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Photon Harvest / Photon Gathering
After a brief recap reminds you that Karl Howzers’ middle name is “Friedrich”, it moves on to say that a drastic change has taken place ever since Sochee was neutralized and Illuminus fell. (you find out that this change is that everyone is still working together)

You start out with Mina, as usual, who tells you to get to the main Assembly Room for a meeting, but before you can go, Nav appears. He asks Mina if everyone’s shown up yet and now (with you) the only one missing is Ethan Waber. He also wonders if asking him to come to something like this is asking too much of him too soon. considering his rogue status, and only reluctant recent agreement to help out the Guardians again Mina asks if he’s tried to get to him through Lumia but, Nav will simply let him return on his own. Probably a good strategy, as bullying him back in or leveraging family members would not work. After this hemming and hawing, you all go to the meeting room to find…pretty much the whole cast. A Lou, Leo, Maya, Tonnio, and even the more obscure people or offworlders like Bunami Seagol and Houlupe Dence. (as you recall, Bunami is the slightly clumsy Neudaiz beastess who sends you on Her Secret Mission after losing the samples from her own mission. This quest is online only. Holupe, is Bruce’s rival, who appears frequently only online, dishing out special quests/event missions or boasting. )

Unsurprisingly, the first thing to happen is that Tonnio starts complaining. He’s complaining that Laia is late for the meeting that she has called here today. He wants you to yell at Laia for being late, while Leo strolls up

I’ll Give Her An Earfull…
That Won’t Happen…

That won’t happen: Tonnio accuses you of being lame, so Leo says to leave you alone and if Tonnio wants Laia yelled so badly he should yell her himself. Naturally (duh) he won’t because he says he doesn’t want to die that day. Leo chimes in that she must have some kind of a reason because she’s usually a stickler for punctuality (which is true). Maya now joins in as well, saying that Leo should drop by to see her, but he’s sure it’d distract Laia. Which is true, because she likes him still, even though he’s married and has a kid. There isn’t anything she can do to stop herself liking Leo, but it is his own responsibility to be loyal to his wife and child. The Lou can’t let the conversation waste away without a statistic, and says that with how much she’s away, the chance of dropping by to find her would be only .2% . Curiously math-oriented now, Tonnio says it’d be busting in 500 times to see her. Bored with the statistics, Maya asks you if Laia calls you a lot…but before any answer box can appear, Nav returns and explains that Laia was at the summit on Neudaiz.

Tonnio wants the scoop, but Nav doesn’t know. Leo hopes for the best, but can’t get far because Laia arrives in a brand new suit! Hot pink and purple but somewhat military-royal looking, it causes everyone to stare. It’s actually a bit over-stated in pinks and purples but among the culture it seems like it might still be slightly overdone, even with the Gurhalian fashion idea She’s confused until Nav points out it’s her suit, so she explains that Nav made her wear it to the summit so that she’d look fitting as the G’s president. Nav also admits that he likes it too, and Maya claps for it as well and says it’s quite presidential. Tonnio, however, is having none of that and says that "Pearls before swine make for pretty piggies". (The reference being that pigs do not care about jewelry and tend to ignore it, making a gift of pearls to a pig animal useless—they will not appreciate it. The original phrase being "To Cast Pearls Before Swine") Fortunately, the comment roofs Laia and she just wants to get on with the point. Yes very fortunately because it’s a pretty sharp dig on his part. He likely means that Laia couldn’t possibly appreciate the value of nice clothing but other people can see it.

She starts off with some well deserved congrats to all present for taking down the Illuminus etc. Leo turns it back to her and says she deserves some praise too because of all her ‘thinking big’. And really she does, as she was indeed proved a hard-worker at being president. Really neither response is the truth though because it’s actually all because everyone actually pulled it together to WORK together. If any of the factions Rouge Families/Neudaiz Shield/ AMF /Guardians etc. hadn’t chipped in, likely Illuminus would still be around. For some reason you now also get an option box though it’s vaguely nonsensical:

It’s all because of you Laia
It’s all because of me

To not sound like a goon or braggart, you can pick the first one. She thanks you for your support anyway, as well as everyone else’s’. She goes on to mention that the end of the war should be near because if they can get rid of Rykros, then SEED is pretty much done for. She explains that’s why everyone has been pulled in for this last big effort, and then promptly orders everyone off to pick mushrooms.

