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The story of PSO2 NGS will likely be complex and long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game. It has some game-play hints & will point out ways of approaching story aspects, but it's not really a gameplay guide to get anyone unstuck either.
For online-only games like this, it is important to preserve their plot and characters somewhere that's infinitely stable (unlike youtube or something where the videos get taken away randomly or whatever)
Color key
Green Text: Speculation or opinions
What You Do/The official "Party Line" appears in RED TEXT
Bold Text: Important information
Choice Options: Blue Text
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Aina in: A New Menu
You can find Aina near some cabbages in Stia Outskirts. She says the heat here is high, but different than Retem’s dry heat, it is sticky and yucky. You put on a brave face, but aren’t you hot?

I’m Fine.
Actually I’m Really Hot.

If you say I’m Fine, she hands on hips says ‘ok then’, but meteorn just handle all temperatures well. It’s nice we get to go to so many places but…Glen and troops have lived here for a long time now. This shows you a scene of those…lava..coral branches that emit floating misshapen red bubbles (For no explicable reason) and some rivers of lava. The DOLLS here are tough too but the biggest battle is the heat because you can’t rest and recover when it’s this hot all the time everywhere. It makes it feel like they’re fighting non stop. It would be nice if they could take it easy at the Stia Camp, and they probably don’t need our help but do you think there’s anything we can do for them? You can think about this. (Remember the Stia Camp has those pillars that cool down the air around them, NPCs chat about them in the camp)

Maybe A Gift or Something?
Something to Lift Their Spirits?

If you say Something to Lift Their Spirits? She thinks too, and wonders ‘like what’? Then, she hits upon the idea for food, that might work! They’re always eating hard bread, but they’d enjoy a good meal once in a while too. She thinks it’ll work, thanks you for the advice, and wants to go gather ingredients. Last time, she made a hot meal because they were metally and physically exhausted, but this time something cool and refreshing would be in order. You thumbs up at this. She wants to put Kvaris fruits and vegetables to good use, gets an idea, and runs off to find ingredients. The scene ends.

Glen in: The Commander’s Duty
You can find Glen along the Grainne Coast, where he is looking out at the frozen shore of Kvaris which is across the way. He says ‘oh its you’, and you can say

What Are You Up To?
Is There Something Interesting Here?

If you ask Is There Something Interesting Here? He says he’s just on patrol, and there’s nothing strange about the commander taking his turn at watch duty. (What does he think is going to come at this spot? It’s a good question, because that blue barrier that is emitted by those…shapes that you investigated earlier is like…right there, maybe 20 meters or something out in the water. With all we know, DOLLS can’t cross that thing either so nothing has much room to appear where he is—especially considering nothing has ever proven that DOLLS appear in water—they don’t.) He then adds ‘even if Kanui doesn’t like it’. But, supplies are getting through to them from Aelio more easily now but we’re still short handed against enemies. Fatigue seems to be building up. He figures if he’s got the energy for patrolling, it makes no sense for him to sit around in a chair all day, so that’s all there is to it.

That’s Pretty Considerate Toward Those Under Your Command
The Truth Is You’re Just a Nice Guy

Well, the first one is true-er (as he can be a bit rude in instances, and don’t forget the bad order he gave at the start of the Stia area, you can’t really apologize your way out of letting your minions shoot a child from another town because you don’t like her commander) so if you say Considerate of Those Under, he says it’s just what a Commander does…well…central…Crawford didn’t want him coming here but he came anyway and the people at this camp are all here because they agree with his vision. (Remember, his vision was that DF escaped into somewhere in the Volcano, while Crawford wasn’t sure this was the case. Glen’s vision was to go on the offensive and track it down, while Crawford’s vision was to build up defenses elsewhere, then tackle it) He didn’t even ask, they all volunteered. He looks thoughtful as he says this. Quite a few leave behind family in Aelio, they threw away everything they had to follow him on this crazy mission. He can’t throw them away, they need to be well rested to give everything they’ve got to fighting, so this is the least he can do for them.

But Won’t You Get Burn-out?
Don’t You Need to Rest Sometimes?

