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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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239 at 1/28
You tell Xiao about Maria’s past
He says there’s no such memory within her. Remember: they’re mind-linked somehow due to whatever he did ‘giving over a part of himself’ to ‘save Sara’ somehow.

To correct the issue, Sara suddenly comes strolling up, surprising him.
She claims she started remembering things about half a year ago when she met Matoi, who she calls “big sis”. From then on, she gets bits and pieces but not much else. 10 years ago she borrowed Clarissa from Claris Claes 2=Matoi & then entrusted it to you, but all else is blurry. The next thing she knows, Maria & Xiao rescued her from a place she can’t remember. She believes though, that it must be terrible to cause her to forget this much because her hair turned gray and she can’t use techs any more.

But, she acknowledges she is who she is because of the events, she got the power to fight, friends to support her, and no regrets…so don’t get the wrong idea! Especially Xiao, because they’re linked so she claims to know what he’s thinking so if he apologizes or feels sorry she’ll beat him up. Xiao says like teacher like pupil.

This confirms the identity of the random little girl in the street that Luther got a hold of once she handed the rod off to you: it was SARA. The little girl was told by Matoi to call her ‘big sis’, after Apprentice Woman was attempting to murder her with darker poison, and she still does call her 'big sis'. You saw Luther warp down from his building as he watched the girl having the Clarissa and giving it to you "to help big sis". She was then supposed to escape the danger area, but, of course, Luther warped down and stopped that. The girls’ eyes & hair were dull red. His experimentation turned her eyes and hair to gray. (She was likely made to look like Claris Claes 3 at first glance)
It’s now clear why Luther picked her: she had the rod for a while & was brought back from the brink of death by the rod/darker infection of Woman Apprentice.  What’s not clear are the extended consequences of what he did, because Maria keeps smashing up his work.

Patty & Tea in the Facility Are Dramatic
Patty opens the conversation as if narrating a drama complete with ‘headline’ that mysterious floating ruins have suddenly appeared…though Tea debunks it that it’s public knowledge Luther did something to make them appear, and used it as his research facility. So Patty continues that ‘the heroines’ are assaulted by mysterious enemies, to which Tea counters that it’s only more oceanids coming from inside. These facility enemies are different sorts of oceanids than what were on the seabed area, 2 part creatures (a low, prickly walking thing with legs, combining with an armed thing atop it to attack you, different shell-creatures & dog-like aquatic prickly things)
Even the great Patty couldn’t predict the existence of a third area here. Tea puts it together that the rubble on all the beaches, strange buildings under the water that somehow keep the water out, and now these floating ruins (they’re all clearly stone, with the rainbow-opal in it, yet they sit on the sea surface) were built by ancient Photoners. They were abandoned & Luther converted them into his private lab (because no one was on the planet)

Patty sensibly asks what they were originally for, but Tea (of course) doesn’t know, but DOES know that Luther’s purpose was different. Patty begins to speculate that because the design is kind of fun, they are pretty in design, and the area is calm/good weather that it’s a Photoner water park! Oddly, after some initial skepticism, Tea considers it as a possibility because research had shown Photoners could be whimsical. Patty hopes to get Tea to go along with turning it into a beach vacation here, but she won’t & thus Patty glooms.
Prediction: It is not a water park

Claris is in the forest: Are you troubled?
She says ‘hey peon’ (her usual) but, are you troubled? She can help.

I’m probably fine.
You seem perked up.

If you say “I’m Probably Fine” , she’s shockingly in good cheer and says you can count on her when you need help, she’ll be right there. She’s been thinking a lot about what she should do, but, despite it all she can’t figure out the best thing to do. So, she has decided she can’t do things she doesn’t know, and so to do what she knows she can: help everyone like Huey and……Peon. That’s her new decision.

She turns away though, and confesses that some people haven’t forgiven her, and others run away, and she can’t blame them…but also, she can’t let that stop her, or she’ll be the same as she was before. So, she’ll look ahead, not behind.

You clearly reach out to her, saying either ‘wait’ or ‘are you ok’.
(This is an instance where there are no words on the dialogue, but it is clearly implied/what happens) She asks if you’re worried, assures you she’s fine, and that if Huey and you have forgiven her, she is all right and with nothing to fear. And, on this chipper note, she leaves.

