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The story of PSO2 NGS will likely be complex and long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game. It has some game-play hints & will point out ways of approaching story aspects, but it's not really a gameplay guide to get anyone unstuck either.
For online-only games like this, it is important to preserve their plot and characters somewhere that's infinitely stable (unlike youtube or something where the videos get taken away randomly or whatever)
Color key
Green Text: Speculation or opinions
What You Do/The official "Party Line" appears in RED TEXT
Bold Text: Important information
Choice Options: Blue Text
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If you say That’s Not True! (Because there is no proof that she won EVERYbody over, and she likely knows this also) You gesture angrily at her and Aina says that’s right, we all care about you and everyone worked together to find the Liminisigne, so many defenders are your friends, she cries. Manon doesn’t know what it is so Aina sits on the bed with her and shows a screen that is ‘rpoof of your character’. It shows loads of people who showed up to bring the liminisign who are still gathered in the central area. She insists she’s a member of Resurgent ARKS, the experiment to restore ARKS to its former strength.

That Isn’t You!
That Manon’s Not Here Any More

If you say That Manon’s Not Here Any More, she’ll dot and !, then what exactly is she now?

You’re Just Manon
You’re Our Manon.

If you tell her You’re Our Manon , she’ll look at you and say so…does that mean she has a place to be here? And you’ll not feel she’s a traitor if she doesn’t use her special power?

You Don’t Need To Use it as Long As We’re Here.
Sacrificing Yourself Is A Bigger Betrayal.

Well…these are interesting options. Who would think she’s a traitor for not using a power? That’s kind of illogical. As long as she kept helping and not pledging allegiance to Zephetto or whatever, nobody would doubt her. That’s weird. You Don’t Need to Use It, you gesture at her again, and now she cries and Aina comforts her. She was so scared, she was terrified to be hated by everyone. Aina says hey, there’s a few jerks out there probably who don’t think highly of you, it’ll change if you give it time, and we’re here to help too. She cries more about this and you stand there a lot.

Let’s Tell Everyone How You Feel
Let’s Try To Reassure Everyone

The previous answers were difficult to choose because both are right (betrayal to die/we’re here for you) but this one’s a little clearer, she probably doesn’t want everyone on the planet knowing how she feels (being suicidal is…uh probably a private matter) so if you say Let’s Try to Reassure Everyone, you explain that and point at the mag screen where the people are waiting. She takes this to mean to make a call to the Central room where everyone is, and frets about this a lot.

She says uh um, and dots at them, while they all look to the screen. She wants to thank everyone, even after all she did, that they could forgive her if you can find it in your hearts she does want to stay here because she loves Halpha and all of you too so please let me stay by your side. Everyone flails and waves and yells encouragement at her to get well. Aina hugs her on the bed and Ilma/Pharia seem to have heard what happened in the room. (Metal door not so thick I guess) Your character watches them as they both sit on the bed. The scene ends.

Manon calls you while you are in Crawford’s globe room with ‘sorry to bother you’ but got some time to talk? Could you meet at the watch tower? (this means the wall of Central it's not a tower at all and this misnomer has been around from the start) She’s already talking to a red skirt ARKS girl when you arrive, and the girl sees you first because she is faced that way. She goes away with a wave, and Manon says thanks for coming

You’re Looking Better
How Goes the Recovery?

If you ask for more info with How Goes The Recovery? She’s much better, and the defender who was just here was one who had visited her in the bay. She was in her own shell she didn’t listen to her…but now she feels we have a real bond. (So, this appears as a character who is trying to make friends with her on purpose, outside of 'work' and the trio. Likely a good thing.)

It’s Because You Let Everyone Know How You Felt
Does She Know About When You Woke Up?

Know How You Felt, she says her face feels hot when she thinks about that, and she says she teased her about the emotional outburst that she had. (Having to confess that you attempted suicide because nobody would like you may be a source of embarassment, I don't know)

But We Like That Manon
I Can’t Blame Her

These are mean choices a bit, aren’t they? You shouldn’t pick at suicidal people, even if they have passed their problem period. But I Like That Manon, she says ‘really?’ you do have a point, she’d have never done something like that herself, so being here really has changed her. She says hey, she’d like to ask a favor.

What Is It?
Is Something Wrong?