If you ask Won’t You Get Burn Out? He knows himself better than anyone, so he needs to get back to it as there’s more patrolling to do. He trusts you won’t have an issue with enemies here, but don’t get careless, because you never know when DOLLS may appear. (Though he gives you a bit of side-eye at this) He’s not interested to read your name on a memorial any time soon, and he leaves to finish his patrol.

This shows Glen has concern for both you, and his people.
So, they’re trying to have Glen reforming into a better commander with this, and it’s working ok. This also shows that he’s really logical, because ‘guy who has to do paperwork’ isn’t going to be as tired and he CAN patrol and be normal for a while. It also shows he cares about what Kanui thinks (he protests that she protests him doing it at the start) which is also ok. This is quite decent to help characterize Glen.

Kanui in The Mystery of the Plant
You can find Kanui in Dreisen plant, looking out of the 2nd floor deck over the plant. She didn’t know you were coming, and remembered something she wanted to discuss which was to ask what were your thoughts when you first saw all of this?

A Shock
I Had Seen it Before

Why is that 2nd option there? What does that even mean? Is it supposed to be like similar things in the Rwh Maquead? Remember the question is "When you FIRST saw all of this", how could you "See it Before" if this was the first time??? Option is nonsense. If you tell her A Shock, she felt the same way…Glen’s scout team was the first to discover it and she was on the team. She knew that DOLLS didn’t only come from above (When they are ‘warped in’ it is usually a kind of burst of reddish energy from about 3 or so meters above the ground.) they had to be produced somewhere on Halpha. Hibana said that, but Kanui never thought it’d look like this. The Commander formed the team to capture the place ASAP. But what did Crawford say about the place before you got here?

He Was Vague Because of the Situation With Glen

The first one here is the truth! He never even had a hint that there was this here or the Rwh Maquead stuff either. This smells like Crawford didn’t know. You shake your head if you say Nothing, she sees…and guesses that he feels it was more efficient for you to see it with your own eyes first. Unfortunately, sure you can tell we’ve hardly begun to research the place. We do know it’s an energy plant and that the core system and the dolls production line are linked. The energy of the plant is distributed throughout all of halpha. Destroying the production line could effect the entire system. But that’s it.

We intend to research and analyze everything, then shut the line down gradually. The tech team on assignment from Aelio will be able to finally work on everything. At first they thought destroying everything in sight would take care of it all, but it’s not that easy…so the time being no one can declare total victory over the reagion yet. But we appreciate your support until that day comes, so thanks for everything. She nods, and the scene ends.

Well, hopefully everyone EVERY-where has been explained this so that some person who had a relative die of a DOLLS attack doesn’t rig the joint up with bombs. Everyone’s probably also lucky Glen has a cool head about it and didn’t insta-bomb it upon discovery because that would be the instinct.

New questions raised:
Well what ELSE is it powering? She specifically says ‘the energy goes throughout halpha’
What’s the energy SOURCE of these plants? The one in Rwh Maquead was also remarked about how it just ‘runs by itself and never runs out of energy’.
It is possible the Dolls are recycled: When killed they turn into that starburst of energy. If the whole planet is covered in an energy field of some kind, as this implies, killing them could just return the energy back to the plant where it simply makes another of the same thing and then warps it out again to fight people.
IS the plant also doing good somewhere? It’s important to not upset the status quo without knowing.
DID Crawford know about the place? If he did, who told him? It wasn’t Glen!
WHY would Crawford not mention it? Even if he was feuding with Glen, he’s the sort that would enjoy a report of “Glen’s territory” from his trusted Trio so he’d be sure to sicc the Trio on it right away if he suspected there was an interesting spot. Either this is a plot point or it isn't: Is it actually the game itself not knowing where it's own plot is going / seat of pants-ing all over the place? When something is slipshod like that it really throws a monkey-wrench in speculation ability.

Glen in: A Relentless Vision
You can find glen up at Felusa Ridge, overlooking the base. You get there on a clear day (remember Stia has odd fire based weather, being at a volcano and all) And he’s like ‘oh its you huh’. Did you climb up here by yourself?