Naturally, everyone is shocked.

This initiates a sort of ill-defined flashback taking place at the Communion HQ 6 hours earlier. In the COG Grand Hall, the Divine Maiden, Rutsu, Curtz, Tylor and Laya have all met on their large za butons. (A Za Buton is a flat cushion for sitting at a low table) Laia explains that Rykros is in an orbit outside the 3 planets’ orbits (That means technically if in order from the sun, it’d be the 4th one out) then calls over Kanal Tomrain to do some briefing. He CGs everyone vs the Illuminus Which, you must remember is especially significant to him because he was actually a hostage/prisoner/slave to them for a good while at one point. This significance is quite in character for him to need to say something to the effect that he did. Laia says no small talk allowed, so he apologizes right away and launches into it.

Apparently sealed hives have all been re-appearing ever since Rykros has appeared. He suspects that it is an artificial 4th planet created by the Ancient Civilization as an ace in the hole that never got used. The Maximum Attack G data revealed a confinement system is on Rykros now. *Special note must be made here that his theory does make a lot of sense. The “Unification Points” where all 3 planets would align properly are few and far between. Adding a wild-card 4th planet to the mix would increase alignment frequency because you could use ANY 3 planets to do a UP. If the AC had battled SEED a bunch or knew they might, you’d want to have a guaranteed UP more frequently than 100 or so years because you’d have to FIGHT the SEED until it happened if you missed a UP.

Likely, the ancients lost the fight with the SEED before even that could occur—leaving Rykros to ‘rot’ under total SEED infestation. For some reason, it was overcome by SEED instead and is nothing but one big hive. Research shows that the confinement system on the planet still works, and soon all 4 planets will align for a Unification Point. If all the systems can be activated it’ll trap every hive and ‘airborne seed’ away. Laia thinks he’s being optimistic, but he says if they use A-Photons like before, the system output may be insufficient to get the job done. The confinement systems’ power is waning. *Presumably, he means the ancient power they were infused with from the AC, and the fact that it’s basically asking ruins to provide a technological feat. But, the photons from people are a source of infinite power. Though, the confinement systems were set up to run on APhotons, if they were activated by photon generators and powered with the combined energy of everyone in Gurhal, it should work and totally seal the seed. His plan is clearly full of ‘ifs’. He maintains that it’s the only option and that everyone needs to install generators in the 4 confinement systems using the LSS system. (Lattice Shield System) Laia rises and says that everyone here must do what they can to ‘affect’ the generators because they’re expensive. She has chosen and odd word here, a more likely one would be “procure”. Disappointingly Tomrain chips in that they’ll need 100 LSS systems. Curtz says it’s impossible right on the spot. To try and fix that up, Laia says the seized assets of the Illuminus (the government apparently raided Howzers’ bank) will buy 20 and there’s no choice for the rest. (as in, if they don't get them, everyone will die) Who can shell out for this kind of huge project so quickly?

*The actual solution would be to hire and train a workforce on government wages to build the things. The choice between building an LSS for 4 months working 5 days a week on minimum wage or being exterminated by raging purple monsters would be a simple one for anyone who wished for employment and not death. Clearly Neudaiz would step up because COG was the organization to do it originally and it was built by church servants in the first place. As long as the people working it could pay food/rent/clothing on the cash, it would likely be all right for 4-6 months.

Tomrain has another idea though, which is High Photonic Mushrooms that grow in the Habirao district to augment photon production. If enough mushrooms can be gathered it’ll lower the need for LSS’s by 30%. Curtz is pleasantly surprised but says how many mushrooms are needed for each generator.

That’ll be 10,000 KV or 700,000 KV in total. Laia wonders if there are even that many mushrooms living there, but even the botanists don’t know because they aren’t cultivateable. (meaning you cannot farm them, they only grow wild) The Maiden sees little choice in the matter and everyone stands up and agrees, except Laia who doesn’t like the idea of SEED on the loose while everyone’s out pickin’ shrooms. Tomrain now takes his chance to shut her down by saying ‘no whining allowed’ which naturally causes her to fly into a bit of an outrage, until he says that he was only quoting her own wise words, and that everyone must do what they can. And with that…her flashback/story-telling ends.