What a pleasant turn of events!
Incredibly, she seems as if she is actually reforming herself and becoming a normal person. Of course, the ‘peon’ bit and inability to remember a person’s name is still a bit lacking, but her whole uptightness has changed and she seems to have genuine progress here. Still unclear why she was such a bad apple to start with, though.

239 1/28 Azanami in the forest meddles further
She’d like some help. See, someone’s coming, so keep ‘em busy while Azanami runs off!
You puzzle about this odd request for a bit, but not long after Marlu shows up, wondering why you are here, saying she was to meet someone else. She also doesn’t get much time to wonder as here comes Ohza, being literally shoved along by Azanami to get him into the area. He flails a bit, but turns and sees Marlu.

He gathers himself up for a bit (its difficult to do) and says he doesn’t mind if she hates him, it’s her right, but please tell him what he’s done/how he’s wronged her as he’s certain he’s offended her. He needs to know as he is ‘oblivious to such things’ so he can apologize properly. (This is actually difficult stuff, he’s basically confessing he’s socially awkward here—but she is too)
Marlu says no need to apologize, it was her who misunderstood and intentionally started avoiding him. It is she who needed to apologize but she was not as brave as he, she kept a distance and blames herself.

As they chat this out, Azanami says all’s well that ends well, so it’s to leave the rest to them, and she (and they) go away.

It’s another pleasant turn, as these 2 seem to finally be able to pass their differences of ‘she is quiet and he is sorta loud’ and their misunderstandings and what-all-else drama. Azanami may need to find a new hobby now that meddling seems through with.

239 1/29
Huey and Claris in the Facility are investigating

Claris asks if you (the peon) is investigating too. Huey explains they’ve been sent there to investigate, so they don’t agitate the situation on Kuronia. Huey says it’s because they’re so influential, and not that they’re being treated like nuisances. Claris debunks him right away by saying ‘Casra said go back you idiots, you’re in the way!” Huey says to don’t mind him, because he’s just an awful guy anyway, then, quickly looks around to make sure Casra didn’t creep in to hear that. (You can clearly see that Casra's judgement here is good, Huey would yell at the aliens & Claris would call them Peon to annoy them and probably set some fires)

Instead, Sara ends up startling him, by saying not to lump her in with that ‘obnoxious four-eyes’. She recognizes Claris Claes, who asks if they’ve met. (This works just fine, she can’t remember anybody’s name, as you know) But says a nostalgic feeling is here. Sara makes up a fake excuse that she forgot something and runs away. Huey nods to you that you should go after her, so you do. Once you’re gone, Claris asks Huey if she did something bad to Sara?
He tells her that neither has done anything wrong. (Is Claris’s memory actually really-really bad? If it is, why? Not remembering peoples names because you don’t care, and setting fire to everything to see where you’ve been is super selfish, but this may point to some kind of disorder.)

You catch up with Sara, and she says even though she says she’s fine…she’s not. It’s impossible to be fine. She then drops the bomb-shell: THIS Claris was created based on her, even her hair color was the same as hers, before Luther took it away. She claims to be willing to accept all the misfortune coming her way, but because of her, this Claris was born to suffer, and she gets upset, saying they were tools to be used, suffer, and cast aside. Just because she fell for Luthers’ lies.

She was LITERALLY about 5 years old when Luther “told her lies” to get her to go with him. She is needlessly blaming herself here, this bit is nonsensical. Of course a grown man (of several hundred years of age, and possible mind control power) can trick a 5 year old child.

WHO created Claris Claes?
Obviously, once Maria busted her out of Luthers’ grasp, Maria was still a member of the Council of 6. So she hands over the hostage/experiment girl to the Council…and they clone her…to get Claris Claes to replace Matoi who was on her little jaunt through time thanks to Xiao’s meddling. However, as long as Sara herself didn’t clone Claris into existence, NONE of the Claris stuff is her fault. Luther raided the Council 6 data when Regius let him (remember, Regius was the one letting him ‘get away’ with everything to keep some kind of status quo going) and made the inferior/non-person dark Claris Claes clones with their fake rods.