To be more upbeat/encouraging you can ask What Is It? She umms about it a bit and says that she spent her whole life in a bizarre experiment, so she’ll make some mistakes from time to time, so could you correct her when she does? Just you would be best to do that, so what do you think? (What sort of mistake would she make? Maybe some social ones or something because there was no 'social' at all on Leciel) You nod.

Of Course.
We’re In This Together.

The more encouraging one is We’re In This Together, so she says thank you and will…headbutt you very lightly in the chest. The scene ends.

This is an overhead camera shot so if you are the size of a truck, or actually are a truck this is what the gesture looks like because your character doesn’t move when she does it. The scene ends.

At this point of the story, it goes on hiatus again because development chose this as a sort of chapter end point. NGS never got 'chapters' per-se as other parts did so it kind of randomly stops at points. It's a fine stopping place, the status-quo is back in effect as much as possible and so everything is set for another plot element to introduce or something to happen because the situation is stable between characters and the planet.

Dolls can't be turned off, researchers are researching, characters are more well adjusted, the starless are somewhat of a menace but suspiciously not a larger menace (for now) and everything's fairly free of crisises.

Guardian Patrol Mission
A new pair of people appear when you go to the central halpha plains area. There’s a light beige colored human guy, probably a late teen in sunglasses with shaved sides of his head and yellow short hair, and several decorations. He has multiple black pierced ear jewelry, sunglasses and a wide collar coat with big zipper. He’s with  a light beige newman girl with frosty aqua hair with pink tips in a pink and white outfit. She’s quite aesthetically put together, with a matching triangle barrette, appropriate clothes, and her eyes/eyelashes match the pink hair tips. (Clearly into fashion character)
They see you and he asks are you who defeated Dark Falz with instructor Aina?

I Am Yeah…
And You are…?

If you confirm with I Am Yeah, he says he was right then introduces the 2 of them: he’s Rikul and she’s Ruka. He’s a big fan, and you’re the reason he enlisted in ARKS. She interrupts his compliment, but he insists he’s a real fan of you and Aina too. She says they’re both her new students in her new training class.

Is She Doing A Good Job?
What Do You Think of Aina?

To try and get the real scoop you can ask What Do You Think of Aina? She’s so kind, they both agree, but there’s one thing (Rikul says)…she disagrees with this and tries to stop him from telling you. They fight like siblings or young teens a little here. Are they related? (no)

Spit it Out.
Is There A Problem With Aina?

You need to encourage them to lure out the info so if you say Is There A Problem? It’s not exactly a problem, she’s nice, a good person but, her teaching style is unusual and he can’t follow what she’s saying…but she’s gotten easier to follow lately. Rukia doesn’t want to agree with this but sort of does. Rikul says the Trainia they went in for training, that his way was better than Ainas, but it’s not the only example where this has happened. They feel it’s better to listen to her first then figure things out on their own.

I Learned on My Own Too
Don’t Give Up on Listening to Aina

This one is a difficult choice. You DID learn on your own and you DON’T know exactly how good she is at instruction but you do know she’s improving/have had to improve. However, if she’s not listening it’s ok to say you learned on your own…but what if it gets back to her? She’s got to be at least somewhat useful.

Don’t Give Up on Listening to Her

If you say so…she does say she should listen to others and figure things out on their own as well. They bicker a bit more about this, and she starts dragging him away, even though he’s not done asking questions, she says sorry for bothering you with this nonsense and pretend we were never here!  Ruka Rikul leave. The scene ends.

So, this has introduced 2 awkward teens characters to be the face of the new recruits/characters to introduce the new Aina as a teacher dynamic with students. It's an all right and belivable way to do it. Energetic but rushing-into things Rikul who bickers with more level-headed Ruka.

The next thing is to find Aina at her father’s grave (the opalescent staff)
She asks if you’re here to visit Dad, and you can nod at this. She looks at the staff and sighs.

Is Something Wrong?
You Keep Sighing

To get right to the point, you can ask Is Something Wrong? She’ll say kinda, sadly. Teaching’s not as easy as it looks. She reads the manual and tries to zero in on her own style, talked to Meri about Laisas, and all but someone got carried away and isn’t listening. Light touch isn’t working, and she’s not a strict person so back to the drawing board. But thanks for listening, it does help. Everyone’s going to Retem, a long trip so she’s hoping everyone’s on the same page before then…but see you later.

No sooner than she leaves, Nadereh calls, asking for help. There’s been strong bosses appearing all around Retem, so could you defeat some? This tasks you with beating 1 boss in any Retem combat sector. Once you do, she requests to talk in person, along the Galner coast

When you meet her there, she looks around surprised to not find Aina.