I Could Ask You The Same
The Enemies Here Aren’t that Tough

If you say I Could Ask You The Same to see if he’ll say more about why he’s up there he says to never mind him, because he knows the area like the back of his hand but anyway…it reminds him of the battle that day. What did Crawford come here for? He showed up, wreaked some havoc, and left. He is referring to Crawford appearing suddenly during the Nils Stia Battle, but not on the way there to it / not appearing before to help out on that difficult journey to get to the Nils Stia hideout.

He Did it To Settle The Score
He Wanted to Fight Together

Both of these are pretty confident for someone who has an opinion and wasn’t directly told by Crawford (or anyone else) the real reason. If you guess and say He Did it To Settle The Score, Glen will wonder if it was to be with him, or with Nils Stia? He then sighs, and accuses you of throwing him off his rhythm somehow. He can’t figure you out, but that doesn’t matter he’ll talk about the past anyway. He admits that Crawford and he used to fight together, but had a falling out over something. But Kanui already told you that…right? (It’s true she did)

There Were Originally 3 of You

If you say There Were Originally 3, he confirms it and that they decided to go separate ways after she died. Crawford stayed in Central, and he came here to fight, though they did understand that dividing their efforts wasn’t sustainable—they still couldn’t stop each other. Just playing defense doesn’t solve the problem, but not having a home to go to after solving it also makes no sense. They had no choice but to try their best with the situation. Troops, weapons, supplies all were gradually dwindling. He sadly says that he really doesn’t know where we’d be if you 3 hadn’t showed up when you did. He does a small sigh, and closes his eyes. *you can hear it a bit under his mask, and this also reveals that his eyelashes are the same color as his hair. He’s sure Crawford and him will have a chance to hash it out some day…but not right now because the battle still isn’t completely over.

He cuts off that he was long winded but has to get going.
It is unclear if this is to show he resents Crawford for only swooping in at the end of the Nils battle (one of his guys died on the way, remember) or to...well basically rehash the whole "they went different" again, which has already been done like so much? But, he's being nice here and I guess it is character development a degree for him.

Kanui in: Dark Falz Findings
You can find her at night near that big flat mystery area that’s like a crater but too flat. It’s super barren and looks like a boss would show up there but it never does. This is the area where "Gigantix on Patrol" type of enemies frequently spawn. She says hi, and what brings you here?

Just Taking A Look
What About You?

If you are Just Taking A Look, she says thanks for assisting our asymmetrical warfare efforts because we can’t cover all of Stia with the meager numbers. There are 2 powerful enemies who haunt the area and they’d be a handful for an inexperienced defender but the massive structures underground are incredible.

I Was Surprised Too
But You Had Already Heard What Was Here?

The 2nd one is right, but the first one is too: Remember she confessed earlier the first time SHE saw it, she was indeed surprised. If you say You Already Heard?, she says ‘no, not until Crawford shared it’. This was the final objective of the strategy, much like yours, and the ultimate goal is always to defeat all DOLLS. She expected powerful enemies but nothing could prepare for DF. She shudders at the thought of what might have happened without the trio. But, she forgot to mention something: The Research Team found DF data in the Nerve Center control room. Their report says DF was collecting records of battles all over Halpha.

Of Its Own Accord?
Under Someone Else’s’ Orders?

These both mostly do the same thing, so if you say Of Its Own Accord? She doesn’t know. We do know that it was studying strategies and tactics. It would certainly have been more fearsome if we didn’t intervene when we did and we should be grateful we could act before it was too late. Crawford has been told, and he will find a solution. You nod at this, so she says it’ll take a while, so in the meantime they’ll continue the Stia research. She apologizes for going on (she should actually go on more, she's one of the few actual-learning characters that shares what they're finding out about) and returns to her duty, so good luck. The scene ends.

Dark Falz Aegis Battle

For an online event (the big boss battle) that happens repeatedly, this one is surprisingly plotty. Once the party arrives at Halphia Lake, (Which has lost all its water) Crawford calls in that this is for sure where it’ll soon appear due to the readings. There will be other enemies there too, but the area has support devices (the mobile cannon) that you’ll be able to call. Aina & Manon try to go there too, but they are redirected to bring up with the team as the rear-guard to keep more dolls away from the main fight that your character (and the rest of the online people) will be engaged in. At the start, they all have voice lines saying 'we'll be fighting separate' and Crawford explains a bit of the battle strategy: Basically keeping it occupied right where it is while Crawford, Ilma, and the Central Crew get the cannon ready to blast. It has to be distracted enough to let them shoot it with the big stationary cannon.

