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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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If you pick Contact Sara
She’ll call you and ask if it means you’ll help her. But, right away she goes off on a tangent , asking if it’s ok that you trust her so easily because she’s not a part of ARKS. After all, while she tries to gain your trust it could all be a ruse..isn’t it unsettling that she could betray you? She doesn’t know how she got on that topic, saying you could neglect her request and not come…but it’d mean a lot if you did.

Yes that is an odd tangent for her to go on. But really, ARKS are investigators. If she’s not a part of it, how could she make a big betrayal without like…a posse or something to be waiting in ambush? Also, you already know that Xiao has roped her into helping everyone basically…not DIE of Luthers evil plans and all, so it’s not like she could be some phony at this point with a psychic kid dogging her steps.

Once on the surface you meet her near the ‘light fountain’ that Echo inspected. She is surprised you came, even after her speech earlier. She thinks ‘we share the same fate’, so lets just go. The investigation she wants to do is find out what Luther is doing on Vopar. She suspects there’s equipment in the back of the facility so we’ve got to get there while it’s still intact.  Thus starts…

6/28 at 930

A Grasp Beyond the Haze

If you can fight past sevenians, some talobecko & several charge stars, you can push a button that lowers a fence. Passing this Sara wonders if this is the right direction. She’s mad at Xiao for not leaving a map. Just then, Cabracan is swimming by. Of course, Sara thinks he’s an enemy. He asks what you’re doing down here, commenting that this girl is different & ‘you have more experience than you let on’, which is kind of odd to say. You clearly then ask him “which way to the back of the area” which he points north-ish. He admits he never really comes down here (yeah? So why’s he here now today?) but he fails to explain it as ‘a sense he has from being down here’ (which is dumb) Then he’s on his way.

At 1000

Understandably, Sara’s confused by this ability that he has to speak ARKS-ish. You nod, and indicate that Cabracan was always understand-able.  This is even more surprising to her because how’s that possible if ARKS never stepped foot on the planet before? Sara claims it’s only one possibility was that “it” (what, Vopar? Cabracan? The seabed area itself?) was artificially created here by ARKS…and only one person could do that…she doesn’t even need to confirm it with Xiao, that Luther is up to something sinister.

Really? How?
How does making little, fraidy-cat shell-head folks benefit Luther?

At 1030
You can reach a place that Sara says was a facility for Luther, abandoned as soon as its usefulness ended. Though what exactly ‘a facility’ it was for is totally obtuse. It’s just ruined stone columns, more of the opal-ey rock, shallow water, some clams & stone disks. Nothing technological at all. More like a ‘greek’ ruin in a watery cave. It's also fairly identical to loads of other places in the seabed area. She summons her vid-screens to ‘upload the info to Xiao’, complaining that it would be easier if Xiao just came here. But he never explained why.
*Yes he did. He said that Luther can feel when he moves around sometimes so he hides in the dragonkin magic rock cave in the sky.
Sara then goes on to re-explain that Xaio is just poor at communicating, but Xion minces words on purpose to confuse Luther, who is always analyzing everything she says (I guess he can eavesdrop anyone anytime anywhere?) Sara feels Xion makes sense in her actions, as explained by Xiao. She also says it doesn’t matter. (Yes it does)

At 1100
In the next area is a puzzle of some kind. There’s a switch on a high shelf, (only reachable if the water level is set to high) several buttons to unlock fences (that don’t naturally come down) AND if you progress too far, and enter the final area, you can’t go back.

In the final area, there are many glass globes on the ceiling & some swirling color pattern areas. Sara says he’s not trying to mask his research in the area…and that something’s being made or put together, which is deplorable. *How she gets all that from looking at globes stuck to a ceiling is beyond an easy interpretation. However,  she goes off to find a corner to upload in, saying most of the data is intact & copy-able (note there are no consoles about so what is she copying anything from? She's literally standing in an empty corner.) He’s fusing darkers and native creatures, but also ‘decomposing water’ and ‘synthesizing planets’. She’s shocked that he’s fiddling with entire planets…what could he be thinking? She has no idea what any of it may mean save for that it’s worse than anyone imagined.

