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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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239 at 2/4
Matoi is in Shironia town with Kotoshiro.
He informs you that Sukuna Hime woke up again, and wants an audience with both of you. No sooner than he’s said it, but she appears out of a sudden misty wind walking right down the street. (So, she can teleport still, but always with a misty ash wind) She tells him that ‘audience’ is too formal a word, she just wants to chat. As she has appeared, he does a kneel, so she says to cease that posture to be at ease as no one will be wed by being so austere. (A strange thing to say)
He asks her to not say unnecessary words. So she says ‘one’ is well aware, striking where it hurts is efficient. (what?) She seems to refer to herself with the word ‘one’, so sort of in third person…ish…here? It’s probably language trouble.

Matoi interrupts their non…argument or whatever this is, by saying her name formally. She says no need for the formality, she’s the miko of Harkotan, not of ARKS. Matoi wonders at ‘behaving crudely’ toward a deity (so, she believes the whole line that this lady is some kind of actual goddess, and not just a weird alien that doesn’t look like the other aliens on this planet) She says though, that if ‘you are so reserved, she’ll command thee, though she prefers not to’.

I got it Sukuna Hime
Understood, Lady Sukuna-Hime

If you say I’ve Got It, she’ll laugh, which always comes out as ‘kakaka’ and say it’s Fain & Meddlesome. Though you have ties with the troublesome dark ones colluding with the Kuronians, there should not be a need to be with this fool. (She means Kotoshiro) Rather, you should strike your enemies with this fool as bait, why didn’t you?
Matoi argues she might be right, but they couldn’t just leave him.
Is that all?
Matoi thinks that’s it.
She’s amused, and says she feels honored to have met Matoi (and possibly you, thou can be single or plural) After decades and centures she’s finally found the existence of someone to call a friend. She feels blessed.

Matoi, flustered, says ‘but I’m…’
(What exactly? You can’t guess to fill this in)
Sukuna asks if she’s displeased, or incapable of calling a deity friend?
But, that’s not what she means…So Sukuna interrupts her again, saying she’ll call both of you friends even if it’s not reciprocal. Matoi starts at her again but can’t pass her name because of honorifics. Finally, she’s able to delete ‘lady’ from before it, and says nice to meet you, to which the answer is ‘likewise!’

This is a most dithering conversation that expends many words to get exactly nowhere much at all. She never seemingly gets to the point of this ‘meeting’ or whatever it is because she can’t get past the word “hello” without everyone fumbling their words.
Matoi continuing with “Lady-ing” her to get her to ‘command thee’ seems like a pretty rotten choice. She’s TELLING everyone she’s NOT YOUR princess and has no authority over you but Matoi seems to get her to behave otherwise. This lady-creature is not the best decision maker so far nor is she exactly the best at heart with how she treats poor Kotoshiro
She suspects you of having ties with ‘dark ones’, well as mortal foes, that’s a tie.
Matoi is captain of the lame answer ‘we couldn’t just leave him’, and then fails to explain? How about “Kotoshiro is a brave warrior and warriors have got each other’s backs against evil?” It’s not hard you nerd! Avoiding saying her name is also completely plausible and avoids the whole formality issue. Literally nothing here is learned except that she’s likely to be lonely as a person.

It seems like what Sukuna Hime wants is someone who’s not always groveling around trying to please her all day. She wants ordinary people type companions and can’t get them here with the way the culture is set up. So, she jumps on the friend-wagon with the first two people she encounters. THIS bit is logical.

239 2/5
Matoi Meets Kotoshiro

She’s glad you’re here because she’s been talking with him and isn’t sure if it’s safe for ‘their people’ to be fighting darkers. (No, it is not, Darkers kill everyone regardless) He asks why she insists they not engage the darkers.

