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Chapter 2 Restorations
Chapter 3: Will of Light
Maximum Attack- Aside Event
Chapter 4: Farewell to Mother
Shred The Darkness -Aside
Magashi Plan- Aside Event
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Chapter 6 Photon Harvest
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Side Story: Shred the Darkness Event
This event took place in several different ‘missions’, but it DOES tie in very well with the plot. It is over-all quite well thought out and very immersive if you actually get into all of them. It takes place after the whole mushroom gathering mission (link) and could not happen at any other point in time. (it is not generic)

MDF: Special Operations HQ

You arrive (apparently last) to a meeting being held by Laia. Other Guardians are present in a circle to listen to her. She explains the efforts for the upcoming unification point. Then, she reveals that it seems to any observer that “the SEED have ‘caught on’ to what is going on”. Waves of monsters and infected animals are attacking the relics areas where the generators are. *Once again, this proves that SEED is not just some mindless force of nature. Much like how Howzer kept his wits about him and didn’t just turn into a pannon when infected, it is apparent that there’s some kind of ‘plan’. While it’s not likely a ‘hive mind’ situation, there is most assuredly (now) a brain somewhere that’s manipulating all this stuff.

You can then have her explain the different missions which you can go on for the event. Throughout the event, more missions are released. This provides it its own little time-line.

Roar of Flames:

Fire SEED are attacking near the Denes Relics on Parum. You basically fight your way through 2 blocks of relics and a flaming fire seed infested field until reaching a DeRagan. The De Ragan is most likely what they want you to *assume* was infected and then summoned in by the SEED but since they’re clearly incapable of changing the fighting arena for it to anything OTHER than what was seen on the very first psu disk when you used Ethan Waber to do it, the De Ragan fight is literally out of place. The “de ragan nest” is a good ways off from the Denes relic unless the relic is somehow like…miles in size. Everyone knows that the De Ragnus is who you most often find in the Denes relic. Perhaps there is an identical nest.

The Big Push

This was originally called "Divine Initiative" but the name was changed for some reason, as all the other names seem to have been kept intact. The plot here is that armed servants have installed or are installing confinement systems on Neudaiz. However, the monsters start attacking these generators. They seem to know just where to attack to do the most damage. It’s your teams’ job to keep the monsters out of designated areas in each block. (a blue area on the map screen) You are basically just fighting in 1 room at a time, trying to kill monsters before they can wander into the ‘no zone’. If they get in there for too long (they basically just run at the walls) the gauge decreases until an explosion happens and you’re thrown out of the mission. This mission features curious monster behavior and is noticeably different from any previous mission in the game.

The Fourth System:

The plot on this one is that they’re trying to install generators on Rykros itself, and a new SEED core has been discovered there as well as more infections. You’re warned about ‘noxious gas’, however there are no HP-draining areas (usually ‘gas’ will drain hp in certain rooms until it can be turned off, when it does appear for real) It takes place on a Hive for sure though, and the familiar petal-like-things are floating through the air. This one is full of hidden goodies, such as areas that spawn TONS of pannons which, when killed, reveal boxes with more spheres for you to collect.

The method to beat the mission properly is also somewhat of a task. Seed Zoma & Blewmes are present, and you must eliminate all 3 before it will let you into the extra area which is populated by Seed Venas (what Hyuga turned into, only this time without Hyuga—though they can still drop his clothing tags!) To eliminate a Blewme you must destroy the Zoma, but to do that (you don’t use the heat/cold rays here) you need 3 people standing on the points of the Zoma force-field which de-activates it for a limited time. If you can shoot/slice the Zoma enough in the time period it will vanish, which then allows you to shoot the big Blewme. (If you don’t, however, it explodes and tends to kill you, and it cannot be re-spawned so missing 1 will wreck the mission)

At the end of the mission is a trip to Dulk Fakis in NanoTransistor Space. If you can fight through that as well, you get the usual mission reward/boxes.

While not very plotty, the mission is also another fairly unique one with the Zoma/Blewme/Force-Field thing going on and the hidden/roundabout paths available to take. The whole fight in ‘nano transistor’ space makes some sense, in that the whole Rykros planet is supposed to have come from a different dimension and the unification was set to knock the SEED into something like what your nanotranser does for your weapons.

Dark Crystal Seeker:

This is the exchange mission. If the government wants something from the Guardians, they know they’re going to have to pony-up the prizes. In this instance, Clamp Manyel is handling the exchange. He explains that Guardians Research & Development (R&D) is working with the major manufacturers (Yohmei, Tenora, GRM) to improve the base-model weps that each one makes. These are difficult to make though, so it requires photons with higher purity called ‘spheres’. The spheres are found only in highly SEED infected areas. If you bring him spheres, he’ll exchange them for some of these new weapons. You can also get music disks, the dark wing (slot item) and the usual Fragment exchange here as well.

The Magashi Plan

This is the story mission that went with the event. It is a 1-player only mission and designed to be very difficult. By doing the other 3 missions, you could gather enough spheres to be able to play a run of The Magashi Plan. Because the plot is so involved with this mission it's on its own separate page.