At 1130
Sara wants to go back, to see what Xiao will say. Before she can get anywhere, a Biol Meduna appears. If you can defeat it while it summons blutorbon, it’ll fall, but not vanish. Suddenly, you get a horrible feeling / premonition and lead Sara to quickly run away. Hiding behind a big column, she asks what’s gotten into you, that enemy isn’t a threat…when no sooner does…The air begins to waver & Luther with Theodore step out of nowhere. He looks around, saying someone got to the place before they did. (How’s that go with him warping through time? Couldn’t he just show up earlier and earlier till he got it?) He asks forgiveness of Theodore, having intended the Biol Meduna to be a test of his powers but now that’ll have to wait. Theodore says it’s of no concern, should he do ‘that’ here as well?

Luther gives him the go-ahead and he creates an explosion that destroys most of the globes from the ceiling. Luther tells him that’s good, they can’t get any data out. Theodore wants to bring the whole area down, but Luther says no because it wasn’t even essential to destroy this much. Whatever ARKS discovers there’s nothing they can do but dance in the palm of his hand. Taking away the ability to dance would ruin the fun. As his data is complete, ARKS actions of resistance are futile/amusing. Theodore doesn’t understand, so he says ‘in time’ he will, let’s just go & they head out.

Sara says it was a real close call (and indeed it was) She has no intention of dancing on his palm, while he’s laughing, we’ll take him down. But who was that with him? It wasn’t Claris Claes…he’d (Theodore) be a problem if we have to face him as an enemy in the future. She says simply being used and thrown away when not needed…we need to break that cycle because for it to have happened to her already…
She stops herself short and says the typical ‘forgetabout it’, next wondering what they can do to get him out of Luthers’ grasp.

Does she mean she was once in Luther’s control?
Does she feel Xiao is controlling her now/using her?

It’s a good thing Luther and Theodore lack any sense of who might be around them. The chink in his armor is once more revealed: boredom is his biggest enemy & he’s an over-confident and gloating villain who’s sure he’s won before he starts. His time powers remain unclear because how does anybody beat him to anything? This shows an apparent limit upon him.

You contacted Echo at 1130
Theodore destroyed the globes at 1130, he was wreckin' globes before you got to Vopar.

Chapter End Notes:
The time with Sara is the "more likely to have happened" one because the Echo one doesn't yeild any real result. Xiao gets his Luther data, you evade Luthers' notice, Sara knows more of what's going on, and a little bit of what he's doing is revealed. No doubt Xiao can do more with the data than Sara.
Why is the 'research' and 'labs' and 'experiments' SO VAGUE? Wow, colored globes glued to the ceiling! So informative! No?? Finding data in the 'thin air'? All the "Special Luther Spots" all look like exactly everywhere else in the level/area. Is it that the "Set decorators" making the game just didn't bother or is this an actual plot piece?

I am no longer there

When darker signals are attracted to the camp ship you are on, they mess with the telepool.  An operator will contact you to warn you, but there’s nothing you can do but go in to start the mission.

6/13 at 1000
You can find Melphonsia in a strange, darker-created location: The Darker Nest. She asks what the place is, and you don't really know either. (because nobody knows)  She's here because she woke up here. There had been reports of people getting kidnapped to this area though, and she was looking for it. So it's fine that she's here. There had been reports that Dark Falz Elder is there, so she wants to verify it. She has no interest in 'their objectives' in creating 'this imitation'. She likely means the darkers, and by 'imitation' if you look at the ceiling, it's all a dark/wierd/prickly fake 'reflection' of the ship-city, complete with the dome stadium, streets and high-rise buildings. The items on the ground/all around you look like messy fences, fake bridges, sidewalks and little 'building like' constructs with ramps and pillars that are useless. It’s like they’re trying to recreate the ship-city, but have no real idea what they’re doing.