Matoi, reasonably, explains that without photon weapons the darkers don’t get “erased” and their residue accumulates corrupting life nearby. She says it’s how Double controls the Kuronians. He comes back with how can she explain Shironian warriors waged countless battles without symptoms? (This is a reference to what happened to the dragonkin, they're a bunch of warrior clans and they are perfectly capable of killing darkers with their crystal scale swords & other powers, but because they're non-photonic, the 'residue' DID accumulate, resulting in the 'zombie behavior' of the infected dragonkin. Matoi is worrying about this happening on Shironia because it happend on Amduscia)

Reasonably still, he’s confused because Matoi seems to be right, but then how is he right too?
To explain things, up out of a mini dust-devil wind pops Sukuna hime, asking if he’s a fool because has he forgotten “All life on this planet is under its blessing, malice of that sort is easily repelled”.

He makes the point that it fails to explain why the Kuronians went berserk.
Aand she says it should’ve been the same but but…(yea some deity…didn’t think about that?)
It’s the wicked twins. (Double) If they deceived the Kuronians into believing they were like her, it’d be easy to incite them to war. But really, it’s not your concern, its their concern to protect their own. Especially because the giants deserve a thrashing anyway because their arrogance is as much as their build. (They are big, their arrogance is also large.)

Kotoshiro shapes up to be an all right sort here with good questions throughout. He actually manages to get things done and explained here.

Ohza & Marlu in Shironia Town
He wants to apologize though it was Azanami’s fault really you got wrapped up in their mess. Marlu criticizes his apology saying she saw the look on his face when he grabbed her. He asks if ‘we’re not passed this’ because she said she was over it.

Are you two dating?
I see you’ve made up.

If you say I See You’ve Made Up He says it’s true, they talked at great length, solving mutual misunderstandings. Marlu says they agreed to get to know one another better. Ohza says it’s the opportunity to show her the ways of HU while she shows him the ways of FO and it’ll better ARKS right?!?!? That’s their singular objective now so don’t go starting any rumors.

At this, Marlu “Hmpfs” off at his bluntness saying she’s done here, forcing him to warn of danger and follow after her and away.

Marlu probably DOES want to date him and this ‘no date’ thing of his has made her mad. It’s really clear that she doesn’t understand him, and they may have worked out some of the arguments, but they’re still a ways off from getting along and are still just annoying incompatible people.

239 2/9
Matoi is meeting with a Shironian who is disappointed she’s not the Miko
(At last, she has convinced somebody that she is not the miko. This is difficult.) If only she’d assist them, the Kuronians would fall, even with their superior numbers. Saddened by the news, he stomps off. No sooner than he’s gone, than Sukuna hime winds out of no-where to say he’s not the only one who is so selfish. All the Shironians are the same, uttering words of ignorant bliss. Though the Kuronians are certainly at fault for the attack…but they’re also clearly manipulated by the “children” (Double) but the Kuronian lord remains indifferent toward the situation.

This is the first we’ve heard of a “Kuronian Lord”

She tells about how they both dismissed efforts at peace and charged right into war. Looking at both sides of the edges of town, she sees the well-put-together Shironia palace and the dilapidated dark/scary Kuronia palace. She says fools commit folly on both sides so mothers and fathers weep into the great river. Both of you though, don’t falter in worry about the planet, have at the fools. As she leaves, Matoi wonders what happened in the past.

239 2/10
Matoi & Kotoshiro are talking as she's asked the history of Sukuna Hime.
He'll tell it.
He says it's the history of the planet though, and it won't be fast to tell. He tells it in a really interesting way though, with a 'shadowbox 2d animation' to illustrate it all. It doesn’t show features, rather outlines/cut outs of what happened.

A long time ago the Shironians & Kuronians were always fighting. (presumably for centuries) One side couldn't exist without the other. (Why not?) Eventually, the kings of both sides grew tired of the war (somehow) and tried to end it with a peace treaty.

They set their Kuronia Son & Shironia Daughter prince princess to get married to seal the deal. They did.

1. Kings look different than regular citizens. They're taller and less wide.
2. There ARE girls here, and they DONT look exactly like the guys.
Because this is a male-human made game, the girls are human looking (so they can be human-attractive) much, much more so than the guys. It doesn't even look like they're the same species. They have a typical earth-girl build with round head and petite horns and a cute dress with flower in her hair. It's really stupid.

