t she win their “contest”? The translator isn't good enough to figure it out if it's mentioned in passing. Everything here is a basic summary taken from the context of the ENTIRE interaction is it's not very good, but it IS better than nothing at all.

Quna & Io
This is untranslated
Quna is glad to see you, and hopes you're not overdoing it, though something's not working well.  Io comes wandering over so Quna calls her over, asking if she's well. She's seen something  (Or hasn’t seen Quna) since the guerilla broadcasting a year ago.
Quna feels nostalgic, but Io, Quna & Affin were involved with Arks planning. Io asks her if she ever talks about ‘something’, then Quna asks you if you think so too?

Option 1
Option 2

If you say Option 2 Io doesn’t agree with what both of you are saying, Quna says the materials are ‘a waste’, and Io doesn’t want to get into being like an Idol, how Quna is. So she gets agitated and leaves. Quna says it’s not such a bad story with everyone laughing & waving as she sings her favorite songs, she wishes she could have such happy times.

There’s no way to get the options out of this to know what You Said. The dialogue is so obtuse unless it’s better translated there’s no way to context it out by running both options. The gist of the above SEEMS to be Quna asking Io about Idol life & them talking about ‘old times’ during the whole Quna stands up to Council stuff, so of course Io runs away when asked about dressing up like an Idol or something.

239 2/24
Afin & Fourier talk about Apprentice with Rogio
Afin wants to know anything Fourier may have heard about Apprentice. But she's never seen her once since the last time. What about Rogio? Being on Lilipa so much he must have heard something. But he's been 'busy hiding' so he can't help. Afin is frustrated and sad when you walk up.

You're acting strange, Afin
Is this about that Dark Falz Again?

If you ask Is this About That Dark Falz Again? He explains he got the idea they might have heard something and thought to ask. He apologizes because 'he wasn't thinking straight'. Fourier says it's no problem, she gets her info from 'little ones' (the lilipans, of course) but anything they don't know is beyond her. Rogio deduces Apprentice must need something on Lilipa and that the attacks on the mining bases are orchestrated by her. What could she be looking for? It's sure taking a while. Afin explains she's bad at finding things and easily distracted. It's just like sister.
He goes to gloom-walk away but Fourier calls after him, saying to smile as she's sure everything will turn out all right. She may not know the details but believes a positive attitude and not giving up are the keys to success. He appears to feel slightly better as he waves and leaves with this advice. Turning to you & Rogio, she apologizes for getting 'full of herself' but speaks from experience because even alone you can still get things accomplished and when you pick yourself up, you'll  realize your friends are by your side..right? You can nod and watch Afin leave. *It’s interesting to see that the sister is bad at something in her normal life, and despite being possessed by evil, she’s still bad at the same things.

239 2/25
Xiao says he knows what's on your mind.
You're thinking of going back 10 years ago to clarify everything...right? It crossed his mind too but it's not possible. Any attempts at intervening in the timelines after "Seconds' Disappearance" are rejected. It's likely Xions' work. Memories wiped, intervention prohibited, she's really a slave driver. But, some people still remember, they might know something.

*What does he mean by “Second”?
As far as any plot has shown Apprentice Woman was the 1st Apprentice & responsible for all the bug darkers—the earliest encountered darkers. Who was 1st then if it wasn't her?
He's not really useful here. He goes away before he can tell you who it might be or how to figure it out. It's also unclear how Xion makes "it impossible" to intervene". 10 years back and she's still alive, of course, but he's supposed to be fairly undetect-able to her in this older time as well. Maybe she's set up some kind of time-loop or something to mask or prevent events. The problem with her is she thinks she's godly but she's not--mental-wise. Sure she's powerful but she's emotionally stunted and never figured a lot of stuff out

239 2/27
Memories of 10 Years Ago

You can find Melphonsia on Lilipa, who asks if you need anything. And...for once, you actually DO. You ask her about 10 years ago. She said that's when her sister went missing. She can't remember right though, and gets gloomy. Only vaguely that she was in a city, Falz appeared, Gettemhart & sister...but she can't recall and says she needs time to calm down. You clearly ask her something, but the dialogue isn't shown. It's "Whats the falz look like", which she thinks is a strange question. (No it's not, they call EVERYthing "Dark Falz", whether it's the Elder/mountain, Luther bird stuff or any random apprentice someone sees.) Her memory is hazy but she thinks it looked like a child. (So she DID mean an Apprentice)

Are You Sure?
Not An Adult Woman?

