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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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239 1/13 Matoi Meets Kotoshiro
A giant person in a mask, armor, and no shoes says "it's Miko Sama", and is seemingly happy when he sees Matoi. Matoi's glad the translation is working, but what does he mean?

He says "she's really Miko-sama, and those 'insolent kuronians are..."
But, before he can get further, he's interrupted by the 'passing trench coat guy' you saw earlier. He says to this random guy to stop, he's troubling 'them' (you and Matoi) The random mask and armor alien man says "Kotoshiro", which is this trench coat alien's name. Kotoshiro reminds him that messages to Miko Sama must go through him, the guardian, and that's what we agreed upon. This Shironian man agrees, says excuse him, and leaves. Matoi says she's not the MikoSama he's looking for though.

Kotoshiro understands but has a question for you: have either of you met a bossy lady about your size?
Matoi hasn't, but what about you?

I have no idea
Do you mean the mentioned 'Miko-sama'?

If you say you have no idea, Kotoshiro will say he's sure this was where she was last, he must still have much to learn. But, if you ever do see her, please let him know. He then trots off to go looking for her some more.
If you ask Do You Meant Mikosama? He'll say yes, please let him know, then he leaves.

Matoi wonders if she can call him Kotoshiro-san, and that he has a different aura from others here. She suspects he can hold a proper conversation.

Why is this guy dressed differently?
Everyone else is in armor, but he's dressed in almost-street clothes for humans. Black boots, pants, white trench coat, black gloves, black 'armor-ish' shirt. Nobody here tends to wear shoes, either. The trench covers up his tail. He still has the few thick 'hairs' and 2 thin back-leaning horns on his head. But, if he's the Shironian species, he reveals that their faces are likely pretty human looking, with his human nose.

Why does Matoi think he's a good conversationalist? Why aren't these aliens interested in the other aliens here? (you)  If Kotoshiro blocks messages for Mikosama, why can't these Shironians just chat with you? Certainly, if aliens appeared on Earth, everyone would have something to say, and it wouldn't matter which alien it got said to.
What are Kuronites that he is complaining about?

Matoi in: Shironian Blessing?
If you meet Matoi down on Harukotan, she'll say something's been bothering her. Is it really ok for Shironians to be fighting darkers? They're a big help, but she worries they could get infected. (So far, seemingly every other sentient alien seems able to be infected, dragonkin of all sorts, and lilipans, but with the exception of Vopar shell people.) She doesn't wonder long, because Kotoshiro comes wandering up, he's heard of her exploits in suppressing the invasion, so on behalf of Emperor, our sincerest thanks. She says it's an honor, but can she ask something important? Has anything out of the ordinary happened to any of your people? He doesn't see the purpose of the inquiry, but there's been no reports.

Matoi is confused, saying they may be immune after all.
He still doesn't understand the nature of her concern, but if he guessed, it would be the Blessing. She prompts him to explain, which is "The Ashen Blessing" it is the Maidens' power that protects the planet's people from "malice and miasma". Matoi wonders if it really stops the spread of darkers.

Technically no it does not, darkers still appear in Shironian town.
It could be incredibly useful if it prevents sentient people or animals from being overtaken by darker influence. 

239 1/8 Ohza on Shironia
He has a question. And, of course, it's regarding Marlu. Has Marlu said anything to you about him?

Nothing in particular.
Is there a problem?

If you ask Is there a Problem? He'll say they fought together on the infected ship, but lost contact right after. It's no big deal...but it feels like the gap between them has widened, she slips away every time he tries to have a conversation and this is why forces are so...!

But, before he finishes, he realizes it's not it, his problem is his attitude, he does hate forces, but just not her in particular, of course, they've had misunderstandings, but he wants to straighten them out but worries it could be too late. He apologizes for wasting your time and runs off.

If you say Nothing In Particular, he'll say 'nothing's still something'...but later, he won't accuse his own attitude of being the real problem, unlike if you ask him if there's a problem. He still apologizes for wasting your time and runs off.

No sooner than he's gone, than Azanami springs out from behind the nearest house-post, exclaiming about this 'gridlock' after half a year and they're even getting worse. They need to be more honest with themselves because ARKS should be a big happy family. With that, she leaves.