Is the real thing she’s regretting somehow not killing herself in a fire somewhere along the line?
That’s the only course of action that would have stopped Luther AND the council.

Theodore is in the Facility for answers
You can find him here doing some ‘personal research’.
Before he can explain what it is, Maria comes trotting up, telling him he won’t find it. He’s shocked she’s there, and asks how she knows what he’s looking for. She says she can see it in his eyes, he’s looking for a way to return to being a Newman. But really, what’s wrong with being a Dewman/Duman? He won’t die from it, and he’s stronger.

His explanation is that sometimes he sees a sad look in Ulc’s eyes and he never saw it while he was a Newman.

He is attributing it to him being a Duman, instead of all the rotten things he did at Luther’s behest, like setting Ulc on fire, trying to megid all her friends, and generally being a crazy person. Ulc is also beset with tragedy, closely linked to Theodore, because she knows about her own ‘demise’ used to drive him mad. So yes, Ulc’s going to be a bit disgruntled and associate Theodore with sad memories as well as worry about him.

He says he acquired Dumanism “like a disease”, so he’s not shocked people find him creepy. HOW did he become a Duman? Did Luther do it? WHAT IS A DUMAN/DEWMAN? Nobody this entire time has explained what it is! Are some people born with it? WHY IS THIS SUCH A THING NO ONE EVER ASKS! People are randomly growing horns out of their heads!
Maria claims Ulc knows “Mr. Pessimism” inside out. Hint: IF anyone finds him creepy its because what he DID not what he IS. Maria asks if he knows why CASTS were made.

He says it’s because it was a way to extend the life of someone born with a frail body.
She calls him and his answer stupid, (She is rude here for no reason, AND his answer isn't stupid in any way) and goes on to explain the Photoners didn’t ‘make a new race’ for that, because it would only work if someone had ‘the affinity’ anyway.

CAST tech is reserved for people who’s bodies can’t withstand their own innate photon affinity.
ARKS is hip deep in genetic manipulation, so sometimes kids are born with tremendous ability, but it’s too much for their body to handle. Once it’s certain they won’t last, their (PRESUMABLY BRAIN) is transferred to a mechanical body. There’s some ability decay but they’re fine for the front lines.

After explaining this, she goes for question 2, which is “Are cast creepy?” He doesn’t think so. She then says ‘hes just like us’, so what’s the problem? Ulc knew Theo would be hung up on it and has been fretting the whole time. If he’s got time to waste on this research, it’s best to spend it by her side instead as it doesn’t matter how strong or talented the person, it’s what kind of person you are. So get your ass back up to the deck!

At her shout, he runs off.
She asks if that wishy-washy kid could be more clueless about a girls’ heart? It makes her want to do nothing but lecture---though he is leagues ahead of ‘the strongest blockhead in the universe’. You obviously gesture for ‘who’, so she says to figure it out yourself.

Likely to be Regius.

Stacks up:
This fits in with Lisa’s (possibly made up) little princess story. It adds likelihood that Lisa did really start out as a little girl, but then got her brain extracted and put in the cast body, but maybe her affinity was poor so she forgot everything about her past life, went nuts and is now a crazy killer torturing animals with guns and having murder fantasies.

Questions Raised:
Are ALL CASTS here supposed to be ex-humans?
It seems unlikely. However, Maria herself seems likely to be an ex-human, because she’s so prone to stupid rages, bad decisions and communication failures that defy logic.
How does the process work?
She says that ‘kids are born’ and then they start dying, once it’s sure they’ll self-destruct they get CAST-ed. So, when does your affinity start killing you? 4 years old? 6? 12 or teens? Because dumping an 8 year old into an adult woman/man cast body and then having to parent it seems a little bizarre. Unless EVERY person who has that happen loses all their memories & is essentially dead, then they program the person how to move around/act again and just say “oh it’s a robot”. Which is…….killing children? And not ok at all? Wow yeah we put little Suzie’s brain in a jar & nothing of her personality or memory exists but it’s totally still Suzie! You can tell by the color of the cerebellum! No.