The couple eventually had a baby, but it wasn't black nor white, it was ashen gray. *If this means The Miko, IT WASNT. It was beige! Brownish! A light tan in tone! It's hair wasn't even gray it was half white and half black & she never even wore gray clothing nor had gray eyes, one's blue & the other is red. But nobody can name colors on this planet in any way at all, the "white" people are all brick red and the "Black" ones are navy blue! And sometimes also red! It was tiny & weird looking and didn't ever grow much. (So, it got human sized, that's it, remember, everybody else here is something like perhaps 15 feet tall or so.) It was a girl with 1 horn. The mom & dad blamed each other for the weirdness of the baby and everybody went to war again. When the baby was old enough, she basically threw herself into the sword fight between mom & dad and died.

They only then realized the badness of their actions and everybody got upset and was finally sorry. They got SO upset that they "Did Something" and begged to die in their daughters' place, it WORKED and they turned to ash, restoring daughter to life.

Sukuna hime, probably eavesdropping, appears to say Who'd of thought to recount the sorrowful old tale, surprising it's Kotoshiro why didn't you let it be. How did he even remember the details?
He says it's because she told it to him.
Matoi asks "is the ashen girl......"

So OF COURSE she doesn't say, just getting worked up saying that the sorrowful tale shouldn't be remembered, Harkotan history has no bearing on anything & Matoi should forget it all and then she vanishes just as she appeared.

Matoi apologizes to Kotoshiro, saying she thinks she made her mad.
He says her anger is always present, it's not Matoi, due to the constant conflict. Notice how he doesn't confirm or deny anything here.

IS SHE the magic girl from the story?
Is she some random alien fiend who is pretending to be the magic princess?
How did the parents kill themselves for real, and bring back their dead child if the story IS real & she's the result of it. Origin myths are fine, but if its not a myth...
If light+dark babies here get uber-magic powers like teleportation, world destroying ability, and more, why not have more marriages? AND if she can do everything she says why not use the power to broker something instead of just dumping on Kuronia all the time?

Ko Rela the Quartz Dragon is hanging out with Quna
She roars a hello. Quna says hello too, and that she’s not on assignment (despite her battle outfit) she’s here on personal business. Ko Rela explains she sometimes visits and sings to calm the souls. She likes the songs and finds them soothing, always listening silently. Quna explains that Hadred may be gone but she still wants him to hear it.

I’m sure he’s listening
Hadred would be happy

If you say Hadred Would Be Happy Ko Rela agrees with you that dragons are pleased somewhere in Terio'to. Quna hopes its true sadly, while Ko Rela says that as a priestess she guarantees it so don’t worry. The song reaches not only here but Ka’Shina below & Terio’to above. She’s sad, but she sees the point, and needs to sing more often, and not just when she has spare time. Ko Rela mightily roars an agreement, and Quna explains that he was very shy , despite his imposing appearance.

This goes against what the Ultra Magic Cube of Souls said earlier.
When consulted with Aki & Quna together, the cube of flying blocks said specifically that Hadred ceased to exist because he was some kind of mutant hybrid creation, not a real dragonkin, not ‘born/made’ on Amduscia, and too unnatural to be able to be “soul recycled” / reborn via the whole metaphysical cubes blocks principal that is shown literally/actually working on the planet. In that way their religion is real, it’s not just a belief/faith.

So, if the Magic Cube of Souls IS right, this dragon & Quna are wrong and are trying to placate themselves about poor Hadred with their conversation here. Is it an instance where the people know they're lieing to eachother for emotional support or did Quna really forget what the Ultra Magic Cube of Souls told her directly?

Theodore & Ulc are resting.
You can find them on a lobby bench while Ulc sleeps with her head on Theodores’ lap. He says to keep your voice low so she’ll rest longer. He told her to rest in her room but she insisted someone might need consultation. As soon as he wasn’t looking…she fell asleep on him. She hasn’t really changed, always a go-getter but he wonders if his timid nature is tying her down. 

You Worry Too Much
Why Not Ask Her Directly?

If you say You Worry Too Much Ulc wakes right on up, surprising him. She tells him she woke up a while ago, but knew there was something on his mind, with him sighing to himself.