These 2 nerds need to go to a councilor and have pinecones poured on their heads until they come to their senses, each one's as miserable and turning in circles as the other, seemingly learning lessons and then UN-learning them weeks later to fall back into the same pit of dumb. Azanami has very good stalking powers though, she pops up like a prickly orange gopher every chance she gets. Also, how self-centered do you have to be to land on an alien planet with a fascinating sentient species and then just use the time to fret over a relationship?

Patty has an elaborate introduction, complete with spinning gestures.
Tea isn't impressed. But, they are glad to see you again, thanks for your hard work, and Patty's happy that alls' well that ends well. (Tea accuses her of not remembering much) Tea is interested in Harukotan, but says 'this isnt the discovery channel', they need to be concerned if the natives are receptive to help, because there's been a Dark Falz signature spotted here.

Theodore & Ulc in the shops area
Ulc's happy because her changes seem to be working. If you want to start fresh, the place has to look fresh. She then thinks of what to do next...and thinks so hard she runs off to go do it. Theodore explains that she's been working super hard since Xiao put her in logistics, she pushes the boundaries of her job description and he can barely keep up with her assignments.

Sounds Rough
Sounds Fun

If you say Sounds Fun, he'll ask 'is that really how it looks', but whatever makes her happy, makes him happy too and he can handle it if he can see her smiling.
If you say Sounds Rough, he'll say 'you can say that again', but whatever makes her happy, makes him happy too and he can handle it if he can see her smiling.

239 1/15
Persona can sneak up on you

He asks if you "intend to keep tormenting her you bastard". He tells you your mission to save everyone is cursed and you should be able to see the result. He says you should also be able to see what will happen to 'she who bears warped darkness and sorrow and vanished.' (Presumably, Matoi)  Do you intend to repeat the past?

She's the one laughing now
I won't let that happen

If you say I Won't Let That Happen, he'll say no matter what you think, the result will never change, so if you care about her, slay her immediately. Then, he promptly vanishes.
If you say She's The One Laughing Now, he'll say no matter what you think, the result will never change so if you care about her, slay her immediately. Then, he promptly vanishes.

So, from this interaction, even though Persona is CLEARLY "a type of Falz", due to the Falz coat in black and pink, the pink fade tipped hair & pink mask, he/it is ALSO against the darkness within Matoi, which is super odd. If it IS Profound Darkness that's somehow 'gotten into her', and not just an accumulation of all the stuff she's killed over the years, it'd also mean an 'end' to him. Is Persona what you get when someone is "taken over" by a falz (Like Gettemhart containing Elder) but their original personality beats it? (Like a little bit of Eucretia vs her infection?)
Also, his comment on 'your mission to save everyone is cursed'....well woooow as if "save everyone" was some unworthy goal? Oh don't save anyone ever...that's cursed! Duh.

239 1/21 Matoi sees Kotoshiro
On Harukotan, you can find Matoi who sees Kotoshiro, but he's faced away from her. She wonders if we should call out to him.

You & Matoi approach him to do just that, but before you can say anything, he turns and asks
Is there anything you need from me?

Matoi is surprised, how did he notice her? He says her aura is conspicuous, even without the aid of vision, sometimes being able to see limits what you can perceive. Remember, he has a black 'mask' that covers his mouth and his eyes. With the opaque-but-see-through-able things the ARKS use sometimes (masks, apparent eye-shields, etc) you could suspect that he could see through what he's got, but he can't.

Matoi asks if his eyes...?
He says that's right, but lacking sight doesn't inconvenience him, he can even sense the fact that she's not the Miko, there's no need to feel sorry for him. (This is an assumption, nobody's said anything of the sort/acted)

Matoi apologizes, asking if he's offended. He laughs, but it is silent. (So, a laugh motion/gesture) He says her consideration is refreshing, unlike Shironians or Kuronians she is gentle and kind. Besides a few others, and him, the people are completely different from everyone on the planet. There are 2 native races Shironians of White Territory & Kuronians of Black Territory, divided by Ei Namida river, never to meet.