Back in the HQ, she admits Tomrain chewed her out, and everyone is gung-ho about picking a mess of toadstools now. Lumia (in getting ready to go) calls to you and says sorry she worried you earlier, but it’s fine now, she’s over her dad and will do whatever it takes to win back peace. She’s sure it’s what he’d of wanted and pledges to be there for you. Lumia was bound to be only somewhat distraught that her father died, though she only met him for about 10 minutes. Her pledge seems a little oddly heart-felt here as you’re only supposed to have gone on a handful of missions together. Laia strolls over and says that she’s granting you full instructors’ license so that you can decide when to grant Lumia her Guardian status. She then apologizes for the trouble as more people file out. Lumia asks her if she thinks she’s still so green, which causes Laia to admit she was kidding, and that she’s an all new person now from when she started, so keep training. What this seems like is Laia wanting to pawn Lumia off on someone else but really you can’t tell. Laia then tells Lumia to go ask Ethan ‘what they talked about’. She says she’ll do it and Laia mentions that your name came up during the summit for the ‘most responsible person’. It seems you may be quite a celebrity…so Lumia vows to work even harder to become like you. Laia warns her that fame is all well and good but to steer clear of infamy. (Which really, one might only achieve being a Vol Brother so again the comment doesn’t make much sense here) Laia and the Lou leave together and Lumia says she’s got an errand to run so let’s meet on the Central Table.

On Central Table:
Lumia arrives in good time along with Ethan. She yells at him for his lateness and he says he’s sorry but that seeing his father again helped him let go. He wishes there was something he could of done but says why are you and Lumia helping out at all, because he’s the Senior Guardian. Why he’d think this at this point is baffling, as he never really rejoined the Guardians and had been a rouge for at least half a year. Lumia reminds him how long he’s been away, and that even by this point you have more time on the G’s service than he does. She then speculates that he wants to return but some kind of pride point keeps him locked in his room instead. For speculating in front of someone who’s still standing there (!) he tells her to lay off and she argues that he needs to calm down because Laia said he could call in at any time. She then elaborates to you that she asked Ethan onto this mission to get rid of his pride and cheer him on. She then asks if Ethan can come along mushroom picking.

No Problem
Ask Someone Else

No Problem: Well clearly you couldn’t find out anything else about him if you simply told him off. She’s happy, and Ethan wonders what’s up with the whisper committee. (as she was privately consulting you this time…still rude though) He knows its mushrooms but is annoyed at the theme because he was never briefed on WHY, so he thinks its’ ridiculous. When Lumia tells him to calm down and why get to complaining when he’s not even officially back on the Guardians yet, he counters with that he’s not going to come along “produce picking” anyway. Before either of them can get any pettier, Nav calls you up to the meeting room again. Lumia hustles Ethan off to Neudaiz while you go see Nav and Maya.

Maya goes on to explain that Karen is ‘drowning in work’, so she’s got a plan. The problem is that neither Maya nor Karen know the Habirao that well but Maya wants a change of scene for Karen. She elaborates that they went to Nav first to ask what to do, so he said well why not have K+M go with you, so that could be an honor to do. (Really escorting the Divine maiden anywhere)

Go with Lumia?
Go with Maya?

The mega-obvious choice is left out here (Party of 5! or, Really here, it shouldn’t make a difference. Since Ethan didn’t want to go, it would only be a team of 4 anyway, (you Lumia Maya Maiden) so you’ve got to pick, but all roads lead to the same path. Picking ‘go with maya’ leads to Lumia and Ethan (apparently he changed his mind) calling you at the same time to see where you are. Maya recognizes who it is right away, and explains everything to Nav who then promptly comes up with the 3rd option, which is…party of 5. Everyone’s happy.

Habirao District:
You arrive alone, but then spy Lumia. Ethan has vanished for the moment but Maya shows up and explains to Lumia what’s going on here. Lumia eyes Maya (as in, a glance is exchanged) and they both say to wait there while they take off. Ethan then appears and starts complaining that no one’s around. Before you can say anything, Karen shows up seeking Maya, but finds Ethan instead. They both ask what the other is doing there, then promptly blame their meeting on you. Before they can get mega-agitated, Maya calls your ear-phone with the annoying details. Apparently Lumia is playing matchmaker so that is why Lumia and Maya headed for the hills. She then tells you (the third wheel!) to make yourself scarce while telling everyone that they’ve gone on ahead.