If you ask Not An Adult Woman? She can confirm it wasn't an adult, and so can go away.
*REMEMBER: This still doesn't clear up much. Afin's sitster was a child at this time AND so is Double. If she saw 1 of them, OR the sister, it still would be 'a child'. All it confirms is that it wasn't ApprenticeWoman.

Casra is talking with Ulc & Theodore
You can observe & hear Casra talking with Ulc & Theodore in the lobby, in the distance. Casra is saying that Ulc’s reasoning for “a mission” has “suspicious validity” and should be submitted again. He tells them he has to do it many times before it was right, and the report Theodore wrote the other day has to be re-done too. He needs to have a good reason in the report, so it makes sense for the ‘sortie’. No one here is happy, they're clearly glaring/arguing.

You approach them, and they all see you.
He says that’s why he’s in the plan.

A Statement
A Question

If you Ask A Question , Casra will say his personal feelings aren’t involved in anything. It’s just his job, so by enforcing what he is doing upon everyone by having them say all fine details, mistakes will eventually disappear. The ARKS is in transition now so he’s ‘staying locked’ on everything. “Legian” says “Luther’s Case”, so he feels he can’t “go out strongly” & the other council of 6 members are out of the question.
If he gets hate for his decisions, it’s still his job. He points out the flaws of others & plans, he has no choice but to undertake the job, but if the ARKS re-stabilize, it’s ‘cheap’ (the cost of what he’s doing) , he points out the bad points of others, asks if compassion is useless, says he loves you & then leaves.

What were Ulc & Theo planning?
They’re clearly planning a mission here that Casra doesn’t approve of because they seem to have gotten some paperwork details wrong. Also, Theodore’s ‘reports’ that he was talking about earlier, he’s being forced to re-do them with more detail. LEGIAN is probably something spelled wrong. Casra DOES point at the flaws of others but knows its necessary and is basically owning up to his job title here, and says he's fine with it even though it makes others mad. It seems like even if this were translated better, you still wouldn't know what Ulc & Theodore were planning.

Flirting With Death
This tile name is translated but that’s all.
Zeno runs up, asking 'are you not seeing him'? But there's no time to stay. Echo warns him to look up, and just in time too, it's Maria jumping down with her (now fixed) weapon. She says that the power is good and it’s easy to adjust now that it won't break. (Remember, if used once to its full potential hers was always breaking somehow)  He wants her to "deny murderous intent", but she won't, changing the subject to that she's a mentor & he "wanted to try a katana".

Echo says she's not cleaned up from the beginning of the chase, so Maria reminds her it's 2 vs 1, on the chase, and Echo shouldn't participate or the other (Zeno) will escape. Zeno appears to steel himself for something, advising Echo on what to do in such a situation which is: to run away at once! She calls after him and runs too. Maria tells him to wait, but uses a super jump to go after him. As they have a crashing fight somewhere in the distance, you can shake your head at their antics.

What APPEARS to happen here:
Maria's had her special spear fixed better than ever before (this would be an important plot point IF ITS TRUE) so it doesn't break after one use. She seems to be is using it as an excuse to chase Zeno around for...some kind of "villain chase practice?" or something? He's not lazy and doesn't run from work like Katori would, so what's the real purpose here?

239 2/28
Asking Zeno about 10 years ago
He wonders why such a question out of the blue and sighs at you. He says that's when he met his teacher, who was amazing.