But, lately, Kuronians have been coming into the White Territory. Those who break the law of nature shal be punished, and so clinging to the law, the Shironins have been waiting for the Ashen Miko to Descend. Because the Kuronians path is impious. He looks up as if he hears something, then says he has responsibilities as a guardian, so farewell & leaves. Matoi wonders what the duty means, will a war break out?

Story Chapter A Game of Black And White
Chapter 1 Where the Gray Goddess Dances

239 at # in White Territory

As soon as you arrive in town with Matoi, there’s trouble. Collapsed buildings, Shironia-town people running all around and fires indicate problems. Matoi says she feels darker reactions too, so we’re obligated to join the fight that Kotoshiro predicted earlier. But, before anyone can star fighting, 2 Shironians arrive, one holding an arm wound, to ask Matoi to save them. They tell you that the Kuronians have forded the river in unprecedented numbers, which is foolish and vile, so she should divinely punish them. Matoi, as usual, tries to explain that neither of you are Miko, but they don’t care and keep asking for help anyway.

She tries a new tack of asking where is Kotoshiro, but…they don’t think there’s a need for him as long as she’ll act. They keep pestering, which makes her mad at ‘adulating one person so much…she hates it’. She demands the location of Kotoshiro, and they hem and haw over it for a while (how would they really know? They’re random guys in a huge town)  so she yells at them until they point toward “Ash Miko” (must be a place named after this Mikosama) and you can run off toward it.

239 at 1030

If you can fight past various Kuronian type enemies along with darker boxes Parata Picoda & Pitta Wadda, you can reach a huge gate into the next area. Matoi confesses that she doesn’t know why she got super irritated just then.

I understand how you feel
The sudden anger was surprising

If you tell her The Sudden Anger Was Surprising, she’ll say that’s how it seemed…is sad, and says she’s a failure as an ARKS. (That’s a bit extreme) She wonders how to put it that, what they were doing was disgusting. The planet’s Miko is adulated to the point where she’s made to do things she doesn’t want to. It’s so unreasonable, and when she thought about it, she lost it. She tells herself she’s no miko, so don’t be selfish, stay calm relax and…self reflection done, let’s go find Kotoshiro!

She’s projecting A LOT onto someone she knows almost exactly 0 about here.
It’s nonsensical until you remember that before she lost her memory everyone at ARKS was always forcing her to do all this darker-ridding and keeping out of everyone’s way/not speaking to anyone. She likely felt the ARKS/council/whatever was projecting onto her a “fix everything all the time” vibe, and thus hates it without understanding why. She is coming from a position where she THINKS this random Miko person is in.....being 'worshipped into doing everyone's bidding' so you don't disapoint them. She feels it's disgusting and hates the accidental worshipping because of her un-remembered past where she was forced to give up her own will all the time to fulfill the praising people.

*The slick solution here would have been simply saying ‘oh sure we’ll go fix stuff right on up you shironia townspeople & then just run off to do it. It’d shut them up without a quarrel or demands and you’d no-doubt run into trouble which is exactly what you were looking for.

If you can fight past several trials in quick succession, saving Letar-Ogga & Letara Meggo the Shironian towns-people (They are warriors in the silver/bronze armor just like the rest of the people you see. They fight too, with giant katana-like swords which have a very slow but hard strike, and can also afflict stun. They're slow, but not helpless) several times, then progress through town even more, you can reach a courtyard at a palace like structure. There, Kotoshiro is facing off against a Gigur Gunne-Gam.

A Gigur Gunne-Gam
This is a very very large giant, likely perhaps 5 or so stories tall. He’s building-level big, wears a mask with horns, has pointy teeth, a vaguely ‘human-ish’ face, lots of armor, and a gigantic sword. The ‘skin’ where it’s exposed, is a bricky-red with swirls/lines in it as if he’s made of wood-grain. He is ice based, can talk/yell at you, and is pretty active. He can summon ice blocks out of thin air & smash them to shoot projectiles, swings of his sword produce ice-sheets or pillars and spikes which you can run up to hit him in the face because he’s so tall. He has AOE foot stomps which cast stun when he says ‘sha ma naa’. It is unclear if his ice-producing sword-swings (allowing you up to his face) are on-purpose or accidental. What would be the purpose or origin of a person this large? (If it is, in fact, a person)

Matoi asks if he’s ok, but he just asks why she’s here, this fight shouldn’t have anything to do with her.