What About Aina?
Has  She Been Visiting?

If you ask Has She Been Visiting? She says almost every day, asking for advice, and started asking for her thoughts, but she’s at a loss. Hadi is the one who taught her about being a leader. But Aina assaulted Hadi about questions, and he’s a natural teacher so they talked for some time. She paces a bit, and went off to review the finer points of tactical terrain usage with him somewhere.

Wow. Terrain usage. Fascinating.
She’s Working Pretty Hard.

Well, that first one is waaaay too sarcastic and not something you should go after the serious character with. It's also pretty rude?? And dismissing an advantage/learning is also kind of dumb.. Commending Aina’s efforts is better so if you say She’s Working Pretty Hard, she agrees but senses impatience. She seeks advice everywhere, including Taivas and Glen…but he was unexpectedly forthcoming with wisdom. He may be kinder than his behavior suggests, but maybe it’s Aina’s influence. She appears to think for a moment, then asks,

Does she have leadership ambitions?

She’s Still A Training Instructor
You’d Have To Ask Her

If you say You’d Have to Ask Her (as it’s true…) She’ll say ‘but of course’ which means she doesn’t believe it. She looks forward to her continued growth. You nod, and she leaves. Ran calls with an urgen request because the Aelio Training Corps has been ambushed by enemies in the Murabba Canyon which has caused contact to be lost.

Why does Nadereh think Aina has leadership ambitions?
This whole thing is clearly super hard for her to do, she feels pressured into it by Crawford obviously. Constantly not feeling like doing good enough and scrambling for advice don't feel like 'natural leadership' aspirations here. Plus, why would Nadereh care? Why also wouldn't she ask her since she's apparently coming around all the time? The urgent nature of the 'next part' doesn't let you mull this over so it has to at least get written down.

When you get there, you find a guy named Veltro, who is a reddish brown hair human man with a mustache and military type garb. He says the emergency call ahead is too dangerous to go alone, so we should wait for Retem City to send backup, you’re not really planning to go alone are you?

The quest popup appears to go, so you do.
Aina is calling for help on a Mag, Alpha Group is in trouble

I’m So Glad You’re Ok!

Well, you don’t know if she’s ok, especially with this distress call, so if you yell Aina?! Into the mag she says ‘it’s you?’, we’re all ok, but listen, we’re surrounded and pinned down and it’s the starless. Rikul said it was totally safe until he attacked the enemies. Rikul argues with her, that it was easy in training and he couldn’t know. Aina assures him that it’ll be ok and everyone’s going home fine. She’s been in battles too, not like Crawford or Dozer but she did learn something, no matter how tough it looks there’s always a way through.

Rukul wants to know what it is, and it’s the strength of each defender working together we can get through this. Ruka asks what do we do, but a really capable friend is coming to help, so be prepared to defend yourselves with what we’ve learned, so she’ll promised we’ll be ok if we do. Trust your bonds with each other up till now, we’ll hold things down until you get here but Hurry!

I’m On My Way!
Hold On!

These are both about the same so if you say I’m On My Way! You nod and she says see you soon.

You fight starless including Grudgeborne, (interestingly named, its the equivelent of the Rinshan, the wheel foot dolls, but it's the only one with a name that means something.) the starless sword/gunner/etc. equivelents Balrogs and the usual starless goons. They appear in multiples, so the fights are something to be aware during. While you are fighting, you can hear various distress talk of the Aina group through your comms. It's an excellent way to add urgency to it and suspense.

Aina takes aim at even more starless Balrogs and etc as everyone forms up getting ready for their attack. They have to charge them, and it shows a cutscene of how their battle is going. Ruka is a heavy arms, Rikul is a spear fighter, but out comes a strange new boss. The torso looking creature Halvaldi which makes a weird noise. (It has no Dolls equivelent, it is new) Rikul is afraid of it, saying they’d die, Ruka doesn’t know how to fight something like that. Aina says no we’re not, and takes aim at it. She shoots upward, like a flare, over and over. They ask what she’s doing and it gets ready to swing at them. You have been able to see where the shots are coming from and fly down to fight the strange boss. She says she knew you’d come! Now everyone can fight the Halvaldi.