Of course they operate at a different pace. Sure she puts up with things but she’s close because she wants to be. He says he understands, she claims he doesn’t, and clarifies she wants to be with him, that’s why she’s here. So don’t make her spell it out any more, it’s an embarrassment in front of others. It’s the most she’s had to put up with. He asks if she said something then…so she claims its nothing, and runs off dragging him along to more tasks.

239 2/11
Matoi catches up to you in Shrionia town while Sukuna hime watches from Kotoshiros’ shoulder.

She startles Matoi, saying that you & Matoi seem attached at the hip. Maybe you’re star-crossed lovers? Matoi gets shy and says no that’s not it…But Sukuna says "to blush not, my dear, it’s a jest because it’s great to make sport of Matoi, unlike Kotoshiro. His innocence is peerless though, when asked if he’d lay down his life upon her command, he stabbed himself". (if true/literal, odd guy we got here) He explains if his orders called for his sacrifice, so be it. She asks if he doesn’t know what it is to jest (Which is a very cultural definition) He says her word is law, so she argues his brain is stone because he won’t read between the lines.

Matoi, thinking on her feet as has become her usual, says even she’s always with Kotoshiro, so she can’t make fun of us. He explains as the maiden’s guardian, its his duty to serve by her side. Buuuut Sukuna knows that’s not Matoi’s intent, it was ‘an assault on the nature of our relationship’.

You Two Seem Like Family
You Two Seem Like a Couple

If you say You Two Seem Like Family, she seems a little surprised but exclaims its quite the expression, what does Kotoshrio say? He’s indebted to her so great his life can’t repay it. But to try, he swore to be her guardian.

Matoi, on point once more, asks about the debt. (Finally! Someone asking timely sense-making questions in a timely and relevant manner!)
He goes on to say that during a dispute with Kuronia, they razed a Shironia village to the ground, leaving just one survivor, an infant: him. Sukuna found him, and took him in, raising him though she had every reason to cast him aside as he is disabled. (remember, he’s blind)

She claims that she could have left him, but prefers to sleep soundly instead. But…with such a stubborn mule he turned out to be she might have chosen differently. He blames it on his upbringing. (Great retort, he’s catching on for real) Bold words! She says, from the rascal she remembers, how he’s grown.

But, Sukuna is pretty sharp here too, remembering how Matoi said “Even you two”, which she takes as an admission that Matoi & you are also close, are you not? This sets her to flailing about the teasing, and would she quit it.

FINALLY some characters have half a brain and PROVE it by asking relevant questions & being sharp enough to follow an actual conversation at better than a 2nd grade level.

Kotoshiro was blind since birth
Sukuna Hime is LESS likely to be an imposter-alien creature impersonating a mythical figure/stepping into its role because she raised Kotoshiro and has been around for quite a while
He’s so devoted to her because she’s like his mother in a way

Kotoshiro vs Sukuna seem to always be culture-clashing against each other which is odd if she exclusively raised him. (It is unlikely anyone else would help to raise him because they dislike disabled people here, it's said several times) He fails to “GET” her a lot, which wouldn’t happen if she was the exclusive parent figure. Him not getting humor/jokes, him being way overly devoted, him being raised to say ‘cast aside those who are disabled’ when that’s clearly not her view…where did he get all this stuff that’s not like her at all? She mustn’t be the exclusive parent, but if she's not, who is & why?

Patty & Tea & Io are in Shironia Town
Patty cheerfully introduces skeptical Tea & surprisingly enough…Io.
Io cheerfully appears but is shocked to see you

What Are You Doing?
…Nice To Meet You

If you say Nice To Meet You she gets upset and says to not act like we’re strangers. Patty begged her in tears, she couldn’t say no…so Patty explains that “Patty & Tea” routine was just too routine! So Io, the newest addition will save the day! Can you excitedly imagine all the new possibilities for the combination? You are skeptical, Tea is skeptical, Io is embarrassed and so no one says anything. Patty says all are speechless, but Tea argues all are shocked beyond words.
Tea apologizes to Io, saying she never thought Patty would try something so stupid. Io acknowledges it was her own fault too for not turning her down.  Tea says sorry for the disturbance, you should go on your mission while Patty heads back later, alone. Patty seems to realize she's done something really wrong and bad, and dejectedly watches Tea & Io stalk off.