We couldn’t just leave this be!
This isn’t unrelated…

If you say This Isn’t Unrelated…Matoi will say you’re right, because those things are over there…and no sooner does she point at the Gigur Gunne Gam, than the Double Falz twins appear over his shoulders right out of thin air. These ugly kids look just alike, right down to the matching black bow in their long purple pony-tail hair. The boy says they were trying to catch the planet’s Miko, but there’s an unexpectedly big fish here instead.

Matoi is worried/upset by their appearance so they tell her it’s scary, don’t glare like that because ARKS are really scary. But, this isn’t fun any more because they were there to eat the Miko, but she’s a hiding coward that no one needs…so we’re going to collect then break everything here instead.

With that, they corrupt the Gigur Gunne Gam, surprising Matoi about ‘the quick erosion’  into being controlled by this type of Falz. Kotoshiro blames the corruption on ‘the black child’ (Does he sense only one, or does he sense them AS one? Remember, he can’t see)  but says it no longer matters because for trespassing on the Miko shrine and slandering the Miko too he must deliver 10,000 deaths.

If you can defeat the Gigur Gunne Gam…
The Falz twins are very impressed that someone so huge got beaten. They seem to cheer you on, saying you did better & amazing. So they want to see something more amazing! Or it’ll be too boring you know? So, they summon several ogars of each type to start another fight. Matoi asks Kotoshiro if there’s a way to escape all this. He says he can’t, he’s here to protect the shrine, but you both should go. Of course, you can’t just leave poor Kotoshiro there, so you stay.

As the twins get ready to ramp up again, a swirling, whirling gray wind begins in the courtyard, confusing the twins. Kotoshiro exclaims it’s the Ash Wind. A voice calls out that it’s so noisy it can’t catch a nap. Black or white everyone’s so persistent at fighting each other that it’s almost commendable. Everyone gathered here, is it a banquet perhaps? But she’s not in the mood for that and will humor them some other day.
At this, a woman suddenly appears in a swirl of wind out of thin air (literally) and snaps a black & white fan very suddenly. And everyone on the opposing side simply vanishes.

This woman has light beige skin, one blue eye, one red eye, long hair that’s white on one side and black on the other, in a pony tail. She has tall sandals, a black/white many layered ‘dress’, and large wooden hair decoration. She also has a single pointed horn in her forehead, but it’s not like a duman horn, this horn is beige with ridges along it.

Matoi exclaims she wiped out the whole army including that Falz!
But no, she didn’t…she explains she merely returned them to Kuronia town. Turing to Kotoshiro, she asks why did he not escape? If it had been just him…that’s something else but involving guests was stupid. He feels bad and kneels before her. So she hops up and bops him on the head with her closed magic fan. She is human-sized, so even though he's kneeling, his head is still a bit too high to bop.

He says he has no excuses, which riles her a bit, saying he’s boring and stubborn because he doesn’t argue back. He asks if the shrine was gone when she returned, what would she do? She says it’s obvious and she’ll hit him again, so he kept protecting it. She asks if he’s afraid of her fist, and he says yes, because if it crushes planets he should be. She tells him to stop joking around, she likes the planet, why would she destroy something she likes? She’ll praise him for protecting the shrine…but first, she must greet the guests.

She says your names (you & Matoi) and says thanks for the help. Matoi asks how she knows the names, but she only says that she’s not a Miko just for show & introduces herself as Sukunahime, nice to meet you. Matoi is formal back, but she says no need because she is the benefactor. Kotoshiro says thanks too, because of your help he was able to protect the grounds. Sukuna hime then announces she’ll take another nap within the shrine. But, Kotoshiro asks her first about the disputes…so she becomes unhelpful, saying she doesn’t wait for unpleasant things to happen. She’s tired, and will go sleep now. Kotoshiro says to excuse him because he was unsightly.