Stare At Him.
Give Out Melrondia's Name.

If you Give Out Melrondia's Name he asks if she told your herself...the story...but hmmm 10 years ago. He sees Echo walking by and calls her over. But, she has administrative procedures to go through so make it brief. Does she remember anything? Well, him skipping training and being scolded by her. Why does she even remember that bit? Never mind thanks anyway. She'll remind him about the meeting, and tell you to make sure he sets a good example, then leaves.
Zeno agitates because he can barely remember anything, like a hazy fog is covering it up. But there’s 1 thing he won’t forget...he and Gettemhart won't forget...And that's the Dark Falz of 10 years ago, both of us were fighting during a civil rescue He was in charge of sniping and was in the safest place. He saw his comrades fall but could do nothing but watch. Zeno, Gettemhart and child Melphonsia were the only survivors. Now, he corrects himself saying "You prefer Melrondia", right?

Gettemhart & Zeno got lost along the way, that's when they saw her older sister Melphonsia sacrifice herself to let Melrondia escape. After that, you already know what happened, Zeno threw guns away and Gettemhart started acting strange. Afterwards, Melrondia tried to BECOME Melphonsia. Now, that's from your upperclasman’s past, strange, right? You shake your head 'no' that it was strange and again ask "What About the Falz That Time?" It was a terrifying monster, It was a child playing around like nothing was wrong, it was creepy. Clearly, you are surprised. He asks why, is it because there aren't any Falz who takes the form of a Child?

Literally WHO names their kids Melphonsia & Melrondia?
The dialogue even has trouble with them a couple of times. Once you know who’s who (which one died) you can spot a mistake or two in the dialogue.

Xion’s haze is clearly still upon Zeno’s memory
Why “Gettemhart started acting weird” is still unknown
Zeno ‘threw guns away’ because he felt helpless as a sniper, too far from the action to be able to do something about whatever happened. So, whatever killed Melphonsia was clearly not gun-vulnerable, or he’d of shot it. Ex. Building collapse, rubble hit, shrapnel on her, a bomb, infection, whatever.
“A Child” – 10 years ago and this could easily be 1 of Double OR Afin Sister
You also don't know "how bad Melrondia was" being "where she wasn't supposed to be" or how young she was at the time that this all went down
. The information from before with her, where an imaginary version of herself was haunting the two of you revealed that she KNEW she wasn't supposed to be where she was (during the civil rescue), but she went anyway because she had puppy-love for Gettemhart, who was already in love with her sister. She was also already trying to BE the sister so he'd like her too/or instead. If she's only a year or so younger with just a touch less experience, it's understandable, but if she was a kiddie child 10 year old or something who stupidly went into a battle despite knowing nothing and put every single person on the field at risk, that's something totally else.
Why this matters is because "what sent Gettemhart over the edge?". If she was a kiddie fool, that's easier to make him go over the edge & start abusing her & both of them feeling super justified. If she WASNT a fool/kiddie child & "was just kind of there helping but happenstance went wrong and only Melphonsia sacrificing herself could save Melrondia", it's much harder to make Gettemhart go crazy over it because she is LESS to blame. The blame amount & circumstance matters. Her hating herself and blaming herself & wanting to be abused, and him wanting to abuse and inflict cruelty and maximum guilt upon her because they both deserve (to be able to do those things) it for her moronic decisions. Gettemhart abuses her to feel better because he's punishing his lover's 'killer' & she invites abuse because she knows what she did was wrong and wants to suffer even though she can't ever make up for what she did nor undo it. Also, since it was "10 years ago" you can't jump in there and start meddling with time to make both of them live.