Theodore has every right to be upset that his species changed:
He wasn’t ill, this wasn’t a ‘last resort’ he signed up for to save his life like CASTification. He got experimented on and came out looking and feeling different, did a mass of bad stuff, and knows he was out of his own mind for a while. He’s a worry-wart, it’s what they DO & Maria knows this. There's correcting his worry-wart-ism, and merely dumping on him by telling him "his problem isn't bad". HE FEELS ITS BAD SO IT IS. People's feelings are valid regarding their own body.

Zeig & Matoi Look at the Clarissa Rod
Matoi asks him if he sees anything wrong. He says the restoration was perfect, but she disagrees because it’s not the same as it was before. Zeig says he knows what she means: its boundless power is gone. When he put it back together the first time, he sensed the dormant power, but it is now missing. It’s weaker, for certain. Sad, Matoi wonders why.

Fortunately, Regius comes walking right up with the answer.
He says it’s because Xion is no more. He then reveals that all the Genesis weapons owed their extraordinary performance to the power of Xion, the Mothership.  Now that it is gone, they are all only a shadow of what they used to be. Zeig confirms that even he could craft something of the level the Clarissa is at now. Regius says his (katana-like longsword, remember, it is unique) World Ender could not hold up to one use.  (Does this mean that WorldEnder is now broken and gone?) It is an illustration of how vital Xion’s power really was. However, the Clarissa was an exception ‘her’ origins were different. It’s a miracle it still has its form now, and it’ll never be the same. Matoi thinks it could be a memento of Xion, and Regius agrees.

Zeig asks if ‘the matter’ is settled.
He confirms that Xiao gave the New Genesis Weapons line idea approval, so Zeig can get started. It’s easier said than done, but in true craftsman form, he will do it. He then asks Matoi for another chance at refurbishing the Clarissa rod, however, she says no thanks as she likes it the way it is. It feels like a team.

The new Genesis line will stack up like the old set, only this time Xiao will agree to feed them power off the mothership because he is replacing Xion in all things.

Question Raised:
What IS Clarissa’s origin, then?
You know it was more closely connected to Xion than anything else, as it was the key to opening her water wall.

239 1/30 Persona in the Facility
While walking in the facility, Persona can appear behind you, but he’s not facing you this time he’s also faced away. He claims you underestimate the existence of Profound Darkness. He says it is difficult to fear things without form, and he once thought the same way you do. But, you’ll soon learn the truth because the omen for its revival will begin with the erosion of this world. Before you can turn to ask or do anything about this ominous sentence, Persona vanishes.

Obvious question: What exactly does this mean? Persona is always cryptic.

239 1/30 Huey is in the Facility Startling you Leaping from its Arches
He leaps down and sais that it’s consultation time with Council 6 Huey! He wants to get rid of ‘the awkward atmosphere’ between Claris & Sara. What relationship do they have? He doesn’t know, doesn’t want to know, and isn’t even interested. But, no one can move on if this status quo stays like it is. So, we need to do something about it, lend me a hand!

What Do You Want Me to Do?
We May Make the Situation Worse

If you ask What Do You Want Me to Do? He’ll say the worst that can happen is them ignoring each other. So, we’ll have to bring them together while they still acknowledge each other, even if it’s by force. (So, he’s a much louder, less smart Azanami) Even if they get to hate each other, that’s fine, it’s better than ignoring. (It actually…isn’t???) He gestures incredibly while saying Operation Forced Conciliation is a go, he’ll handle all the prep while you wait for him to get in touch.

No one ever told Huey that you can’t help people if you have 0 clue about their problem, and you refuse to care about any of their issues.

Actual Reason:
Sara is awkward of Claris Claes because Claris is a  clone of her. A clone is like an identical twin born much later than the original twin. Everyone knows Claris is (or was) a rotten, spoiled, reckless, pyromaniac jerk who belittles everyone, has some kind of memory issue (either due to selfishness or literal disease) and lords herself over others for being on the Council. You don’t want to admit you could have been that rotten.
Also, Sara has the undeserved mentally-manufactured guilt over Claris’ very existence because she still blames herself for what Luther did, and that she lived, and someone else cloned her. None of it is in any way conceivable as her fault.

