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The story of PSO2 NGS will likely be complex and long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game. It has some game-play hints & will point out ways of approaching story aspects, but it's not really a gameplay guide to get anyone unstuck either.
For online-only games like this, it is important to preserve their plot and characters somewhere that's infinitely stable (unlike youtube or something where the videos get taken away randomly or whatever)
Color key
Green Text: Speculation or opinions
What You Do/The official "Party Line" appears in RED TEXT
Bold Text: Important information
Choice Options: Blue Text
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This IS true. Sometimes when enemy disturbances are going on , all crystals in an area will turn red. It’s usually dolls related activity that’ll do it, but like a team quest or something with a map marker. Now, she detects another person standing on one of those huge girders that come out of the cliff side. It is Lecielan Environment Coordinator Pepp. This is a t all thin woman with light sandy colored hair who is also beige. You ask her about the crystal, and she explains it’s “The crystallized form of DOLLS primary body tissue called Photonzol”. Here on Halpha, dead organisms are broken down by nanobots, but sometimes they don’t function correctly due to external factors and it resulted in this crystal as a mass of DOLLS tissue that was not properly decomposed. Photonzol turns red when DOLLS overclock themselves. It also turns red in response to an increase in atmospheric photons.

Quilla pops in again, saying all them are news to her too. She wants to ask the others more about them right away. But, you know that huge star up in the sky? Pepp does not. There’s a star up there that doesn’t change position like the others. She wonders what that is, but Pepp doesn’t know of anything outside of Halpha. She takes this well, saying even they don’t know anything and it means there’s more mysteries to uncover, hopefully she finds more than just the star. This ends the scene, gives you the EXP and finishes Quilla’s request.

Wow wow wow.
An actual element seen in the game IS explained! How positiviely refreshing after all that BS from PSO2 that they just forgot about or swept under the rug. So, the crystals are basically corpses that are still trying to function & attack people because the nanobots failed. So, those "Starburst" energy shapes that appear upon the destruction of a DOLLS is the nanobots breaking them down into energy/gas/whatever that can't be seen, but when those fail, the crystal outcropping appears instead.

Quilla's Unmoving Star:
It isn't. It's a geosynchronos satellite, it's THE sattelite that "sometimes dispenses the leciel type pods that are not from leciel" it is the area that Zephetto had no control over. It is what dispensed YourGuy & also Dozer. IT is the big mystery. You can't tell me these jokers don't have telescopes of at least moderate power. Nobody needs the HUBBLE if what you're looking for is closer than (the equivelent of) Mars, and is actually in the orbit of the planet. Unelss it has invisibility cloaking, someone should be able to get a good look at it with a moderate telescope.

Preparing for the Next Mission
On the outer wall of the city you can find Dozer in a cut scene. He says you have good timing, have you noticed anything off about Aina lately?

No Not Really
She Seems A Little Down

It’s better to say A Little Down because she sure was about the whole reassigning Manon thing without letting anyone catch up. He suspects she’s not fully committed. Its her first time on the teaching side, and he’s sure she’s nervous. He’ll help her to start out, of course.

Then She Has Nothing To Worry About
I Hope You’ll Take Good Care of Her

If you encourage him with Nothing to Worry About (remember, Dozer is a lead instructor and has been doing the job for quite a while now so this makes lots of sense) He’ll help her as much as he can, because we’ve had a lot more volunteers since the starless showed up so there is a shortage of instructors. He sees her doing well, reminisces a little, and hopes she’ll be able to pass on all her knowledge and enthusiasm.

Let him know if anything seems off with her, ok? The scene ends.

In central Aelio you see Aina in her new uniform with her new hair style. She keeps her colorful skirt part, but it’s over a white outfit with big blue cuffed fingerless gloves, thigh high white boots, a red ribbon (sort of off-sides bow tie) and sort of a blue vest thing over part of it. It’s mostly a white/light blue accented outfit. It looks pretty normal for the area. She also has her hair down in the back with feathered/layers and 2 little braids toward the front.

What’s With The Outfit?
Is Something Different About You?

If you ask What’s With The Outfit? (To show you’re observant, I guess) She says what do you think? She’s training recruits and all, so she got a new outfit to look like an instructor. It’s her new look. She is clearly trying hard to make it work.