She asks you to go with her, though you have no obligation to do so because she is not someone who merits such treatment. Thus begins

Gone From His Eyes

Proceeding just a little ways into the area Code Clone happens. Melphonsia explains that it's a darker mimic of an elite Arks and is troublesome, but she'll leave it up to you whether to fight it. You must win to proceed. The clone may be random, but Melphonsia will attack it heavily with her SE causing techs. If you can beat it, you'll get to an area to fight your way past some dagacha & kaltagots and a place with some crates. The darkers though, will soon make the boxes infested with evil & destroy them with an explosion if you don't open them all near instantly after coming upon them.

In the next area at 1030
Melphonsia says the darker presence now is really dense, and that would send Gettemhart into a violent jubilation right away. She says that feels nostalgic, even though not much time has passed. *So she's pining for her crazy abuser's good times of killing sprees. Ok, got it. She finally starts explaining what's up, which is fairly unique for her...that when she first met Gettemhart he wasn't 'severe' (yes understatement) and he helped her, and Zeno didn't hate him. The one who destroyed the situation however...was her.

Sadly, before she can continue, she's interrupted by an eerie figure that materializes out of thin air and it's...her. This place is clearly trying to clone her. However, unlike other fake Arks characters, this one can talk. Melphonsia demands who is it, the clone says it's her...and then it speaks vaguely that 10 years ago, Darkers attacked, Apprentice appeared and in order to protect 'her', when 'she' just set out..." Melphonsia then interrupts the clone saying 'that's not...' before trailing off and hitting it, making it vanish just as suddenly as it appeared. Explanations by both thus thwarted, she says to continue on.

at 1100
Continuing on past cycloneda you can reach a teleporter, and no sooner are you out of it, than code clone strikes again. This time, it will produce 2 clones. If you can beat'll get access to the other gated-off areas of the level to fight some krabardah and a gawanadah. Beating that will gain access to the next area, where Melphonsia starts in on what the clone said earlier. She says to disregard it. *This would be logical, because if something's darker-made, it would be inherently evil and say bad things to "get at" whoever the darkers are attacking.
However, as soon as she claims it’s all in the past 10 years ago, she starts explaining that Gettemhart protected her, she wanted to be just like 'her'. Once again, before she can explain, here comes another clone to wreck it. The clone says that "everyone who tried to protect me dies, everyone around me dies, and everyone she knew dies" Melphonsia attacks this one too, making it disappear, but saying that it is correct, and that’s why she avoids everyone. (*So, her earlier statement in the caves about not going with her/trying to find her because something bad 'will happen to you' isn't a threat)

No sooner is one clone destroyed than another appears, saying that she was happy because it meant she could be the only one by Gettemharts' side. The real Melphonsia says that's not what she meant, but the clone continues, saying she wanted to replace her, become like her, that's why even when it was dangerous and she was new (basically a noob) she still went into danger...Melphonsia silences this one as well, now very agitated. She clarifies that it wasn't her intention, she didn't want events to turn out like that, she just envied the way the two could smile naturally at each other, that's all it ever was...

The clone is heckling that noobish Melphonsia went into danger on purpose to endanger "The Girl" and make Gettemhart have to save/protect Melphonsia & be an 'attentionwhore'. It's implying that she was jealous of "The Girl" and happy when “The Girl” dies so now Melphonsia can date/love/be loved by Gettemhart instead: A true replacement for “The Girl”. Unless Melphonsia is totally morally bankrupt, that's not what she wanted

Not far into this area is yet another code: clone.
This one produces 3 clones.
It is VERY IMPORTANT to not go PAST the area on the map that the clones appear in. Lure them closer to you, if possible. If you go farther, a Code: Corrupted Airship will appear, and you will be dogged by machinegun fire, as well as missiles while you fight the clones. If you're not max leveled, this can make the clones impossible to beat. The clones, as they're prone to do, always act fairly oddly. They'll run away sometimes, go off into other areas or return to their start point. They seem easily confused and don't run on normal enamy AI. They also never figure out how to jump up to the sidewalk/bridge areas that are too high and can get stuck. This is important because clones, like all NPCs are not damaged by the red water.