Fourier & Lilipan on Lilipa Talk to Matoi
This is Untranslated
Maoi watches as Fourier & a Lilipan gesture. Matoi says Lilipa is strange, and she wants to get in touch with the Lilipa tribe, so she’s cooperating with Fourier.
The lilipan gestures around.
Fourier says that because she’s an ARKS, Matoi isn’t your enemy, explaining to the lilipan but she can’t tell the reason, but the lilipan is very wary. Matoi asks if she did something frightening. Fourier says she says since she’s been with them, she hasn’t noticed anything frightening Matoi could have done but ‘it seems strongly appealing to’, and have you noticed something?

Option 1 with dots
Option 2

Selecting 2. Matoi thinks that even though nothing’s happened now, she could have done something in the past, that she’s forgotten, so she doesn’t want to ‘embarrass’ the Lilipan even more, so she’ll go. Fourier apologizes for not being able to help more, and thinks that maybe if she returns later, ‘the children’ may welcome her more after this encounter.

There is no way to translate the options here, as they don’t appear in the dialogue box, and the translation’s not that great to infer between them because they both produce something pretty similar on the surface. During all this, the Lilipan is also talking but all they say is ‘li’ so it doesn’t help.

Aki, Light & Ko Rela are in the Skyskape.  
Aki seems to want to ask Ko Rela something, but her greeting roar sends Light running away. She asks Ko Rela what she wanted to tell Light? But, he has escaped. She goes after him.

Ko Rela then decides to talk to you. She has a question for arks, is her appearance scary? Does it have to be? Looking at the figure who escapes, there are many surprising ARKS. Actually with Quna, she’s a little sad but she wants to go around the world spreading insight and meeting people. She is going to surprise or scare, but she wants to get along. But she can’t talk with people who escape.

Option 1
Option 2

If you pick Option 2, Aki will return and say Ko Rela isn’t bad, just like you said. The bad one is her creepy assistant who has been a crocodile for a long time. (what) He responds that ‘hes not as bad as his teacher’ (Aki) nor as powerful as you. But he thinks there will be no more if ‘you are attacked by you’. (Guess: if he is attacked by Ko Rela) To be honest he is scared, it makes him uncomfortable but he apologizes for this. Even though he is over-worked he does not want to give up on understanding it, even though afraid.

Ko Rela responds with
“I am scared even though I’m trying to talk to me?”
Light tells her it’s a grateful request but it’s no good?
Aki apologizes to Ko Rela saying Light’s ‘weak worms’ are inherent and can’t be straightened out. But even now he is trying to give out courage, will she compromise with her? Ko Rela (I guess) agrees and roars out that she’s the dragon of the shrine. She says Light didn’t run away that time, so she’ll believe, and please take care of her. He agrees.
Because at the best of times it's some kind of parenthetical Dragon Thought communication they do, it makes the translation of it that degree more difficult. The interaction here SEEMS simple, and it may well be but if anything's hidden in there you're sure not going to tell with this. The gist of it seems to be "Light gets over his fear of gregarious but noisy dragon".

You can Scare Up Reda in the Facility
He is frightened at the appearance of you/anyone, thinking it was more darkers attacking.  He says you had a fight with Falz, right? Even on Harkotan Dark Falz is making stories. (People talking about it?) Can we afford to use all the power of the ARKS on it when it’s like that? He then goes on to say “The Star Shinzo”, and that he can’t afford to ‘get caught’, he wants to eliminate the suffering and deal with it, and that’s why “he was alarmed around him”.
This one…really didn’t work very well in the translator. The word “shinzo” has come up in the translator before, but it always seems to confound it because the sentences with it don’t make much sense no-matter who is saying them. He’s more confusing than anything, maybe this one was meant to be ‘newsy’ but it just doesn’t work.

239 3/1
Xiao thinks it over

You can run to Xiao to tell him what you've learned from the various people. He acknowledges it taking the form of a child. If one person said it, their memory could be wrong, but if other people do too, it's no mistake. Apprentice Woman must not have been the only one 10 years ago. When AW lost the fight against Generation 2 Claris, Double appeared. The loss of 2nd Generation & the battle with Apprentice Woman took a huge impact on Xion. He says that's why everything about AW was erased but Double wasn't, so that makes sense. But, what did Double create? Real or a copy? Then, who's the Apprentice around the mining base now?