Fourier & Rogio in Episode 3 Chapter 1
Rogio explains he was able to return since the aftermath of the lab...VOID's shutdown. He didn't find Lilipa unpleasant, but there's no place like home on ARKS ship. Fourier asks if that's so, because she sure wouldn't mind living there and it'd be easier to protect the lilipans too. Rogio agrees it'd be helpful for troops to be stationed in the event of an assault. He feels it's his responsibility as a scientist to conduct further research. He thinks that if he does enough, DF or darker attacks could be predicted there. That's why he wants to spearhead the operation and lead the way!
As he gets fired up, Fourier asks "?", so he slows down saying he's done it again, haste makes waste.

Story Chapter 2 of Episode 3 Who Called Whom?

This one’s title calls Vopar “Float Planet"
239 at 1/31 at 1300
You can meet Sara, who asks if you were called too. She says she got a call from Maria for a mission here with no possible refusal. As she suggests to go investigate, Claris jumps down off a high arch, yelling to Huey that she’s here and then wondering why you’re here. (She’s clearly taking after Huey a bit with these big gestures and leaps)

Sara and Claris are surprised to see each other, but they don’t get much of a chance to do anything about it because Huey cuts in with a recorded message that starts off ‘if Claris is getting this message then I am not here’. Sara says he’s dumb, of course, but he goes on to explain that her mission is to go with you & Sara. Sara doesn’t like the notion. He tells her it’s because if she keeps clinging to him, she won’t grow, but if he tossed her in a party with strangers, he’d end up angry in the end. (why?) So good luck and…

Also, he has a local guide.
So, up pops Cabracan, (in slow motion, no less.) Both Sara and Claris ready a wep thinking he’s an enemy, so he yells more that he’s the guide, then complains to you that ‘all the girls you know turn out like this’. Which IS odd because Sara has seen him before and did not react this way. He claims ‘the overbearing yelling brother’ (Huey, of course) has asked him to, so come this way, he’ll bear with it. Claris gamely follows him, but Sara makes it known that she wants to go home and leave it all to you.
Cabracan joins the party.

Who (IS) To Forgive Chapter Start

You start out by having to fight past the standard Facility enemies to get to some Bandorians & Schlicht Grimians. These guys are a problem for Cabracan, because he has this huge need to be close to you, but these guys have AOE hits like lobster punch-ground and the barnacle bubble bash that stuns. He’s super easy for these guys to kill on accident, if you fight up close.

At 1400
Claris can’t remember poor Sara’s name so starts yelling hey peooon after her. She says she doesn’t feel like a stranger, have they met? Sara’s comeback is good, she asks how she’s supposed to know something Claris doesn’t. Plus, her name’s Sara, not ‘peon’. Claris says she’ll remember it for sure so now Peon…
As she invites the argument, Sara’s game, and corrects her again, so Claris clarifies that Sara IS a Peon and that’s why she says that. As they get further incensed, Cabracan notices and cuts in, asking if “The sisters are so close”. Sara demands of him how he could make such a mistake, so he explains they have similar height, similar faces. So, they’re getting along great, so lets just go forth and have some fun on the investigation.

Sara turns to him seriously, saying that because it’s an investigation to uncover the past, there’s no way she can enjoy it. Cabracan is sure it will be full of bad things, so no need to get down on it, try to have fun now. She asks him if he’s not bothered by his own origins? Like how it doesn’t make sense that he understands everyone without a translator?

Frustratingly, he is interested, but not like knowing about those facts will help him with what he needs. (What does he need?) He says the proverb of “Don’t be afraid of looking back, be afraid of looking forward” It is his motto when fleeing enemies as it’s a world of survival of the fittest, no time for redoing, keep going forward.

