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Phantasy Star Universe continues with Ambition of the Illuminus!
Offline, this game features the SAME content that was available online in the last game (PSU) and does not contain any 'Ethan only' modes like PSU did. This mode is enhanced with some new scenes and the new "expressions/mouth movment" technology. The online story for AOI is all new, and the write ups for it will each appear on this page.
A new aspect has been implemented for AOI: "Choices" where the plot can be influenced by what you choose to do, picking from a "Multiple Choice" list on the screen. The consequences for the choices will follow in the write up.
These missions are split up into chapters which have parts. Each new chapter will appear here, as it is released.
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Chapter 3: Will of Light
Chapter 4: Farewell to Mother
Chapter 5: Ambition's End
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Chapter 6 Photon Harvest
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The first chapter starts off in a terrible state. After all, the last chapter from the first part was pretty much nothing but a disaster. With the Guardians organization mostly destroyed, Maya asks for your help. The various powers around Gurhal have been heavily damaged by Illuminus attacks and the SEED. The colony and Dallgun are confirmed lost. There is only 1 Lou remaining, as no others have turned up after the big disaster. Public order is growing worse, so Guardians are acting on their own to do what they can to help people. Laia’s fate is unknown.

This chapter takes off 3 months after the colony fell. Construction on a new one is continuing in space, while everyone speculates who’s next for Dallguns’ job. The falling colony caused 3x the destruction that the Mellvore explosion did. It fell outside of Rozenom city. There are currently race riots on Moatoob, and the 4 trade families are fighting so their ‘government’ is pretty much out of commission. Neudaiz is the only planet to not really take that much damage. Their secret Lattice Shield system has spared them from SEED and other disasters. So, of course, everyone is up in arms about the secrecy and also their ability to come off unscathed through disaster.

When you arrive at the Guardians HQ, Mina can’t check the license because the systems are still down. So you meet Maya in the meeting room because she’s got a tip on where Laia might be. Supposedly, she’s been sighted in a Rozenom refugee camp. She vanished 3 months ago so Maya wants help finding her. Before you can get on your way though, Lumia appears. She wants to go too, but Maya reminds her that she’s still in G’s training. Lumia knows that Maya wants to go look for Laia, and that you were there “In the end” so that’s why Maya has called you. They argue about whether Lumia can come or not without having finished her formal training. Maya remains negative, so they end up asking you if she can come or not.

Say Yes?
Say No?
If you say no, she finds a way to come anyway.

Say Yes? It surprises Maya. However, even if you say No, she finds a way to come anyway because it’s part of the plot. Because there’s no internal supervision for Mina, Lumia can come without the authorities knowing. The next thing they fight about is clothes because Lumia looks like a dork…or her clothes aren’t appropriate for fighting in. To solve it, Maya gives her, her old training suit, which Lumia appreciates. To start the search you head to Holtes, and Lumia’s never been on a planet before. Of course, this is grounds for another argument in that Lumia shouldn’t be amazed, shouldn’t talk differently and should start being more stoic about everything. After all, what good is life if it isn’t bleak and serious 24/7.

Maya explains that there’s no one around because the shuttles are all restricted and only Guardians and people with official business can fly around. You reach a camp and they’re complaining that the monument to the fallen colony is a monument to failure because 50,000 people died. No one recognizes that it could have been over a million if everyone’s efforts in the last chapter up on the colony had failed. Still, there’s no answer as to why Laia has vanished. Maya and Lumia argue over why she’s here AGAIN and you have to fight through some monsters.

The next camp proves to be worse than the first, simply because Pipi Vol is in it. Not having changed her horrible crabby ways, she’s ready to pick a fight with anyone and everyone. But why was she off Moatoob in the first place? She starts a fight with Lumia first, accusing her of being healthy in the face of everyone who is not. She sounds almost like she wants to lean toward cannibalism, but instead settles for wanting to rob the group instead. She blames the desire to rob and hate upon the fact that water is running short in the camp and the Guardians failed to stop the colony from falling in the first place. Pipi calls for the crowd to take out Maya first, so get ready to fight!

But, can you use your weapons against civilians armed with sticks or rubble? An AMF Cast arrives and disrupts the scene. He’s in horrible shape, barely functioning at all, because he’s been beaten. Pipi is surprised that he’s still ‘alive’. Apparently the refugees took out their anger and ganged up on him to kill him for failing to stop the colony from crashing. He didn’t die from it, so they just left him for dead. (which is tantamount to murdering for no reason, because he was on Parum and couldn’t stop a space station from falling, no matter what he did) He tells your group to just get away because they won’t listen to reason. He knows it’s too late for him, but that Laia may be ahead in another camp.