Before you can fail to tell him it's darn Afin Sister, Matoi walks up with Rogio, saying he's got something to ask...and it is to see if you can go the mining base right now?

Did You Find Something?

If you ask Why? He has a prediction that Apprentice would show itself in a few hours. Xiao asks for his data. He hands it over in the form of a sparkle, and Xiao materializes his floating vid screens saying it's the atmosphere and the sand too. Rogio says 'its been like this' on Lilipa for a while so maybe...Xiao interrupts saying it's not a regular enemy. He'll confirm Rogio's prediction, but can you go immediately? You nod that you can, but Matoi wants to come too. Xiao says no, she has 'an inspection' to take care of, and drives her off with threat of calling Philia on her.

He explains it'd be real bad if Matoi meets Apprentice Woman, and he has to count on you. He is right about this, AW whether real or fake remembers Matoi as she was before (more powerful, more skills) and will attack accordingly, to which he knows this memory-loss-Matoi wouldn't hold up. Also not wanting to awaken memories of her own almost-demise is probably good too.

Concealing the Past, Consuming the Present Episode 3 Chapter

This one is another where it tells you your progress will be saved ‘after a certain point’ so even if you ‘destroy the quest’ you can continue from where you left off/died on it & lost. The explanation window still isn’t translated but the option with the busiest-line first-symbol appears to be the ‘continue from left off’ point. Basically choose the most line-intensive, wooly looking object in the option box.

239 at 3/3 at 1200
You meet Afin in the Mining base on Lilipa. He says he’s here because he heard something from a certain someone. He also had a ‘gut feeling’ she might come, and since you’re here, it looks like his hunch is right. She’s coming, isn’t she? If we try to defend this place, we should meet her…yeah?

Melphonsia appears and asks just what will he do if he does meet her?
He says she’s ‘the one always with the scary guy’.
She tells him to refer to her as Sina, and answer the question. (This is different from Sheeeeenaa that Gettemhart was always shouting out—and he does have a definite “SH” sound when he says it if you go back and listen-- so…now that’s like what? 4 names? Melphonsia, Melrondia, Sheena and Sina?)
He’s not sure what he’ll do, but he feels that if he doesn’t meet her, something bad’s sure to happen. He wants to see her for himself, ‘hit her with some words’. Melphonsia appears thoughtful at his answer, and asks to accompany him to ‘ascertain the results’. Afin agrees & goes forward. Once he’s out of earshot she claims he’s like a mirror image of her past self, so she can’t just let him be.

Chapter 3 Fake A History – Eat A Story

Right away you’re dropped into kaltagots, dagans & el ahdas who want to breach a wall. Fortunately, they’re more interested in getting rid of you than they are the wall, so if you’re in fighting shape you can keep the ‘hate level’ up, which distracts them away from the wall, unlike in the mining bases. If you can beat them all…

Apprentice is in the sky looking for ‘a fragment of her power’, lamenting why the body can’t find it. Where it was broken it should still be left.
Afin calls out to her, saying he won’t stop, even though the name is disgusting because he won’t give up on his sister. She summons Kaltagots and dagans, so he yells. Melphonsia tells him to calm down, his voice is actually getting to her. If he keeps going the way he is now, something should happen.

Fourier Said So As Well
Don’t Give Up Partner

If you say Don’t Give Up Partner, he’ll agree its too early to give in. Let’s pass them and get to Yuku. There’s another round of dicadas, predicadas, kaltagots and dagans next, but if you defeat them, a Dark Vibrace appears. However, this Apprentice wasn’t anticipating the beam turrets in this area. You can fight the vibrace enough to get it to fly up/become distracted long enough to charge & shoot a beam turret, which, especially if you've broken a piece off of it already, will generally get rid of it.