It's basically an evil floating humanoid torso in a ring of energy. The head is 'hammerhead' shaped with the usual starless pattern of dots there. It has arms with hands, and one has a scythe-like weapon. It can shoot lasers from the nodes, swing the weapon around, do ground explosion/cube things, AOE attacks, and more. General boss like stuff. It's probably about as tall as a 2 story building, maybe a bit more. It does levitate with the ring at the base. There are 4 large nodes at each cardinal direction on the ring, and 2 smaller nodes between each of those. The smaller nodes can be attacked and destroyed, causing it to have to remake them.
*This boss appears as a quest counter type thing, or on a specialized floating island that was mysteriously added next to the exterior of Rwh Maquead. You can cause it to appear by attacking 'veteran' type bosses around the exterior of Rwh Maquead. It seems like a specialty type boss.

Rikul asks did it really die? Aina leads everyone to safety and they all cheer. She’s glad we made it out of that one, she was trying to play it cool but was really scared the whole time. She’s so glad she listened to everyones advice. What if she led them wrong and someone got hurt or worse?

You Did Great
You’re a Proper Instructor Now

You can tell her either one, if you say You’re A Proper Instructor Now , she’ll deny it, and say she had a great team who did an awesome job behind her. Rikul and Ruka say thanks to you too, he’s sorry because of what he did. (Which was to attack a Starless from too close) She feels she should have warned him and she’s the one to apologize to him instead. Ruka wants to ask something though, how did she know her leg was injured? (Part of their comms dialoge had Aina mentioning Ruka's leg injury during the battle to hold everything off until you got there) Ruka admits that she hurt it when she snuk off to train. Aina used her knowledge to see that Ruka was treating the leg differently. (As in, noticing a limp or favoring it or something during the battle, and so advised her about that) Aina feels Rikul should maintain more distance because he gets too aggressive with enemies. So stay at optimal range, and try a different weapon too. He agrees to try. (Remember his class is supposed to be Hunter-adjacent with a pole arm, it is Ruka who is Ranged)
Ruka wants to know why Aina shot the rifle upward? It was a signal to their position.

I Knew It Was You Right Away
I Wouldn’t Have Been Able To Find You Otherwise

Remember, the super-sand-storm was blocking everything else including communication, I Knew It Was You Right Away , she’s glad it worked. He asks if it had to do with the bonds she keeps talking about? Not really, it was just split second decision she had to make, she explains. This inspires Rikul a lot for getting better at being ARKS. He gets worked up and says he and Ruka will be able to work for such cool coordination just like Guardian and Aina too. She shuts him down though, saying nobody ever said they’d be partners forever,  Ruka …sure not her….this makes him apologize and fidget.
Aina suggests everybody getting back to town to talk over the mission more there, where it’s safe. The scene ends. So, it seems like Rikul thinks he is better friends with Ruka than he really is/she probably thinks he's a pain/a pest etc. He likely didn't win anyone over with his 'he bothered a starless' here, which triggered the whole mess. It's interesting that he isn't catching any flak about it from Aina's recruits crew.

Aina’s Path
You can find her again near the Vanford lab ruins/tunnel thing to Retem. Everyone’s coming out of the tunnel, and they find Dozer waiting for them, who says Ran told him everything and he’s glad they’re all back safely. They look like real warriors now, so great job getting it done out there. Everyone’s very glad to see Dozer, especially Aina. He does approve of everyone here.

Your character stands at a distance, and Dozer says that her main strengths are observation and adaptability, she was a leader and instructor today.

Aina Is Amazing
I Could Never Be Like Her

The 2nd one here doesn’t do any good, so if you say Aina is Amazing he agrees she’s a cut above the rest, kind to others, no challenge that can break her down, people naturally look to her. He’s excited to see how far she’ll go. She could even surpass her father one day. Everyone in the group waves to you and Dozer, up on the hill. The scene ends.

In any teacher's group something like this is absolutely bound to happen to everybody at some point. It just happened early in Aina's career. The gang gets in trouble, the teacher has to bail them out, and the reality of "being in charge" where someone under your watch could actually die comes crashing down onto the teacher, riling them up. Its where all the responsibility hits home for the teacher. No doubt at all Dozer had something similar, and Nadereh is constantly chewed up at the grave site because she's the leader of all of Retem. So what this is, is a milestone for Aina as an instructor.

Now, you can go to Aelio Town Ruins/grave area, where she’s happy, laying flowers at the magic rod that is the grave marker.

What Were You Telling Your Dad?
Hey, You’re Not Sighing Today!