This is actually smart and very good to mention it: Remember that “10 years ago incident” where “somehow all the dolls knew to try and come breach Central because they got a Nex Aelio Dragon going”, so it makes sense that if DF was going to show up, it’d hella-summon more dolls to the area to back it up, and thus Crawford & Dozer would have formulated a plan to prevent this--which is sending Aina & Manon plus other top Arks to the rear.

The Falz Aegis does indeed appear, and it is (as Crawford predicted) different looking and with all different attacks than before. It also does not bother to create that “DF-Dimension” or whatever it is with the hexagonal pillars/pocket dimension that cut everyone off in the previous battle. It manifests, and goes after everyone right there on the lawn of the lakeside. However, you do have to run up to get to kind of where it is floating there over the field. On the run-up, a new enemy appears: the Darlett.

These are hovering, limbless slightly triangle shaped things. They don't move around much, and always appear in clusters. Defeating all in an area lets you closer & closer to the boss. They come in 2 types: Darlett Attacker which has spikes on the top and will try to 'head-butt you', and Darlett Shooter dolls which predictably shoot an energy bullet. They are native only to this fight. Killing them powers up the mobile cannon so you can get more uses out of it. DF has the ability to summon infinite of these, in little bundles around the battle field. They are not very energetic. They have the signature yellow striped ‘eye’ shape on the front, and the Darlett Shooter, obviously, shoots out a small red energy bullet, while the Darlett Attacker has spikes on the top and will charge forward a short distance to hit you. You usually have to be actively attacking them before they will do anything. They are not particularly high in HP. Also summoned are laser fences that fly horizontally across the field and should be dodged...these don't seem to be an enemy but?

This new form of Falz has human like arms and hands, with 5 fingers each. It is gigantic, roughly building-sized, with a large ring shaped construct on its back. It has the usual somewhat abstract pointed ‘dragon like’ small head, with the yellow striped/ring ‘eye’ shape set in the front of it. It is wasp-waisted with a sort of hip area, tail and 4 tentacle-like ‘legs’ that it never uses for anything, as well as a tail with a ring at the tip.
When it appears, it is surrounded by huge, thick shields made of black and glow DOLLS material. It can gesture to reposition, spin, and block with them as they hover and are always under its control. While you rush toward it you have to pass the Darletts, and it will summon hexagon rows that have lasers between them (sideways) or lasers coming down from them (vertically) that move across the field. "Laser combs?" they are not named.

Upon getting close enough, it quits with the lasers and starts shooting energy swords down from the sky & doing big laser beam blasts (but you can see its targeting reticle for some reason) These do look like swords made of blueish energy, they have a hilt and handle—the imagery is on purpose. It also can do lasers from itself in large concentrated beams. You have to be constantly moving to avoid bombardment. In the distance (ex. The background) there are also explosions of energy going off in the area outside the direct fight.

It will eventually try to…..suck up yellow energy from the planet? Or add yellow energy TO the planet? This is a bit unclear. By extending a large glowing yellow pointy pipe from each of its 4 shield devices. Each shield is a bit bigger probably than a city bus. The ground stabbers can be hit and each must be broken to advance the fight. When they 'break' the yellow color is replaced with black/it is inert. Once they break, they still stab, but are inert/gray. Once enough energy is…somewhere, it can unleash a huge AOE effect that targets each character on the field and causes an energy explosion. Breaking 2 of them will allow Central Cannon to have a shot at it.

Crawford calls out to the team on the field (you & all other online players in the instance) that Central is ready to fire, hears him. There really doesn't seem to be any explanation other than that this thing has tapped your comms or it has really good ears and hears the sound from everyone's ear-piece. As soon as he says this, it brings up the giant bus-sized sheilds to protect itself from the hit. This works well for it, but it does break off several diamond-shaped pieces that it had floated around itself. These fall to the ground, but because the tips are sharp, they stab into the ground (and will kill you you're underneath one) and stick there.
This is fortuante, because DF works up a really huge attack which it knows to direct at the closer fighters (you all) instead of the cannon for revenge. Only by hiding behind the sheild pieces can you avoid being killed. A 2nd attack follows so you have to get behind a different piece to survive. After this, Crawford calls again saying that it malfunctions so you have to keep fighting while they prepare the cannon for another hit.

