Special Quest Characters And Walkthroughs-

Each special quest for Ep3 is available here, along with the profiles for the characters appearing in it.

Because all Special Quest Characters have no names, they are represented on their Character-Cards by a series of "????". Any characters who speak to eachother in the quest can be named, but otherwise, it's all "Given Names" and Educated Guesses.

Not all quests are plot related. The Magazine, prize card and promotional quest guides, and their NPCs can be found here:

Magazine And Prize Quests

Future Forecast

This is the quest you can download if you get the bad ending of Blue Star Memories. This quest is fought vs. a virtual Break and Orland. You are supposed to do this quest first, before Future Bullet. Rel'mitos is the only person you can use for this quest.
He explains about how he is creating and testing a CARD fighting simulator in VR. The VR system has been developed in secret between Rel'mitos and the P2 Lab. Card fights aren't even real fights. You DONT NEED to SIMULATE fighting with little plastic cards in a huge complicated VR setting! Ahem. Rel'mitos says that he will be testing the simulator against randomly pieced together data. This completely random data happens to look just like Break and Orland. They fight with the decks Jade Bead and Azure Sea.
The virtual Break and Orland act pretty much like the real things. Rel'mitos wishes he could get them both into the simulator to resolve things. If you win, Rel'mitos says he is satisfied with the system, and would use it again. The Break and Orland like to use Piko Hammers, Tsumikiri J Swords, monests, Del-Ds and El Rappies against you. The fight is conducted 2 on 1. Break will say things like "Back up me, Orland!" (words out of order), "I knew to expect the Miyama Technique", and Orland "Won't hold back/Shows their true powers". Of the two quests, this is the less exciting one, everyone acts in a standard way, and nothing really new of note occurs.

Winning this quest awards you a Richie. (Billy Hatcher Ref Card)

Future Bullet

This quest is what you can download if you get the Good Ending of Blue Star Memories. For obvious plot reasons, you can only chose Rel'mitos to play it. You fight against Kireek, even though it never says his name out loud, it's very obvious who it is. For whatever reason, Rel'mitos is testing some VR system or something. The message on it gets interrrupted by a strange voice. The voice (it's Kireek!) asks him what he is looking for: his son's (Zoke) ghost, or his deciples (Break/Orland). Of course, he wants to fight, and be amused the the old mans' skill. As you fight him, he'll use various taunts about how he loves battling, tension, and being amused.
When you win the fight, you get one last message. He's not interested in anything any more. Not the planet, himself, the people, or fighting. His only regret is that he has lost the thirst for battle, presumably given him by Fallz's possessive influences. He tells Rel'mitos to inhabit the cursed world of Ragol along with everyone else, and to do as he will. This really sounds like Kireek wants to go off-planet somewhere, which is curious.
It's also interesting to note that he's "Back". Yes, there were 2 ways the story could of gone (if you told Sue your name, he would of never died in the fight with you and been taken by Fallz) but NEITHER is official "how it was supposed to go" so...here he is. If Fallz turned him loose, what about Nadja/Takua Etc?

Name: Kireek
AKA: The Black Hound
A Tall Purple HUcast with the eyed face
Occupation: Ex?-Assassin for Black Paper
Special Powers:
Affiliations: Black Paper
Enemies: The Authorities, The government
Fights As: Arkz

It is never officially stated that who you are fighting is Kireek. His card has "???" on it, just like all the other custom chars. However, every single thing about him points directly to being Kireek. --*He's got the same body/paint/head type.
*Because he is an Arkz, he should have the 'clear' arkz SC weapon--but they were too lazy to give him anything to hold. However, his range is the three blocks in front of him, JUST as if he were holding the Soul Eater Scythe. (this means his kicks hit any of the 3 blocks)
*He also has steady-damage as if he were holding this HP draining weapon, and the 6 ATP to go with it. He only plays Guard-Creature monsters.
*His personal attacks have a dice-roll on them, for Instant-Kill, just like the Soul Eater would.
*He talks about fighting and the thrill of battle, just like Kireek.

Fortunatly, he's a lot less crazy then he was before. Not being infected/possessed by Fallz probably has a lot to do with his stability. Unfortunatly, you're left with his old, previous personality: an agressive, assassin HUcast with a love for violence and the strength to carry it out! He fights with a deck called Bullet Fate. The name seems somewhat inappropriate, there's no gun action at all even possible in the fight. What is he doing inside a government VR sim? Although he's being stadily damaged, and all his creatures are guard-monsters (not to mention Unfilial), he's still a formidable opponent. The rolls for his "Insta-kill" are biased to being high enough for it to work nearly every time he uses it. This makes it really hard to do anything other then an "E Rank" on him, because he'll repeatedly pull 99 damage. Having him get a ATK Damage total of 611 is not uncommon! Will we see this famous assassin again?

Winning this quest awards you a Cipher (Billy Hatcher Ref Card)

As of 10.01.04 there are only 2 available plot related quests for Episode 3.

Wow, it's 02.19.06 and no other quest is available! It looks like they've really abandoned this one!
What a shame for them.