If you can beat these clones and wreck the ship controls, the next area is at
Another Melphonsia clone appears, making you wary. She confesses she wanted Gettemhart to look at her, and to stand next to "The Girl". (So, she just wanted notice-me-senpai, AND to be equal to The Girl, not to get rid of the girl at all) The clone continues for her to be able to make Gettemhart smile and to become "her".
This time, it cannot rile Melphonsia. She says 10 years ago the wish she never wanted, became fulfilled because right in front of Gettemhart she...(*Died-nobody says it) The clone claims Gettemhart offered these words of comfort "There was nothing we could have done". Melphonsia continues for the clone “that she knows & Gettemhart also knows...that nothing's further from the truth.”  She then claims he was broken, and that she broke him. That's why she won't stand next to him, she's not qualified, and it’s her punishment, as a result of what she did. He became consumed by revenge and never smiled since. He only calls her "Shina" not her real name any more. She then destructs the clone.

So, these are 2 broken people.
He became bitter and hates all living things, and she became self-abusive for her perceived bad deeds. Not using her old name is a weird move, but he is basically 'nuts', so, ok. Would 'nice Gettemhart' really lie and say "nothing we could do"? If he WAS ACTUALLY GOOD, then probably not. Did he slowly fall into bitterness and start believing it was her fault later? Maybe. Was it or wasn't it? We may never know

In the final area, you come to a large open space where Elder/Gettemhart is looking at the debris that's always spiraling up in the sky. He's complaining at the sky, that he thought the area would be entertaining, but it's not. He says he has a duty but no direct obligation so 'this' should be enough.

You interrupt his complaining, so never find out what the 'this' is.
He remarks its unlikely to run into you here (meaning you, not Melphonsia) She accuses him of being Elder, the one who took Gettemhart. She then rages and demands him back. Without comment, he's having none of it, and transforms into Falz Hunar. If you can beat it, he'll change back. Being defeated (and bad) he (naturally) blames it on the environment saying it's not suited for an engagement; there will be a more appropriate and less boorish place because there's no satisfaction in fighting you here.

Not wanting his excuses, she keeps demanding Gettemhart back. This time he bothers to remember, and reminds her she was there to help unseal him, and now she wants his host back, so make up your mind. *Obvious taunt, Gettemhart clearly didn't know he'd lose his body/mind in letting this creep loose, and Melphonsia obviously didn’t expect it either. Because the Falz Elder can ALSO extract some of the host thoughts, it would know this too. He further antagonizes with that because of her 'thoughtless actions' he came into being so thanks. But, o worthless creature what's your name?

She works on thinking of what to tell him (Do you say Sheena or Melphonsia to illicit the desired response?) But before she can say anything, he thinks on it too. (Remember, these 'host bodies' the 'person' is still in there. It was proven with antagonizing apprentice earlier) Now he's able to say Shina to her, and if she wants to reclaim his existence than crush him with her tiny arms. That's what the host wishes of you. He then vanishes.

When you return to the lobby at 1240
She hopes you'll forgive her for causing such inconvenience this time. She gives you her partner card, it's not a gift of gratitude though. There's no need for concern about her, she got her objective and is in no rush to die. However, please don't tell anyone what happened. And can you remember one thing? Her real name is Melrondia. She's still not qualified to use it but just wanted someone to remember it. Then, she leaves.