Fortunately though, Crawford calls upon backup characters to help support everyone on the field while they fix up the cannon to get it going again. Of course, DF is summoning Darletts left and right, and you're having to fight them again to re-power up the cannons. Different characters that Crawford names will create different effects to spice up the battle.

Aina & Manon: They (somehow) boost your movement speed & attack power
Nadereh: (arguably the best one) She sings her song which makes the Darletts unable to move or attack
Ilma: He tests his new system which causes a follow-up attack on every Darlett that is struck even once (So, they die right away/it's mostly OHKO for them)

You have to go through rounds of this until all 4 stabbers are broken.

Once that happens…
It falls down and you can strike the yellow dot weakpoint that is at the base of the chest. This is how the first of its health bars is rid of. But, this is the big bad, so it can indeed create another of the “DF Dimension”. Crawford’s command team recognizes what it did, but there’s still nothing they can do and comms breaks off.

This initiates a fight slightly reminiscent of PSO1’s Ult Falz, where it’s “Monster in the Middle” Another donut shaped battle field, with the bad guy manipulating things in the center as it unleashes various attacks. However, this boss has a lot of variety to throw at everyone, and will not hesitate to do so. It is gigantic but ignores inertia/gravity and can move absurdly fast for the size of it. The arms can generate big blades, but they have yellow weakpoints on the backs. If you can dodge the initial attack, you can get hits on its back. However, it always dissolves these in short order. It can use these to do ground slams, ground plows, quick strikes, swipes and a spinning attack. (These are huge, about the size of a pickup truck)

It can also generate twirling beams that rotate about from the middle, summon evil platforms where swords stab down (and then the platforms explode), go outside from the middle and summon an energy sphere that you have to stab while evil walls move outward, and finally summon bad orbs of some kind of energy from some weird portal that also has rocks in it? And if you don’t break all of the orbs it has a final flash attack that will kill everyone. The orb-breakage reduces its radius on the inescapable donut battlefield. What do the orbs/rocks represent? Why is it summoning these? What are the portals/where do they lead to? Why didn't it do this earlier?

It will only initiate the portal full of orbs and also rocks (rocks & orbs can't hurt you) once it is very low on health. It feels like some kind of final attempt attack. While it does this, the hand pose is ‘summon’ while it has an energy orb between the hands that pulls these other orbs out of…wherever. It final flashes the attack and then starts to fall down.

If you can defeat it mostly…
It is quite well and distracted now that the pocket dimension is breaking up again (due to damaging it and the orb attack not working) like the first time. And, like that time as well, Central Cannon gets ready to fire. Crawford & Dozer agree on the strike once the cannon support team gives the green light. It takes 3 whole blasts of it to really get it on the outs (This is absolute TONS of damage, piled on top of what everyone did battling it for the last past however long—central is ridiculously powerful—so this illustrates that a bunch of dudes with weapons NEVER EVER could have actually killed it…and that (bet) IS or WILL BE important.)
As it is ‘staggered’ (it floats and has only leg-like tentacles) it looks like its going to try to get away again/re-vanish “into the space time”, but a new mystery is instead opened up as your character gets infused with a blue glow (that has never appeared on anything before) to help it attack better / do the final hit. Everyone is shown cheering the Falz-Fighters on in a cut scene from all regions.

Then something REALLY curious happens: Garoa appears directly behind the character (so that he cannot be seen by anyone) and pushes your guy toward Dark Falz Aegis to help with the attack. He seems happy about doing this. Of course, your character does complete the attack at the yellow core in the middle, Central fires again, and the DFA actually does die / does that “4 points of energy shooting off” minor-explosion that large dolls do when they’re destroyed. It is presumed that the pocket-dimension circle area dissolves and everyone involved floats safely to the ground at Halphia Lake.

Of course, everyone is super happy absolutely everywhere. Because news is pretty much instant you see all the celebrating people in Retem, Kvaris, Aelio and Stia as well as inside Central. It’s finally been done: the main menace is gone and perma-killed.