So that’s the Miko
That seems rough

If you say So that’s The Miko, he’ll say he knows what you want to say, but please refrain from saying it because he’s the Miku’s keeper after all.

Ok, so the Miko is NOT a Duman, despite looking like one (horn, 2 different eye colors)
What IS the Miko? Some kind of alien?
Why does it look so human then?
What are the Kuronians? Are they people? Why do they hate the Shironians?
Because the Ogars are very people-like
(Talking, having hands...using tools...not...being preposterous) but stuff like the floating thru-the-air note-paper demon, paji-giri drum-footed things & Ganna/Leren Gams where it's like a fat guy with an animal head who has no legs riding on a giant flying lotus blossom pillow via a tiny bottom-propeller....
Are those like the "animals" of Kuronia and they're out to get you just-because?
Or are they "created creatures" made thru alien magic/whatever and sent out to get you?
Because they're just rediculous.
Which of the alien people are girls? Do boys & girls all look alike here?
Why is the Miko so tired?

How does she have instant-transportation powers for herself & others?
The Falz Double Twins will eat anything with their coat sleeves. It's no shock they'd eat her too because she's the one working 'some kind of power' to stop them from messing with Harkotan. BUT
WHY do the Double Twins care about THIS planet in particular?
WHO is directing the Double Twins?
The point was made earlier that they're unlike all previous Falz-avatar-things, without specific direction for their malice, they 'mess around'.
DOES the Miko have powers to destroy a planet for real? She's clearly not ordinary, and she's TOTALLY not what Matoi was projecting onto her earlier, and she IS lofty, but is she all everyone belives she's cracked up to be?

239 1/23
Xiao confirms that Harukotan has calmed down thanks to the re-appearance of Sukuna Hime the Ashen Miko. However, the previous status quo was because she was slumbering and not doing anything. Matoi wants to know what we can do to help. But, there’s nothing there right now…because on Vopar the recently discovered “Facility Area” needs investigating because he thinks we can salvage Luther’s research data & records. There could be something useful, even something on Double. Matoi says leave it to her, as she gains confidence.

But…she is stopped by Sara. She knows Matoi’s been skipping her checkups, which makes Matoi look guilty. Matoi asks why Sara’s looking into her status to know there’s no new updates. Sara just tells her it’s not important, but what IS important that she goes to Philia right now to get her inspection done, and get maintenance on the Clarissa after too. Matoi complains so Sara glares her into submission and she walks off as gloomily as possible. Sara complains to Xiao that she needs to take better care of herself.

Xiao acts surprised, saying she’s surprisingly worried about Matoi, and would usually say ‘this has nothing to do with me’ . Sara tells him off, saying she won’t hear such things from him…he’s the one supposed to be monitoring her anyway. And there’s no way she’d say something like that. She goes off in a huff and you obtain:

Matter Board: Recollection of Conception

Sara at the Facility
You can find Sara in the Floating Facility. She’s complaining about not being able to find Maria, who runs off without telling her, and always seems to be bringing back trouble. She then complains that Xiao is with Ulc 24-7 these days.

Are you lonely?                                                                       
I’m sure everyone is ok.

If you ask Are You Lonely? She’ll get offended and deny it while stuttering right away. She says Maria brings trouble, so don’t get it confused she’s not lonely nor worried about her in the slightest. To prove this, she rushes off.

239 at 1/24 Cabracan at the Facility
Cabracan appears talking like a silly pirate with an ‘ahoy matey!’ and Where’s the spicy lass?" Echo shows up to give him what for, for calling her a ‘spicy lass’, however. She’s dressed in some new clothes, and has a force weapon back. She wonders what else he says while she’s away? But, Cabracan takes her lack of wanting to hit him as a ‘jolly mood’, and remarks on her changed outfit. She explains that since Zeno came back she realized she was pushing herself into the wrong class, so she went back to FO which suits her best. (Remember, this is the lesson Zeno doesn’t learn)
Cabracan thinks one thing is missing though from the outfit…something that embodies the wild side that warns people that the Kracken is coming when they see her! At this, she casts a zonde near him, which makes him shout ‘shiver me timbers’! He tells her she hasn’t turned over any new leaf, and is more dangerous as a FO than she was before…and since her lover is back ‘on deck’, shouldn’t she act like a proper lass? Echo now agitates a lot, claiming ‘we’re nothing like that!’ and flailing, but Cabracan says that ‘the ship has already sailed.