The problem with her plan?
She was on the open comm.-line and now everyone’s heard it. Of course Karen and Ethan fuss a bunch so Maya says to have fun. Ethan gets mad at Lumia and a choice appears:

Stick Around

If being the 3rd wheel for these fussing nerds is not appealing, you can choose to leave, but it won’t do you any good because Ethan calls you back anyway. The agitated Karen asks if you were in on it:

I’m the Victim Here
Are You Feeling OK ?

I’m the victim here: the 2nd response is irrelevant here. It’s clearly a weak attempt to derail the conversation that would never work. Ethan can’t believe that Lumia would ditch her own instructor over something like that. Really, it is an oddball move, with everything that’s been exposed about guardians vs guardian-instructors. Karen says who knows and let’s just go. To prove her point, she leaves first. Ethan then confesses to you that he’s not seen her in so long so he is nervous again. He then asks you to stay around to make sure he’s not alone with her.

After you catch up with her, Karen asks if anyone was briefed on Photon Poisoning. Obviously not—which is also EXTREMELY curious because it is clearly dangerous and everyone was all like ‘lets go have a good time down in shroomy-ville’ after every top guardian was thrown into the mush-harvesting fray. She explains that it won’t kill anyone but will sicken people who are exposed too long, so it’s best to keep track of time spent in high concentration areas.

Mushroom side note:
The concept of the high photonic mushroom is actually extremely logical based on Gurhalian fact here. Mushrooms, a fungus, break down used-to-be-living matter. According to the universe, all living things have/had some kind of photon energy. Any fungus that breaks down plant/animal tissue would likely end up with a bunch of those photons inside of it as a result. Their problem results from the spores (also highly photonic) that are released into the air.
Presumably photons are microscopic and would certainly be present in the spores of high-photonic mushrooms. Even though spores are tiny, several photons might even fit in a spore. Mold spores are no huge thing themselves, so breathing them in wouldn’t be a problem for anyone living. (anyone non-living and presumably spores land on you just the same)

You now have a timed mission to pick mushrooms, some of which inexplicably explode when touched.

Wearing a stun/resist/light armor is important because the explosions afflict stun, which wastes time. Time on clock and mushroom weight (in KV) counts for the grade. For this mission, you need to pick 83 of 90 to complete it. Some enemies are skippable and should be passed. Neither Karen nor Ethan is particularly useful and they often become instantly and hopelessly stuck upon the landscape. Ignoring them and picking the 90 KV of mushrooms is best. A special note must be made because the mushrooms here actually have a GRAPHIC REPRESENTATION. They are not the lackluster/boring “sparkle ball” that most foreign objects are represented by. This is quite refreshing and adds a note of realism.

There’s bits of banter as you move through the blocks, and they talk upon nearing the exit of one block (to be sure you covered everything you wanted to) Getting a map online ahead of time is recommended for the mission and don’t waste time goggle-vision-ing the mushrooms.

Ethan manages to have a bit of fun on the 3 block run, but by the time you’re through, you’re not well at the end. Ethan starts in that Lumia would of only slowed everyone down, but Karen notices something’s not right. She says Photon Poisoning varies by person so everyone should take a break in this low-concentration area. Ethan says he’s a bit fuzzy-headed but it’s clear that you’re doing a whole lot worse than either of them. While you can go aside to sit and watch Ethan & Karen. Karen confesses that everything’s not the same and she can’t get into a groove here. Ethan suspects her outfit. Karen fires back at him that he’s still in his rogues’ clothes (the Punishment coat) They wonder if they’re thinking the same thing (and they are) so they put on their old outfits in the clearing.

It’s important to keep in mind that with a nanotransformer button located somewhere on their clothing, all they have to do is essentially press this button to be dressed in a completely different way. Karen’s phony hair is also stored in her button.

They’re now in their old outfits (from episode 1) and feel it’s like a long-lost-friend. So they’re laughing it up and having this way-cool time while…you faint away. (untill a rappy gugg drops in to spoil the fun!)

Yes. That’s right your 800 lb android battle tank feints away. Your awesome rouge tough-as-nails pirate woman-turned-fearsome guardian feints away. Your element commanding powerhouse force and master of blades feints away. Your mega battle beast/ess who throws axes around like old dowels feints away. Etc.