What is so offensive about this situation?
Patty wants another member of the “info gatherers”, and begs Io to join. So she does.
Because of the Azanami/Braver campaign, we know she can be persuaded to join causes she doesn't really believe in much. And they appear before people with their whole “Patty Tea Info” shtick just like always and………now suddenly everyone is super mad and offended and Patty is the worst thing ever???? How is this unusual? How is it offensive? How is Patty 'so so evil' here? Nothing even out of the ordinary happened, they added a reluctant new info-gatherer....LITERALLY SO WHAT?

239 2/13
Sukuna Hime is bothered by Double
She's ranting on a roof when she finds you walking through town. She asks you to lend an ear to her grumbles.

Is Something on Your Mind?

If you ask Is Something On Your Mind?
She says indeed it is. As told by tales Harkotan is 'of an indivisible disposition so with death comes rebirth'. As one exists in life, so shall it exist in death. Here, a demon known as Magatsu is sealed in death, in 'opposition to one'. The seal is strong, so in current conditions he'll slumber for 10s of centuries to come. However...The 'troublesome children' are tampering with the seals.

So, Rituals will need preformed, seals erected. Her resting hours are diminished. Its so much trouble! Can you fathom her irritation? She's chipper now though, saying its refreshing to have a fine friend to speak without restraint. But, be mindful of the children, she's poorly versed in them, and can't comprehend them. She knows they’re dangerous. So take advice from her and be extra careful.If you've come here to battle them, they're a real danger. The shironians aren't dependable though, so you'll have to lessen your hopes. She feels uneasy about the situation & looks to the Kuroniaside horizon.

Why does she continue to need so much rest /sleep time?
Naturally if there's something dangerous, Double will try to mess with it.
Is her opening statement one that is of reincarnation of some kind? Or is she stating that the afterlife is very similar to normal life, according to their beliefs?

239 2/14
Persona visits Shironia Town
He startles you by asking 'you've seen it haven't you'?
A fraction, an omen for the revival of the PD. What is the trigger? You should know full well. Open your eyes and decide what should be done. No sooner than he says this, he vanishes. Of course, this is him encouraging you to kill Matoi again, because he believes murdering her will somehow prevent what's in her from coming out.

Is he unhinged? Probably. How is popping out of no-where and telling people you've tried to kill at some point cryptic sentences about killing their friends supposed to persuade anyone? It's like calling someone an idiot to get them over to your point of view on an opinion. It's like a mugger who shot at you during a robbery last week suddenly appearing in your closet going "shooooot your daaad" and expecting you to do it. It's not going to happen with that tactic so why is he even trying?

Story Chapter 3: A Legend Cloaked in Ashes

239 2/18 at 1100
Sukuna Hime & Kotoshiro are having a conversation when you & Matoi arrive.
Sukuna’s glad you’re there. He explains the Kuronites attacked again so the white king ordered an ambush and locked himself away in the castle. Sukuna explains that the current White King is such a coward it’s surprising he didn’t flee and he’s not worth the effort to make fun of.
The Shironians believe it’s the Kuronites starting the fuss, but it’s complicated. But, no time to explain, she’s got to reinforce the seal now or the Kuronites will rouse the Magatsu. It’s the children’s goal so I won’t allow it.

We’ll Help
Good Luck!

If you say We’ll Help She says it’s what they call synchronicity. The strengthening seal has 6 points. She needs to prepare in 2 places, but it can’t be afforded to do them 1 by 1. She needs your help, because Kotoshiro & Sukuna will go to 1, while you 2 go to the other. Matoi worries she & you won’t know what to do.

