Miscellaneous Facts Page

These are facts which don't go anywhere else.

These interesting bits never really had enough play on the plot to warrent going into the Time Line, and they aren't strange and random enough to make it into the Useless Facts Section.

Ragol's Atmospheric Data
A Geological Survey
Race Spacifics Data
Do you remember the original teaser website for PSO for the Dreamcast?

Back in the day when ST and Sega of America was actually attempting to make an effort at marketing the game instead of ignoring the fans, they put up a teaser site. It had flash everywhere, and was sort of set up to look like a space ship. You might remember that if you hovered over certain elements on it with the mouse, different things would appear in a transporter, including the stock art of ASH.

This page had a bunch of wierd data that has not appeared anywhere since. (That anyone has seen) The data is -Extremely- likely to have been made up by SOA to help pitch the game. Why? Because some of it is inaccurate. Whoever did it, didn't have EVERY fact before they started. However, most of it can be taken at some value, although it is not very relevent to anything.

The following is pretty much a copy and paste from the site, since it's long gone.

Ragol's Atmosphereic Data

When you go to the planet data part it says the probe scanned everything in that solar system. Only Ragol had an atmosphere that people could live in. This goes a little against the grain that the probe was meant to chase the photon-delivering asteroid that passed by Coral. Still, there's nothing that says they wouldn't LOOK at other planets. This part of the site showed you each one in a little window, before showing you Ragol.

Ragol's statistics
Atmosphere: 100%
Water: 78%
Land: 28%
Resources: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon
Minerals: All

The system's other five planets:
Atmosphere: 14%
Water: N/A
Land: N/A
Resources: Hydrogen
Minerals: N/A

The probe says Ragol is in the Rris Sector. Why two Rs? A typeo or something?

Ragol is found at the coordinates: X-6789, Y-4322, Z-8954. This is logical because a Z axis is used in 3D situations such as space.

A Geological Survey

This site also had geological data on Ragol. It isn't really signifigant to anything you encounter in the game, but if you like geology, it's fun to read about. An NPC you never actually see named Lieutenant Christopher O. was in charge of taking the survey. The data was gathered by "Mappting Team 017" You would see some standard screen shots of the various places while the page told you the info.

Level Name
Map Grid Location Number and Cartographer's name for the area
Cartographer's description of the terrain and growth

Caves 2 Waterfall
555-AF01 Subteraenean waterway
A490@902 Beats
Metamorphic rock, active waterway

Caves 3 Hallway
591-AF21 Subterraenean passage
A483@670 Beat
Igneous rock

Caves 1 Room
522-GF13 Unstable volcanic chamber
A487@563 Beats
Igneous rock, lava flow

Forest 1 511-OP40 Low hills with exposed springs
A420@721 Beats
Floral cover, arboreal growth, active waterway

Lava-split Caves 1
Room 515-OP05 Semi-stable volcanic chamber
A489@717 Beats
Metamorphic rock fissure, lava flow

Forest 1
544-EG12 Low hills with exposed springs
A499@630 Beats
Floral cover, arboreal growth, sedimentary rock

Central Dome
579-IP33 South-Eastern indent of Central Dome
A420@943 Beats
Floral cover over basaltic and igneous rock

Forest 2 575-IP28 North-Eastern corner of Central Dome
A420@952 Beats
Floral cover over basaltic and igneous rock

Not surprisingly, the rock around F1 and 2 is all igneous. An igneous rock is one that was produced by volcanic activity. Since the caves are all of obvious volcanic creation, and so close to the forest, it makes sense that the underlying rock bed near the dome would be of volcanic origin. All the volcanic activity would also be a source for the earthquakes and geological activity you encounter.

Race Spacifics

*The credit to this section is from an unknown source. It is most likely pulled from a book. I had it saved as a copy/paste text file from way back at the start of PSO, possibly "The Book Of Hunters". Please contact if you know the source.

Humans are the only race that were not synthetically produced. However, almost all members on Pioneer 2 have been genetically enhanced to increase their survival rate. These advantages allow them to be able to withstand monumental amounts of damage that would have otherwise been fatal. Despite the differences in traits, they are genetically compatible with Newmans. Also, being the primary race, they are the most numerous and tend to dominate the governmental and scientific positions in the community.

There is a law that states any hunting android must look like an android. The use of a complete synthetic skin is prohibited.

Newmen and Humans are genetically compatable. This means they can have viable offspring.