If you try to get more info with What Were You Telling Your Dad? That she’s an instructor now, struggled at the start but getting the hang of it. But, she wnts to thank you the other day for rescuring everyone.

You Did All the Work!
We All Did It Together.

The first one here’s not really true. You actually did bail them out, BUT everyone really did work together to get out of the trouble. When you say We All Did It Together, she says that’s true that all contributed, but when you showed up it all worked out. You constantly get me out of jams and in battle, cheering her up when she’s down too, she can do anything so long as you’re with her. Can you promise you’ll always be by her side?

This question is apparently a critical blunder, because she gets super nervous instead of letting you answer (that choice screen doesn’t come up) Oh! She didn’t mean it like that…as ARKS defenders of course we have to keep going. What this seems to be, is that she feels that the question was a “she likes you”, which she does not want to confess to, but feels she did with it/that is her problem here.

Same Here
I’ll Never Leave Your Side

Well, you can’t promise the 2nd one too well, because how Crawford just assigned the trio to all different places and then Manon tried to kill herself and almost succeeded without you/Aina there to stop her, and then her latest mission was going to be a disaster (because homeboy poked a Starless) until you bailed everyone out. So clearly you’re NOT capable of always being there no matter how anyone feels about it, including you. If you say Same Here She says ‘yay’, and she’s glad we had this talk, and offers a hand shake. Her yay is somewhat not enthusiastic but it’s seemingly lets her off the hook for what she just almost-confessed. The scene ends

Their Promise
At the Watchtower (again, just the outer wall in central…) on a sunny day you can watch various people go by, while sitting on a box. Aina strolls along happily, and Manon is also walking in the area. Aina says hi, and Manon sees that you 2 are already there. Manon says it’s a while, and they both see that they’re looking great.

You’re Both Pretty Amazing
You’ve Both Done Incredible Work

Both are true, (Manon worked on herself) if you say Both Done Incredible Work, they say thanks at the same time, then laugh about it. We’re on different paths but feels like we’ve been together the whole time. It feels like we’re meant to be together.

Even When We’re Apart, We’re Together In Spirit
We’ll Always Be A Team

It’s good that they address this here. Either one is right again…We’ll Always Be A Team you reassure them, Manon repeats it, Aina knows we will. The 3 of us will always be together, that much she’s sure of. Everyone does a 3 way fist tap, and the camera pans to central’s tower and the sky. The scene ends.

This feels like a big chapter finale/end type scene.
Things are ‘wrapped up’ for the characters’ personal issues at this point. Everyone’s pretty darn chipper too, for a “universe ending apocalypse event” to be going on here. The whole ‘starless mega-threat’ doesn’t really seem to be all that threat-ey at this point. The handling of it could use some balance, because they’re not at all what they were made out to be…just basically some annoying boss type guys with maybe a 3 story building size guy who portals in as their biggest threat…when they were presented as literally things going around putting out suns, and they dispense their tinos- equivalent “very angry pelvis” it steals the story’s thunder as does this sunny day diversion type thing without any hint of looming problem.

Opinion: They’re not balancing the story with the issues they need. Personal level stuff with the trio is needed but if you put in apocalyptic level threats and then simply fail to hear from them for ages it feels fake.

Questions we still need answered:
Where’d Zephetto go?
Who/why are the Starless?
Why did they used to be such a big deal and now are just slightly tougher dolls running around bothering a tiny population of normal people on a goofy fake tiny planet?
Why does Ilma think that the Starless are “made just like dolls”?
If they ARE, who’s doing it and why? “Stopping the universe from existing” is an odd-ball goal
CAN we stop the Dolls or at least get everyone off of Zephettos play-time-experiment planet Halpha?
What is in the core of Leciel that Zephetto wanted hidden?
What is on the satellite that is beyond the reach of Leciel & also Zephetto that dispensed your guy?

Chapter 7 Nears

When you arrive in Central (for any reason) Ran will call you on your mag excited to tell you that a new teleport was found on Leciel, during the exploration. It leads to a place they call Nameless City, because even the Lecielens didn’t know it was there. It resembles the buildings of central, and is laid out with various buildings and roads, and it is BIG.
Ran says they’re putting together an elite force to go up there and see what is the deal with this mysterious place, and you should join it. You can nod at this, to get ready to go.