Why does no one ask him why he is suddenly pretending to be a pirate?

Azanami & Io are championing their classes
Azanami shouts out to ‘go braver, not bouncer’! Io doesn’t really want to say anything because ‘there’s nobody out here to listen’ (which, there isn’t, they’re yelling in an empty space, with likely only enemies to hear them) so Azanami counters with that “the victory is in the effort”, not exactly what it does…so they are winning!
When you approach, Io will be surprised to see you there, but Azanami is happy. She feels that the founder of the Braver Class (herself, of course) is the best ambassador for it now, because while Bouncer Class was just created, it’s got loads of members & she doesn’t want to ‘lose’ to that class’s administrators.

Io, however, doesn’t agree exactly with her methods, saying she’s there against her will (on the quest with Azanami) but Azanami says it’s not nice to say such things because she only invited her since she looked lonely. Io says no matter, it’s too late now. Azanami agrees, it’s that she’s here that matters, and she’s so kind. Io denies this right away, telling her she’s really not kind.

If you say She’s got A Point
If you say You’re so sweet Io

If you say “You’re so sweet, Io”, she’ll flail a bit, yelling upperclassman, not you too! Azanami claims she can see Io blushing and calls her a little cutie-pie. This agitates her so much she yells shut up and runs away as fast as she can. Azanami thinks she’s over done it, and so goes off too.

Remember: Someone has told Io that nobody will ever like her or be her friend because she is a Duman. Someone (like you) who acts friendly towards her, as well as Azanami (who is relentlessly bubbly ) bothers her because of what she has been told.

Katori doesn’t really like Administrating
Katori is complaining as she drags and staggers along claiming she’s so tired because ‘that Spartan maniac is out of control’. Upon seeing you, she perks right up to normal, she claims you can save her. Saga, of course, appears right after her, telling you to pay her no mind because field testing was part of the job description for Bouncer Administrator.
She admits she knew the description, but didn’t think it would be this extreme. He says her low stats are to blame, he’s not even breaking a sweat. She argues back for comparing a frail lady like herself to a top athlete like him. Neither one of them picks out that he’s an android, and thus literally cannot sweat, and that also, as a machine, he’s not going to get tired. And is also somewhat unlikely to understand “what tired is”, but that’s LIKELY not the case here, she is just a huge complainer.
He reminds her she chose this path of Braver, and if she wants to quit it, he won’t stop her. This finally riles her will, and she stamps about yelling fine, she’ll do it. To you, she says ‘o dearest, just wait, she’ll give it her all!’. Then, she marches off.
Saga claims she hasn’t got a single word without complaint, but if he tolerates it, it would only embolden her. Then, he leaves.

What is Katori’s real motivation?
She seemingly has to be pestered into doing anything.
Why does she like you?
She barely met you, there is no reason to like nor dislike you

239 1/25
Pirate Talkin' Cabracan Offers to Hel
You can encounter Cabracan, still doing his pirate accent in the Facility. He says it appeared out of no where, and is giving everyone who comes to it 'bad vibes'. This is why he has decided to help out with your investigation, learning secrets. However, before you can ask him if he's discovered anything on his own, Zeno & Echo show up to disrupt the conversation. Echo's glad to see you but says "ugh he's here too" when she spots Cabracan. He tells her she's as harsh as usual, but who's this mister person? Zeno introduces himself, & says nice to meet you, but that he's already heard about him from Echo (nothing good, to be sure) and says it's tough working with her, isn't it?

Cabracan agrees, says she's trouble. Zeno says he's been 'carrying her 10 years', at which Cabracan marvels at how long they've been together. Of course, all this has been going on right in front of Echo, as if she had no ears at all. Naturally, she's getting upset, so Cabracan rushes Zeno off to 'start the investigation', and they both flee while she asks to not be left behind.

