This section of the timeline covers everything Ethan Waber does in Phantasy Star Universe.

This is basically a write-up of the game's plot, and is not meant to be used as a play guide. The PSU NPC Guide is also helpful, for looking up people as you read along.

Ethan starts out by having a really bad day.

He is rushing his way toward a celebration on his flying hoverboard. He seems to be taking alleyways and alternative routes, which isn't too safe, as he unfortunatly discovers--by getting hit by a van. The crash breaks his leg, so he's in a lot of pain, ready to swear off the van-driver (even though it's his own fault!) but curses fail him, as he sees a beautiful girl approach.

He doesn't realize, but this is none other than the Divine Maiden herself, on the way to the festival to make an appearance. She heals his leg without using any weapons or tools (an uncommon feat for Techers here in the PSU / Gurhal universe) much to Ethan's amazement. Once he can stand again, they begin talking a bit, with Ethan obviously nervous/taken by her beauty. She is called away by her helpers/servants, and Ethan hurries on.

He ends up late to meet his sister, Lumia, who chews him out. She's a big fan of the Maiden, and also wants to watch the lightshow that the space colony / Guardians Colony will be putting on to celebrate 100 years of peace in the Gurhal system. Dallgun, the president, makes a speech, and the show starts, but is quickly ended as an attack insues!

Mysterious asteroid-like objects begin striking the colony, ships and planet, doing large amounts of firey, explosive damage. The crowd panics and runs away, and Ethan is separated from Lumia. The whole Clyez City Space Colony shakes, and rubble begins to fall, as ceilings and walls crumble. Lumia becomes trapped behind a wall of debris, so you know that the first task will be finding / saving her.