If you choose to try and save him by not running, you have to go anyway while he holds off the crowd. He then dies and Lumia is sad. Everyone hates the Guardians now. Maya expected something like this, and it’s why she didn’t want Lumia to come.

Part 2

Arriving at the next relatively monster-free zone, there’s no one around, so everyone starts yelling for Laia. She’s up high on a building! And she won’t come back to the Guardians. Maya speculates there’s a 1 in a million chance that Dallgun lived—so Laia tells her it’s none of her business. Really though, the chance is LESS because Dallgun was half dead anyway due to his fight with Nav and lack of medical help for at least half an hour while he prepped the colony to split. He wasn’t going to survive the fight ALONE, not to mention re-entry on the broken colony.

Someone calls for help from the ‘crazy CASTS’. It’s a little kid, separated from their mother. Maya says to go ahead with Lumia and the kid, and she’ll follow along with Laia later, obviously planning to talk to her. You fight through a bunch of Vobis and AMF Heavy Infantry soldiers. There are of course traps, rubble mazes, and protecting the girl for points on the mission.

The girl wants her mother, and Lumia wonders if she herself, is ok. When Lumia confesses her doubt, Laia shows up and tells her to back off now if she’s afraid, and get back to her old frivolous life. She tells her about how horrible she is to come when she had no idea what’s going on. There’s nothing like kicking a child who wants to do her best to help others to get Laia back in fine form.

Maya asks Laia why she’s being so terrible, so she blames it all on Lumia. Lumia is risking everyone’s life by coming to try and save her. Lumia depends only on others. Laia says she’ll take the girl home herself and tells Lumia to just go back where she came from. Lumia, tired of being kicked around decides to argue right back. Lumia claims to be a Guardian now, and tells Laia to just run away, because after all, it’s what she’s already done. Laia hasn’t been helping anyone by going on the futile search for Dallgun. Guardians are about responsibility to help citizens and that’s what Lumia intends to do.

It’s actually a good speech with some good points by Lumia, and it is high time someone threw something back into Laia’s nasty face. Lumia and Maya take the girl, leaving you with Laia. She confesses that she hates being lectured by Lumia but knows that she’s right. She recalls giving a similar speech to Leo. Laia finally recognizes that she is thinking too much about her dad to be able to save everyone. She says she feels that she can’t escape Dallguns’ shadow, and…Ethan agrees!

He was looking for her too. But how much of that did he just hear? He brings some startling news, that Laia is the new president of the Guardians?! She is supposed to carry on Dallgun’s legacy of peace (fat chance with her crabby ‘tude) It is then revealed that she had 1 sibling of every race, which was Dallguns’ example of racial harmony in his own family. However, all the others died in the line of duty.
Laia feels they were smarter than she was, but Ethan reminds her that she’s the one still standing. She says she can’t simply ‘inherit’ the presidency because she was so distant from him. If closeness counts, then why not Lucaim Nav? He was always right there. Another blow is then dealt, as Ethan informs everyone that Nav has died. It isn’t surprising, because he was likely injured in the Dallgun fight, infected with SEED, afflicted by ICS, and then sent crashing down with the colony. So while his odds were better than fleshy Dallgun, it was still stacked too high against him. Unfortunately, the news update is interrupted by Grass Assassins.

As you fight them off, Laia is reminded of the old days. Another discussion starts, and Ethan says her qualifications don’t matter, all that matters is she identifies with the people, and they with her. Can this help end the race wars? What would Dallgun say for her to do in this situation? Maya and Lumia show up. The girl is safe, and Maya wants Laia to see something. The final transmissions between the two from the colony play. Laia never got a really good chance to see/hear them…but she had wanted it kept private. Lumia says it’s ok, that she’s a Guardian now. With the controversy and (who knows what) surrounding Ethan, he’s a danger to Lumia. But now Laia has confidence in her, maybe she can help out.

Be Instructor
Can’t train someone

If you say yes to being her instructor, everyone’s glad. You’re issued an instructor’s license and Laia agrees to go back to the Guardians with you. Ethan can’t come though, because he’s still trying to find his own father. Laia wishes him well, and everyone takes off.
If you say no, they convince you to do it anyway.

Back at the HQ, you find Leo, Tonnio and some other Guardians. Laia razzes Tonnio, and Leo notices Lumia. Does she look more mature? (Not really, but ditching the tacky dress helped everyone) Laia snitches that she cried during the mission, and Leo says that crying’s not allowed—but they’re just messing around.