You Look Like a Proper Instructor
Let’s Not Get Ahead of Ourselves

Well the 2nd one there is pretty mean. Your character does the ‘laugh’ gesture anyway. If you try to encourage her with Proper Instructor (remember, she’s got to do this/Crawford is making her do it) She says it means a lot, but looks a bit skeptical. She’s nervous still, not having taught anyone before. Will people take her seriously? She still wants to help as much as possible no matter what role, so she’ll do her best. Especially with keeping up with Manon. Time to show the youngsters what she’s got hee hee! The scene ends.

It’s clear Aina’s trying hard to keep up good spirits and to try hard in her new position. But what’s wrong with the outfit? It would be strange for a not-Halpha area but it’s perfectly in line with what others would/might wear.

This is more of a cultural bit that you don't know enough about. Sure Crawford appears to be wearing a uniform of some kind but he's the only one. The support team in his tower are uniformed, but it doesn't resemble his, or anyone elses'. Dozer doesn't wear clothes at all, and he's the only other titled Instructor around. The Lecielens all wore the same thing, but they also don't know what fashion is. So, you can't tell if Aina is now in some standard "instructor garb" that is appropriate, or she's just pulling randomness out of her closet. You can't be judgy, but some of the options make it so.

No sooner does she run off than Ilma calls in that there’s too many enemies in Maqead Lower level and Neusen Plant, could you get rid of them all?

Doing these tasks will prompt him to call in and say you’re a big help now that that amount of enemies are gone. He then asks you to check on Manon, who is at Balflow Falls. You surprise her and she says you scared her and how did you always manage to be so sneaky. She’s heard about Aina and that training new recruits is all new territory for her.

She’s Pretty Excited About it
Are You Worried About Her?

If you tell the truth with She’s Pretty Excited About it, she hopes she’ll be all right, but she’s a good adapter so she should be ok, and Manon then hopes she can keep up with her progress. This is a bit rare for Manon to say, usually it’s the other way around.

In Regards to Your Research?
How Are You Feeling?

If you try to prompt her for more information with In Regards to Research? She says that’s right, she thought she knew everything there was to know…but now it feels like there’s more she doesn’t know. Halpha was actually designed to work even without Leciel monitoring it. (She probably means controlling it/it just goes/functions even when not under direct control) But even that part was all always automated, so even we (Lecielens) didn’t understand how it worked. This also applies to the DOLLS plants, she says disappointed.

Is There Any Way To Stop Them?
We Have To Destroy The Plants

If you ask Is There Any Way To Stop Them? (because we know Glen has already said the latter 100 times around everybody) She says not right away, because we have to find out more about the regional power grids and DOLLS production processes. (Remember, they’re intertwined completely on purpose by Zephetto)

There Must Be A Way
We’re Counting On You

The 2nd one encourages her more so try We’re Counting On You, she says it’s the least she can do, don’t worry about her worry about Aina more.

I Know.
I’m Worried About You Too

If you say I’m Worried About You Too, because it’s what everyone else has kind of told you to be, even if you’re not…she’s surprised, and then says she’s really ok, but she’s got to go, so let’s both keep at it. Ilma is glad you got to see Manon, as he calls in to you. But, on a seprate note, he wants to update their DOLLS intel by going after a particularly strong one that will appear in Vanford Lab Ruins…he thinks it’ll be easy for you to go there and gather the battle data.

Keep in mind Manon's goal:
Stopping the Dolls plants is #1 forever because SHE feels responsible for the carnage the Dolls keeps causing because Zephetto had her up there basically 'helping' the Dolls and not feeling bad about it because she deliberately wasn't taught the whole truth and was also emotionally stunted because Zephetto raised everyone up there wierd.

Ilma's task requires you to beat 1 boss enemy (any) that appears in Vanford Lab. The best way to do this is to trigger a PSEB which always has the boss at the end. Once you beat it, he’ll say it’s great data and really helps him out. However, others may need help too. He suggests you go to Kvaris and Stia to talk to others. The next task is in Stia, above the Neusen plant. (So, not the interior, the outer ground/outdoors that is technically on its ‘roof’. Map markers don't distinguish underground vs on the surface of the planet.

There, you’ll find Kanui.
She knows you’re looking for Manon, but says you just missed her.

Is She Doing All Right?
Is She Getting Along Well With Other Researchers?

If you ask Getting Along Well? (As the other one is kind of generic) she hasn’t noticed any issues. The others didn’t trust her at first but they’re coming around—no wonder because of how much she contributes. She has a hard time because she doesn’t know where she fits in. She thinks that the more she works with everybody, the better she’ll get at fitting in.

Do you know anything about the Mysterious Power of hers? (Well this is pretty big news isn’t it)
Mysterious Power?
What Are You Talking About?