End notes:
Is her real name Melphonsia or Melrondia? It seems to be a spelling issue, because Japanese doesn't have the PH sound, nor does it have the LEE sound but they insist on trying for them anyway with places like "Lilipa". Is "melrondia" even a thing, as in she has THREE names? Melphonsia, Melrondia & Sheena? Or is it just 2 & spelling is creating the issue?
SPECULATION: Zeno was also heavily invested in “The Girl”, likely she’s a relative of his or something. Gettemhart’s forced choice to save Melphonsia may have set Zeno off at first (letting The Girl die he blames Gettemhart), and further antagonizing Zeno later by turning mean/evil after the incident.
What reason other than demoralizing would the Melphonsia clones have to just keep popping up and airing dirty laundry?
If you treat yourself badly, are convinced you’re guilty, and act that way outwardly, other people will begin to believe it, and treat you accordingly. (Even if you’re innocent or nice) Melphonsia’s self-hate may have actually helped pull Gettemhart down. He may have initially believed it was merely a tragedy, but Melphonsia’s self-blame over years of time could easily convince him otherwise. The filthy incompetent girl who got the love of his life killed through her bumbling ways yet still snivels around constantly reminding him of the incident with her very name and presence. It's an easy view to take up.
WHY DOES NO ONE ASK THE GIRLS NAME it would be important you would think.

On 6/29
Xion is ready to give you a new matter board, but she starts with an interesting story about a 'person' and a 'thing', both of which that are foolish.
One day a thing that knew "all things" (really? No. It just thinks it does.) met a person who had an interest in everything, it set the stage for the story. The thing granted the wishes of the person, bestowing wisdom & knowledge. To the thing, knowledge was trivial, but the person used it as a foundation for evolution (of what?) The person roused the thing's curiosity, because despite being omniscient it could not understand the person's heart and thus was vexed. (So, this thing is not omniscient, it only believes it is.) And so the person and thing became partners, providing what they wished from each other the relationship prospered for a long time. The person was greedy and lazy, yet for pleasure it would spare no effort, and wringed out the knowledge of the thing. (So, lazy in certain circumstances, but very determined in others) The behavior was fun to observe because it was unique, but taken too lightly.

The thing realized it was the cause of the person's sloth, and the sloth of the person would bring about an eventual downfall, so it stopped responding to the person's summons. It hoped to observe how the person would change. The foolish one in this scenario was the thing, I (meaning herself) the one who knew but didn't answer. She says to don't be concerned because when we met, she was happy and that is an un-change-able fact. If not, she wouldn't be able to be standing here talking to you. She used to not believe such a present (As in, this time now) was possible. There are many people who say that the future is uncertain, therefore it is exciting, and she now also believes this.
You get 2 guesses as to who the ‘person’ in the story is, and they are both Luther.
How would his sloth have ‘down-fall-ed’ him? Wouldn’t giving him more knowledge let him know how to overcome something like slothfulness anyway? Why does Xion think she is a thing? She’s clearly a woman or a jelly bubbly android of some sort.

Matter Board To Welcome the Future

Azanami runs away:
Azanami has run from a mob of enemies. She is cheerful, but states that she's still weak and not used to her weapon. (Why? Is someone making her use non-braver items? She created the class!) She says she lacks experience, but since losing isn't an option, she has to create a win-win that's you're cue, go get 'em! (meaning, whatever she ran from) This is unlike her.

Patty & Tea on 7/1
They're talking about the victims of the recent darker attack against Ship Themis.
They reveal that Theodore also came to them looking for that info, earlier, but they don't have it. Though the info's not supposed to be that important, it's blocked off at every turn. The victim report is completely classified, nobody gets to see it. Their usual methods don't work, which adds to the mystery. Tea says they got a report of the deceased, but that doesn't look like what you're after, so Patty chimes in with if they can't get it electronically, they'll use word of mouth to find out more. Does Patty have any leads? Nope.

Casra in the Coast
He runs into you a lot, and tries to convince you it's a coincidence. He's actually glad, because you can talk to him normally. Most people won't, because he's Council 6 member...he says that the C6 has the ability to issue "Absolute Orders" which makes people nervous. These are orders that can't be disobeyed, and override all previous ones. They can only be undone by another C6 member. He'd never use it though, because puppets are what moves when told, and nobody wants to be a puppet.