A Hal report wraps up the mission with a recap and goals.

In Gawik’s Pub, beasts are celebrating Laia’s victory (becoming president) and are actually cheering on the Guardians again. Ethan is watching the whole scene play out from the side lines, but what is he thinking? You then receive Lumia’s card and the mission ends.

This mission is LONG and loaded with dialogue. However, it also has several facts coming to light.

Nav is dead

Dallgun is dead

Laia is still pretty much a jerk

The “Options” that you get to pick change a bit of dialogue but can’t actually ever de-rail or cause the story to take an entirely different path. Everyone’s pretty much going to do whatever they want anyway.

Ethan’s father is not confirmed dead or alive

Lumia is now in the Guardians

Laia is president & had 3 siblings who are now dead

Chapter 2 – Restorations

The chapter starts out by re-explaining to you how the Trade Alliance on Moatoob has collapsed due to SEED and also the deaths of the 4 Dons of the major rogue families. This caused a breakup of the families and a power struggle ensued. Out of this chaos, a new alliance has begun to form: “The New Rogues” and is slowly solidifying control of the planet. Though un-creatively named, it’s Don is still unknown. Laia has started to launch talks with this Mystery Don.

It starts off with a Hal report that work is being done to restore the vector tracks out in space. (As you remember, these are what makes the PPT shuttles go so quickly between planets, and they were hit by the AMF and SEED in the big attack) But Hal chirpily reports that all is not well, because there is still a lot of criticism vs. the Guardians and a lot of distrust is still going on. The talks are slow to progress.

When you arrive, Mina tells you to hurry on in to the debriefing room. It is now full of screens, control decks, and Laia. Laia is complaining at a guy (her assistant) who is telling her repeat info. He seems to not want to say about the New Rogues. She finally yells him into it, and he plays back a message which says that “The guardians simply allowed Illuminus let loose the SEED, didn’t bring the vaccine to Moatoob to try and help anyone, and so the new Moatoob Gov’t won’t recognize any police authority of the Guardians. They also won’t work with any government, and they will always be independent vs. the Seed.” So there.

Look to Laia?

If you’re angry, she understands that, but she is sad that the New Rogues would do this. The voice has been camouflaged so no one can tell who it was. Laia wants to go to Moatoob to talk directly to the Mystery Don. Will it start a fight? Well…that’s up to them. She knows the Rogues understand strength, so in order to work with them, you have to stand up to them.

What she seems to be doing is considering the nasty message to be a bluff, and will now go down to Moatoob to commence a real negotiation and hopefully call them on the bluff.

Go away?
Go with Laia?

Well, if you simply went away, there wouldn’t be a mission, so you’ve got to go. Laia is happy to be away from her desk, and is glad you’re coming. For good measure, she offends her aide, and tells you to wait a minute for her at the G counter while she gets ready. Upon her return, she badgers Mina about calling her “Miz Martinez”, but then wonders where Lumia has got to.

Lumia comes racing up to the desk, apologizing for being late. She just got the message, and has hurried over. Laia will have none of it and yells and threatens her until she apologizes more and looks thoroughly cowed. She then presents you with the option of hearing more information, which you can choose from her list.

Situation on Moatoob? Government collapsed when SEED hit the trade federation
Four Families? Controlled the underground economy and the regular economy with greater power than the (legal) MTF (Moatoob Trade Federation)
New Rogues? Joined the families back together under an unknown, but combatitive Don.
Mission Objective? Infiltrate the New Rogues base, meet the don, and negotiate, or let them simply pick the fight it seems that they are itching for.

So you go to Dagora Central
Laia notes that it looks the same as ever, but Lumia expected it to be bustling. How does she know? Ethan told her of his experience there. Laia is surprised that Ethan would tell her something like this…(but why? It’s an ordinary enough part of his job while he was a Guardian) Laia then also notes that usually Dagora is not so empty as this. Naturally curious, Lumia wonders what happned.

Keep Quiet?
Talk about what happened?