Game Objective:
This point in the plot is to introduce a new game-play area of Nameless City that has a different type of objective than all of the previous places. It's a good idea to add variety in this way, and a perfect way to plot-introduce it like they did with Leciel. In the Game Objective, you get 15 minutes (count-down timer) to Run around in it getting points and using them to open the treasure things (opened by the amount of points you have, at amounts like 3k, 6k, 10k etc)  while enemies appear. The points appear as orange hexagons in several sizes with different denominations for each. (small, med, large, xl) The more points you have, the lower your defense is (for some reason) so it’s pretty ok to spend them on the surprise boxes.
Your time in the area is limited, to ‘rotate out the forces’ to keep everyone safe. So, when time runs low, you have to know where the treasure boxes are so you can spend the remaining points before the quest auto-completes/wins when the timer runs out.
This place is BIG.
There are boost-speed rings all over, tons of 2 lane roads/bridges etc. There’s tons of real-estate to go over while gathering the point icons. Defeating enemies also turns them into the icons which auto-collect into the character. You lose half your points if you die. So, of course, some enemies are worth defeating (bigger ones) while smallers like Tinos and Fuwan are not as worth while unless there’s groups of them or they’re among bigger baddies.
There are speed boost rings, and really-really-high jump panels available. Your mag will signal for the prize boxes at a pretty good distance but be prepared for some searching. Some are on the ground, others are on top of buildings and etc. They probably re-spawn and of course the higher point ones will contain better materials.

No sooner than Ran hangs up, then Ilma calls with something urgent. He wants you to meet him in Crawford’s Control Room.

Nameless City:
Leciel is big, but it isn’t THIS BIG. Something’s hinky here about the space this thing takes up. There’s no way that this, and the ‘explore leciel’ cordoned off rooms/grid thing AND the Zephetto work areas/quarters for all the people he had, and the pod area for his pod people all fit up there. Sure it’s in the upper atmosphere where you see it in the game, and it IS big, but there’s no way to fit all of what you see here and also all those other things into it.
It’s over all a pleasant place, looks like it could easily be lived in. There’s water areas (shallow), cars (inert) that ship you have to protect from attacks as a trial (parked), fountains (not working) and grassy areas with normal looking trees and courtyard type areas. It is under a blue sky. Later confirmed: NOT part of Leciel, you couldn't see it from Halpha.

Plans: They probably want to do more with this area in the future.

When you go to meet Ilma in the control room…Chapter 7 will begin.

Chapter 7

In the room already are Crawford, Ilma, Manon, Pharia and Aina. Crawford says thanks for coming, but before anything else can happen you have to choose

Anyone Want To Fill Me In Here?
What’s Going on With Pharia?

Choosing the more general one might get you a bit more info so Anyone Want to Fill Me in Here? They start explaining to you that everyone was having a normal conversation with Pharia, and something changed, and then she said she wanted all 3 here and then stopped moving. At this though, she stops just stainding around and looks up, revealing that one of her eyes is an odd blue color now, and lacks the usual detail.

She says you arrived, and she claims to be Zephetto, shocking everyone. She’ll borrow this body for a while. She’s unable to move, she can’t extricate her self from the situation on her own. She’ll need help to get out of here, and the location will be sent. So, this is Zephetto talking through her, he’s talking about himself in 3rd person.

Aina wants to know more, and peppers him with questions. What happened after we fought? Where did you go? How are you doing it to Pharia?

He explains that he can control her nervous system to some extent. He tells her to say hello, (apparently drops the control for a moment) and she says she’s here. The rest of the questions will be answered when you see him in person again. He wants only Aina, Manon, You = 909 "I want just the 4 of you so I’ll be waiting," he says. Manon is miffed, and says it’s always like this with him. Pharia’s body frowns and stares. You stare her down. Whatever it is he’s doing, he stops and Aina questions what’s going on. Pharia confirms no more Zephetto in her mind. Aina wants to know how she is, she says so…but…

I guess That Means He’s Still Alive
Not A Real Team Player Is He?

If you say I guess That Means He’s Still Alive, Manon says he’d be the one do this…Crawford is shocked at this invasion of Pharia ‘just to communicate’, and remarks ‘so this is Zephetto’… but let’s compose ourselves to assess the situation. Ilma agrees after getting over his shock as well a bit. They both are clearly scandalized on Pharia’s behalf, which they should be/is natural but nobody’s yet asked if he’s done that to her before and who else he can do it to/if it was always a ‘proven ability’ of his or if this is something new.