Going forward means turning off blue data orbs that sit on short stone pillars. They are scattered all around through the area and are visible on the map while they are turned on (glowing), and when they switch off (touch it) they vanish from the map. You can go to them in any order, but approaching any of them will either bring out enemies or create a Code: Attack Enemies. A variety of darker birds and facility creatures will appear. There will also be ‘warships’ that surface for Code: Attack Ship Power Source. (You have to beat all the enemies and boats anyway, so just run around everywhere until all orbs are turned off)

At 1500
You reach the final blue round orb data thing, and Sara rushes up to it. It produces a screen which she reads that Luther’s death triggered something unlocking the facilities here, the timing is a match. She continues looking, and finds ‘creature experiment data’, which includes artificial intelligence increase for some species. Cabracan asks if it could mean him, and she says sorry, but yes it is so.

(Is this a case of she should have said “my condolences” or something, and he takes the ‘sorry’ to be an apology OF her toward what happened OR is she ACTUALLY trying to shoulder blame here as he’s thinking? It isn’t clear what SHE means, though it is clear what he thinks she does.)

Cabracan asks why apologize? She neither thought it up nor did it to his species. He claims he was never looking for an apology/considered one, and he can talk now so that’s pretty nice right? Plus, she shouldn’t apologize without a reason, it hurts to have her sympathize without knowing the situation. (So, he’s glad his species was experimented upon)

She says he’s actually pretty cool a person.
Cabracan (being Cabracan—he attempts to agitate everyone he meets on purpose) asks if she’s fallen for him? He’s already got Camarotz someone who he treasures. (So, this is now confirmed a gay shell creature alien) Sara says to ‘put aside stupid jokes’, and turns back to the console, finding heavily guarded data. Claris peeks over her shoulder (having been thus far ignored) and says she sees Claris Claes purification data, but it’s name is Sara.

Sara, looking around, remembers that it was right here in this grotto that she was experimented upon at a whim. (This grotto looks NOTHING like a place for experiments. There are 2 broken ‘balls’ on the ceiling that used to be orbs, but it looks like an open air gazebo with stone pillars holding up its dome. One ‘ball’ on the ceiling is intact, but it’s still an outdoorsy empty stone grotto)
Claris asks her (using her name) could she be…? Sara tells Claris to be shocked that she is a clone. But, of course, she’s not. She saw the evidence herself, (Remember, she was totally freaking out during the Luther appearance when you went up against the Council, & Huey fought her) and has gotten over it. She’s been confused, and cried, and gone through it, but now she’s still not over it but she IS better. But, more importantly, is Sara her original?

Sara can’t bear it though, and runs away. (Thus confirming that she IS the original) Claris charges off after, so everyone goes along.
As you chase her (apparently this is the way she went, you never do see her here) she has run past many darkers, a bal rodos, some pop up warships, and plenty of facility enemies.

At 1600
She’s glooming along on a big, wide empty area when you catch up to her. Claris calls after her, that when she was on various planets, causing destruction, she felt watched, but not like Huey. It felt different and more protective.  It’s Sara that’s been watching, hasn’t it? Sara confesses that she’s been watching her from behind the scenes. She says Claris Claes was created out of her/by her. (No, this is wrong, Sara DIDN’T clone herself)  She tells her she felt she was using the sense of regret as motivation so she’ll never forget.  As she speaks, she walks slowly closer to the edge of the large stone area toward the ocean. This statement makes Claris mad, and also a Rheo Madullard decides this is the opportune moment to spring up from the ocean and eat Sara.
Before it can land on her (mouth first) to eat her, Claris blasts it away with one giant hit from her False Clarissa Rod. (It is a different color, darker charcoal in the center, with pink crystals & gray tone exterior. Matoi retains the original.) Sara ducks the blast & the Madullard goes flying back into the ocean.

She yells at Sara, genuinely mad now, saying it’s Luther that made her and used her. Calming down, she goes on to say that if Huey was here, he’d beat up Sara for sure for saying such things. Claris admits she’ simple and dumb, that’s why she was mean to people. She didn’t learn yet, and that’s why she wasn’t nice, but she’s forgiven herself, and other people have too, like you & Huey and if she didn’t, it wouldn’t be right by you two. She clarifies that she’s herself, & Sara is Sara and being different is just fine, even if she’s a foolish immature person, she lives on as Claris Claes.