If you keep quiet, Lumia wonders if she is better off not knowing. Laia understands why you don’t want to say anything…but wants to give her all the facts. She explains that all infected beasts were slaughtered by the military and the guardians to prevent all of Moatoob from turning into SEED. (Remember though, that 99% of infected people ARE LITERALLY SEED forms, and it is impossible to change them back to normal ever again. They were technically “Killed” the moment they changed into these strange creatures as they do not think or feel any more except in special cases, and then only briefly. )

Laia doesn’t know if this was right or not. She still has nightmares. Lumia then apologizes for bringing up painful memories. Changing the subject, she wonders why she’s here, on this mission? Which is pretty valid because it’s either going to be a fire-fight in some dingy hide-out or a big negotiation, neither of which is Lumia’s area. Laia has her own reasons.

However, upon further questioning she reveals that she chose Lumia because she is NOT a Guardian yet, and also to show the power of small Guardian teams. She wants to set an example for the Rouges to see. Of course this makes Lumia mad, so she agitates and Laia tells her to quit. She’s not quitting that easily so go to…

New Rogues Hide Out
The hide out is much like any cave level on Moatoob, and is easy to find. Lumia notes how easy it was to come across, and Laia says that the location was actually ON the anonymous message.
Is this some sort of weird test? Laia suspects it of being a trap instead. Lumia is angered by this frivolous and selfish attitude so Laia warns her about her temper. (But Laia herself is in a temper as she does so…) But really it is frivolous and selfish of the New Rogues to dither around with stupid robots, traps and phony negotiations while the rest of the system is legitimately fighting the SEED.

Your team has to fight through the standard rogue fare of Gohma Dilla, Traps, and their newest ‘recruits’ Bead Groode, as well as their ‘clever’ button and fence puzzles with which every evil villain seems to love placing about their lair.

If you can reach the hide out, it is in a large cave with much metalwork added where…Alfort Tylor is waiting!

Alfort Tylor is the New Don, and upon learning this Laia gets mad at him for “Trying to turn Moatoob into his kingdom”. He counters that he has no intent of hoarding power, but that to protect everyone, someone has to be in charge. Laia wanted to work with him, but instead he provoked the Guardians (and the rest of Gurhal, really) with bad messages. Here, Alfort does have a point because the “New Rogues” really were stabilizing the situation on Moatoob. He comes back with the fact that he won’t work with any organization that would leave Moatoob in such chaos…however, the Guardians could serve under the New Rogues if they dismantled the organization.

Naturally, no one’s having any of that insulting stuff. Lumia comes back saying that she just wants to talk about it, so Laia shoots over accusing him of trying to start a dictatorship…what’s so “New” about these New Rogues anyway? Getting racial, Alfort says he thinks a beast would understand. Laia doesn’t. Pretty much of course not, because a dictator is still a dictator, no matter if it’s the same race as you are, or not. He then issues an ultimatum: If you bow before the Rogues, you’ll see that they’re righteous!

Show the power of the New Guardians?
We Can’t Bow to Tylor?

Both of these "Options" are essentially the same thing. If you show the power of the New Guardians, he holds back his minions Ogg and Jasse...So that he can take on your whole team alone! He uses devious tactics such as yelling in enormous speech bubbles to hide your screen, getting Laia angry so she yells on top of your screen, and jumping around with moves that you can’t use.

If you are a cast it is NOT advisable to SUV him even though you can’t see the fight during their shouting match. He will go very “Aggro” vs. your Laia and kill her almost immediately, causing you to lose the fight. Because you’re mid animation, you can’t stop him, take his damage, OR heal her

The Tylor fight is one of the hardest fights in the game because it has a hidden timer. If you cannot beat him in a certain amount of time, he’ll automatically win the fight. Also, like any monster, he has no health bar, so you can’t tell
1. How close he is to losing or
2. What attacks are most effective against him.
If he kills Laia he also seems to win instantly. It should also be noted that he has literally TONS of HP, because if you set fire to him, much like a SEED-Magashi, he will burn for over 2K HP a click. To generate that burn rate, he must be simply loaded with HP. It is a troublesome fight indeed where he shouts for over half of it covering up your screen, and can win by default, win by killing you, win by killing a party member and also by a hidden clock.

**Note 2:
Winning or losing the fight here actually causes different things to happen. If you lose, you won’t get his Partner Card later on (to summon him to your team) but if you win, and choose a correct option later on, you do get it.

Lose the Fight:
If you lose, he wonders if this is the best the New Guardians can do? Laia isn’t well after the beating she took in the fight, but he won’t kill her. His new ultimatum is to announce to the system that the Guardians have lost to the New Rogues in order to be let go. Lumia yells at him that they won’t give up here and now. Alfort recognizes her as Ethan’s sister. Is she some sort of excuse for losing this fight? Lumia apologizes. This launches Tylor into a speech about how he didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps (Who is his father?) but he’s doing it anyway. He needs to bring the Rogues together to save the people. Laia argues back, but badly. She knows that the Guardians are shaky right now, but it’s because most of their best people died on the colony crash, and the much beloved President Dallgun is gone too. However, people still rely on Guardians, so she can’t betray the trust of even 1 person.