Sukuna Hime has a plan though!
And she throws her fan into the air. It goes ‘poof’ in gray once it gets up high, and when the ash clears it’s a cute little dolly version of her with a big head & one red eye and one black/gray eye. (Her other eye is Blue, the doll isn’t the same as her in this respect) It has her hair and everything, but it’s only about knee-high and it can float in the air. She explains it by saying it’s a separate body of hers, created by her arts that you can call Tama-Hime. Tama Hime explains that though it’s separate it has its own independence, so please take care of it. Sukuna says if anything happens, just report it to the doll & it’ll tell her & Kotoshiro. She then vanishes in a cloud of ash wind.

The doll says it’s time to get going.

Start: Chapter 3 The Gray Folklore

In town, the doll warns you immediately of the purple fog ‘maisma’ danger that’s all over the ground. It is caused (and cleared up) by "infected evil lanterns" which are just that: floor lamps of Japanese style that are somehow 'evil' and if attacked 'quit the evil' and get rid of the purple floor fog that saps HP from anyone standing in it. The Anjahdu-Lili is known to 'light' these lamps with evil as it rolls through the streets. This somewhat-inexplicable creature is a giant evil old man head, with a smaller, eviler head growing out of its forehead. It has 4 arms growing out of the sides of the large head, with bracelets of magic beads that let it do fire attacks. It resides in a giant wooden wheel, also covered in small, carved faces which it rolls around very quickly via use of it's arms. Breaking its beads cuts its power and bothers it. It is fairly large, perhaps 3 or more meters high.

At 1130
Upon the rooftops, Matoi asks Tamahime-chan…but it interrupts saying don’t say “chan” she’s the same existence as Sukuna Hime say properly without suffix. So she says sorry Tamahimechan……this makes dolly look a little bothered, but asks if Matoi wants to know about the Magatsu. She Chans it again saying how clever it is, as expected. This annoys dolly still.

Now you can see the doll’s thoughts as it frowns.
This is the first instance of seeing a thought
She knows there’s no ill will behind it, but the repetition makes her feel she’s being made fun of.
Magatsu it the calamity that destroys stars. It’s the calamity that’s born of sadness and lamentation, an existence that opposes all life, the god that’s the vessel of evil that will annihilate both shironians and kuronites.  Sukuna hime is here to prevent that. Matoi says it sounds like…

Dark Falz
Quite a Troublesome God.

If you say Dark Falz Matoi says that’s right, it was sealed like Falz was too. Tamahime doesn’t know what Falz is, but if it’s the Children, Magatsu is a different entity but they may essentially boil down to being similar.
Matoi asks “Essentially?”
Yes, despite differing in scale it’s a being born of sadness negativity and all that in general and is hostile to everyone. A being born from people that wants to destroy people, negative emotions are ignominious.

Now, you have to go through another mist-affected section of town, battling kuronites like various ogars. The purple fog will arise again. This repeats a few times, as you clear red barriers (enemy controlled barriers)

At 1200
You reach a sealing area. It has a wrecked looking old stone/brick circle in the ground with a dilapidated fence. Symbols in a semi transparent ‘column’ are spiraling up from the area. In the center is a large top heavy stone with swirly patterns. It has a thick rope tied around it with (maybe brass) cuffs, a thinner cord that holds paper tags that dangle & a grassy top. You can stand on the dilapidated fence. The area is in a valley outside the walls of Shironia Town. The doll says it’s good we all left quickly, but Matoi feels Kuronites are coming. The doll is upset it has less perception than ‘the main body’, as quickly paji giri, anushi zagri & more all come warping in. Tamahime says hold on until the main body arrives.

Leave it to us!
I’m not confident…

If you say Leave it to us! Matoi agrees, and the battle commences. It starts off with Paji Giri and other smaller enemies, but quickly escalates after defeating each wave to Ogars & Gams. Finally, it lets of an Anjadu-Lili, who has pretty free reign of the area without much but the dilapidated fence to trip up his wheel rolling tricks.

If you can beat the anjadu-lili, another one spawns along with more anushi zagri. Charging toward them, you refuse to give up, but matoi is shocked there’s more. But Bonta Bearadda appear near the seal and hit it with their claws to break it. Tamahime goes to stop them, but the column disappears. So does Tamahime, swirling into SukunaHime who says she’s just in time, it was close.