The whole feinting gig would be different if Ethan had been affected. According to logic in Gurhal, the Divine Maiden should be immune to pretty much everything photonic. Her own near-magical levels of photon would shield her from probably anything short of a Sochee blast. Habirao should be a walk in the park for her…and it is. Ethan however, we have seen from the start emphasized as “Just some guy” which, really, HE IS until proven otherwise through some magical heritage or something. He should have taken the fall along with you, but he skips merrily along. This is frustrating because not only are you forced into being a somewhat dim third wheel here, but it starts rubbing the “NPC Invincibility” in your face as well as throwing you out of the story. Yes the resistance varies from person to person, but apparently you've really got the short end here.

Yes, you do black out. Apparently, no matter what you are or your level you’ve got the worst resistance of the bunch and so are taken out of it. However, you still have to fight and defeat the Gugg. Karen wonders if you feinted and drags you up to defeat the Gugg. Even if you can convince it to sit upon her and Ethan, it’s still got to go, and as soon as it takes off Laia calls to say that an LSS is being installed on Neudaiz so everyone should head on over. She’s surprised to find Karen and Ethan with you, so he says he changed his mind about Guardians and will return to the service. He even confesses it was only about 1 minute ago that he changed his mind on it. Laia welcomes him back and that’s the end of part 1.

Part 2 – in the AMF Dome

Everyone arrives in the Habirao relic area. In the distance, you can spot Lumia and Maya. Karen says it’s time for a harsh scolding. When you go over so she can commence the yelling, Lumia and Maya are fake-surprised to see them. Karen explains that your party (you, her Ethan) is here to help with the generators and that Laia has just asked everyone to come. Maya gets over her phony secrecy and says “how was the date?”

Of course, this sets Karen off straight away yelling that it was a mission and not some recreational ordeal. Indeed it is an important mission, but it never mattered who went with who, so long as the appropriate quantity of mushrooms got picked. Lumia twists around and says “but weren’t you two alone?” Ethan explains that you were there, so Lumia turns on you next saying don’t you know that 2 is company and 3’s a crowd?

Stand up to Lumia
Grovel to Lumia

Because the whole situation is dumb (and pretty pointless, nothing actually bad occurred) you can try to tell her off, but she says to work with her here. At certain times it is best to let people alone, to which Maya agrees and they do a fancy squat together. Ethan tries a reality check by asking if they can even hear themselves and Karen says she’s not there for their amusement. They both think this is totally hilarious and tell her to quit being so bashful. Ethan says “one of these days…” to Lumia and actually starts after her, so she goes to run away, but runs directly into Hyuga instead. Hyuga has heard a part of it and accuses Ethan of shouting at a lady which is just like a rogue to do. Everyone’s surprised to see him, and Ethan asks if he’s ok. He says he’s sorry to worry everyone, but he’s better than ever now thanks to Maya’s efforts. Then, they explain the situation to Hyuga including Ethan’s return to the Guardians and he’s happy. He then has to go to the control room, but before anyone can get anywhere Laia calls to yell at Lumia for ditching you.

Laia realizes she should have put together the whole match making plan after having talked to Maya and you. In that, she should have realized that Lumia and Maya were up to shenanigans as well as mission objectives. She says that going AWOL carries the punishment of time in the brig. Maya, hearing of this, chips in that it may have been partially her fault too, but Laia will have no excuses. Lumia begs to not be locked up…and Laia knows what to do: all the toilets over at HQ are clogged up so now Lumia must report back and clean and fix them all. Naturally, she whines but Ethan reminds her that it’s a very lenient sentence and she then wonders if prison would be better than toilet cleaning. Laia threatens her again, so Lumia’s got to get going. She runs off and Hyuga says it must be tough being her. Ethan confesses that he wonders about her some times. Karen reminds him that he wasn’t much better back in the day, but Laia calls Hyuga to say to get everyone over to the generators. Hyuga says he’s surprised that she’d call back a helper for just cleaning the toilets. This causes Laia to confess that it was mostly to scare her, and that there’s so many injured people that she’ll likely put Lumia to use nursing instead. Everyone knows it’s for a good cause but Hyuga says Laia fits the bill/will go places.