Sara says the speech puts her on the spot, never expecting to be lectured by an impertinent kid. This riles Claris into yelling she’s the same height.  Now, the Rheo Madullard is back, and it’s brought with it a Nepto Cassadora for the fight. Cabracan sees these two pop up out of the sea behind them, and says it’s no place for such a sisterly quarrel. They both simultaneously yell “We’re not sisters!” And turn to fight the bosses.

What is the relationship of these two bosses?
Nepto Cassadora holds a ‘staff’ like item and has ‘hands’. Rheo Madullard spews flammable orange slime  (it’s also a type of poison that can afflict confuse) and Nepto Cassadora’s flaming…balls of…tar? Light it on fire till it all burns off. Nothing else looks like these, it’s conceivable that they’re just unrelated predatory ocean creatures. Neither can speak, and neither seems like a person. They are also not “highly unlikely” as creatures. (Ex. Not a floating cow-headed mad on a giant cushion)

If you can beat this boss battle team up...

239 1/31 At 1700
Sara apologizes for being unlike herself, and making trouble. Claris runs up and hugs her, (at which Sara is shocked) saying there’s no one left to talk to, she needs Sara to be able to talk to, that’s why she wants to be able to talk with Sara. Sara nods, if she doesn’t face her, she can’t move forward. Cabracan asks if they’re done fighting, and Sara won’t correct him about the ‘sisters’ issue. Finally, they can smile at each other. Cabracan asks where you went. You’ve crept up to be near:

Huey and Maria who are revealed to be watching. They were way up high on some of the archways/aqueduct edge things that surround this really big flat platform. Huey who calls Maria “Big Sis”, wants to know if this trial was too harsh for them. Maria wants them to find their own way faster, and so set this up. She accrues Huey of being overprotective. He counters with the fact that Maria pulled strings in the Arks Battle Tournament so they wouldn’t meet.

They ask of you, who is overprotective of Sara & Claris?

Good Question
Both of You Are

If you say Good Question, Huey agrees. Maria notes that you’re frank with even them, the council members.
If you say Both of You Are, Huey laughs and asks you to cut him some slack. Maria notes that you’re frank with even them, the council members.
He thanks you for watching over them silently, and thinks they’ll be fine from now on. But, looking down on the field, you can see they’re arguing again. Cabracan tries to cut in, but gets too close and one of their flailing argument gestures sends him blasting this way…to which you can catch him!

He has pulled his entire body into his head/shell (as these are wont to do when threatened) Huey excitedly yells Nice Catch! But Cabracan is mad, he thought he’d die, and shouts at Huey. Maria says they lose sight of everything when the blood goes to their head, they really are the same. Huey agrees and they jump down to stop them.

Who (IS) To Forgive: End Chapter

It turns out you were graded here on ‘target damage’ but what does it mean? The boss battle?

End Notes
This one answers more questions than it raises, which is a nice change of pace.
Huey & Maria are huge meddlers, which is odd because Azanami is such a meddler as well. It’s for the best, in both instances but it seems odd to have so many "meddling is their schtick" characters.
The Shell Creatures ARE Luther’s experiment subjects, they probably used to be ‘animals’, and now after his intelligence/brain experiments, they’re now ‘people’.
Cabracan is gay
Sara is the original person who Claris Claes is a clone of
The Arks Tournament not going exactly as expected/Regarding Claris was Huey/Maria doing
Claris is learning lessons painfully slowly, and she still hasn’t got down ‘don’t belittle people’. She probably also antagonizes Sara on purpose because that’s just how she is, like Cabracan who’s always baiting others with his stupid comments then being shocked when they get riled up.

When you approach Xiao again you get a new matter board. He says he’ll rely on you, sorry, but please receive it. (This bit became untranslated, and so is the matter board’s name)

Lisa is in Shironia Town.
She's so happy she could go postal, because of the new "mystery corrupted area". While everyone worries about Double, she believes this is more dangerous.
If you ask her how that might be so, she doesn't know she just assumes. Harkotan is a mess because of Double. But, this Zone must have a cause. Infestation, natural disaster or worse? No one knows. But, Lisa is happy so long as she has strong enemies to shoot, the small ones aren't worth bothering with.