At 1300
Using a jump pad to get out of the Vibrace area, you can observe Yuku Apprentice on top of a high wall, getting upset with ‘this body’. She looks all around but can’t find ‘the power’. Afin calls out her whole name, Eucretia, which makes it angry, claiming it’s the one that stole the body 10 years ago, Apprentice.

Afin argues that if it was really the case, he’d of given up long ago. He calls her sister, and says that she wasn’t really consumed, she was merely abducted by darkness.  She needs to think back and remember that time…so, surprisingly, she closes her eyes and does it!

228 8/7 at 1410
A Flashback Occurs: Nasty oldwoman-ized apprentice grapples with the child Eucretia when her body isn’t enough. She shouts about her failing body and spreads the red doom-cloud onto the child. However, before this can work,  a giant sleeve eats the old woman!  It’s Double. They thank her for the meal, dark falzes really are tasty, they want to get used to such a taste.

Little Eucretia is standing there stunned, so Double wonders if they should eat her too. She is leftover from ‘the takeover’.  But, GirlD says no, ‘our stomach’ is full, but she could become fun in the future so let’s just go home. They agree several times to take a break, going home to rest ‘so their stomach doesn’t go out of control’ and then kill lots more people later.

Eucretia yells at the memory to shut up, saying don’t dare confuse her. Afin argues ‘don’t run away’ as she dissolves in darkness and disappears off. She leaves in her wake some Goldradah and 1 vidoluda, who is there to stun you so the Goldradahs can kill you. Use the walls of the base that stick out into the main ‘arena’ to separate the darkers for an easier fight. "Eating Her Later" likely means they want the infection to grow stronger before bothering to eat Eucretia.

3/3 at 1330
In the next area outside the mine main area. Apprentice feels a strange voice in her head that she can’t get rid of, and blames her confusion upon it. If she can get rid of Afin, it will go away. He dares her to try and erase him. He tells her if she’s really a Falz, she should be able to do it, but if she’s not…it’ll prove he’s right, so just go right ahead. He tells her that now she’s rash meddlesome and has a short fuse but also can be kind. She’s the real Eucretia. She argues that she’s actually Apprentice, and the ARKS are frail and insignificant, tries to blast him, then laments the hands can’t weave power any more.

???A Voice
Says a fake. Fakes can’t do anything, not searching, not breaking, just manipulating darkers is all she can do. The voice yells this out to offend Eucretia.

The voice is revealed to be Double, who calls her really just boring leftovers. They say more that she’s a failure who is so dull it’s a wet blanket that does nothing, can’t even break anything. They raise their sleeves and summon AW, and 2 Luthers. AW is able to get a cut in on Eucretia, and she staggers backward, unable to fight back. AW comes in for another hit, but suddenly a darkness arises from the ground. It’s … Elder/Gettemhart! He appears and actually blocks AW, knocking her down. Not stopping for a second, he gets in and punches AW dissipating her. The Luthers jump in, attacking him next. Melphonsia is shocked and frightened, recognizing him as “Elder”.
She is afraid the Luthers will harm him, but he smashes one. The second is shot/dissapiated by…

Zeno appears!
He’s surprised that Falzes will fight each other, and explains that Xiao urged him to come here right away as there could be a real mess.
Double demands to know what Elder is doing. Will he ally with ARKS & betray them? He asks the question back at them, why did they enslave ApprenticeWoman & Loser? He tells them their answer would be useless as they had no intent of ‘camaraderie’ from the start. He tells them ARKS & DF are irrelevant, he desires only conflict and instinct-following, that’s the only reason he acts at all. And now, before all, is his instinct to slaughter Double. They’re surprised, but tell him they don’t need ‘impure’ ones like that.

They remind him of their purpose which is to resurrect Profound Darkness. Girl says it’s to become PD. Anyone who doesn’t understand this is a fake. And they should have eaten them anyway. Now, they want to erase and consume all, so they raise their sleeves to summon more Luthers and an Apprentice Woman.