If you prompt her with Mysterious Power? She’ll ask if you never noticed. It’s the power she had during the Nils Stia fight, do you remember? Whatever it was, it was incredibly strong. This causes her to have a flashback in black and white (as these always are) to the fight where Manon whipped out a rod and blocked/countered a big attack. This is true, she did do it, but it wasn’t really highlighted at the time as anything other than a pulling out all the stops/desperation move and nobody really commented about it after it happened. (You’d think Kanui would have brought it up earlier)

I Have No Idea What it is
I Guess It Is Just A Mystery

Well, the 2nd one doesn’t help. How do you give up on that when the person is still alive AND under the command of your own commander? (Glen) 2nd one is a dumb answer. If you say No Idea, she looks a bit skeptical. She’s been using it constantly while out on surveys to help anyone nearby. It prevents fatalities but she worries a little. Glen would also lead from the front by attacking all enemies. It would numb the feeling of losing Hibana, and Manon seems similar. But if you could talk to her about it…as she’s closer to you than me, that would really help.

So, Kanui is worried that Manon is going down the same ‘reckless’ risky path as Glen, but instead of a dead girlfriend, she’s doing it because she feels so guilty about her own past. However, that she’s broadcasting this ‘ability’ all about in front of all and whoever is on her teams means that Manon herself doesn’t feel like it’s “some big secret” so it OUGHT to be easy to get her to help explain what’s going on. (Failing that, the characters could probably have Glen make her say because he is the boss)

Manon is tired near the Halphana plains, but asks if you’re here to check on her, you nod and she says you worry too much. It’s a sunny day.

I Heard About Your Power
Have You Been Using Some Kind of Power?

The first one’s a bit accusatory, so if you ask Using Some Kind of Power? She says a power…she imagines people must have noticed, so she might as well tell you. It’s called Overboost. Zephetto gave it to her for the mission but she wasn’t supposed to use it unless absolutely nec. Because cover could be blown. But now that’s nolonger a concern, so she can use it as she sees fit. This is a decent logic…but why would Zephetto only give that power to 1 person? Was anyone else given it?

Are You Sure It’s Safe?
I Don’t Want You To Hurt Yourself

If you ask to get more info Are You Sure It’s Safe? She says don’t worry, she’ll be fine, and she’s done a good job of applying it to safe and efficient research, but she’s tired of talking about herself, how have you been doing lately? You can scratch your head at this, but the scene ends.

So, by her judgment and depending on what Zephetto told her, it’s probably fine.
But, if he was looking to create ‘the best type of guy’ to go against the starless, why not hand the boost out to more people but do it in secret before sending the pod down so they’d ‘discover’ it on their own? Opinion: It’s unlikely to be dangerous to use, Zephetto wouldn’t make something that kills his own precious researchers and then not tell them.
The real question is if the characters/players will get to use the power later on too now that it’s been introduced in the plot.

Now, you have to find Ilma’s marker again for where he wants you to go, and it’s in the Dreisen Plant. He reminds you over the radio that the DOLLS are based on the Starless (obviously, Zephetto is the one who saw the Starless and wanted to prepare people to fight them, so he made his own versions of what he saw so people could ‘practice’ against those) But then he says something REALLY interesting “They’re Probably Produced the Same Way”.
It’s just his ‘theory’ at this point, that someone is MAKING the Starless too? And they’re not just some extra-dimensional bunch of random rotters? Who’d make something like that and why? It just goes and exterminates everything like they do? And we still haven’t gotten to how they shut off suns or ruin entire planets/destroy them. All the guys we see so far are just random tiny dorks compared to anything that could do something like that

He wants to ‘re-examine’ the data on how the dolls are being produced (which is why you went to Dreisen) but while you’ve been talking to him, that’s most of the data he needed. He next tasks you with getting back into Lost Central, where you first met him.

When you get to the door of Lost Central (not the teleporter inside of it) it lets you in and the team of regular NPCs appears. (Ex. Rondaline, Dontre, Guiden, Cortes, Leah May and Hornian) You have to go into a sort of hidden side room (before you get to the main underground area) which (as you remember) is the frozen computer room Ilma had to hide in from the ### dolls, who were seen there (by you) for the first time.
He is able to use your mag to download some missing info because the file structure it was kept in was apparently obtuse. He feels it’ll move things along, and you’re a huge help. Why don’t you stop by the lodge and say ‘hi’ sometime though? Meri would be glad to see you.

