In Story Mode, every character is an NPC, so find out about them all here! As with PSO, plot is also told through your expierences with the characters, and not just shown in exposition and explanation. There are plenty of NPCs in PSU, aside from the main story characters. Not all of them are super important, but there are funny and useful things you can learn from them. This also covers characters you NEVER see, unlike other guides. Of course, the main story characters all have huge plots and detailed descriptions.

Each of the following sections lists who you'll see inside. There are so many different NPCs, they're divided into catagories. Click the catagory to explore them all!

Rouges NPCs

Vol Brothers
Alfort Tylor
Gawik Vopa
Pipi Vol
Cheating Miner
Mr. Koid

Science NPCs

Kou Taragi
Kanal Tomrain
Dr. Dorson/Darren

Team NPCs

Ethan Waber
Karen Erra
Hyuga Ryght
Leogini Berafort
Tonnio Rhima
Laia Martinez


Fullyen Kurtz
Stank Geece
Dying Disguise Man
Mikaris Geid


Mirei Mikuna
Dogi Mikuna
Izuma Rutsu
Galmo Vaeg

Endrum NPCs

Renvolt Magashi

Guardians NPCs

Olson Waber
Endy Fodz
Bunami Seagol
Mayton Pord
Kitov Milzu

Civillians: COLONY

Arsh Milzu
Jabutz Secbel
Kumil Godes
Gapard Raz
Nanotransformer Fan
Normal Girl
Speculating Teen
Eccentric Old Man
Mefon Lead
Mikua Tesran
Mishek Pord
Travelling Beast

Civillians: NEUDAIZ

Speculating Bridge Man
Imposter COG Woman

Civillians: MOATOOB

Bukle Kinron
Faori Koid
Lunga Liver Salesman
Emun Ohka

Civillians: PARUM

Familiar White Caseal
Angry Green Cast
Haughty Blue Caseal
Speil Fonce
Prafo Kaluen
Hips Yellow Cast
Crabby Brown Cast
Yokus Melton
Quiro Medoc
Rol Medoc
Observing Teen