Now with the pocket dimension dissolved, everyone is back at Halphia lake, and so Manon and Aina can come running up. Aina is so relieved and happy but she breaks down crying because of course, this was the final word on her dad’s death: he is now avenged. Manon however is exhausted and also probably pretty upset about something. She seems dull/confused (Could be shock, pstd, who knows) and of course Aina notices and tells her that Manon can ‘tell us anything’, and so of course she does not say anything. However, she does stare fixedly at the floating construct that always hovers over Halphia lake.

Crawford arrives while Aina cries over her dad. He says thank you, and Dozer who is with him, nods. Ilma has come too (so they finally met) Then, everyone is congratulated by other people from other regions. Manon looks up at the mystery construct in the sky. Aina asks if she’s ok, or injured but she says she’s fine.

The scene ends.

Mystery Zone!
What is the blue energy / where is it from?
Is Garoa now a LEGITIMATE Ghost? Are ghosts now cannon/real? Is he something else? Did he really die in the initial DF attack on the town or was he like ‘banished’ to something and this is that breaking because DFA broke?
Manon KNOWS there is more to do with the dolls and that the floating construct has the answer. She’s being obtuse here for reasons unknown but she does know that it isn’t finished. 

Ghosts in my Phantasy?
Yes actually, as you remember from PSO, upon defeating Ult-Falz, you would see a vision / apparition of Red Ring Rico flying up/away from it. It’s argued whether it was metaphorical / an illustration of what everyone is believing happened, or if there was actually enough of her left (Remember that abstract thing WAS her body, it turned her INTO that big slashing thing that you fought by mutating her over time.) that a photon signature or something of her mind was escaping at the end. (Hence why she’s wearing everything she died in/looks just as she did when she was killed.)

Floating Construct:
This big black skyscraper sized thing hangs in the air above the peaceful Halphia Lake. It is VERY obviously made out of ‘dolls-like’ materials, has floating hexagons hovering around it, and is generally a vague menace. Remember: Nobody has tried to figure out how to go up to it, because the dolls make “just getting by” hard enough without having a ‘rocketry & space NASA arm of ARKS’ or something. This is very logical and sense-making with the plot.
However, now that the big bad is gone, maybe somebody can figure a way up there. It IS easier to get to than one of the moons, as it is clearly just in the middle/upper atmosphere. AND they have anti-gravity technology like the risers AND they have people who can photon drift so basically you literally can’t kill an Arks via falls/drops/etc because everyone can just float to safety. Makes parachutes never required and all airplanes extremely safe. Venturing up to the weird floating construct wouldn’t be dangerous to anyone, unless it can shoot.

Taking bets on Manon:
What is Manon’s problem? It’s clearly actually a bit worse now that the ‘big bad’ is defeated. Whatever she knows is really grating on her at this point. So, what does she know? The community speculates as updates take a while to come out.

1. She’s guessed at what’s in the Floating Construct and knows she’s right: It’s a worse guy than DFA
AND She doesn’t talk about it because it would demoralize everyone so badly after this victory.

2. Ghosts are real, and when DF kills a person directly they get banished to ‘DFland’ but can come back, as evidenced by the Garoa sighting you had just now AND Manon is one of these people so she knows there’s a “banish realm” AND she doesn’t tell anyone because it would demoralize people & everyone would only work to unbanish others instead of going after the source: The Floating Construct which will soon dispense another DFAegis because that's what it is- a DF-Factory

3. Manon is bad. She was a Meteorn who is a friend of the dolls, so the other Meteorn sabotaged her pod and threw her down to the planet to rid of her (While they try to work on the dolls problem from meteor –land)  AND she doesn’t talk about it because it would ruin society for the good meteorn and tip off the people that she’s a dolls-friend, or WAS a dolls-friend and now changed her mind/but no one would trust her ever again if they found out.

