Civilians don't play as an important role in PSU as they did in PSO, because Guardians do not do civilian assignments. However, meeting who you are supposed to be guarding is interesting, and gives clues about culture, opinions and little intrigues. Any of the information could play a part later on in some future plot. The civilians remain in the same place throughout the game, so you always know where to find them. The civilians here are grouped by where they can be found. They tend to change what they have to say after an event or mission is completed, but some seem to change at random.

Parum is generally full of irritating people. The majority of the NPCs here are CASTS, and they follow the supremacy. Some of them have a reversal along the way, and become nicer, while others do not. The humans here are mostly malcontent as well.

Phantasy Star Universe NPC
Familiar White Caseal
White Armor/White Hair Cast woman

This woman is not of much use throughout the game, however Ethan thinks he recognizes her from somewhere. You go through the whole game without him being able to remember exactly why she's so familiar looking. She starts off crabbing because a human is trying to talk to her, but ends up 'self-flattering' that she must still be beautiful to warrant that kind of attention from Ethan. However, this isn't all that logical because she's plastic and metal, and shouldn't really fear 'aging' anyway.

Angry Green Cast
Green Armor/Black Accent/Helmet

This guy shares many of Renvolt's parts, but in green instead. He spends his entire time talking about how lame you are, how lousy humans in general are (including saying they smell bad, although he has no nose! Maybe a sensor somewhere...) and how everything would be better if it was just run by Casts. In the end, he relents and says that a mixture of people in the Guardians are really what helped everyone out and won the day.

Haughty Blue Caseal
Blue/Black Accents/Machine face

This cast woman is always dumping on the guardians, and generally promoting cast supremacy. She insults you along the way, says how the AMF is better than the Guardians and generally acts cranky. In the end she realizes that the Guardians are a worthwhile cause, and they really did help everyone out.

Spiel Fonce
Skintone/Blue Cast Woman

Speil is rather obnoxious. She threatens you for talking to her, tries to get the AMF after you, and generally acts as unpleasent as she can. She threatens you with her 'amf connections' for even saying hello or trying to start a conversation. She never has anything good to say about you, or anyone else--and is rather wordy about it as well. Later on, she mentions that some people feel that "Humans shouldn't be talking to casts, and might get mad if they saw it happening".

Hips Yellow Cast
Yellow Armor/Helmet Cast man

This NPC stands with his hands on his hips near a fountain the entire time. He's not all that useful, but follows the general progression of "I hate everyone who's not a CAST" to "Ehhh they're ok, peace is good" at the end. He 'warms up' sooner than other characters though.

Crabby Brown Cast
Brown Armor/Flesh Face/White Hair Cast Man

This guy's entire life goal must be to stand in central square and irritate people. He does nothing but heckle and insult you throught the game, and never changes his ways.

Yokus Melton
Human Female/Koltolva Juice stand uniform

Yokus Melton runs the Koltolva Juice stand in the west district. Ethan knew her from his school days, and now that she's gradated, she's behind the bar. Yokus is strangely secretive throughout the plot. It seems she has come to Parum even though it's a rather hostile place, to get away from...something. You don't find out what. Ethan seems to like her though. He asks if she is lonely, and she does not seem truthful in her answers, but is quite intent on staying. Yokus is a purposely mysterious character with backstory they hint at.

Quiro Medoc
Human/Overweight Male/Tan-tan hair/Stoops

Quiro Medoc is the grandfather of Rol Medoc. It seems he is also her guardian. Quiro does not appear that old, but is somewhat ill when you meet him. He is also suicidal at times. He really cares about Rol, but she is only ever mean to him in return. It may be that she is resentful for having to live on Parum amongst the general hostility. He takes her frequent insults hard, and is rather depressed.

Rol Medoc
Human Female Girl/Tan-brown hair

Rol is slightly younger than Ethan, and she is a complete jerk. Rol never has anything good to say about anyone. She hates her kindly grandfather, and insults him or wishes that he would die. (although what she'd do without him is never made clear) She swears on purpose, crabs at Ethan at every chance, hates her situation, hates Parum, and hates talking to anyone. She seems like she might see sense at a few points of talking to her, but always reverts to her rotten ways afterward, just making everyone else miserable.

Observing Teen
Human Male/Tan-black hair

This human has mostly topical/current events comments. He only comments on things you already know, so he is not all that useful. Later on, one of his friends goes to trial for something. (likely a petty fraud or theft of some type) This makes him take a bad view of the CASTS, who he says did not look over all the evidence properly, or commit themselves to doing the case real justice. In the end, he realizes he didn't know all the facts, and says casts may not be as bad as he'd thought.

Prafo Kaluen
Human Male Boy/Tan-Brown hair

Prafo can be found poking about the armor shop in Holtes West. Prafo isn't very old at all, and thinks that it is possible for humans to turn into casts once they become adults. He'll ask Ethan if he plans on becoming a cast to join the AMF later, but poor Ethan can't explain why it's impossible to just one day 'poof' turn into a cast.

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