What does he mean the facility appeared out of no-where? Did it rise from the sea?
Why doesn't Echo understand that Cabracan likes to 'get her goat' and is now just going to relentlessly tease her because she over-reacts?
Why does Zeno treat her like she's not there? Is he razzing her too, using Cabracan?

Ulc is working hard
In the lobby, you can find Theodore. He says Ulc is working hard at a meeting, but should be back shortly. Her new job is her true calling. Just then, she comes racing up but says she can't stay because there are some reports and data due before her next meeting. Theodore has anticipated this though, he says, and already completed it. She's happy for his help (telling him so) and says that since it's medical items, it's the health of all ARKS on the ships so she's doing her best to support that branch too.

Theodore wonders what may happen if she gets burned out?
She asks if she's exhausted looking

Not at all
I'm a bit worried

If you say 'not at all', Theodore feels the same. There's nothing to worry about, and she knows she goes overboard sometimes, but if you & Theo say it's ok, she'll be fine. If there comes a time when you agree she's had enough, she promises to get rest but for now she'll keep keep an eye out for her, ok?

239 at 1/26
Maria & Casra are at the Facility
Maria says it’s been a while, and Sara’s doing her own thing. She’s hard to watch over, especially on Vopar. (Likely meaning she has a propensity to run off) Casra says it’s a nuisance to have to ‘attend’ Maria, so she basically tells him to shut up and keep working on the data point he’s accessing. Remember: Casra is flip/pesky to everyone, as he retains this ‘attitude’ from the original Casra. No one should be shocked he has ‘attitude comments’ at this point…yet! Here she is!

With Sara absent, she asks you if there’s something you’d like to know about Sara?
(She’s gone, so lets talk about her, basically)
Ask About Saras Past?
Ask About Matoi & Sara Relationship?

If you Ask About Sara & Matoi Relationship? Maria will say she doesn’t know much so go ask Sara in person.

If you Ask About Saras Past?
Maria will say it’s not very interesting before she met Xiao. She’s simply a Luther Victim. (Which, is more interesting than probably 90% of people here but) Luther experimented on her to obtain some sort of data. And she doesn’t know the rest because reading the data made her so mad she destroyed everything and then rescued Sara. This is extremely stupid, there could have been something in there to kill Luther with, or at least foil his Clarissa-rod related plans BEFORE it gets to the point where Xion has to kill herself or something equally catastrophic to get rid of him. Maria is a moron.

So, Casra fills in.
He explains its because of the Clarissa rod. Maria then glares at him, demanding if he’s involved too. He denies it and says stop having such a scary expression. He only said it because in his current analysis (whatever he's looking up inside the Vopar data crystal ball--presumably their assigned job) he finds some parts of the data she destroyed. According to it, Sara got linked with Radiant Clarissa 10 years ago. To get data on the rod, she was used as a means to an end. From that experiment, a copy of the Radiant Clarissa, the Ashen Clarissa 2 was made. (The evidence of that was all the Claris Claes clones with their Ashen Clarissas that Luther could command. The data is real.) He goes on to say that the connected body is also…

But it’s too late!
Maria has thrown her spear and smashed the data crystal beyond repair, keeping Sara’s health secrets something only Luther knows. Again, stupid. To destroy the data is not to protect the person. He asks her politely not to destroy equipment, so she sais "oopsie her hand slipped". Casra accuses her of being too overprotective of her pupils, and, with what they came for thus ruined, and their mission failed, they leave.

Wow. A character this dumb?
It actually endangers Sara A LOT to destroy her health data. Was Luther a nice guy? Were his experiments keeping her safe? Did he care about her future? Gee whiz! I bet he didn’t! It might be helpful to know what he did, incase she has a health time bomb going on! Or what if some of his nastiness could be UNDONE? Or what if when exposed to the rod she’ll get vaporized by it? That kind of thing would be nice to know if you DON’T WANT SARA TO DIE. It’s enough to make you think Maria had something to do with it and she’s on a rampage to cover her tracks because nobody is that angry nor are they that stupid. She knows Luther very nearly killed everyone in his plot, he wasn't stupid, and his research was extremely dangerous. To not know if he had any 'little surprises in store because he is bad' would be easy enough for a grade-schooler to suspect.