Matoi asks if they’re ok, and she says all went well at the first stop, but the enemies here were more concentrated so you did well in defending this area. She says thanks, but Matoi says it’s the ARKS job, not necessary, but more importantly, what about the ceremony?

Sukunahime goes over toward the platform/pillar or whatever it is to do it, but nobody the whole time has looked straight up. Double is in the sky! They whisper they were waiting on her to show up and try to do this, so they can get her. They throw down a big ball of red infect-cloud to hit Sukuna, but you can tackle her out of the way, avoiding their attack. Sukuna is shocked, what just fell?

Double agrees that they missed, but they’ve more where that came from that won’t miss. Another infect cloud appears…but out of it comes… Apprentice Woman! And she’s de-aged & de-uglied back into mostly her former self. (Middling brown skin, long pink-infect-hair, red eye-whites, silver eyes & purple lipstick)
Xiao cuts in, shocked at ‘the reaction before you’, it’s Apprentice Woman from 10 years ago.
She hasn’t got anything to say though, this time, and simply charges Matoi with her knives. Matoi blocks, and they fight a bit, so AW accuses Matoi of ‘making a fool of her’. Matoi doesn’t understand why this new mean lady thinks she knows her. Should she know her? This causes her to have a headache and psychic pain of some kind that makes the air waver around her. Sukuna Hime though, is having none of the evil kids or woman. She holds you back from interfering, and steps between Matoi & AW. She’s the Miko of this planet, and they’re tormenting her friends and attacking the planet and she’ll have none of it! Using her fan power, she blows AW back, rolling her along the ground. AW is back for more…while Double Twins go to inspect the seal item/tall rock thing with paper tags tied to it.

No slouch, SukunaHime, warps herself to the top of it instead and begins her ritual dance. With herself as ‘the stake’ she ‘uses ash to purify all evil’ and reset the seal with her dance. A stomp of her sandal resets the runes & pillar of pale light around the object. This makes AW disappear, and the twins follow not long after…but probably of their own will.

Sukunahime then asks if you & Matoi are ok, & she says thanks to Sukuna…but.
She replies to Matoi, that since she sealed it in an odd way one part of Magatsu escaped. We’ve got hardship ahead because of it, and labor will be required for a long while. Matoi apologizes, saying she did it to save her…but Sukuna says it was to save a friend, something to do without hesitation so its ok.

Once more, no one’s looking up, so here is Double yet again.
They think the situation was weird, wondering why ‘it’ didn’t target the Miko. Did it have a grudge against ‘the girl’? Was there a relationship with ‘the girl’? But, they’re satisfied anyway, because that was interesting and they accomplished their goal. So they vanish.

End Chapter.

End Notes:
Double is actually pretty clever hanging out in the sky. No one thinks to look up, and if you go high enough you have privacy to talk because sound doesn’t carry that far.
DID they really resurrect Apprentice Woman?
Or is she just a manifestation they can create with their dark power?
Double refers to her as "it" and knows nothing of AW's history, hence the 'grudge' questions--so you've got to think that it IS one of their manifestations of something they ate & not really AW from 10 years ago somehow de-aged and resurected. They treat her like a 'clone'.
This one is pretty straightforward & everything is pretty sensible & in character. It doesn't spawn loads of loose ends or open unexplained stuff. Though Kotoshiro doesn’t appear at the end Sukuna assures he’s ok & all went well at their first sealing job. You know that ‘getting part of a Magatsu out’ WAS Double’s goal, they were clearly fumbling with the symbol/seal so a partial win, is still a win to them & you know clearly their goal & what they will do next. (Go away until the Magatsu whatever does havoc—it’s basically their MO anyway) The whole little-dolly-hime is a new odd concept but it’s well explained and it works just fine. The dolly is cute, charming & makes sense in its context. It's a fun little add-on and it feels sensible that it's something she'd actually think to do / it fits in with her personality & makes sense. Sukuna Hime is just basically a gigantic McGuffin anyway pulling powers out of thin air whenever the plot calls for it because they don’t choose to define her power-set and she’s just a total unknown. It doesn't ruin the plot though here.