Going to the lodge, Meri asks if it’s just you…but she wants to talk about Manon, was she really with the Resurgent Arks? She can’t believe it.

Are You Disappointed In Her?
It’s Not Manon’s Fault

If you defend her with It’s Not Manon’s Fault…she knows but she genuinely cared about all of us, and she has no doubt. But regardless of any secrets her feelings haven’t changed, but she’s heard a lot of rumors lately.

You Mean Negative Rumors?

To not taint anything, if you ask Rumors? She’ll say yeah, she’s using a mystery power to help everyone. She even used to save someone at Kvaris camp and everyone is so grateful. People will trust her if she keeps that up—no matter what the power is.

I’m Sure People Will Come Around
It May Take Some Time…

If you encourage her with People Will Come Around she agrees and we’re happy to help however we can. So, do let us know if there’s anything we can do. You nod at her and the scene ends.
This is more proof that Meri is well adjusted, she doesn't care that Manon was a tricked person under Zephetto's control up there. This also reveals that she's winning over Kvaris citizens with her great feats of this Overboost, and that citizens are accepting of a person with a rare power instead of being jealous or ostracizing.

At the entrance to Retem, you can find Manon who sighs.

Is Something Wrong?
Are You Ok?

You walk up to her and wave. If you ask Are You Ok? She says ah, wasn’t expecting you in Retem, she was lost in thought. But, she’s fine no need to worry.

Are You Sure?
Somehow I don’t Believe You…

If you prompt her normally with You Sure? She’s sure, but she knows her own limits better than anyone. She’s just really busy so don’t worry. But, she has to get back to her research. She leaves, and your character looks like it will follow but doesn’t. Glen sneaks up from behind a Camellio, and says You’re here to check on Manon?

She Looks Pretty Tired
Did Something Happen With Her?

He likely already knows she’s tired, so if you ask Did Something Happen? He closes his eyes and says nothing in particular but she never seems to rest. He’s sure you’ve heard of her power, but she uses it to get everything done. It’s a boon to research and getting the team to trust her. But all the trust won’t matter if she burns out and gets hurt. He tells her to slow down, but no one’s strong enough to handle everything all themselves. But that’s too ironic coming from him. What else can he do? He’ll just keep an eye on her. Glen is supposed to be the boss, and if she's going overboard it's his role to stop her, but he is failing at it because he feels hippocritical about it (ex. Glen the point-man on everything, etc)

As soon as Glen leaves, Crawford calls to ask if you talked to Aina.
She’s not her usual chipper self so he’s a bit worried. Can you check on her when you’ve got a time?

You find Aina at the Lakau Coast which makes sense because its right near her ex-home.  It is a sunny day and she’s looking out over the water and sigh. You approach from the land side and can ask

Is Something Wrong?
Are You ok?

Are You Ok seems more encouraging not jumping to the conclusion of ‘problem’ even though people have told you that there is one. This startles her because she wasn’t paying attention to approaching people. She was just thinking about…some stuff.

What’s On Your Mind?
Were You Thinking About Training?

If you ask What’s On Your Mind? (because maybe she’s worrying about Manon, not just about training and you need to know) She says it’s about the training, she’s never done any formal training herself, and her father didn’t tell her enough about fighting. She just tagged along with you 2, and developed a style in the process so she’s having a hard time conveying it to the recruits because what is the ‘feel’ of fighting, how are they supposed to know how she picked it up? They look at her like she’s some kind of alien because she’s unable to communicate properly. If Dozer wasn’t there to help out, she’d be lost, what’s she supposed to do?

Why Don’t You Ask Dozer for More Help?
Why Not Try Asking Around?

It makes more sense to Ask Dozer for Help because he IS like the #1 ARKS trainer guy who has been doing it long term and is clearly a success. She has! He’s always like ‘try it your way first’, (which isn't that helpful because she knows her way isn't working) she then concludes to maybe just ask around but…she’s got it! Who else right? A perfect idea that’ll be great, she’s got to run but thanks for listening!

She leaves and the scene ends. Now, Kukka calls you saying Meri said you’ve been busy…but she’s had you on her mind lately so could you stop back by the Lodge?

Dozer doesn’t seem to be much of a help here, which is unusual for him. What’s Aina’s plan, who will she choose to ask?

Arriving at the lodge, Meri says great to see you, how’s it going in Aelio? She hopes Ilma’s not in your way because he is there now.

