Civilians don't play as an important role in PSU as they did in PSO, because Guardians do not do usually civilian assignments. However, meeting who you are supposed to be guarding is interesting, and gives clues about culture, opinions and little intrigues. Any of the information could play a part later on in some future plot. The civilians remain in the same place throughout the game, so you always know where to find them. The civilians here are grouped by where they can be found. They tend to change what they have to say after an event or mission is completed, but some seem to change at random.

The colony has more civillians on it than anywhere else on PSU, so it's a good idea to run the whole thing between missions to see what they're up to, as here you can find (lousy) romance and even a cover-up! The colony has an interesting mix of people from everywhere in the system.

Phantasy Star Universe NPC Main
Gapard Raz
Brown Hair beast

Gapard seems content to just hang around on the colony and not really do anything in particular. He seems about the same age as Ethan, or slightly older. Eventually through talking to you, he becomes interested in joining the Guardians, applies, and makes it in. You also learn that Mikua Tesran has an interest in him, and wants to ask him out...through Ethan! But when you ask for her, Gapard thinks you're hitting on him/asking him out instead!

Kumil Godes
Relations: Daughter of Fisul Godes
Red hair, Prances around, human

Kumil is a young girl, possibly younger than Lumia. She prances around whenever you see her. She is the daughter of Fisul Godes, and aspires to one day ride a PPT shuttle, for some reason. She nags you constantly about PPT shuttles. A notable feature about her, is that for some reason she has a short puppy tail.

Arsh Milzu
Tan/Green Hair, human
Relations: Kitov Milzu, husband

Arsh Milzu was one of Ethan's teachers when he was in school. She is a cheerful sort who is glad to see one of her students again. As you talk to her, she reveals that although she is human, she's from Neudaiz. She is also suspicious of her husband, Kitov Milzu, who is currently still on Neudaiz. At first, it seems unfounded or that she is just jealous or paranoid, but you later learn that it's true, and Kitov is indeed cheating. Her husband is cheating on her with Purol Seiju, a newman from the Guardians Branch on Neudaiz. She resolves to move back to Neudaiz to strengthen their relationship, although she never directly finds out what he's done.

Jabutz Secbel
White/White Cast

Jabutz is a repair ops technician with a long "official title". He is also crabby and very obsessive about people calling him only by his correct title. Naturally, Ethan gets it wrong a lot, and most of their conversations focus on Jabutz nagging Ethan about the title rather than anything useful. This android is also convinced he's quite important, and good at what he does. Despite his petty banter, you learn that he may be involved with the death of Mayton Pord##. Since he is a shuttle repair tech, and Mayton died as a result of a fuel leak. Presumably, the fuel leak resulted in an explosion on a shuttle, that killed Mayton. It is never made clear if Jabutz Secbel was assigned to maintain that particular shuttle or not, but he knows of the incident. In the end, he changes jobs to work as a janitor/maintenence in a Guardians branch.

Nanotransformer Fan Beast
Brown/Red hair / overweight male

You never learn this beast mans' name, but he is a fan of nanotransformer technology. He collects them, and is obsessed about finding new ones or facts about them. When he learns that the Gates of Denekaya are actually giant nanotransformers, he's very excited and gathers up all the footage he can.

Mefon Lead
Brown/White hair, beast
Relations: Jonb Lead, son

Mefon is a kind beast woman. Her son Jonb, is a type of policeman on Moatoob, and she worries about him, and wishes he'd visit her more although his schedule is busy. As the story goes on she worries along with you, and is proud of what the Guardians have accomplished in the end.

Mishek Pord
Tan/Red Hair/Kid, human
Relations: Mayton Pord- Father, Mother

Mishek's father is a Guardian. Mishek seems content living on the colony with his mother while his father is away on a mission. At some point, a fuel leak causes a shuttle explosion, that kills Mayton. For some reason, the Guardians and his own mother decide not to tell Mishek right away what happened. They go on pretending he is alive for what could be several weeks. You also learn that Mishek never finds out the truth about how his father died. Mayton's death was an accident, but they fabricate a story that he died in battle instead. Perhaps, like Klingons, it is dishonorable to die of a mundane cause. However, this lie opens up the possibility that he could begin investigating at a later date.

Crabby Old Man
Tan/White Hair/Stoops, human

This old man found on the floor of the colony is somewhat eccentric. You never learn his name, but he alternately crabs about the situation and thinks somewhat suicidal thoughts about the SEED or says that he is tired of living. As the situation brightens, he does as well, even asking you to an early-bird dinner/shopping spree hosted as a type of celebration of things getting back to normal after the SEED defeat.

Speculating Black Hair Teen
Tan/Black Hair, human

This guy isn't of much use, he simply repeats popular opinion, or speculates on the situation as events occur. He can be found on the central table. His commentary is always relevant to current events, but he is not a part of any plots or intrigues.

Mikua Tesran
Human Woman/Tall/Tan

Mikua and Ethan apparently knew each other from before the story started. She is a rather vein girl who is also cranky. She yells at Ethan for talking to her, says how she's in a bad mood, and is generally unhappy and unpleasant. She sometimes confesses her feelings for dates, and she would like to date a quiet, older beast man. (He'd have to be quiet to listen to all her screeching) Near the end she calms down enough to ask you to ask out Gapard Raz for her. Indeed Gapard is a beast, and you can pass along her message. You never really get to find out the result of it, though.

Travelling Beast
Brown/Tan Hair Tall

This beast man hangs out near the Moatoob gate. He has a bad impression of the planet, because he had his luggage stolen, and the local police couldn't do anything about it. He wonders and worries along with everyone on general topical things, and you learn that despite his bad experience on Moatoob, he still wants to travel once the SEED threat has ended.