(which is quite a different story from the Laia in the first chapter but…)

Liina Sukaya arrives!
There’s trouble on the North Continent, to interrupt this argument and fight fest. A supply group sent into Granig’s Mine has been hit by an Illuminus attack. They’re turning into SEED! Tylor wants to solve it by simply closing up Granigs. Laia questions this, because what if there are survivors? He admits that there’s no way to fight the concentrated virus or risk more losses to the Rogues. (In other words, he’s short-handed) Laia, feeling especially charitable, asks why he doesn’t ask the Guardians for help? Why get power other than to save people? What are the New Rogues really about? Protecting only themselves?

I’ll go help them myself?
Guardians don’t abandon THEIR comrades?

If you volunteer to go help out yourself, laia is glad. She’ll go too. Alfort accuses everyone of not looking at the bigger picture because if Laia dies in there what’s going to happen? (after all, she’s the president) She counters with the surprising sentiment that “The future is created together, and no one should abandon their friends.” (though no one on your team knows who is stuck in Granigs)

Challenge Tylor Again?
Go to Northern Continent?

If you hang out fighting all day, there can’t be a part 2 to the chapter so you go the North Continent anyway…

Part 2

The north continent is full of drippy icicles and caves. Lumia doesn’t understand what Laia is up to, running off to rescue Rogues even though there’s a big danger to herself.

Leave Lumia?
Talk to Lumia?

If you try to leave Lumia, Laia won’t force her to come because she’s not an official Guardian. There is a chance to die, so why should anyone do it? Lumia then confesses that she is worried about LAIA dying, not herself so much. Laia explains the rogues calling for help to Tylor…and that help not coming. Guardians are the hope of every citizen. This well said speech causes Lumia to come.

At the cave entrance, you find a fallen rogue. He asks why you’re here. He knows his father and others are still inside, but are they already dead? He explains that there’s a distress signal that makes a sound when you face the right direction and hold still. The mine is like a maze, and something has de-activated your simple map. Of course, it is full of warp and button puzzles…enemies, and is timed as well.

If you can complete this annoying task, you find…The Vol Brothers! They’ve frozen together in a shallow lake full of crystals. They’re barely alive…but how can you get them out? A door opens and…It’s Tylor! He says he’s “Just There” but Liina sees through him. (He actually came to help) An earthquake suddenly shakes the cave before anyone can have more dialogue. Apparently, this and the Illuminus attack have revived a huge ancient creature. Which is now afflicted with the SEED virus, to make matters worse.

There’s just enough time for Lumia to take the Vols away with Liina why Tylor is there to help purify…The De Rol Le!

If you can beat the flying and swimming menace, Tylor makes a phone call to let everyone know that they’re safe. Lumia tries to make a call but can’t hear that well. Tylor is grateful for the help against De Rol but wonders if it’s for negotiation leverage. Hypocrisy only brings hatred. Tylor’s way only brings pity. Laia tells of her dreams of the beast girl and feels ashamed to still be alive. She uses her own guilt to crush the Illuminus. She saw the colony fall, and Dallgun die. She tells how she secluded herself when she should of let her friends reach out. Ethan came to ask where Laia was. Because of her friends, she’s here right now trying to fix things. Tylor says he learned that message on his own. But Laia knows he’s running too, from enemies he can’t see. There’s a limit to Rogue power, and it’s not going to be enough to get rid of the SEED. So Tylor agrees to acknowledge the Guardians, and Laia finally calls him Don.

Fight Tylor Again?
Shake on It?

If you shake on it (AND you beat him in the previous fight) you receive his Partner Card. If you shake on it (AND you lost the previous fight) he’s glad that there are Guardians in the world. Lumia then comes running in with some terrible news. There’s a huge new hive! It’s time to run off again. Lumia apparently wanted to add something to the conversation but doesn’t, after what she has overheard.

Not very many un-answered questions arise here, which is nice for a change. The only ones being:

Where is the fallen guy’s father?

How many people were on the supply run, and where did they go?

Why would anyone send the Vols to do anything? They are bumbling and they were making more money running Volyale—if that truly is their casino venture in the north of Vio Tonga.

Who is Tylor's Father, and why is he signifigant?