He Works on Research Day & Night
I’m Not Really Sure What He’s Up To

Well you DO know what he’s up to: sending you all sorts of places to gather missed data, so if you say Works On Research she’ll say that’s our Ilma, and as long as it’s keeping him out of trouble that’s fine, but if he starts being a headache, do let her know. (Ilma’s actual issue is that he is NOT a problem, he’s more prone to vanishing than he is getting in anyone’s way ever)
By the way, Aina did stop by here.

What For?

If you ask What For? She wanted to ask about battle training, and explained she’s an instructor now over in Central, and is having trouble. Meri feels it’s a good fit for Aina and Meri told her how Grandpa told everyone how to fight. Each sibling was very different. He explained the importance of strengths and weaknesses. He patiently came up with unique training plans for each one trying one thing after the next until something worked…She then has a brilliant conclusion that she shared with Aina: IF Grandpa was heavy handed we’d have all come out the same way…but they (The Kvaris Siblings) didn’t! Aina confessed she’d only been thinking of herself and her own experiences up until this point.

She had more to share, but Aina took off running…
She then asks how you’ve been doing, and you do tell her when the scene ends. After you get back outside, Nadereh calls and says that Starless have started appearing in Maquead Lower Level, could you help us with them, she hates to impose but it would be a great boon to have them gone.

This is actually super brilliant and it’s great that Aina sought out Meri.
All of the encounters with the Kvaris Siblings previously illustrate how their differences are really good things, and make them all highly effective when working together. ARKS are that way too, a good team can beat almost any single bad-actor on lots of different fronts.
It is SUPER normal and logical for Aina to have proceeded the way she did (only her own exp) and hit a wall about it (she’s supposed to train all classes of people) because it’s what almost anyone would do first. Meri was actually the perfect person to talk to in this instance.

The next thing to do will be to defeat 10 Starless in Lower Maquad. Once you do, Nadereh will call in to thank you for helping her, and that she’ll be available for helping you if you need. No sooner than she hangs up the phone, than Crawford is calling, who says that he talked to Dozer about Aina but Dozer has something on his mind, so can you talk to him?

Now, you have to find Dozer. He’s around the Halphana plains, kind of near the wetlands. You’ll find him up there talking to regular ARKS members who nod and listen to him. He knows you want to know about Aina.

How’s She Doing?
I’ve Been a Little Anxious For Her

To kind of boost him along, you can ask How’s She Doing? He says you enjoy worrying about people…but he’s not one to talk. She’s doing just doing fine, rough around the edges but that’s expected. At first she was clueless about teaching, and now she’s changing to focusing on her students strengths…so he suspects someone’s been giving her some pointers.

Well Actually…
It Wasn’t me.

It’s a good idea to confess right away so It Wasn’t Me. You start to tell him about Meri & he’ll conclude that it was Laisas’ teaching methods that Aina has now been told about. He sees that she shifted gears so quickly (in her teaching), but it makes sense because she mostly learned fighting ‘on the fly’ from you an Manon. He was going to have to step in to help, but now he knows he won’t need to, he’ll sit back and watch her work. This ends the scene and he goes somewhere else. But as soon as he steps off…

Aina calls in with an emergency! Manon has fallen down unconscious and won’t wake up, can you come to Central Tower right now in this emergency?

When you arrive, Pharia tells everyone that she couldn’t keep up with Overboost. Crawford has gathered you, Aina, Glen and Pharia together to hear from Pharia about Manon’s condition. She says that the Overboost was only to be used in emergencies. Did Zephetto ALSO tell Manon this back in the day? That's going to be a key to how we should proceede to view Manon & her choices, as well as Zephetto's too. Glen wonders about this, and calls it unbelievable.

We Should Have Stopped Her
How Could I Have Been So Oblivious?

Well, Manon was oblivious too! Literally nobody told her what it was/what it did to herself when she used it, or she wouldn’t have just used it all the time. Why didn’t they? If it was wearing on her, she didn’t show any signs, either. So, the 2nd option here isn’t that logical. If you say We Should Have Stopped Her (like, until we ALL know what this does, etc) Aina wonders if she’d have listened. She tries to tell Pharia that she tries so hard, and her research was going so well, and she was really winning everyone over.