Zeno says the copies have come out to play, while GettemElder warns Zeno not to interfere because he wants to fight only them. Zeno wants Afin to take Eucretia away, and GettemElder warns Melphonsia not to get in his way. She’s very determined to fight them too. And thus a boss battle begins.

Apprentice Woman is the one to kill here, but she can summon an unlimited amount of Dicadah and also Loser clones. Pretty much every attack she has carries the stun effect/risk of stun as well, which is great at hitting everyone else in the fight. Be sure to practice stunwiggle to escape it or use long range only. The Losers will constantly step in the way of hitting her though. Because Elder is a fist/knuckle brawler he'll easily stay stunned for most of the fight, but when he's not, he's pretty darn powerful.

At 1400
If you can beat Apprentice Woman and her summoned Luthers Double will reappear, complaining their stomach is empty after making all the copies, so they go to eat Melphonsia, as she is closest to where they appeared. She ducks as they extend their sleeves of darkness, but Elder gets in the way. They’re confused at their aim/missing Melphonsia.  He says to not underestimate him, and goes to crush their sleeves/sleeve based powers which would stop them. All 3 are now locked in a battle which would ‘rend space’. They call him every name in the book for ‘fool’, for trying to ‘send them flying’.

Able only to look back a little to Melphonsia, he warns her, that if she feels she’s the real member of the ARKS, to don’t look back, and use her hands to shape only the future. As their powers clash, the earth begins to shake and more red/black swirls appear. However, instead of any explosions or anyone going flying…they all just vanish suddenly. At the end, he calls her “Dia”.

To which Zeno said maybe he was still…
Melphonsia, realizes sadly that maybe Gettemhart really was still in there, and owns up to her own name at last, saying she’s Melrondia, and ok with that.

Eucretia & Afin have been watching the whole time, but when he goes to pull her, she swats him away and gets confused, saying she’s not his stupid sister, nor a Falz, stumbles off, and vanishes in a swirl of dark. You reach out to Afin, who assures you he won’t give up and will one day get through to her. No matter where she goes, he’ll find her, he’s skilled at finding things. Even now, it’s the same, he’s always been finding her things.

Back up on the campship, Xiao asks for your report/could you come to him even after the bad time.

3/4 at 100
Matoi, Afin & you all meet with Xiao.
He explains the Apprentice was not the entire person we believed her to be. It was just Yucretia, Afin’s sister who absorbed the dying ApprenticeWoman residue 10 years ago. The true one was supposedly devoured by double at that time.  But what does Afin mean by always going off after Yucretia like that? She’s absorbed evil energy, she’s an enemy of the ARKS. Afin tells Xiao it’s none of the ARKS business what it is he’s doing, it’s all between him and his sister. Xiao, being fairly smart here, understands, and tells him toe feel free to do whatever feels right with the ARKS full support.

Afin leaves, and Xiao wonders what to do to handle someone communicating with a Falz. Matoi though, wants to believe in the 2 of them coming to an understanding. Xiao agrees.

End Chapter

This is quite the straightforward chapter.
Gettehmart supposedly finally 'dies' as the Falz/Apprentice he became, but his last act was to sort of forgive/free Melrondia from their mutual torment of eachother they've had going for 10 years or so. He does this by using the last bit of her name "Dia" to finally call her that. However, because it's clear Double can 'remake' people it eats, is he really gone for good? Plus, it doesn't look like a usual kill for them, as Luther was.
Eucretia / Yucretia has 2 spellings for her name.
Eucretia is still just as confused as always but at least now you could see exactly what happened, and also confirm that she's merely tainted which is just sort of interfering with her motivations and creates a confused being.
The "lost power piece" she is looking for is likely whatever occurred when Apprentice Woman summoned a Vibrace on Matoi & was almost trapped/smashed to bits by her light technique out in the desert.