Around Chapter 2: On the ARKS ship upper area Quna's future
Cheerful Quna greets you in the lobby saying there's little to do since VOID shut down. But, it's not boring because she still has idol performances, maybe she could give it up and be a full time idol...? Just kidding. Casra intrudes, saying he'd support it. Quna glares him down, asking 'well what do you want, 4-eyes', he feigns offence, saying he's only here for a quick word, but that's the greeting?

Oh he's used to it...As she stated though, with the suspension of research facility, we're nolonger needed. And, since she's not exactly combat material, why overexert yourself? She can't argue with that, but coming from him, it just pisses her off. She asks you what you think she should do?

You Should Take it Easy
You Should Do What You Enjoy

If you say You Should Do What You Enjoy She says she thought she was...but does it look like she's trying too hard? She thinks along, not wanting to quit ARKS either...Casra says she's free, so why rush to a decision so soon? Take all the time she need. She hates it when he's right. She never imagined the day would come that she could plan her own future.

Katori is in Shironia Town
She is happy to see you and calls you "dearest". She's happy to not be with 'the training maniac' today. She's having a competition with him instead, Dualblade vs Jetboot performance test. Whoever loses has to do whatever 1 thing the winner Katori can't afford to lose. She feels at a disadvantage, 99% chance to lose, but because the odds arent 0, she'll take it up because she wants to win. After all, maybe he'll get bored, or oversleep and be late. (He may be incapable of being bored, and as a CAST it's possible those don't sleep, though it's not explained. One day, she wants to leave 'the tin man' speechless. She'll swear it on her pride so stay tuned! But, as she talks the gap will grow! The conversation (which consists only of her telling you things) will have to wait...but oh! If you see Saga please slow him down dearie.

Katori has borderline-Ulc-level optimisim and determination.

Azanami is in a Competition
She says she wasn't really advertising braver for the publicity of it, but she got tired of it. She had actually been doing it to get the scoop on Bouncers. She thought 'whatever' to it in the end but it took ages to apologize to Io. She said she did it because when you champion something, nobody reacts, but if you try to steer them away/into something else you get attention. However, it's all not of much use because 2nd Gen ARKS have no choice in class, but majority 3rd Gen can't change it later once chosen. Out of everyone, you're almost the only one who can switch at will. When she realized that people could never make braver work, she couldn't bear the responsibility.

People have the freedom to choose, to decide for themselves and lot let others do it. Fortunately we live in a time where freedom is protected...but she's lecturing again, so blame Regius for that. The important thing is people using their skills to survive. And there's many options including Bouncer, as long as everyone returns safely they can do whatever they want.

So the Arks Generations:
Which one is Azanami in that she could create a whole new class?
Why did she feel she had to sneak-investigate bouncer and not just...ask one what's up with the class?

Saga is in Shironia Town
It's his first time seeing you alone. They're separate because they're conducting a weapons test. (Something they do a lot) He says she proposed a competition that didn't interfere with other objectives so he didn't decline. He's baffled by the offer though, because the result is obvoius. (he's thinking he'll win) But, he feels he must honor the relentless spirit of her never giving up in the face of failure because she's immature, indolent, shallow, arrogant and socially incompatible but--when it comes to spirit the other failings can be overlooked.

It's this spirit that's likely the most important quality a Class Admin can have...othersie he fails to see how that dropout could ever have been chosen. Oh can say you've fulfilled your obligation to her with this conversation. You are surprised. That she asked you to distract him is blatantly obvious, the dimwit! He can't allow her to win when she resorts to such petty schemes.

Saga's not the paragon of virtue (he and Katori) led you to think, here.
Sure he's the responsible one & she's the goof-off, but he's no mild-mannered mentor trying to do the right thing. Katori has been made into his responsibility and he resents it, as shown with his assessment-insults above.
He doesn't KNOW why "They" chose Katori and he doesn't THINK her spirit is it. He hates her.
What did she drop out of?
Saga is very clever. Simply encountering you at all, in Shironia makes him think it's a Katori scheme.
Is he/she a case of one that drives the other up a wall on purpose a'la Cabracan vs Echo?