Io has a hunch
Io can be found on Vopar too, she asks if you're in trouble, and when you shake your head 'no' she suspects something will happen soon. It's not a scare, but a vibe. Because she doesn't fit in, it seems her hunches are usually right. It seems like you're on the run, but no criminal. She guesses you know too much about something you shouldn't, and are thus in a tight spot. It's just a guess but...nothing surprises her much. Just take care.

In the ruins Lisa
You can find Lisa in the ruins, who asks if you are well before telling you that you look fine. She is out for a stroll because she doesn’t want to be on the arks ship. She says there’s a new feeling of tension than the last time DF was revived. It’s a tingly feeling inside rather than out, that’s really stimulating and also nostalgic somehow. Though, she can’t remember how long ago the last incident was. She is jealous because it seems so fun, as there’s a “spiral of energy centered around you. It makes her envious that she wants to jump into that ‘vortex’ and shoot everything down. But she won’t…because she has a good conscience. She does not. So you don’t need to worry about that. *Does this mean that Lisa can somehow sense the matterboard's shifty time tricks that you're able to do with it?

Casra in the ruins dispensing advice
Casra is in uncharacteristic form here. He’s normal with the smalltalk that your abilities are going to be even more important to ARKS soon, but don’t over-do it. What’s he here for then? Info gathering. If they’d wanted everything gone, they’d send Claris Claes. He restates that she just causes explosions, but side-notes that she tires out fast because she won’t pace herself. (A weakness)
He goes on to mention that he’s the opposite, he focuses on effectiveness so is good for drawn-out battles. If someone went all out offenseive, could he keep up? He needs to work on it.
Regius…is best if never gone against at all, but thinking on feet during battle and focusing on his tendency to over think things would be his weakness. But, everyone has their own strengths/weaknesses. Claris is dangerous, Casra is troublesome…and that’s why he gets ‘grunt work’ like intelligence gathering.

This REALLY sounds like someone who is embroiled in something they don’t want to be.
He is literally advising you how to stop the council-6 members, including himself—unless he’s lying. Each of the statements ring true with your experiences with these people before, though. But why would he feel the need to do this?

Ohza is worried he’s offended someone
Ohza asks if he’s done something offensive lately. An acquaintance has been avoiding him. He hopes its his imagination but they’re uncomfortable at all times near him. How could he correct his conduct when he can’t isolate the cause? Forces are such a bother! She should make the issue clear. Him saying ‘force’ isolates it to being Marlu & not Azanami.

7/2 Quna Can’t Access It
You can find Quna in her usual spot at the top of the lobby. She’s hanging out as her idol self & says you look like you might ask something…like information…as if she may know? Yes! She does know things because as an idol people will just blab anything. Hearing secrets is part of the idol biz and why she does it. However, she’s not here for your convenience, she won’t tell you something that easily.
However, as you start to simply leave…she says wait up its not that she WASN’T going to tell you something…once her mind’s been changed you say “The Victims of the Themis”.

She believes that to be an easy request, accessible by anyone, and summons her screens to prove it. And fails immediately. However, she does find who classified it: Regius. She tries breaking in, but only he can open the victim list. Being smart, she claims it reeks of conspiracy (it does) & reminds you that you’re always near the fishy stuff. She’ll look into it, of course, but talking to Regius would be the easiest. He’s in the ruins ‘right now’, on a quest so you can likely find him.

Why would Regius classify this?
Because he likely talked to Zeig and knows that the whole attack was staged just to steal one guy’s item, and that looks really bad if they managed to murder like 20 civilians to get at  Zeig’s busted weapon bits. Remember: Zeig is the Council 6’s ‘mechanic’, they know him and would talk to him all the time, probably. That he couldn’t put together “Zeig’s new magic project” and “Darker attack likelihood is now huge” and he might want to classify the result.