Pharia confesses that she’s at fault too, saying she warned her several times but didn’t stop her. Aina asks if she’ll be all right. Pharia says the condition is dire, so Crawford ashs what it means, Overboost consumes many photons every time it’s used, and once it’s depleated there’s permanent effects. Crawford says it would make a difficult recovery, so what’s the cure? She doesn’t know. Aina gets super upset, Glen dot dot dots, and Ilma walks in with his robot helper/floating packbike. Ilma tells everyone that her symptoms remind him of something. He brings up Grandpa’s research, a section on photon depletion, it was common during the war, and here’s how to recover from it. Laisas was really amazing, but…it’s too early to celebrate. It needs a certain kind of photon crystal the Liminisigne. There’s nothing on where to find it or what it looks like. Crawford & Glen have not heard of it. Glen asks if the info is reliable. Ilma says a chemical equasion uses it so it must be real…but we don’t know what to look for. Crawford admits the search will be challenging.

There’s Got To Be A Clue Somewher
I’ll Do Whatever it Takes to Help Manon

Both of these are good answers this time. If you say I’ll Do Whatever It Takes Aina is happy and takes heart, we’ll need to act, someone might know something! It probably looks like a Restasigne. Crawford says let’s try everything we think of, and Ilma will keep looking. Pharia volunteers to help, Glen also pledges his team. Everyone looks at a photo of Manon sleeping in the hospital and gets ready to leave to search for Liminasigne.

Aina calls you wondering about it. Let’s ask everyone in Central City. First, go to the fountain to ask Noricimo and Kensing, a newman and a human man. Kensing has heard Quilla mention it because she claims she found a new thing. This makes a lot of sense, Quilla was looking for more mysteries because the Lecielans kept solving hers. She's a perfect candidate.

Quilla is in Retem City (where she always was. She knows you’re there about Liminisigne, and has been curious about it since she found messages that said “We were so absorbed in our search we didn’t notice the sun go down, because it was always dimly lit here it wasn’t safe so we headed back. Then we saw something like a Restasigne shining under a rock, we thought it was the rumored Liminasign but when we returned the next day we couldn’t find it. The messages were old though, so nobody paid attention to them. She suspects it was the Stia volcano zone because of the danger and rockyness. This is quite the leap isn’t it? There are so many places that fit that description, she’s really going after a wild hair here, but you have to trust her and get near the Alterra Base area on Stia.

Climbing around on points of Stia (for the task marker) doesn’t help, but does trigger her to call you because this place wouldn’t be dimly lit all the time. The dimmest place she can think of is the Resol Forest, so try there. After charging around in Resol and fighting enemies (starless are quite liable to show up too), she starts running out of ideas, and summons you back to Retem.

Where else is dimly lit and not safe?
Retem or Kvaris? What about a cave, but there’s tons of caves. Kvaris mountain roads?

Manon calls you! She says that Pharia told her that everyone is trying to help her. Everyone is working so hard for someone like her, but you don’t need to she sighs and the call cuts off. Pharia appears in her screen instead and says that she lose consciousness again. She told Manon not to but she insisted on wanting to make a call, and it’s clear that you mean a great deal to her, find the Liminasigne its her only chance.

So, going to South Kvaris and in the cave you DO find one! It does look like Restasigne, but it sparkles with 3 different colors, green purple and yellow. You can take it, and Quilla calls you amazed, why didn’t we find it until now, but that’s not the point, hurry and bring it!

When you arrive back at the tower, Crawford calls everyone to say it but there’s a problem. Ilma says it’s not enough. (1 stem of it) Aina is shocked. Pharia summons her mag and says its enough to help her some but not a full cure. Glen demands to know how much we need. Crawford says ‘as much as we can find’.

Let’s Get To Work
Whatever It Takes

Another 2 good options, if you prompt them with Let’s Get To Work Aina is eager, we’ll go to the ends of all Halpha. Crawford says knowing what it looks like is a boon. He’ll notify all defenders here, they know her and will want to help. Glen and Nadereh pledge their areas people too, and Aina is eager and thankful to get to looking.

Liu Lin calls in as the scene ends. She says its found in shadowy places like caves and went ahead and identified where she thinks on the map. Turn on your mag’s active sonar and look for it only at night, it will now pick up Liminasigne.

Now, it is a bit tricky.
It has to be fully night, not evening nor dawn. The markers are also generalizations. They may point NEAR a stem of it but you have to crawl all-all-over everything all around the area looking for more. It doesn't go into your inventory, you don't know how many you need for the goal, and all of it isn't always there. You'll probably have to re-comb-over areas on different days of gameplay to get whatever amount is deemed 'enough'. (For example the marker leads to you the opening of a cave at Balflow falls but you have to go waaaay into the cave to even start to find a single one of it. So you're running AWAY from the marker which is counter-intuitive because everything the game taugh you so far, once that marker hits 0, you're done/you've found the X/whatever)