4.It's A Sim: Obviously planet Halpha is some construct by somebody (like Xiao) because the continents spell out ARKS, the ground is all fake with girders through it, the trees that make food are also artificial, and there's only 1 tiny continent (among many other things that are obviously artificial or clearly made up by someone/thing) So maybe the whole thing is nothing but a VR Sim but "the sims" came to life for real so they had to send Meteorn in to try and make the sim stop glitching/going wrong. Manon programmed the simulation, AND won't tell anyone because she feels guilty that the "Dolls Glitch" is killing the sims who were never supposed to be sentient.

5. "Crawford is the secret bad guy" - For whatever reason, this was a theory, that in his role as 'king of town' and that he wears a white cape, that he is the mastermind that orchestrated the planet at the dolls & etc.

Obviously each of these bets has problems with why it won’t be the truth, but it will be interesting to leave them here to see what shakes out of it.
Dismissed Bet: A big one in the community was that anyone killed by a Dolls BECOMES a Dolls and that's why the "Pettas" guys are such 'guys' and not random animals or zany space ships. So that "DF would be Garoa as a Dolls" because it initially killed him then absorbed him (the most powerful guy) so you'd end up having to 'fight Garoa somehow' at the end of the game. This was actually the first theory out of the gate that got real traction, but it was also the first one to get dismissed with the Garoa Ghost in the cutscene at the end of the Ageis Falz Fight.

Manon Is Missing

A person says that DF is defeated, from a base somewhere. Operation 3 is nearly done. Tomorrow is the 500th anniversary so the day of judgment will come. Someone says that there’s seconds left to go, but the voice wants to hurry with the plan. It isn’t anyone we know, because everyone we know has just been shown celebrating. The people are marked with "???" because they are new characters we have never seen. This is another part that is for the plot/your character/any character could never witness this.

Ran calls and says to rest and recover now that you’re back safe.

Back in central, you can see Manon walking around at night, she looks back, apologizes to no one, as she is alone, and seems to go out one of the exit gates. The scene ends. Later on, whenever your character is in the city, A mag approaches you and Aina starts yelling a phone call out of it that ‘you won’t believe it!’

What’s Up?
Are You Ok? Take a Deep Breath.

If you ask What’s Up? To start her faster, she gets nervous and then confesses that Manon…is missing! You meet her at the café table, where she says that Manon’s been acting weird but saying she’s fine…but she’s not. Aina felt she’d feel better about things once we defeated DF, but she didn’t. Aina thought it was because of Aelio town, so she went to her room, but the door was unlocked and she was missing! The room was clean like no one ever lived there. She did leave a note, but it didn’t do anything: it said “Sorry, and thanks for everything”. She’s tried calling her, but she won’t pick up. Aina is super upset because she makes it feel like we’ll never see her again.

I’m Sure We’ll See Her Soon…

If you try to reassure her with I’m Sure We’ll See Her Soon…she agrees even though she’s crying into her hands. Aina wants to search for her, by going to all the regions.

Let’s Find Out Who Has Seen Her
We Should Talk To Someone First

It’s a good suggestion to Let’s Find Out if Anyone Seen Her, she thinks a bit, and then comes up with asking Crawford in the command room. This is a good idea because the helpers Ran, Liu Lin and Orangie always know what’s up too/they are comms support so unless she took off all her comms AND her mag, they’re going to know where she is. You and Aina show up, Crawford is there, so Aina just yells out that Manon is missing. He nods about it, because he does (as suspected) already know.

He shows you what’s called Floating Island. (They didn’t have a name for it up until now—it’s that skyscraper sized DOLLS material looking Floating Construct mentioned earlier but somehow super ignored by most of everyone for a majority of the plot.) Leciel, is it's real name, and Manon sent data about it just now, that’s why we know what it’s called. It should be noted that it is a French word for "Sky" but it is probably coincidence as there is no Space France.

Manon Sent This?
Are You Sure It Was Really Her?

Well well well, isn’t somebody actually making smart choices here. Stuff like this keeps it refreshing that someone is actually thinking about the plot and the characters aren't all just morons jumping through hoops. If you choose Are You Sure It Was Really Her? He says not completely certain, but it did come from her address/comms. (Good to see people actually being skeptical of things.) Crawford will be honest that Manon seems to know everything about Halpha and has sent it all down. It’s more than Laisas, more than Ilma, and he has no idea how she accessed all this info or sent it to us. Aina doesn’t understand what’s going on at all.