In a new scene with a control panel in a new-graphic area, Ethan says he wants to do his part to keep up. Karen and Ethan then mention that no one knows Hyuga is the relative of GRM official. He says he hasn’t advertised it because GRM leadership Presumably a board with a president, he is likely the son of a president of the company might want to get rid of him. So becoming a Guardian is the perfect cover. Karen has heard that there was a hostile takeover so he explains that after his dad died, his mom only wanted to escape and live, not focus on taking back the company. So ‘hostile take over’ here means more than just barely legal practices and unwanted buy outs…it was likely actually physically hostile too. Whether it involved murder or not is not explained here. He forgot GRM after going to the colony, but Ethan accuses him of lying on that last statement. He says he knows it’s a lie because any time he’d ask him to go shopping at a GRM store, he’d go pale. Which would be a bit of a feat for him, as he’s already pretty pale—and also GRM makes nearly everything in Gurhal so it’s hard to get away from. Ethan says it all makes sense now, but Hyuga had tried to forget the incident. Ethan knows he has it rough, but Hyuga says not as rough as Ethan had it, and then apologizes. Karen reminds everyone that no matter what their origins, all Guardians are together.

Someone else says, that ‘no matter the clothes, its still the Divine Maiden’ and then steps out to reveal themselves as Doctor Tomrain. Everyone then empties out their nano’d mushrooms, and he explains that there are only 10 generators worth of mushrooms gathered now. They’ve got 40 of 50 and Tomrain says it’s lucky to have even that. Ethan wants to use the power of the people, but Tomrain says it’s a bold plan-- however people will be split among the devices no matter what. Man power may lack to install the Rykros one. Well obviously this one will be the most dangerous of all, in that it’s 100% in SEED territory and they can throw pretty much anything/everything at the ‘invading’ Guardians. Tomrain says with everything coming up short, the whole plan is in danger, and may only have a 50/50 chance at working. However, he’s ready to begin work so he asks you to clear away any SEED forms who try to get in to his area. Maya thinks the SEED here will be more difficult, so Ethan and Karen want to go with you. Tomrain asks her about her DM duties, which causes her to reconsider. She’ll stay with him instead, and save up her strength for the unification point. (as the Aphotons will bring many SEED) Hyuga seems distracted as everyone splits up.

You’re tasked with killing 150 SEED monsters among Komazli, Badira and Galdeens. All the trees in this area are destructible as well, for some reason. You fight your way to another relic where many NPCs have gathered. Rutsu spies Karen and is surprised. He also seems to be wearing oven mitts. She asks him what’s wrong, so he confesses he was quite worried but she explains that Ethan and you were there. Surprisingly, he’s just glad to see she is safe. She asks how the LSS is doing, and he realized that the money alone couldn’t cover it, so he sunk in the net worth of COG. He borrowed vs. everything including the HQ to buy 10. Karen is sad, but he says to keep up hope because the power of the people is limitless, as is the power of the Holy Light. She agrees and he asks if she’ll see the believers who are exhausted from their work. She agrees, but Rutsu asks Ethan if it’s ok, so he gets flustered and says it’s no problem if she wants to do it, then he’s happy with it. All of this is rather OOC for the normally over-controlling and Ethan-hating Rutsu. He's shockingly quite civil and even freindly here. She then presses her nano-button to get back her DM clothes, and an event occurs.

COG members run up to say that Stateria are on the way to attack, so everyone must try to escape. However, Ethan and you want to fight them off. Karen would like to go, so she sends Rutsu to help clear out the people.

Fight 2 Zamvapas and the Rygutass. If you can defeat them, Tomrain calls Ethan to say everythings’ installed but what about the power? He hears Leo on Moatoob also wants to borrow you. Laia chimes in to ok’s Leo’s request, and asks if you mind? Ethan says he can’t turn down something like that but it’s reminding him of the last unification point, running all around like crazy. So, you run over to Moatoob while everyone waves bye for now. With the LSS installation under way, everything is going as smoothly as expected, but doubt and hope remain.

You get Ethan’s card.

This mission doesn't really dig up any new questions nor answer any previous ones. Hyuga is fine, but you knew that already. Anything new introduced here: generators, mushrooms to run them, extra uni-point plan...are all well covered and do not raise any plot holes or further questions.

No immense personal details are revealed. Everyone already suspected Hyuga of being the 'son of GRM' so confirmation is nice, but no real history or consequences are revealed. Rutsu is fortunately still on good behaviour after his defeat in the earlier mission. (well really his WhiteBeast defeat) Karen still likes Ethan and vice versa.

The mission was mostly zany human romance in a not-that-dangerous area, but it did serve to really background-out the master plan for getting rid of SEED.

Most signifigant:
Ethan rejoins the Guardians.