Sara in Discussing Zeno’s bad time
You can find Sara on Vopar too, she’s alone because Zeno is training with Maria. She says Maria’s only way to train is to push people and then push them more, so his life is hellish and it’s a wonder he’s still alive. However, if he gets through it, he’ll be stronger…so maybe she should consider the option.

Patty & Tea & the VOID Rumor
Patty & Tea are glad to find you, so glad that Patty is mannerly, which surprises Tea. She asks if you’ve done anything strange lately, or endangered the ARKS. Since you haven’t, you don’t know what’s going on. Tea says its likely a rumor started by someone in VOID, but they don’t know who…however, they haven’t told anyone else. You do have an exclusive contract for their info, so the best thing they can do is give you a heads up. There’s another ‘big project’ they have anyway. What is their project? The only other person they have mentioned is Theodore.

Marlu is avoiding.
She’s trying to avoid someone by being on Vopar. She can complete assignments with him just fine but off duty casual conversation is too uncomfortable and doesn’t work. She tries to distance herself, but it makes him more persistent to find her and see what’s wrong. Hunters are so bothersome because they only think of themselves and force they way onto others. *She is of course avoiding Ohza, and thinking only of herself because Ohza needs closure, which is obvious, and she's avoiding him on purpose to not give it to him.

Matoi is practicing
Finding Matoi on the ship, she’ll tell you she’s been practicing with the wand & listening to Philia. She doesn’t like the wand, it feels unfitting but is afraid to ask for anything else to use, in fear of angering Philia again. She does feel practice is sort of fun, but its not like she’s fantasizing about fighting to protect you (which means that’s likely the very thing she’s thinking) but, if she works hard, she can be as good as you and will support you with all she’s got.

Regius is Cryptic 7/3
You can find Regius in the ruins, but on the following day. He’s just standing around, so you can call out to him. He says you look like you’ve got business with him, so you can say The Victims List of Themis. He confirms he’s the one who classified it. But why do you go so far for the info?

To Correct A Mistake
To Help People

If you say To Help People
He says you just might, and your honest eyes remind him of another’s. (He will say it, even if you don’t have eyes) He says it can’t be revealed for reasons he can’t say. He’s the first of the 3 heroes, to keep ARKS thriving is his purpose, so he must stay silent. (He’s doing a poorly job though, if everyone else is right about Luther secretly in ‘all control’) But, there’s something he can tell you: “At that time” he didn’t designate a region for the sortie. It was around the Themis residential block. At the area on the opposite side of where we met (Remember, you encounter him on Story Quest Darker Storm) He can’t say any more, and goes away.

Does Regius know you can do time travel ‘magic’?
Is he being cryptic like Xion does to elude Luthers’ listening ear?

Melphonsia is looking in the ruins
You can find Melphonsia in the ruins looking to sort out her emotions and make a recovery. She feels sad remembering the events that went on here, but if she can’t overcome it, she can’t move forward. Something troubles her though: Where did the Clarissa (the wand) fly off to after using it? She knows it’s dangerous and has come here looking for it & can’t find it. She says she can’t wield it really, just carrying it around and when she did it felt like her heart would shatter, she would lose control, or fall into an abyss. She says it means the likes of her can’t use it…but how its true wielder is able to handle it, she doesn’t know. She feels though, that she must return it to its rightful owner. As she wants to sort out her emotions, she leaves.

Everyone says that the Clarissa wand can ‘choose’.
Obviously Melphonsia was up to no good with the wand when she had it. Is it NOT that ‘shes not worthy’? (as she says) but rather that it tormented her with bad feelings because she & Gettemhart were actively talking about turning Falz Elder loose? Making evil people or their helpers sick so they drop you/throw you away would be a good/logical trait for a weapon. Even if Melphonsia didn't mean harm, Gettemhart sure did.